Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes Framework (StudioPress)

Perhaps, using WordPress for your website, you will be hunting for the best WordPress themes. Hence, you are here. There are a plethora of WordPress theme market places are available. It involves ThemeGrill, Elegant Themes, MyThemeShop, Thrive Themes, StudioPress and so on. Among these, few are only into selling themes, and the rest are theme developers and sellers. Almost each has its own pros and cons. You cannot afford money trying out all the themes just to know which is best. Hence, this comparison post: Thrive Themes vs Genesis themes.

Those days are gone. The proficient website is one that drives enough traffic. It’s not the case now. Every webmaster’s focus is to achieve more conversion. To the worst case, aims to convert every single visitor as an email subscriber. Perchance, themes have a greater role in deciding your website conversion. Then, it is obvious to dig your time in researching for suitable conversion-focused themes.

From my experience, I am here presenting a hand-to-hand comparison of Thrive themes and Genesis themes. Anyways, I am not going to nudge anything. Still, you will get to know more about the top two WordPress themes hub. By which, you can make a decision that which one suits your needs and expectations.

Recently, I have also compared GeneratePress & Genesis themes. Have a look to know about another big competitor of these two, GeneratePress and how it races with Genesis.

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes – Real Shoot-out Comparison

Among plenty of WordPress theme providers, why it is great to compare Thrive and Genesis, Thrive vs Genesis? Both are amazing, SEO-friendly, fast, light-weight, feature-rich and it goes. There is always a fierce competition prevails among these fabulous WordPress premium themes. Hence, it is exciting to compare Thrive themes and StudioPress Genesis themes.

S.No.ParametersThrive ThemesGenesis Themes
3Light weight & Clean-codedYesYes
4Fast LoadingAbsolutelyAbsolutely
5Mobile ResponsiveYesYes
7Customization featuresEasyQuite Easy
8Child themes AvailabilityReasonableMore
9Drag & Drop featureAvailableAvailable
10Landing Page TemplatesAvailable in plentyEasy to create
11Coding Skills RequiredNoYes, but not much
12Built-in Schema Mark-upYesYes
14User Rating9.4/109.6/10
Try Thrive ThemesTry Genesis Themes

Thrive Themes vs StudioPress Genesis Framework

I am so confident that I can help you with a clear picture of both the theme providers and themes. For a reason, I have been using both for years for my multiple niche blogs. I cannot give up anything for any particular reason as each has its uniqueness. Still, I use Thrive Themes products and StudioPress Genesis themes for my WordPress niche blogs. With that, let’s roll out the in-depth comparison of Thrive Themes vs Genesis themes based on its features, cost, support, documentation, etc.

Thrive Themes – Ever Conversion-focused

The Thrive Themes and its products are developed strategically to convert your website visitors to subscribers, customers or clients. The Thrive Themes gets popular among online marketers in a very short period for its conversion tools.

Obviously, it’s all about the conversion decides the webmaster’s skill level. If these tools can give a hand, then you are the master.

And, you could notice the growth of Thrive Themes in the market that it is hiking. It shows that the online marketing strategy is stepping ahead towards conversion rates. Hence, Thrives Themes are dominating the WordPress market as a preferable solution. Since 2016, Genesis was in the peak. Do you have any guess for its downfall? StudioPress themes are SEO-friendly, fast, lightweight, easily customizable, though. The one reason being it’s less attention towards conversion aspects.

Hence, most of the webmasters are shifting to such fastest growing theme services, Thrive Themes. And, it comes with a bundle of conversion tools that every business needs. Let’s keep the ball rolling to examine how Thrive Themes invade in with its incredible features.

Features of Thrive Themes

We all know about Google rolls out speed update in 2018. Whether or not it impacts only mobile search rankings, website speed becomes the most crucial ranking factor. Hence, the developers behind Thrive Themes have both search engines and users in its mind while crafting those products. Thus, Thrive Themes, and its products are blazing speed, and conversion focussed.

Outstanding features of Thrive Themes –

  • Fast loading and lightweight WordPress themes
  • Elements that are conversion focussed
  • Built-in widgets for more impressive data displays and easy navigation
  • Impressive landing page templates
  • Elements and designs to increase engagement and page readability
  • Social media sharing buttons (with counters) and related post features
  • Header Phone option to display the phone number in the Header area
  • Choice between lossy or lossless auto image compressions
  • Lazy Load Comments to avoid delay during first-time page rendering
  • Thrive Apprentice to create and sell professional online courses easily
  • SEO-friendly and mobile responsive by default
  • Child themes compatibility and easy customizable

Is it Easy to customize the Thrive Themes?

Of course, you don’t need to be a developer or technically sound customizing Thrive Themes. Indeed, these themes come by default with options that every webmaster would like to have. Less often you might need customizing Thrive Themes. Still, you can do easy customization like adding logo or favicon, choosing the theme color, layout, adding header or footer elements and scripts, and so on.

Only if you need meticulous customization, you will have to use its Thrive Content Builder or Thrive Architect. It comes with drag and drops options to include any elements to your web pages hassle-free. Also, there is no need for multiple plug-ins to install for customizing any Thrive Themes.

Does the Thrive Themes Support Child Themes?

For simple editions like including logo or just improving the site look and feel, you can simply customize Thrive Themes of your own. On the other hand, expert webmasters would like to customize the theme to a greater level. It includes creating a new set of page templates, having a new header for the site, radically modifying CSS file, etc. In those cases, Thrive Themes are great in supporting child themes enabling you to achieve what you desire.

Often, people don’t like emphasis Thrive Themes about its support for Thrive Themes. The Thrive Themes have an only reasonable number of parent themes though. Still, if you can customize the theme for fewer alterations or create the child themes to eject additional essence to your theme as you like.

How is Thrive Themes Optimized for Conversions?

Thrives Themes and its products are known for their high conversions. But, how it is geared up towards conversions? Let’s consider two products of Thrive Themes: Focus Areas and Clever Widgets.

Thrive Themes Focus Areas allows you to place email opt-in forms, banner ads, widgets or anything in the most potential targeted places of your site. With Focus Areas, you can have your widgets like a ribbon scrolling in the header area, displaying below your post footer area and so on.

If your business highly relies on email marketing, then you should this Thrive plug-in to build your email list radically. Thus, I would say Thrive Themes are tailored to convert your visitors to potential subscribers or customers.

Then, let’s take Clever Widgets. How about displaying the same widgets in sidebars for all the posts commonly?

Alternatively, think about showcasing only the relevant widgets to the specific post’s readers? Which one ensures high conversions? The latter one, obviously. Thrive Themes of Clever Widgets helps you do so.

For an instant, you can display ‘video marketing’ related posts in the sidebar only to the particular video marketing categorized posts. You can simply set up with a few clicks if having proper tags and categories. The readers will find it easy to navigate through the relevant posts. Higher the user engagement, higher the conversion rate will be.

Likewise, all other Thrives Themes products are great in converting your target audience.

Do the Thrive Themes and its products worth for its Pricing?

At the moment, Thrive Themes has almost none different products for specific functionalities. Each product cost you around $49 and $67 for single and multiple site licenses. Against your every Thrive Theme purchase, you will get lifetime updates and one year support.

Or, if you are looking for unlimited support and everything, become a Thrive membership. With which, you can get access to all its current, future themes, plug-ins, unlimited support, lifetime updates, and even more. Thrive membership comes in 2 different packages: Thrive membership for individual webmasters and bloggers and Agency Membership for web designers and agencies.

Above all, you cannot expect any exclusive discount on Thrive Themes products. Don’t get cheated by any online marketers. You can avail official discount from Thrive Themes team if going for annual paying mode. You can save around 25% money than paying quarterly if you are buying its membership plan.

Though it is yearly recurring charges, it is worth to invest in a tool that can multiply your business conversions.

Genesis Themes – Framework that WordPress Users Zeal to Use

I have ample hands-on experience working with StudioPress themes on the Genesis theme framework. Hence, I am sure that I can showdown its features, pros, and cons clearly.

StudioPress is the industry-leading when we think about premium WordPress themes and plug-ins. It never puts off its hands though many competitors are emerging in the market. Genesis framework is developer-friendly. More than half a million WordPress websites are powered by Genesis.

Genesis themes are being popular for its SEO-friendly nature, clean-coded and obviously, lightweight. It helps you to build and empower incredible WordPress websites even you are a novice.

All StudioPress themes run on the Genesis framework. Hence, you can also call it as Genesis Themes. These themes are mobile responsive by its nature. It has a plethora of child themes that work on Genesis framework seamlessly.

Let have more in-depth insights about StudioPress themes and Genesis framework features.

Incredible Features of Genesis Themes –

  • Built-in SEO features and mobile responsive
  • Built on HTML 5 ensuring turnkey design solutions
  • Developer-friendly with tight security features
  • Easy customization options
  • Plethora of custom page templates
  • Customizable header and auto-sized features images
  • Readily-available child themes for blog monetization
  • Clean-coded and blazingly fast performance
  • Featured content widgets
  • Unlimited lifetime updates
  • No restrictions on the number of sites using a single Genesis framework license
  • Gutenberg editor ready themes
  • One-click themes set up

How Genesis Framework/Themes are SEO-friendly?

Don’t you think SEO belongs in a theme? SEO starts from setting up your WordPress site theme. Generally speaking, the Genesis framework or StudioPress themes are the most SEO-friendly WordPress themes. The major reason being its, support for Schema-org. It allows you to embed micro-data in your site’s code to display more snippets to both search engines and the users.

Then, HTML forms the foundation of the Genesis framework. That helps meet the basic needs of any SEO-optimized website. It includes clean code, light-weight, and great architecture. Genesis themes will have a simple and neat design offering a better user experience.

StudioPress themes are mobile responsive by default. The featured images are auto-resized ensuring blazing fast website performance in terms of site loading.

What else, you think a theme can contribute towards search engine optimization?

What about StudioPress Genesis Themes Customization?

To build a site on Genesis, you will have to use the Genesis framework along with a StudioPress child theme. Genesis framework forms the foundation, and any StudioPress themes are compatible with it.

If you want to customize the Genesis themes, then you must be technically strong in coding. Unlike Thrive Themes customization, you must have hands-on HTML and CSS coding skills. If not, hire a developer for necessary customization tasks since Genesis themes do not come with any drag and drop features.

Not only this, for easy customization, you must opt for additional plug-ins like Genesis Simple Edits, Dynamik, Genesis Design Palette Pro, etc.

I don’t Genesis take too lightly. Genesis is great if you would like to use it as it is. Else, it is not much easy to customize Genesis themes being a beginner or technically zero.

The great thing is you don’t need to bother about WordPress updates. As you are using StudioPress child themes with the Genesis framework, you can bring the entire design and customization effects to your new versions of WordPress.

Do Genesis Themes are really Fast and Light-weight?

Being a framework built-on HTML 5; Genesis is ultimately clean-coded, light-weight and fast performing. Sometimes, we call StudioPress themes are the fastest loading WordPress themes in the market. Again there is a catch. Only if you use Genesis a framework and StudioPress theme as it is. Otherwise, it doesn’t come with more abundant features to have your website more functional.

So, you will have to go for individual plug-ins for added functionalities. It involves social media sharing features, image optimization, showing related posts, displaying a table of contents, and even more. For these aspects, you must install additional free or paid plug-ins.

Automatically, it adds up the theme weight and reduces the page loading time. So, Genesis themes are faster if you don’t use any additional plug-ins and use it with default options. But, I don’t think it would be possible in this competitive digital arsenal.

Is it yet Affordable for All?

The best part is, you can use a single Genesis framework license on multiple sites. It may costs you around $60, one-time investment. Unlike others, you have to use StudioPress child themes along with the Genesis framework as a complete theme suite.

So again, you will have to invest around another $40 for child themes. Optionally, you may go with free StudioPress child themes that offer a narrow set of features.

Alternatively, you may prefer the StudioPress Pro Plus package, if you are an agency. You will get instant and unlimited access to all the StudioPress themes, lifetime updates, and support. You can use the Genesis framework on your client’s websites along with any theme from the entire package. StudioPress Pro Plus package demands just a one-time investment. You can play around with it as an agency.

I don’t think it is worth to invest if you own just 2 to 3 websites as an individual webmaster. Since, you will have to further spend money on buying tools, hiring a developer for customization.

As a bonus, the StudioPress Pro Plus package consists of some third party premium WordPress themes too, that is built on the Genesis framework.

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis: Who Wins the Battle, Finally?

Till now, we have been discussing the set of features and options individually. Now, let’s compare the Thrive theme and Genesis in various aspects. With which, you can make a clever decision on your WordPress theme providers. Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes: clear-cut comparison on necessary elements.

Built-in Features

Thrive Themes with its multiple tools comes as a whole suite for SEO and blogging needs. And, it has more aspiring features like landing page templates, custom widgets, related post displays and so on. Above all, Thrive Themes are meant for website conversion.

On the other hand, considering StudioPress Genesis themes are SEO-friendly and mobile responsive. Though it is not much known for high conversions, it never fails to website appeal visitors. Even, that is most crucial.

Further, for any tiny additional functionality, you will have to go for theme customization. Meanwhile, you cannot use Genesis themes as a raw thing. Still, it has a lot of child themes for any niches with essential features to favor you.

Ease of Customization

Thrive Themes products like Thrive Architect comes with drag and drop feature. Since designing a fabulous website is made simpler than ever before. Almost, Thrive Themes are built considering a set of features that every designer needs. Hence, there is no much need for customization. Even if you want, you don’t require being technically strong in coding.

While Genesis framework offers a limited set of features by default, even to add a custom logo, you must need some basic HTML and CSS coding knowledge. And, you must need additional plug-ins or tools for customization of Genesis themes. In case of Thrive Themes; you need additional plug-ins only if you opt for more advanced customization.


Both Thrive Themes and Genesis’s themes are clean-coded, light-weight and fast loading. The difference lies in how we take it. The performance remains the same only if you use the themes as it is.

Installing additional plug-ins may slow down its performance. In such a case, Thrives Themes are matured enough to use it as it is than Genesis. But, Genesis framework is enough flexible allowing developers to build necessary features on to their own child themes. Hence, you can blend Genesis as you desire like Thrive Themes.

Simple to Get Started

When we talk about theme installation and configuration, both Thrive Themes and StudioPress Genesis themes are easy. Within a few clicks, you can kick off. For a non-technical people, it may be a bit confusing what is a framework and what is child theme, (in case of Genesis). Since StudioPress themes run on the Genesis framework.

Both themes are for WordPress self-hosted sites. StudioPress has more number of child themes than Thrive Themes has.

Customer Support

Thrive Themes as a comprehensive set of SEO and blogging tool resource, offers top-notch customer support service. Not only about themes, but also assists you on any queries related to optimizing your site towards conversion. You will find proper documentation for every theme you purchase. You can also access to its support forum.

The Thrive Themes support team is highly responsive offering instant assistance.

By the way, Genesis is no way giving it up in supporting its users. StudioPress Genesis is also popular for its excellent customer support team. The themes will have neat demo video about its features, proper documentation and tutorials to get hands-on.


Thrive Themes Membership costs you around $588 every year with unlimited lifetime updates, access to all its themes and plug-ins and unlimited support. It is quite costlier comparing Genesis themes pricing.

StudioPress Pro Plus package can get you everything in terms of themes and site designing. But, for website optimization or marketing needs like increasing conversion rates, building email lists, Genesis costs you extra by installing multiple other tools.

Thrive Themes has more conversion-focussed built-in tools. Hence, there is no need for subsequent installations and extra money to shell down.

So, Genesis is cost-effective if nothing adds to it. For an instant, Thrive Themes have Thrive Leads for potential lead generation. The cost of the same is covered in Thrive Membership. In the case of Genesis, you will have to opt for lead generation tools like OptinMonster that costs you out of the box.

Finally, Thrive Themes doesn’t seem much costlier than Genesis thinking about its limitless features and tools.

Try Thrive Themes                Try Genesis Themes

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes

To be fair, both Thrive Themes and Genesis Themes have more unique offerings when it comes to premium. If you are looking multiple benefits in conversion perspective, then Thrive would be your choice. Thrive Themes has products that can serve beyond just themes.

Or, if you are looking for best premium WordPress themes that are flexible, high-performance, but also economical, then Genesis obviously.

Final Take Away – Thrive Themes vs StudioPress Genesis

From the overall comparison between Thrive vs Genesis, you can somehow realize that Thrives dominates Genesis in several aspects. But, I don’t say Genesis is not a good one. StudioPress less-often releases updates and sometimes seems inactive on enhancing its theme features.

At the same time, Thrive Themes frequently comes with updates and the team is serious about introducing amazing features to its users. To put it simply, if I want to design a page in a specific template, I can do it my own with Thrive Themes and its products, like Thrive Architect. In case, Genesis, I will have to depend on a developer to design a custom page template.

Certainly, as an individual blogger or webmaster, it is not that worth investing in a StudioPress Pro Plus package. Also, you cannot use Genesis themes with no further additional customizations. On the other hand, Thrive Themes, and its products are like readily available tools to design and market your web pages effectively.

You can buy Thrive Themes products individually too. You may use Thrive Architect on any other WordPress themes to design the appealing custom landing pages. There is no constraint that you must use Thrive Architect only with Thrive Themes.

StudioPress Genesis is only into themes and plug-ins development, not into complete SEO. And hence it could concentrate more on theme features and functionalities to build amazing websites and blogs. You can use the Genesis framework on unlimited sites with a single license. As a web designing agency, StudioPress Genesis can help you save huge bucks never compromising the themes and plug-ins functionalities.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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