Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2017

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In this post, we are going to see Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016. The plugins are used to extend the functionality that already exists in WordPress. It is customized so that every user can use it. In this article, we are going to see the five best contact plugins which are available for “free”.

How To Select A Plugin To Install In WordPress?

We must check the following things before we install the plugin which are shown in the figure below.

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016

Users Rating: The star provided for the plugin. Note that it should be at least 4 stars.
Active install with the plugin: The maximum number of installation value the plugin
Last update: Note the updation is done for the plugin
Compatibility: The plugin should be a compatible version for our system.

5 Best Free Contact Form WP Plugins

Contact Form 7

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016
Contact form 7 is the most downloaded WordPress plugin. This plugin is available in more than 15 languages. It is useful for creating a basic contact form for the blog. The important advantage with this plugin is very flexible. There is the number of extensions that exist to bring extra features to the base plugin. We can change the CSS class, ID, size for the fields which we choose. It supports Askimet, CAPTCHA.
Since it is a free plugin, it support options are limited. Only the third-party add-on is available, there is no add-on in the official plugin website.

Ninja Forms

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016

It is the free contact form. Ninja contact forms are used for highly interactive forms. It has been done with the possibility of collecting e-mail address collection. We can download this plugin for many sites as we like. The main feature is once we install this plugin the Dashboard appears with drag and drop interface. These ninja plugins are also available for premium extensions. It supports file uploads, conditional logic, multi-part forms and email marketing support.
The main plugins are available for free, but the extensions are not free.

Jetpack Contact Form

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016

This is a very simple plugin. By default, there are four fields Name, email, website, and comment. The additional fields available with the Jetpack contact form are drop-downs, checkbox, and radio buttons. It is a very simple form though it has a lack of features which other plugins have.

Custom Contact Form

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016
It is highly customizable form, that is user-friendly by giving an option for modifying CSS files. Some of the features are drag and drop or drop-down selection. We can add or remove fields, text formatting, Redirecting to any URL, including a custom thank you page. There are many other features with this Custom contact form which includes Customizing HTML feature.

Fast Secure Contact form

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2016
As the name implies this plugin provides a security for our contact form. It allows the commentators to send E-mail. It uses “Akismet spam protection” to deal with contact form spam. Since it is a user-friendly, the back end area of this plugin offers a great form creating an experience. Forms can be inserted anywhere in the website using a simple “shortcode”.
The support options are limited. Integrating this form with the app is difficult for beginners.

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