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Top 5 Best Free WordPress Forum Plugin. Forum plugins are purposely done for discussing and sharing the ideas. Of course, we must be sure about the kind of forum which we are going to integrate into our WordPress site. Forum gives a platform for the users to interact, solve their questions related to blogging, SEO, WordPress, Traffic, marketing, financial, etc., Also, it is necessary to consider the time taken to solve the questions for the users and communicating with them periodically.

We get you a clear idea about Forum. Right? Now the question arises in your mind “which Forum plugin is best to integrate into WordPress site?” In this article, we listed top 5 best free forum plugin for WordPress.


5 Best Free Forum Plugins for WordPress 1

bbPress is the best forum plugin to integrate into WordPress. It uses the existing WordPress core which makes it really easy to add a forum in WordPress with the bbPress. Also, we can add additional add-on plugins to extend the functionality. It is the best open source Forum plugin. This forum plugin is mainly designed and developed to integrate a forum easily and fast loading feature. Though it has a point in its negative side. That is, bbPress is not full-fledged forum CMS like Vanilla Forum which we going to discuss below.

WP Symposium

5 Best Free Forum Plugins for WordPress 2

This is another best free WordPress Forum plugin which includes social networking integrated into groups and forums. It includes features like gallery, events, and alerts. Another important note here is, it supports almost all themes and we can customize it as you want. We can get this in both free as well as the premium version. This plugin provides a flexible forum package with a best user interface which is definitely easy to manage and contains all the expected features.


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It is also used for building the social network within WordPress. Like bbPress, it is also an official WordPress plugin. We can easily integrate this plugin in WordPress theme. Some of the back draws of this plugin are
It is quite challenging to move a BuddyPress site to some other platform.
Difficult to find the help options in this plugin.
However, this plugin is essential BuddyPress helps you run any kind of social network on your WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and lot more.

CM Answers

Best 5 Free WordPress Forum Plugins 4

Like stack overflow style, users are enabled to post questions and answers using this plugin. This plugin also includes social media registration using Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, Twitter & Microsoft Live authentication. It has many other unique features which allow administrators to customize it according to their needs. Users can vote the questions to describe its importance. It is available in both free and premium version. In the premium version, we get a lot more features like choosing the best answer, profiles, comments, social media login, etc. However, it has few negative sides like limited Q&A format, users may find some options are tough, most useful options are available only in the premium version.

Vanilla Forum

Top 5 Free WordPress Free Forum Plugin 5

Vanilla Forum provides unique, intuitive and engaging online communities. With the use of Vanilla Forum, we can create a customized community that rewards positive participation, automatically curates content and lets members drive moderation.
It is the old forum software which offers two options.
Vanilla Forum provides you a solution for the new discussion thread for each and every post along with comments and more.

The forum plugin we listed here is based on the reviews and ratings given by he users. Hope this article is useful for the blogger who thinking to integrate their WP site with Forum plugin. Thanks for visiting our site. Follow us on twitter.
Shoot your queries from here. Is there any other best free plugin you know? Please share it here.

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