TCBI: Interview With Mohamed Muzzammil Musthafa From Paprix.Com

Written by Sathish Arumugam

Thank you very much for this great interview session. This is our first interview in Traffic Crow Blogging Interview (TCBI).

Today we had interview with Mr. Musthafa who is one of my Blogging friends and he is in Coimbatore. His site name is This site is related to educational updates and news. We can get all new education updates in this site.

1. First introduce yourself and tell about your site in brief and tell me how u came into this field?

My name is Mohamed Muzzammil Musthafa everybody call me as Musthafa, i completed my Computer Science and engineering in the year 2014 at Sasurie Academy of Engineering Coimbatore. I started a blog in my 1st year name and main intension for me is to provide quality information about education to the students. So my website is fully based on engineering studies during my first year my website was not that much famous. after a year i got approval of google adsense and 2nd year i rename the website as There is no any meaning for paprix, just to create a brand and unique name i chosed the name “PAPRIX” More than 2nd half years over and i earned lot through my website and i got good rankings in google too and i am proud that giving tough competition with my competitors. I came into this field by inspiration from one my friend name Balaji who is also a blogger right from his school days

2. How long do you spend per day for your blog?

Minimum 4 Hours maximum 8 hours I will spend per day in my blogs

3.Tell us whether Blogging is a full time or part time work?

Blogging is my part time work may be in future it may turn to full-time work

4. Is investment, important to blog?

Initial amount, investments the best answer i can give is, Rs.127 3G internet is enough as an investment

5. What makes u to choose your domain name as PAPRIX?

Just to create a Brand Name like google, yahoo, which doesn’t have any meaning, even i can say to some one easily and they can remember very easily

6. Tell your secrets about getting traffic to your blog?

Good question!
I divide marketing in 2 ways Genuine Marketing and Fake + Genuine Marketing
Genuine Marketing: Everybody knows about this, by the way of advertisement, through medias, social networking etc. I do genuine Marketing by means of printing my blog name in T-Shirts publishing it in public and after that wherever I get a chance to speak in meetings I will surely say my website name through that meeting and of course social networking pages helps me a lot in genuine marketing

Fake + Genuine Marketing: I think so this will be something new for you all, Actually it is genuine but through fake I am providing it as genuine
(E.g.) I created a female fake profile with attractive pics and i got more than 100 request per day most probably all are students so daily i ll login into this profile and i will share my blog thats it. Now i am getting a great advertisement through this technique

7. What is your future plan for your blog?

Upto now i am providing information only for engineering department, but in future i have to provide information for all departments like, Medical, arts and science and even for school students


8. Tell us something about your source of income and your secret of making money?

Though I am a blogger i am also a graphic designer. My source of income is 15k – 30k as per the projects it may rise more than 30k. There is no something like secret of making money, i am much creative and i used to think a lot, (E.g) Mostly students are accessing my website, so main draw back is some students have not that much aware of websites, internet technologies. So I am providing them informations very easily by one of my idea called “Everything under a single click”. so it think so my creativity is one of the secret

9. Tell about your Adsense approval in brief?

There is no much thing about approval of ads, i tried only two times, in my second chance it self i got approval, During first time i got a feedback from google adsense team that site structure has to be change properly and there is no much visitor

10. Tell some blogs name which you love and to follow?

1. Techcrunch
2. Labnol
3. Wonderfulengineering

11. Tell about social medias like Facebook, Twitter etc in brief?

Social Media helps me more in bringing various new visitors, and helps me more in reaching the visitors freely and effectively

12. Share your achievements in your blog?

The best achievement is my blog is counting the pageviews in crores, and i am almost in top5 in google search for more than 500+ search terms related to my website

13. Do you think that blogging will help you for your life time? Why?

No blogging will not help me for life time because i always have to look at my blog and have to update the latest updates and hot news this is not possible for me at all time

14. What makes your blog special?

My blog is special because i am providing a user friendly navigation, you can find a piece of information in my blog very easily

15. What you love to do apart from blogging?

i love to do graphic designing apart from blogging and also i love to learn more technologies

16. Share your first income report?

My first income is 10,000 from google adsense , in the year 2012

17. Share your analytics and other site report?

i have attached my screenshot of statistics down



18. Share your favorite quote?

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school – albert einstein

19. Tell few words about traffic crow ?

where i can sell my websites for visitors through traffic crow by bringing more traffic to my websites

20. Share your ideas which you would like to give for traffic crow readers?

Instead of ideas i can give an idea as advice, if you are a beginner in blogging don’t expect for money, surely you will be going to earn money one day be confident about that, And try to update more about new technologies.

Thankyou very much for spending your pleasurable time with us on interview. Just read and see his interview and post your valuable comments…..

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