Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2014

The digital marketing trends are frequently changing. Each year, we can see various updates of new techniques, new tools, and platforms. It is also known to be the social media changes. Finally, 2014 will push marketing trends digitally to the next level.

1. Real- Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing is a process. In real time, it is used for data analytics with a flow to shift marketing messaging.  When there is no change in marketing messaging, then there will be no real-time marketing. It also gave better results in 2014. And finally, it is an ongoing newsroom which helps to get various information.

2. Social Media Marketing

In 2013, we had seen a spectacular growth on social media. Nowadays, 95% of marketers are using social media for their business purposes. They are using such social medias platform to build their brand name and real connection with customers. It shows that social signals act to be an important one for search ranking and reputation to the company.

3. Content Marketing

In social media, content moves to be the future of marketing. A good content development deserves a dedicating budget. A valuable content opens the door for connecting advertising and messaging. A unique content for customers will build a good relationship with their clients. The content which has been used should be relevant, simple, clear, short and unique.

4. Video Marketing

In the video, marketing creativity plays an important role. Usually, a perfect video can speak more than content. A good visual helps the company to have excellent brand protection and brand service. Facebook has also introduced the Ads platform. It has also been predicted that video marketing will grow even more in 2014. This shows that it results to have a viral success to the company.

5. Mobile Advertising

As per the current trend, the usage of mobile phones and tablets has been increased. This is predicted with the result in 2014. 90% of smartphone users were interested to watch advertisements via mobile, tablets, etc. Visual will dominate the words. So the visuals may attract the customers easily.

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