TCWR: 001 – Traffic Crow Weekly Roundup – 29.6.15 To 4.7.15

Written by Sathish Arumugam

This is the article which is traffic crow roundup of the posts which we published in this week. This week we published eight posts mainly for improving traffic for our site and increasing the search engine optimization. There is also post which are useful for beginners to know what are the use of those modules present in the WordPress. Here we explained a short description about each topic.

How To Customize Permalink In WordPress Post/Page

This is the first post of the week which is published in our site. In this article, we described what is the permalink and how to customize it. There are different types of permalinks and the use of permalinks are explained. Permalinks are nothing but the permanent URL’s of the post or page. The importance of each permalinks types can be understood by this post.

How To Discourage A Website Page/Post Not To Index In Front Page Of Search Engine

This is an important article where beginners must look over it. Beginner start with the post or page in their blog. The post can be easily indexed in the at the front page of the search engine before it is ready. This is avoidable one. Hence, this can be done by the way as posted in the article.

How To Index WordPress Site In Google (In 5 minutes)

This is the post which makes traffic to our site. The previous post is to avoid a post to be indexed in the front page before it is ready. Once the post is ready we must make it index in Google which in turn increases the traffic. It can be done very easily and the process is clearly explained in this article.

How To Add/Manage Widgets In WordPress

Here is the post to make use of widgets to our blog. Widgets are used to extend the functionality of the WordPress. To improve the structure and design of the WordPress site, we must use the widgets. There are most widget options and these can be customized. The process to make use of these widget areas are described in this article.

Top 5 Best Free SEO Plugin In WordPress 2015

SEO is the major part where every blogger must think of it. Probably, beginners often think for improving their site for SEO. By using plugins, the site optimization can be done very easily. There are various plugins to improve the SEO. Here are the Five free SEO plugins which really helps for SEO.

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2015

Now the article for top 5 contact form plugins. The contact forms are used to gather the details of the visitors. This is for helping the users in any case. Contact forms can be done more attractively. In this article, we explaining the best contact form plugin which are well designed.

Top 5 Best Free Content Protection & Right Click Disable Plugins

This is the article for protecting our WordPress site by saving our images and content copying. If our content or images are copied then our site may be duplicated. To avoid this there for valuable plugins which make those options for copying are disabled.

How To Optimize WordPress Site For Search Engine – SEO

The last valuable article of this week is “How To Optimize WordPress Site For Search Engine – SEO”. The developers and owners work for making their site optimize for the search engine. There are some factors which make our site index in the front page to improve the traffic.

These articles are very useful for beginners as well as the site owner to improve their site.

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