Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress

In our previous article, we discussed how to install WordPress and plugin using FTP. Now about the Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress

Before that, why do we need to install WordPress, themes and plugins using FTP? There are few reasons.
Installing using FTP is known as Five minutes installation. That is the time for installation is very low.
Themes and plugins which we want to install in our WordPress may be of more memory. So FTP helps by downloading the plugin and theme folder in localhost and installing in a web host.
Of course, we should have an effective FTP client software. In this article, we listed the top five FTP software which supports windows, MAC, and Linux.
The software which are listed here is based on their performance and free of cost.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol


Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress

It is the popular FTP client software which is not only used for its free cost, but also for the various advantages like
More friendly and contains a lot of features.
Open Source software.
It is integrated with Mozilla Firefox.
Cross Platform – It supports windows, MAC, Linux.
It supports great for beginners.
It supports for FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS and SSH File Transfer Protocol; bookmarking, remote file searching, etc.,
It also shows the status, responses and commands from our server.
Also, it includes bookmarking, drag and drop, configurable transfer speed limits, proxy support, and pause/resume capabilities.
We can also have more than one FTP connection at a time.
There are still more features of FireZilla, we have a very few negative things in this software. They are Misplacing folders/files when using the drag and drop interface.
MAC version is not easy when compared to Windows.


Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPressTop 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress

It is another free FTP client software, started as an MAC app. This is especially used for MAC. Some of the excellent features with this software are
It offers worldwide users with the language translation.
It has Graphical User Interface.
It supports Amazon S3 and WebDAV.
It is more User-Friendly which includes Google integration, Amazon Cloudfront and more.
Its interface is easy to browse and move the files quickly in the browser with caching enabled for the best performance.
Recently released the version for supporting Linux.


Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress

This is a free software which is an extension of Mozilla firefox. It is the browser based software. The main reason to choose this for its simplicity. It supports multiple OS like MAC, Windows, Linux.
It also supports for all the major FTP protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SCP), FXP for server-to-server transfers.
Some of the negatives are
It doesn’t support all the features of other FTP clients.
It will support all platform that Mozilla Firefox supports.


Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPressTop 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress

This FTP client software is free and most easy to use. Some of the features of this software are
It is quite easy to learn.
Most powerfull FTP software for Windows users.
WinSCP has all the features which expect from a powerful FTP client.
It supports SFTP, SSH, and the plain old FTP.
WinSCP provides some of the unique features like security protection, editing. For more protection, it supports public key and GSS authentication.
Also, it is very easy to handle files and assigning default editors.
On the downside, it is done only for windows.


It is full featured and free FTP client software which supports Windows and MAC. The unique feature with this software is, it has Mirror and Upload tool which is used to scan and upload the selected folders in the localhost.
It supports only Windows and MAC.
It is a free FTP client software.
The user interface makes uploading files to the internet very easy.
It runs on both Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

These are the top five free FTP client software. There is also paid software. Transmit is the best software for MAC particularly for web developers. It cost around $34 for a single license.

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  • You mention Transmit (which is not free) for Mac. You should also consider WebDrive. It IS free for iOS and Android, and is also avail for Mac and Windows.

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