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Quick Ideas to Increase Social Media Shares of Blog Post Content

In this article, let’s have a look at actionable ideas to increase social media shares of any blog post content. By the way, blogging is especially difficult if your efforts are not recognized.  You will lose motivation if your content isn’t getting many social shares or engagement.

Think about you have written a masterpiece of content. It claims your week time to write, so perfect. Your content is well-informed.

Still, while checking analytics, there are only a few likes, one or two retweets and comments. Your promotions on popular social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter nothing helps you.

Don’t feel hard yourself. There are tonnes of posts streaming live across social channels. Getting your content noticed is pretty difficult though. Still, with fewer modifications in your content promotion campaigns, it is very much achievable.

More experts employ those hacks to tract people to share their content often. Why not can you do so?

People are searching for resources like yours. You have an advantage. Only thing, it’s about how could they find you?  Promotions!

Pro-tips: Before getting into it, make sure your web design is perfect, your pages are loading faster, and you are active in almost popular social networks.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

How to Get More Social Media Shares?

There is a saying, ‘If you don’t ask, you will never get.’ If you want your content to share virally among social platforms, you have to make a few adjustments in website design, content creation, and promotions. Let’s discover it.

#1 First & Foremost, Research & Write Sharable Content

Want to know which is trending on social networks? Curious about the subject matters that are dominating social channels? Since topics are the crucial factor that makes people share most likely.

Let us consider. By today, you are sticking to a topic that trend among people. You might take two weeks to write a stunning content about it. Within a day or week time, it becomes less influential than you believe. Hence, capitalize your topic trendiness with Google Trends. Rather trending, you can refer to it as the evergreen topic in a better way.

Google Trends can show all the trending topics, news, the biggest events in a particular region or country. You can spin its story or headline to create content that can attract more audiences.

For an instant, ‘Game of Thrones’ is a popular TV show. Even, my all-time favorite HBO series. There are millions of fans and viewers for its every season. Though it may not be your topic, still you can creatively use it like how Hootsuite, or Impulse Creative did so.

Hootsuite: “How 20 Brands Are Celebrating Game of Thrones on Social Media”

Impulse Creative: “6 Marketing Lessons to Take from Game of Thrones”

The ultimate goal is to influence the trendiness into your content marketing to tract for traffic and social shares.

Anyways, you are not going to write about the show ‘Game of Thrones’. It doesn’t mean that the GoT lovers will ignore you. Research the most trending alias evergreen topics, shows, events to create more buzz around your topic.

Also, you may often roll out surveys, polls; to understand what your target audience or social followers or email subscribers are curious about, currently.

#2 Write Eye-catchy Headlines Appealing To Your Readers

Then, the headlines play a big role to make or break your piece of content success. It becomes sparingly important to hook your audience with a triggering title or headline. Don’t limit your content sharing with your non-descriptive crappy title.

For an instant, ‘Top 10 things you must ask your digital marketing agency’. Another one, ‘Don’t get fooled: 10 things your digital marketing agency is hiding from you’. The latter title would perform better.

Content is the next big thing that decides your content reach either as backlinks, social shares or organic visitors. Write long-form of content, but a nurtured one. It is absolutely wrong that people don’t like reading lengthy content. Statistics show that content with more than 3k words claims more shares than other usual thin content.

Invest in quality resources of images and videos to uplift your content from competitions and benefit your social efforts. Though there is an option to use stock images, prefer to use Canva to create custom images that can speak about your brand.

#3 Make it Easy for your Blog Readers to Love Sharing

It’s not done just including images into your piece of text or writing a well-informed long form of content. Why should people take extra efforts to share your content? Make it easy for them to click share buttons.

Include social sharing buttons strategically in your post enabling them to share with a click at any instant.

Don’t have a big list of social icons like in your favorite restaurant has. More the options, the user will find it hard to choose between to share. Use only a few popular social media icons knowing where your target audience spend time, or they use often.

There are plenty of plug-ins and tools to help you with this. Unlike static hanging social icons, you may use scrolling social buttons. Remember, you will have to keep pushing or reminding your readers to share it. Else, users won’t do it. Scrolling social icons can do this in a better way.

At any point, user likes your content and tends to share; they find it easy to do with no further scrolling or to search for share buttons. It’s right over there.

Then importantly, don’t miss to include ‘click to tweet’ banner in between your piece of article. Click-To-Tweet functionality with text highlight works well for quick social shares. You may use WordPress plug-ins like Social Warfare, Click To Tweet, etc. to have this functionality that generates more social shares. Here is a sample from SuccessfulBlogging by a most successful blogger, Sue Dunlevie to know how it will look:


You may also build your email list and include social sharing icons can help you greatly. If your breath-taking content appeals to them, then they don’t hesitate to share it with their social friends.

#4 Involve Experts to Contribute Sharing

Influencers in your niche can drive more eyeballs to turn around your brand or brand mentions. Mention such influencers or pro-bloggers in your content and intimate them about it.

It’s is good to simply ask them to share your content. You could ask them for an interview, including their insights in your expert roundup, follow their blogs, appreciate their good works, highlight their ideas in other blogs, etc. Build a rapport, priory.

Share their content, tips, and strategies in your Facebook, LinkedIn groups and community, and highlight.

Then, you may request the key player to contribute to sharing your content over their social profiles. Blogging friends won’t ignore to share. As you are referring to them in your content, obviously, you recognize their efforts. They will love to repay you in terms of social shares or anything.

Pro-tips: Prefer posting only at a certain window of time

In case you are publishing or sharing your own posts – Think about the location you are targeting, schedule your posts based on the specific time zones. Posting during peak hours can enhance your efforts to attract more social mentions.

Every social medium will have unique audiences. Say, for example, people use LinkedIn at work, rarely at home, but all day. Twitter, both at work and home, but mostly during downtimes like breaks. Accordingly, you will have to schedule your content sharing for the utmost response and engagement.

Final Take Away

In general, it’s not all done spending all your time creating amazing content. But, no one noticed. Your content has to travel and get to the audience. It’s ultimate!

You need promotions in terms of likes, comments, shares, retweets, votes, or anything that can drive organic inbound traffic.

Create content with data-driven infographics, statistics, which people will inspire to share. Basically, visuals are the triggers to drive social shares. Try the above-seen tactics to promote your content to go viral among social media users.

Soon enough, you will get to see more social shares that come with added benefits like more traffic and brand audience.

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