Traffic Crow Completed 2 Years “Successfully”

Traffic Crow has successfully completed 2nd year. Here we are going to share the various things happened in these 2 years which really provides a great experience to enhance our site view and traffic. We started this site on 12/12/2013.

Stone Age:

During the 1st year, we faced many problems. Content management, On Page, off page, SEO, and everything was very tough to handle and follow. We posted the very first content successfully in our blog. Since there are many factors as mentioned above should be followed, we found little tough. To understand this major area, of course, we need some time to take it in a right way.

Successful 2nd Year:

As the days goes, Traffic Crow crossed 1 year. In 2nd year, we implemented various activities and made Traffic Crow visible to every person in online marketing. The first main reason for this improvement would be the unique and attractive theme customization. Secondly, the blog is done with more than 100 unique and useful post which makes the people engage in our site. People get used of the emerging and established ideas expressed in our post.
Also, we did the white hat SEO in our blog and made it successful and reach many people. Usually, the post we published was targetted to make the other blogger success. The content majorly covered almost all part of using the WordPress, SEO Helping newbie bloggers, Make Money Online. It is the important note, for now, the Traffic Crow is celebrating to enter the Third year.

Stepping into 3rd Year:

Traffic Crow Third year is really going to be even more successful with my modified new ideas as well as your continuous support. This blog will be enriched with WordPress nook and corner info as it helps many bloggers.

Traffic Crow Archives:

Now let’s see some of my favourite post I published during the 2nd year

Along with these, all the reviews I published on my blog are very special since I used to express my opinion frankly. Last but not least, all the bloggers interviews are very special which really gave strength and make me success till now with their ideas.

Forever Best comments given by:

Ghousebasha, Ahmad Fahrurroji, Abhi, Sidharth Kayal, Shameem

There are still a lot more comments I like.

Join Giveaway Contest To Make Your Blog Success:

Thus, my 2nd year came to an end with success. Still, I have faced many problems. Mainly, seo and promoting my post, blog. Again here comes “Keywords” which is the important one for getting Traffic. Hence, I got LongTail Platinum version which is a paid tool.

So I am planning to give free Keyword Research for the First 3 winners as denoting the Giveaway treat. Since, this is my first offer in this section, I am starting this with keywords. Sure, by the 3rd year ending, I am going to give a big treat.

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For the 1st Winner, I provide 15 niche keywords for their website.
For the 2nd Winner, I provide 10 niche keywords for their website.
For the 3rd Winner, I provide 5 niche keywords for their website.

These keywords will help you as it does for me.

How Winners will be shortlisted:

There are only 3 steps.

1.Like my Traffic Crow page in Facebook
2.Comment any of my blog post.
3.Follow Traffic Crow in Twitter.

Do these steps and be a winner to get the best keywords. This will definitely make improve your blog traffic.

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Once again thanks all for supporting Traffic Crow.

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