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Written by Sathish Arumugam

First I like to thank you for accepting my interview proposal and I’m glad to have you on my blog.

1. Identify yourself and your site in brief and Say how you entered into this field?

Answer: Hi my name is Perambur Kumar. I am a full-time blogger, I’ve some little bit knowledge in SEO.
I am the owner of 7 blogs. All blogs are running successfully. I started my blogging career in 2008.
In fact, that is the year most of the famous bloggers started their blogging career. Come to the point, how I entered into this blogging field.

Actually I went to Chennai Book Fair in 2007. That day, one guy issuing pamphlets about How to Make Money Online. I read that pamphlets and went to the training class which was conducted by Mr.Sujesh. In fact, he is the one completely changed my life. He is the one, turning point in my career. I gave Rs.1600/- as training fees. He actually took the class over 3 hours. First 2 and half hours he was boring everybody saying once I was browsing the internet I came to know this and that. Nobody listened that class what he was saying. Suddenly after 2 and half hours boring subject he entered into the interesting topic Google AdSense.

TCBI 02 Interview With Perambur Kumar

Yes, you’re dead right he taught me how to make money with Google AdSense. Frankly speaking that day, I never thought Google Adsense going to change my future life.
That is the one which makes everything possible for me. Finally, he gave one book and cd. That CD and Book I kept it in my shelf. That time I was working as Account Manager in one logistic company in Chennai and my monthly salary was Rs.12,500/-. The work was very tough. I have to go to the office even on Sundays.

So there were only two options left for me. One is quit this job and join another company or continue with this job and learn Internet marketing after making a decent income I quit this job. So I go with the second option. That is continuing with this job and learning everything on the Internet and then after making handsome money I quit the job. In fact, that was the great decision I’d ever made in my life. Within 6 months, I learned everything on the Internet.

More than 3,500 websites I’d visited at that time. So blogging wise and SEO wise I getting better and better on 2009 itself. That knowledge and experiments helping now to run my blogs successfully and making handsome money now.

2. How much time you spend for your blog per day?

Answer: Frankly speaking I am a lazy guy. If I work for 2 hours then I have to take rest for 8 hours. But anyway I learn the art of making money. That’s what matter the most. At the beginning itself I learned one thing. Your blog should be like a story book. It should have a beginning and also an ending. You should not bore your audience at a point of time. Make sure on that aspect. So I always put more time on that part. My blog post will be more interesting to read and also an informative one. My blog posts will be usually “Tutorials” because I always enjoy in teaching than putting some unrelated topics or off topics. I always believe in tutorials related posts which people like most. Because they also want to do the same thing which we want to do. So they always look for a solution to their problem. So tutorial posts always help them a lot in comparing to normal blog related posts.

3. May I know how we want to do Blogging like Full time or Part time?

Answer: Yes, you can take blogging as your full-time career. But you should have at least one product or service to offer. Simply writing the post, publishing the post and expecting high income is always not possible. Since that is too high competition. So either sell a product or give service to the public or teach something related to blogging like Blogging, SEO, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and so on. You can also teach Google AdWords. Writing eBooks, selling software also makes huge income.

4. What are the secrets of your blog traffic?

Answer: I am getting traffic mainly through social media and from Google Organic Search Results. I always believe in eMail Marketing because this is the one completely changes the scenario. In-fact eMail marketing is the best way to tell your audience about your latest post and your latest product. Depending on the number on subscribers, your income will raise automatically. This is the right way to promote your blog. Blog Commenting and Link Building are the two important strategies which I follow from the beginning to get the audience. Commenting on other blogs always help us not only to get targetted traffic but also to get the regular readers for your blog. Link building is the another tactic to get audience since it help us to get audience from Google and other search engines

5. Can you share your secrets of Making money and Source of Income?

Answer: From July 2008 to June 2015 – my first source of Income is always Google AdSense. My earning starts from Rs.5,000/- per month to Rs.2,50,000 Lakhs per month. Everything I achieved through Google AdSense. But now my first income source is real estate. After that, I launched real estate blog. Everything changed, now my income is steady to 6 figure mark.

6. Which motivates you to start your blog and mention your favorite blog?

Answer: I learned everything through Google. So Google is always my first priority, then Wikipedia,,, SearchEnginejournal, SearchEngineWatch, Google Webmaster Blog, Google AdSense Blog, Yahoo, MSN, Shoutmeloud. So these are the top blog where I learned everything. Google Blogs always helps me to get great knowledge when comparing to other blogs.

7. Did blogging help for a Lifetime and How? How much you believe blogging?

Answer: Blogging always be the no.1 choice for me. Not only me but for many. Because you no need to invest anything except your knowledge. You’re just sharing your knowledge not more than that. If you have a product or service or you’re the master in teaching, then blogging will be your money making machine.

Blogging has no end. Blogging is the only job which gives happiness while doing your work and it also gives great satisfaction when your readers appreciating your blog posts through comments or social media. When they share your blog posts you’ll get the double happiness that you can’t get in any another job.

Blogging is the only industry when there is no limit for money making. Sky this limit for your earnings. There is no age limit for blogging. Even you can join blogging at the age of 60. So starting from 10 years to 80 years you can do blogging. But you can’t do this in another field.

8. I hope you don’t have any issues on sharing your first Income report and Analytics report? Also, if possible can you share the Screenshot?

Answer: Usually I never share my income reports with anyone including my family members and friends. Because, once I show my income report then from that day onwards problem starts. They will become my number one enemy. So I don’t want that to happen in my life. Let we enjoy this happy life given by the God.

9. May I know your favorite quote?

Answer: I like this quote: “Change is mandatory for Extraordinary Results”.
It implies the story. You have to be flexible. What was applicable in 2008 will not be applicable in 2016. So you have to apply using your brain and making decisions according to that. Don’t stick with one rule which is moral of the story. Always learn new things and implement new thing which is the success mantra for me.
Updation is important in any field. Blogging is not an exceptional one from that.

10. Can you Share Few Words about trafficcrow?

Answer: is one of the best websites I have ever seen. Awesome WordPress Theme with Fantastic and useful articles. I am really proud of you, Sathish Arumugam. Because you also from Tamilnadu. It’s great to see Tamilnadu bloggers doing well in the blogging field. Especially Nirmala Shantakumar, Kidambi Badri and so on. So you’re also in that list of great bloggers from Tamilnadu.

11.  What trafficcrow readers have to follow? Give some opinion on your vision?

Answer: My suggestion to Traffic Crow readers.
1. Select the best domain name for your site with high paying keywords and also have some brand name in it. Example, my websites and, it has both brand name and also with exact keywords. So this will make your job easy. You need not fight with search engines to index your site if you have both in it I mean brand name and keywords.

2. Always select the best theme whether it is a blogger or WordPress theme, always go for the premium. Don’t use free themes that will never help you in a long run.

3. If you’re using WordPress, then go for best web hosting like Bluehost & Host Gator.

4. Leave comments in others blog. So that they also leave their comments in your blog.

5. Try to build as many links as possible. Believe more links will always help to get more visitors to your site and more visitors always bring more money. Building backlinks always confirm your success.

6. Do email marketing vigorously. Never fear of blocking your email. Email marketing is the No.1 method to get visitors to your site. Email marketing always confirms stable site readers.

7. Print your site name in the business cards.

8. Conduct Giveaways. Giveaways always help to get more visitors. The volume of visitors is higher when you conduct Giveaways.

9. Interview great bloggers. So that their visitors will be your visitors soon. This is the great technique to get targeted visitors to your blog.

10. Even if your blog is not making money. Don’t get dejected. Stay positive. Because you don’t know when you get your turn. That time you write some eBooks to get motivation. eBooks always help you get positive motivation and also it is the best for money point of view. Especially if you publish your eBooks on Amazon.

My best wishes to all Traffic Crow team members and the readers. I pray the God for your grand success. Always believe in God.
Always believe in your product and services. You never get fail. Success is always yours.

Thanks for this valuable interview. It was really great to take this interview. Hope my experience which I shared will help you in any way of your blogging. If my points are worth and helpful, share it with your friends and comment for any clarification.

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  • I would like Mr.Kumar to answer a few questions. Hope he obliges.

    1. You are a blogger platform buff. I appreciate your deep knowledge in it. Can you name the 3 best blogs built on blogger platform?

    2. Can you recommend 3 premium themes for blogger platform. They should be suitable for a multi niche personal blog.

    3. I happen to read your blog located at on my mobile phone. I was awestruck by the responsiveness of the theme. May I know which theme you have used?

    4. When I looked at the source of that site, I was intrigued by the three different meta name that contained several characters which looked like a code. May I know something about them?

    I thank you for your time Kumar.

    Thanks Sathish Arumugam for posting this comment.