Next Google (PR) Page Rank Schedule 2014 Update List

Even though the head of Google Web Spam Team “Matt Cutts” has told that no page rank update will be there before 2014, we all know the importance of page rank. Because it is a great and a special treasure in blogging.

I have predicted that Google page rank will get updated on every 3 – 4 months interval. But we don’t know that how they ranking the page.

Because a website having a low amount of links, less traffic, no so, no internal links and nothing are also getting high page rank.

Google Page Rank Update Schedule

Normally Google updates will be made on a timely basis. So I have made a calculation on the time basis of 3 – 4 months.

Following are the calculations which were made by me.
1. March 2014 (14 March – 25 March)
2. June 2014 (1 June – 14 June)
3. September 2014 (15 September – 30 September)
4. December 2014 (10 December – 26 December)
We all know that all update will be made between every 3 – 3.5 months. But as per 2014 the updates has been made for 3 times. With the help of this information, I found out that next update will occur on March 2014 because the last update has made on 6th December.

Improve Google Page Rank

We all know that better page rank helps to get higher rank in SEO. So it is very important to improve Google Page Rank.

Following are some of the strategies to improve Google page rank:
1. Quality content.
2. Update your website regularly.
3. Attractive Keywords.
4. Guest Posting.
5. Online Advertisement.
6. Social Bookmarking.
7. Target More Audience.
8. Increase Backlinks.
9. Directory Indexing.
10. Build authority to your blog.
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Final Words:

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