Simple Tricks To Get Good Google Page Rank In 2014

It is the dream of every SEO team to get better Google page Ranks for their own website. Because an excellent Google page rank makes a business to have various advantages like more new visitors, high traffic to the website, high profit etc. But many of them got failed to achieve this goal because of several reasons like lack of knowledge, time, involvement on work etc.

Following Are The Simple Tips To Improve Your Google Page Rank:

1. Quality Content

Basically, a good content helps a website to get a better Google Page Ranking. If the content is simple and very catchy to read then it is said to be a quality content. That is, a good content should be informative, interesting and readable.

2. Update Your Website Regularly

Regular updates on a website help you to get better Google page ranks. This makes your readers as loyal visitors to your website. If you make it as a hobby to update your website regularly it may create eagerness among your website visitors to look forward to new contents or updates.

3. Usage of Keywords

As you all know keywords are the backbone of SEO. Because a keyword plays a major role to search your products and services in Google. So keywords must be simple and attractive and it should be a memorable one.

4. Guest Posting

A simple way to improve your page rank in Google is guest posting. Registering with bloggers community will help you to get a unique content to your blog or website. This helps you to have more new visitors or readers to your website.

5. Online Advertisement

You can give online advertisement to you blog or website by making payment on other websites. This will help you to attract thousands and thousands of new visitors. But it needs a higher budget to do advertisement on popular websites. Although it’s expensive it gives you better results quickly.

6. Social Bookmarking

Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc were acts as a root to the popularity of website or blog. Nowadays all were spending lots of time in such social media accounts. So it helps your website to grab the attention of your visitors.

7. Target More Audience

Always target more audience and try to satisfy them by giving a unique article. Always do research on content and the information which were given by you. Because fake information makes your visitors to had a bad impression about your website. This may help your website to increase your Google page rank.

8. Increase Backlinks

There is no any other way to improve your Page Ranking without having quality backlinks. All SEO team may have a clear mind to purchase or to buy the back links on high traffic website. And this is the possible way to determine the quality of a link. Having a number of quality links helps the website to rank higher on SEO.

9. Importance To Visitors

Don’t forget to give importance to your visitors. Giving importance to visitors may create a high satisfaction among them. Because it is one of the important ways to attract your visitors. And it helps the website to have better page ranks.

10. Directory Indexing

Finally, in this post “Simple Tricks To Get Good Google Page Rank In 2014”, I am going to tell about the Directory indexing. To get higher ranks, submitting the websites on directories for indexing is one of the efficient ways. It especially helps your website to have high traffic and also attract more new visitors to your website.

If you follow all these strategies correctly then definitely you will have better Google Page Ranking to your website.
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