Interview with Matthew Woodward from

Today, we are including another big shot in the SEO and blogging industry to the expert interview series. If you wish to increase your blog earnings through affiliate marketing, you must follow his blog. And also, if you want to save big money, for more Black Friday deals and discounts on the most wanted tools/products, check out his blog. He is most familiar with bloggers for his blog income reports. Moreover, his blog has won many awards. We are going to make our time worth spending on this interview with Matthew Woodward from

Interview with Matthew Woodward from

So far, we have interviewed many bloggers like Zac Johnson, Suresh Babu, Lorraine Reguly and more. This interview would be joining adding more values to the blog readers. Matthew is a well-popular blogger for his SEO pieces of advice, comprehensive content that the audience finds solutions for their exertions.

Don’t you want to know the secrets of how he is making out? Let’s get started.

#1. Thanks for accepting our interview request. Please tell us about you and your blogging journey.

My name is Matthew Woodward. I’m multiple awards winning business & internet marketing blogger.

The internet has always been my true passion since a very young age. I started my career online when I was just 13 years old writing games reviews. I developed an interest in competitive gaming and created my first community-based website.

That led me into the corporate world of digital marketing where I found a lot of success.

However, the slow pace and rigid nature of the corporate world was falling behind the fast growth and pace of web. There were far too many missed opportunities and frustration led me to pursue my own online marketing ventures.

#2. What do you think of a unique strategy you follow that makes you different from other bloggers?

I treat my blog as a TV channel. Just re-running old shows is boring. I like to entertain and engage by bringing something different to the table.

I spend a lot of time making sure that every piece of content on my blog is the very best of its type on the web. Resulting in high-quality tutorials & case studies like you have never seen before!

On top of that, I also focus on a community-driven promotional strategy by reaching out to community’s directly to live where my audience lives.

3. Blogging has been striking for more than ten years. Can the upcoming bloggers shine even now starting a blog? Or blogging saturates?

There is still plenty of space for upcoming bloggers as we have seen a huge shift in how people digest content.

We used to be limited to traditional media outlets like established newspapers and news channels – now we can get information from anywhere, and blogs provide a great medium for that.

So I think the blogging world is going to continue to grow and at some point, they will overtake their traditional rivals like newspapers and magazines.

Plus starting a blog is even easier than ever before now so you literally no have the excuse.

Alternatively, you can learn to build a successful blog in just 7 days with free blogging course.

#4. As per Google recent updates, it pays more importance to CONTENT right now. Could you guess what would be the next or how it will prolong?

Well while content is certainly important and creates the foundation for ranking, Google still pays more attention to links.

For example, you can rank bad content with links, but you also need links to rank good content.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore content; it’s the foundation that everything else sits on, so you always want to make sure you build the strongest foundation possible.

I think links will be the most important thing in the algorithm for a long time to come however it’s important to note that while links get you to the top 10 – they don’t keep you there.

Your click-through rate and pogo rate is what keeps you there, and that does come back full circle to build strong foundations through content.

#5. What uniqueness or individuality any reader can expect from the blog

Well, these are some of the rules I have when writing my blog posts, so I guess you could say they apply to the blog as a whole:

  • Tell it like it is – straight & to the point
  • No fake business etiquette bullshit
  • Like I’m talking to a friend in the pub
  • No more than 3 sentences in a paragraph
  • Short & punchy
  • Keep it simple

#6. List down your few favorite sources where you will get ideas for your next blog post topics and content?

Most of my suggestions come from readers through emails. One of the emails in my autoresponder asks explicitly people which tutorial they would like me to make next.

When I first started out, I just used forums to see what everyone was talking about and to find questions that people wanted answers to. They are the perfect place to find out exactly what your audience wants. Then, all you have to do is give it to them.

#7. Your comments on content publishing frequency. And for how long period you will have scheduled blog posts (for next 3 or 6 months) or instantly?

Seth Godin, famously blogs every day. But his blog posts are short, and they’re mostly his thoughts on things.


Frequency doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about producing quality content that people care about and how you deliver that message to your audience.

If you post one awesome blog post a month but spend 30 hours a week promoting that to people and finding new readers for it, the results could be just as good as if you write a new post every day and spend just a few hours promoting it.

#8. Do share your tips or ideas for any bloggers to get featured on favorite and authority blogs.

Simple…..Write something that is going to add value to their blog.

#9. What do you say as your great achievement and fall in our online journey?

I’m very proud of the number of awards the blog has including-

  • HubSpot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog
  • Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog
  • Technorati Top 100 Business Blog
  • The Best Of Search Engine Journal
  • ProBlogger One To Watch
  • Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs
  • UK Blog Awards PR & Marketing Highly Commended
  • UK Blog Awards Digital & Technology Highly Commended

Still, I wouldn’t say that I have had a fall. Anything that has ever gone wrong has helped me learn and develop, although one of the things I do a lot is broken sites. I’m always tinkering away with them and more often than not, I break them.

Indeed, I have learned the hard way on more than one occasion to back up!

#10. Yourself writing content on your blog Vs. Outsourcing it to any professional writers; what do you say? Do you get from writers what you exactly have in mind, to present?

As the old saying goes – if you want anything done right, do it yourself.

That is because “what is right” is subjective so while it may be right for one person, it’s wrong for another.

This is especially true in writing when there are literally millions of ways to approach the same task.

But if you are going to outsource your writing – make sure you’re very specific with your requirements, writing guidelines, brand guidelines along with what the article should cover and what it shouldn’t cover in detail.

#11. Do you think that Guest Blogging still has its significance?

Yes definitely! Like anything in life, there is a smart way and a stupid way to do it. Think about what Google can actually detect algorithmically – what footprints do guest posting typically leave behind?

An example would be if 50% of your link profile is made up of sites that feature a ‘write for us’ page – you can assume 50% of your link profile is guest posts.

#12. Curious to know. Do you have an in-house team to assist or you are the only one handling all your multiple blog activities?

I have multiple businesses online the blog is just a very small part of what I do. And actually, if you look at recent updates, you will see they have slowed down as other businesses have required my time.

While it would be nice to build a superstar team to drive the blog forward, it just doesn’t make sense to do so at the moment given the other opportunities on the table.

#13. What would be the minimum budget required to start a blog with all the necessities to drive traffic gradually?

Around $80 to $100. This is more than enough to get you hosting, access to a good email marketing platform, a good-quality premium theme and a logo.

But it really depends on how much money you want to invest in. If you just buy hosting and use a free domain, you won’t spend much at all.

On the other end, you could spend $300 getting your blog started if you want to buy premium plugins, have a higher-quality logo made and get a customized premium theme.

If you want to see exactly how to start a blog, then have a look at my step by step guide.

#14. What are your mission and vision? How are you focused on it?

Gladly, my mission is to share my own learnings and to provide quality advice and tutorials to those who need it.


Finally, big thanks to you for accepting our interview and spending your valuable time to respond. This interview post would be a great source of ideas to the traffic crow readers. I have noted your suggestions to improve two of my blog posts. I will do the necessary changes. We (on behalf of my readers too) wish you to have all success.

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