WordPress Blogger Themes – Awesome Ideas to Select The Best

Written by Sathish Arumugam

Themes are very powerful that helps to turn viewers to your site and make a successful blog. Themes speak more than the words. There are hundreds and thousands of themes available for free and Premium, so you can download or purchase WordPress themes for your blog to make perfect for your business. WordPress has made it easy for customizing the themes and absolutely free to modify them according to your needs. There are numerous WordPress Blogger Themes, where we need to select the one best.

The design of your blog will give you a good user experience, so it should be considered while starting the blog. If you are a newbie to WordPress then you can first try with free themes. After you feel comfortable with free themes then you can go for paid themes. Using paid themes, it offers with full-fledged support and variety of search engine optimization options. So, by this article I like to share some of the most important things that you must consider while selecting the best WordPress Blogger Themes for your Blog.

Eight important things to be considered while selecting WordPress Blogger Themes are,

Look of the Theme

The theme makes your website look great and show your brand in the best way. While selecting the designs, make sure it is relevant to your products or brand. There are a lot of theme websites are available, you can choose the one for your blog. For example Theme Forest, StudioPress and Elegant Themes, you need to differentiate each field using theme designs, like if your blog is designed for technology then it should be professional design and if it is for health & Beauty, it should be something like E-commerce. Present your site with a better design so that more people will like your blog and visit daily.

Easy customization

Customization is an important thing to consider while selecting the themes because it helps you to control over your theme. There are many customizable themes where you don’t want to know any knowledge about PHP coding or CSS since you can easily modify according to your requirements. If you are not a genius in customizing, then you can also play with themes. Choose WordPress themes which allow a user to give full control over it by accepting user preference which means direct changes to the style sheets.

SEO Features

WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly, that is if you want your theme to control your SEO here you can do it easily. Selecting a free or premium WordPress theme will not make any change. While choosing a WordPress Blogger Themes look for SEO optimized or SEO ready in the theme description. But some of the developers include checkbox and sell their theme, you should consider SEO when developing their theme which does offer some assurance. They used clean code to ensure. There are no barriers for search engines to crawl your website, it make your site get rank higher.

Loading Time

Loading time is a must one for all theme on your blog, choose your theme with fast loading time. If your page takes too much of time to load, then the Google doesn’t rank your site and it also give bad news for you. The fast loading website does not only deliver an incomparable experience to users but also appears at the top of search results. So that you get more visitors on your page and it creates high traffic to your site.


Sidebars should offer many spaces and it should be proper, so you can place different widgets. In widgets, you can display most popular articles since peoples like to visit such articles. Then you can also place advertisements, banners at the top, in the sidebar and in the navigation. This will help you to earn from your blog in a potential way.

Font and Color selection

While choosing the themes, you should also concentrate on the font and colors, fonts should not be too small or too large. If it looks small then your visitors will not read, it may even be a stress. The another thing is color selection, the theme should appear with good color combination according to color theory. So, always prefer some good looking graphics and color combination of themes for your blog.

Responsive themes

Responsive theme is the easiest way to build websites, that look great on any devices like mobile, tab. Mobile traffic varies between industries about 30% of all website visits from mobile and tablet devices. In addition to loading properly on a mobile device, the best responsive websites also perform as needed and are easy to navigate on a mobile device. The best way to determine whether it is a responsive theme or not, first run the demo through Google’s new mobile friendliness tool.


While there are thousands of themes are available at Free & premium, you can choose it according to your need and comfort. Free themes are also had with so many features what I have explained in the above points. In Premium, you get full-fledged services. Both are useful for all bloggers so that you can get as per your blog needs. For your information, if you are a new blogger then you can go with free themes after that you can choose premium themes for your websites.

Final Words

The above points I listed must be considered while choosing the themes for your blog. I hope this article “Right Ideas to Select Unique Attractive WordPress Blogger Themes” will be helpful to you and if you get benefit after reading this article, then give your support to us by sharing your feedback. If you like you give suggestions, please comment it in a comment box. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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