TCBI 10: Interview With Ravi Chahar From BloggingLove

Today, we do have a man with us who loves blogging and we shall spend some time with him knowing his blogging journey, his interest in social media explorations and more. I am going to present here an interview with Ravi Chahar from BloggingLove. You know what? He is a great fan of LinkedIn platform than other social media networks. Ravi is a WordPress professional, LinkedIn influencer, Web designer and it goes endless.

Interview with Ravi Chahar from BloggingLove

Through his blog, BloggingLove, his intention is to help people with his mind-striking information all about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, and related topics. In our recent interview with Akshay, we have at most gained knowledge about blogging, SEO, monetization and more. In like manner, I hope this post will be another helpful article for my readers.

Let’s get started.

First of all, Thanks for your interest and acceptance, Ravi.

#1. Could you please introduce yourself to those who are not familiar with you?

First of all, I would like to thank Traffic Crow for having me. This is Ravi Chahar, a WordPress Professional who loves to help techie and non-techie people. Apart from that, I am a LinkedIn influencer where I connect with thousands of people and guide them to explore the social media platforms. Helping people is always what I seek and believe. I have been working on the WordPress platform for a very long time, and it’s a wonder that I can develop a WordPress theme from scratch.

#2. When did you start your blogging and what inspires you for blogging?

When I was pursuing my graduation, my friend used to have a website related to blogging tips. I started reading,,,,, and many other websites. It caught my attention, and I started my first blog around 5+ years ago. It was like a dream come true.

I used to see people sharing their views on this blogosphere, and when I started blogging. As a non-techie person just like most of the bloggers and faced a lot of technical problems. However, thought to learn more about WordPress which later became my passion. I love writing, and whenever someone expresses his/her gratitude for the help I do, it makes me write more.

#3. What are all the struggles you have been facing at the start and how you could come of it?

First of all, I broke my first website hundreds of times because I didn’t know which plugins work well for a perfect website. I tried many WordPress themes, and it was quite brainstorming. I started testing everything offline and learned the best ways to pick the right plugins and themes.

If I talk about the blogging struggles, it was going fine, but due to my exams, I used to give up blogging for a few months. I wasn’t consistent. It bothered me a lot. Then I decided to write one post every day, and I did. I surge the posts from 86 to 556 in less than a year. It was a crazy ride.

#4. What is your best achievement to date? Share few words about your Vision and Mission.

I am fortunate to get recognized as one of the best persons who can help everyone related to any WordPress issue. It was an amazing feeling when I got featured at SocialMediaToday and JeffBullas’s website. Apart from being a techie person, I am fond of LinkedIn and Twitter. I was thrilled when I realized that I am one of the top Indian bloggers who has 50000+ Twitter followers and 23000+ LinkedIn followers.

I believe that anyone can achieve his/her blogging goals if two things are respected. Consistency and Patience are the two strongest qualities you can possess to become a successful person. I have invested 5+ long years in blogging and learning WordPress. If I can, everyone can do it.

#5. For what, Ravi Chahar is specialized for other than blogging? What would you be if you were not into blogging?

Blogging makes me feel good, but coding is what I am into. I love giving shape to the people’s dreams and to help people to have a website of their design. I don’t believe in using third party themes, and that’s the reason I develop and design a WordPress theme for each website with a new design idea.

Though I may have failed many times, it was worth failing. I can’t thank enough to the WordPress community to make me learn more than I ever expected.

#6. How did you make money from blogging for the first time? How do you prefer or recommend Google Adsense for beginners?

I don’t use Google AdSense or any third party ad network. If you check BloggingLove, it doesn’t have even a single ad. I believe in creating a place where people can read without any distraction. And I did it.

But as we all know, making money is important, so Affiliate Marketing is what I prefer. If your readers are loyal, they use the products you recommend. I made $50 for my first sale by recommending a web hosting, and since then, I have been doing the same.

#7. What are the blogs or sites, you would like to follow regularly for your success?

To be honest, no blog can make you learn a trick to become a successful blogger. It’s all about what you experience yourself. If you read the famous blogs, you can only improve your reading and writing skills. The strategy they use may not work for you.

There is always a misconception of following the famous blogs. If you ask me, please don’t. Just read, learn from them, build your own strategy, fail, and learn more.

#8. Do you rely on SEO tools almost? What are all SEO tools you are using as your favorite?

SEO is a long process and you can’t expect to achieve it within a few days. It takes years to learn it. Ahrefs is a great tool, BuzzSumo is also helpful in finding the articles related to the keyword you choose. You may also wonder about using a keyword research tool, well, nothing is better than Google Search itself. Although is also a helpful tool to use still everyone uses the same keywords. There are many other things which matter.

#9. Do you think that Yoast plugin WordPress conquers the SEO On-page arena?. Is there any best replacement for Yoast?

I used to have a WordPress theme framework with the built-in SEO, and everyone was amazed that even a theme could have such feature. But after using that for two years I, shifted to Yoast SEO Plugin for on-page and since then it has been an amazing journey.

The most important thing is that you get the clear instructions to improve your content for a better SEO score. There is no rival to Yoast right now.

#10. What kind of backlink techniques you are applying and do you guess guest posts works well in building quality backlinks?

I use HARO to search for the articles in the similar niche. If they like it, they mention my suggestion with a link to my website. Apart from that, blog commenting is also helpful.

According to me, if you’re guest blogging just to get a backlink, you’re not a true blogger. And most of the people write guest posts on each other’s blogs and generate backlinks. Well, the reciprocal links can be dangerous. So take guest blogging as a way to connect with a different audience.

#11. Share your thoughts about online monetization strategy and your tips for the new bloggers to be successful on the same.

Nowadays, everyone knows about affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and its alternatives. You can’t make money until you build your personal brand. As an individual, you have to spread your name on the web. People don’t even care if they haven’t read your name somewhere.

Even if you have created an amazing content, no one reads until you give them a reason. Blogging is a tough game these days, play it safe.

#12. List few of your favorite niches for affiliate marketing?

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress Themes

#13. Have you ever faced a drastic decline in your Google ranking? If so, in what ways you brought it up?

Yes, it happened in 2015 when I was trying to do some experiments with the backlinks. It’s important to have the backlinks but it’s more important to have quality backlinks.

And of course, consistency plays a crucial role.

#14. What do you think that BloggingLove is having unique for its readers?

BloggingLove has the step by step tutorials which can help every WordPress user. Most of the beginners get confused with this CMS, BloggingLove is full of tutorials which can make people learn WordPress.

There are many articles related to blogging which can motivate the newbies.

#15. We would like to hear from you about the blog Traffic Crow.

I have seen Traffic Crow grow from a simple blog to a platform full of information. I like the way Sathish crafts the articles related to SEO and I would recommend everyone is going through the informative articles. Apart from everything, you get a friendly vibe here.


Hopefully, my readers will be happier and find this interview more informative. I am more excited to feed my fellow readers with variant flavors of content like this. To assist me, I will have to thank Ravi Chahar for sharing views about guest blogging, blogging, making money online and so on. Stay tuned readers for the next interesting interview session with another ProBlogger.

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