Micro Jobs Powerful WebSites to Earn Money

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article, “Micro Jobs Powerful WebSites to Earn Money” we are going to see the list of best websites for finding Micro jobs, there are tons of Micro job or Gig sites. We should find which offers the best worker experience among them. So here I guided some websites to get best Micro job place with their methods as well as many other ways to make money Online.

Micro Jobs is a great way to work as a freelancer, you can do this at home. Now it is very popular among youngsters, Students, and Housewife because it helps to earn some amount for the family. At first, there are only limited websites were available, but now it grown by the usage of internet. Now, Online micro jobs are becoming very popular among those who want to work as a freelancer. Through Micro jobs you can work with freedom, there is no need to go to the office and you can do it at your free time. To get in Online micro job you should choose the best websites. So visit the following websites and find jobs that match it to your skills.

These are the Four Powerful Micro Jobs Websites to Earn Money,


The first and best websites for the micro job is a Fiverr, which is very popular among buyers and sellers. Fiverr is one of the best entrance for all kinds of small online jobs. It allows people to create a business out of their hobbies. On Fiverr, you can sell your skill as a Gig, it allows you to earn $5 that $4 is for you and $1 is charged by Fiverr as commission. The best thing which peoples like about Fiverr is, it is easy to get paid after you deliver your services. You get your amount into your PayPal account/Bank. You can offer sort services like Graphics, Copywriting, translation, Video, Animation, Music, Advertising etc. So, you can safely communicate and exchange files with any seller on Fiverr through their secure messaging system.

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Fourerr.com is an another very similar website as Fiverr. Fourerr is the platform to achieve your goal, their mission is to bring both smart buyers with smart sellers together in the context of affordability. They offer on so many categories like Graphics, music& audio, Sessional Gifts, Video Greetings, Fun and Bizarre, Programming, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, Charity fundraising donations, etc. In Fourerr, they empower the buyer and sellers to build their dreams, one micro job at a time. It hosts at $4 online marketplace, the other policies are same like payment through PayPal, 20% Commission, similar interface, etc. Fourerr does not collect any data automatically where all data are store has been entered by buyer and seller.


SEOClerks is also a right place for micro jobs. Here you can post what you’re willing to do, and wait for someone to choose you. SEOClerks is a marketplace dedicated for SEO services. It has thousands of different services from link building to social signals. SEOClerks has categories including multiple subcategories that contain tons of awesome services. The category includes Graphics, Link building, social networks, article writing and much more. In SEOClerks, there are multiple ways to pay for the service using PayPal, Bitcoins or PayZA. These methods are very secure and fast, if you have funds on your SEOclerks account, you can use it.


Peopleperhour helps people to start and build their own businesses and live their dream of being independent. They had categories like Design, Web development, Social media, business support, Sales & marketing, Video, Photo&Audio etc. All their freelancers are curated and quality checked, and it costs much less than working with digital agencies, staffing businesses or hiring in-house. They keep your funds in deposit until you are happy with the deliverables, and the support team will help you through any issues you may have at any time.


These are the best micro job websites where you get more profit. More of your gigs will be sold. For this, you need high reputation and high ratings. Once you established, then you get good revenue. I hope you like this article ” Micro Jobs Powerful WebSites to Earn Money” and if you have used any other websites where you find the best result means share your experience via social media or comment in comment section. Follow us on Facebook and Google+

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