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Legal Ways To Spy And Replicate Competitor’s Backlink Strategy in 2023

You are supposed to do something. Weather the storm. Today, think about your top competitors in your niche. Are they doing better than you? Or you are in the upper hand? This article carries effective ideas to replicate competitor’s backlink strategy, that can make wonders.

Just Google for your target keyword, or we can say ‘money keyword.’ Do your competitors are ranking top in the SERP? Check where you are and who all the other players are.

Not only the top rankers are your competitors. Those who are ranking down to you also are your silent competitions. To bite the bullet, let’s take the dominant competitors.

Let’s legally steal their success strategy. With a few premium SEO tools, that is exactly possible.

Not only building backlinks, but you can also benefit in many ways from a thorough competitor analysis.

Why use Competitor Backlink Analysis Strategy?

Backlinks are not only the factor that decides search engine ranking although. Still, backlinks are one of the powerful elements that can boost your SERP ranking. Let me make you clear why to conduct competitor’s backlink analysis to benefit you. Why is it so influential?

Randomly, take a keyword: ‘page loading speed optimization.’ Check out the Google results. Obviously, the results in the first page will have a sound link profile. Only if they could meet the search engine algorithmic guidelines, it could be in that place.

Interestingly, each ranking site will have a unique set of backlink profile and strategy.

Consider all those unique; proven backlink strategies are applied to yours, especially all together. Then, you are the one. Here is the big advantage why you should entertain competitor backlink analysis.

Build a link profile that amazes search engines to improve your ranking, visibility and hence, organic traffic. That’s why most of the pro-bloggers love this strategy. You are letting others blend a backlink strategy for you.

Rather go on a wild goose cheese, or trying trial & error, better to go with a proven strategy. Let them do hard work; you loot it smartly. No offense.

How to Conduct a Competitor Backlink Analysis?

Where to begin with? In this today’s post let us employ multiple SEO or backlink checker tools to perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitor’s backlink profile.

Two types of competitors are out there. Domain-level and page-level competitions. On the whole, if a site competes you refer to domain-level competitions. On the other hand of the sphere, sites compete with you page level for specific keywords, not on the whole. This refers to page-level competitions.

For a wider approach, let us deal with domain-level competitor’s backlinks. You may use any tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic SEO, SEO PowerSuite, etc. I am not here to promote or nudge you to go with anything particularly.

Randomly pick a tool and feed your competitor domain URL and access its backlinks profile.

Multiple Ways you can Replicate Competitor’s Backlink Strategy

From the competitor backlink analysis results, you can run through different verticals that can benefit you in a way or either.

Here are the typical but most powerful strategies you can adapt from your competitor’s hard work.

#1 Competitor Analysis in your Niche

The competitor’s backlink analysis can help you build an optimal online marketing strategy. It can help you understand the market in a better way. You will get to know why they rank for specific search terms. Check out their link profile growth over the years or any stipulated period.

Above all, content is the big thing we must talk about. While running through your competitor’s link profile, you can promptly have a clear picture of what type of content attracting huge backlinks. By which, you can make slight adjustments to your content creation if you feel essential.

Then, what types of domains are linking to your competitor’s domain? Which page in your competitor’s site is gaining more link opportunities? Anything, you have it handy.

To put it simply, you will understand how competitive your niche is. Where will you have to improve to outrank the competitions? What sort of landing page, content, you should create? What category of people is your competitor’s audience? You will have a roadmap after this.

#2 New Potential Link Building Opportunities

The next great thing you can benefit from competitor backlink analysis is link prospecting. This is almost what you have gained from the above-discussed competitor analysis. A step ahead, you will put in action based on the analysis.

The competitor analysis can reveal some quality link prospects where you haven’t had links till date.

You can dig deeper. Since, your competitor will link to another site in the same niche, anyway. You link prospecting goes beyond your expectations. You will explore more link building opportunities in your niche.

Moreover, you will see a few domains linking to all your competitor’s sites. But, you haven’t. It’s time to analyze such domains and generate backlinks. Probably, those sites are the easily replicable areas where you can get backlinks easily.

Also, you can keep an eye on your competitor whenever he generates a new backlink. Ahrefs allows you to set alerts for your competitor’s new backlinks.

#3 Discover Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest blogging is always an evergreen strategy not only for building backlinks. But also to build relationships, word out your brand reaching a wider audience in your niche.

Are you tired of finding or prospecting new opportunities to outreach for a guest post contribution? Have you tried all the search queries? Like “keyword/niche” + “write for us,” or you feel hard to outreach the bloggers in “huge list of guest post accepting blogs.”

Those days are gone. Know who are all actively encouraging guest post submissions in your niche? Surprisingly, with no bit of elbow grease. Make a note of the places where your competitor’s (say for 10 – let’s start with a small number) submitted guest articles.

This is the prospect you will have to outreach instantly to get quality guest blogging opportunities. To make it more successful, you can get clues from your competitor’s guest post article. What type of content? Title? How images or any media included?

Likewise, make use of all the opportunities where your list of competitors did so.

#4 Link Reclamation – Broken Link Building

At last, you can also use the analysis information for link reclamation. You might be familiar with the broken link building technique. One of the most effective link building methods your target will love to give you backlinks.

From the analysis, you will also discover the domains that are linking to your competitor’s broken or ‘does not exist’ pages. This is your turn now. Make a note of all those referring domains pointing to that specific dead page. Analyze those links, and sort the bests out of it.

Write or replicate the similar content (if you don’t have relevant content already) and outreach to those referring domain webmasters (not your competitor). Then, intimate those about their links pointing to a broken page. Loot the linking opportunity to your valuable content that can add value.

Over to You on Ways to Replicate Competitor’s Backlink Strategy

Only the competitor’s backlink strategy analysis can allow you to gain high-quality links that are curated. Though you will be building links at a slower rate, still it has more value. Since all the links you are getting based on your competitor’s backlink profile are relevant and obtainable.

I hope more people are practicing this strategy and getting amazing results in a stipulated time. If you haven’t tried yet, hit a try and improve your link profile value with lesser efforts.

Since talking about different ways to replicate competitor’s backlink strategy, I didn’t get in-depth about how to perform competitor backlink analysis. Let me know in the comments section if you are getting stuck somewhere. I am glad to assist you.

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