15 Types of Blog Post Content Methods To Boost Your Earnings & Blog Traffic

The Blogging becomes a crucial act in the people’s mind these days due to its huge fame. The blogging industry is getting more attraction from the youngsters. Every youngster those who enter into the blogging field suffers some sort of illness at the initial stage. But they soon realize that the blogosphere is the true love where they could get collaboration, connections, help, fun and more. The 15 types of Blog Post Content Methods to Boost your Earnings & Blog Traffic would be exposed in this blog post. Content is predominant when we think about SEO.

It would be helpful for the aspiring bloggers and the emerging content writers for sure.

I can explain to you about my experience that I have gone through the Blog Content Types during my Blogging Journey.

I have handpicked 15 best blog post content methods for boosting your earnings & blog traffic in a short span. More types of well-performing contents would be explained to the beloved visitors in the nearer future via our blog post.

15 Types of Blog Post Content Methods

#1. Tutorial Post or Solution Blog Post or Guides Content

The Tutorial Blog Post is the most favorable content type for every blogger. This content type will deliver a solution, guide or How-To article to the visitors which solves their queries. This type of blog content should be more vivid, crisp, straight-forward, simple, narrating & valid as well. It has a huge impact and would be the game changer in driving the hell traffic to your blog.

Your tutorial based blog post shouldn’t be a complex and boring one as the readers would like to get the solution faster in any case. So, try to narrate the things, step by step procedures and screenshots for better How-Tos blog content.

Here, I have shown you one of my Tutorial Blog post that helps the people set up their Facebook Business Page in a professional way. You could check out “How to Find LSI Keywords Strategy? – A Complete Guide” and gain some info for your next Solution based Tutorial post.

It is recommended to write the post that possibly gives the solutions or guide in a simple manner with command writing flow.

#2. Epic Post or Case-Study Blog Post

The Case-Study Blog post is one of the best content types that go viral and eventually brings money for your Blog in a very short period. It should be written from your heart and should deliver the step by step process that you’ve come through along with the proof. This would be a great way of satisfying the readers and you should never try to do any pure marketing scenario inside your epic Case Study blog post.

Here, I have attached a link to one of my Epic content that would give you an idea of writing the best blog post that drives viral traffic. You could check out “The Secret Micro Niche Marketing Guide For Real Success” for reference.

It is suggested to write the content that builds trust on you and engage people with your valid experienced proof.

#3. List Blog Post

List Blog Post is a magical type that could do miracles due to its popularity. People always love to click the Blog Post title that has “The Top 10 ways to”, “The Best 5 reasons to”, “The 7 amazing” and so on. The blog post may contain any information but it should be listed in such a way that the Blog Title matches any of the List Type.

The List Blog Post is also a shareable content as the people love the listed items naturally. They believe that the blog post may contain the list that would be interesting to read. I have a blog post “10 Best Free Online Proofreading Tools for Writers” which is perfectly written with the top list inside the post.

It is recommended to provide the list that could be easily visible to the readers at the first sight. List Blog Post performs well on the Social Media Platform as well.

#4. Interview Blog Post

The Interview blog post is the recent trend that every blog follows to boost up the Credibility and Brand Authority. It is one of the blog post types where it includes a Question and Answer content. The owner of the blog requests a Famous Personality from any reputed industry to answer the questions. The owner also assures that the Interview post would be featured on his/her blog.

To request the Famous Personality for the interview, the blog owner should approach the personality through E-Mail, Social Media, Blog Comment, Personally or through any means. The Questions related to their industry is most often asked by the blog owners. This would strengthen the relationship and also improves the great exposure in the industry.

I have interviewed 2 famous personalities and it could be seen via “Bloggerspassion’s Anil Agarwal Interview Blog Post“ and “No Passive Income Erik Emanuelli’s Interview Article“.

#5. News Blog Post

Ever wonder why the News Niche Blog/Website goes viral?

It happens because the News based Blog Post is the most shared content type. The people love to share the news contents that they feel very important indeed. The Breaking News based blog post could be a masterpiece for your Viral Marketing Strategy that brings the massive traffic to your blog.

The way of presenting a News Blog Post should be a genuine and resembles like a journalist’s content. It should be clear, valid and professional in manner.

For Example, “

#6. Review Blog Post

The Review Blog Post is seen as the money generating post out of all. This type of post could drive more affiliate sales as the review is really cared by the potential buyers. It may be of any kind of product or services. The people look at the reviews before they indulge in the buying process.

The review blog post should be in a friendly tone with “I have used”, “I tested this”, “This is the result” and so on. It should convey the readers about the features & benefits of the product/service that you write your blog content.

The 3 famous Review Content which I have recently updated would give you some idea. I have posted about “WPX Hosting Review“ for exposing the WPX hosting provider and “Kontent Machine Review Post“ for expressing Content Creation Tool. Also, the Grammarly Review content which I’ve crafted could help you figure out some of the ideas.

It is recommended to add an Affiliate Disclosure at the end of the blog post stating that you get a little commission while they purchase via this blog post. This could build trust and credibility to the maximum level. Reviewing the product or services that actually you’ve used before could bring a better result via your blog content.

#7. Infographics Blog Post

The Infographics blog post is a type of blog post that really works well these days. The people started grabbing the content & info visually in a short period. The infographics are loved by all type of people as it exposes the matter in a simple, yet powerful way. The infographics could be a comparison, a statistic, a funny illustration or any else.

This type of blog post should include the Infographic content and the brief explanation should be written within the post. The explanation could make the visitors know the things in an elaborated manner.

It is recommended to create infographics through online tools such as canva, piktochart, fiverr and so on. You can also create Infographics with the help of Adobe Illustrator if you’ve some free time to concentrate on it.

#8. Expert Roundup Blog Post

The Expert RoundUp blog post is an awesome blog content type that creates a buzz. This blog content could drive enormous traffic to your blog content as the visitors expect some interesting tips and voice from the experts.

To compile this Expert Roundup blog post, you’ll need to request the experts answer or give suggestions for a fixed question.

You could also mention your upcoming Round-Up Blog Post while requesting the answer from them. They would respond you with the tips and answers based on their experience.

I have also updated my blog with the two best roundup blog post. The two best Roundup blog posts that I’ve posted on my blog are “Roundup Post about Time Management from Bloggers“ and “71 Bloggers New Year Roundup Post“.

#9. Web Services Blog Post

If you’ve any web services that you offer for the people at any cost, then you could easily gain more visitors to check them with the help of your blog. This type of blog content is termed as Web Service Blog Post.

It may include the details of your Courses and Offline Training. Thus, you could get the enormous lead for your course joining or selling the services and earn money in a genuine way.

For Example, you could check our Web Service & Course Detail Blog Post here – “Digital Marketing Training Courses Coimbatore“.

#10. Discount & Coupon Blog Post

The Discount & Coupon Blog Post is the best content method to earn huge cash online. This type of blog post contains the customized Coupons and Discount codes that would make you money online in a rapid manner. The affiliate marketing comes here and the blog post contains the features & benefits along with the coupon codes.

The people love to buy product and services for low cost. Thus, they search online for some of the best and cheap discount codes or coupons to accumulate them. You’ll need to make a blog post containing the coupon code and explain some of the features & benefits of that particular product/service.

To know more about Discount Blog Post, you could check my Hosting Discount Post – “WPX Hosting Discount Blog Post“ and Proofreading Tool Discount Post – “Grammarly Discount Coupon“. I have also made a Discount based Blog post on Content Creation software – “Kontent Machine Discount Post” as well.

#11. Event or Occasional Blog Post

The Event or occasional Blog Post type is a content type where you’ll be targeting the people seasonally. This content performs well for a certain period of time. Some of the examples for occasional events are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Diwali, Halloween and more.

This helps us write the special content for that specific period and must include the coupons, discounts, cheap offers wordings along with the affiliate link behind those clickable CTA. Ultimately, huge earnings are possible with this type of blog post.

#12. Resource Blog Post

The people love to do the same as what the experts do. So, making this as

So, making this major criterion, a blog post containing all the Recommended Resources & Tools should be written. This could make people check some of the resources that you’ve tested and used for your career journey.

You can also add affiliate marketing tactics inside this type of blog content for earning some handsome bucks.

#13. Podcast or Video Blog Content

Video blog post is one of the best content types that people care the most. The Video Blog content would perform well as the people love to get the solution in a very faster way. It may contain the video embeds or direct video file with the useful info.

The most of the video blog content would explain the Tutorials, How-Tos and other important content in a video visual format. The text format of the video or the transcript within the Video Blog Post would add more value to the content.

#14. FAQs Blog Post

The FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This type of blog content is one of the best content types. The people seek the FAQ for any related topic that would clear all the doubts and queries. Thus, creating an FAQ type blog post content has a high value.

Make sure you have set of frequently asked questions in the blog content and update them regularly to avoid outdated information spreading to your valuable readers. The content should be in a question and answer format in a simple language that everyone could read it.

#15. Product Comparison Post

The Product Comparison Post is one of the famous blog post content which helps people choose their appropriate product or services. They basically land on this type of blog content to choose a single product over multiple confusing choices. This helps us write a better comparison product post and it satisfy the readers as well.

The valid reasons and the comparative content would pave the way for choosing the genuine product without any confusion. You’re recommended to provide the users only the valid content and also mention every difference & similarities of the products.

For Example, you could check my comparison blog post “WPX Hosting vs FastComet Hosting” and WPX Hosting Vs Top WordPress Hosting.

The writing flow for Product Comparison Post should be in a friendly manner & review tone. This would make the readers take action perfectly. You may also add the affiliate link for the comparative product in the blog post which helps you earn bucks for sure.


Finally, you’ve understood some of the best 15 types of blog content methods that help me all the time. The above-handpicked list would be helpful for your blogging career in preparing the best content for sure. There are more types of blog post exists and it will be discussed in the nearer future via our blog. This 15 types of blog post content methods really work well and have the ability to drive millions of traffic to your blog. The higher the traffic, the higher the earnings would be. So, try out some of the content types that I have mentioned in this article and let me know your results in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Sathish,

    You have written a nice information for the bloggers. Getting the right topic to write as the blog posts is really an art and we should do it in the correct way to catch the targeted readers.

    I mainly focus on Roundup posts, In-depth reviews, Comparision posts, Discount Posts and yes, informative how-to guides as well.

    Thanks for writing the helpful data for the bloggers, keep doing your great job!

  2. Hello Sathish,

    You almost covered all types of blog post methods. And I have experienced myself about 10+ types of blog posts from this list.

    These days I am doing round-up posts and it depends on how creative you can be with your round-up post to funnel great traffic to your other posts. I have written my first round-up post recently with my income report and its doing great already.

    I will soon go for some resource and coupons blog posts. I would also like to get an answer from you.

    Which 3 types of blog posts you recommend me? (Except- List & Tutorials)

    Thanks for sharing such an informative content here.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I need to do some more expert round up posts. Also, it’s been years since I’ve done an interview article. Thank you for he reminder. I need to get going on these things.

  4. Hi Sathish,

    Hats off to your creativity.

    We all are aware of these blog posts categories, but nobody could thought to collect them in a single piece of content to make people aware about them.

    Now I conclude that this blog post of yours is List type.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity.


  5. That was great article, Satish. I mostly write solution type of articles, some of which get good traffic while others don’t. It’s just part and parcel of blogging.

  6. Hello Satish,

    Thanks for sharing effective content methods for writing a blog post. But I think if the blog idea is based on evergreen or latest topic then it can drive massive traffic plus generate handsome earnings.

  7. Thank for nice information sharing, I was more or less aware of all the strategies you mentioned here except the one where you use Kindle publishing to generate traffic to your blog. The idea about offering a free exclusive download is also really created- it makes consumers fell special.

    In addition to Quora, websites like BoardReader.com and Topsy.com also help you find out what users are talking about in your niche and what problems they are facing. This could help you in writing your next blog post or even creating a new tool or be adding a feature to an existing tool.

    Regarding Guest Posting many bloggers have a false belief that why should they write a great piece of content for some other blog and instead post in on their on blog but they miss out on the fact that 1 great piece of content on a good blog run by someone else might help them increase their visibility by many folds.

  8. Hello, Sathish!


    I have tried a few ones and found Expert Roundup post working best out of them!

    I meant it worked great out of the types I experimented.

    After that, interview-related posts are good to have in the strategy.

    And thank you so much for introducing some new ideas. I will surely look and try a few. 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  9. A great article and one that I have got something from – having recently built another new website with a FAQ’s page, this is something I know is important, particularly if you are selling something from your site.

  10. Hello Sathish,
    First I would like to thank you for sharing such a wonderful article. I usually do technical blogging and random tutorial blogs, However, I was looking to write on new niches and your article my friend has given me excellent ideas to write on, will definitely be writing on news blog post. Thank you again.

  11. Hi Sathish,

    This is treasure trove of amazing information regarding blogging! I am a roofer by profession and have been thinking about posting blogs to share my experiences, ideas about business in general and roofing in particular, but could not get the time.

    So I came up with an idea, few weeks back, instead of writing long form blogs, I write short blogs containing practical tips and ideas and it never takes more than 15 minutes of my time.

    I particularly liked your interview blog idea the most, I know so many prominent people in my business and interviewing them would make for a great content.

    Thanks a lot mate!

  12. Very informative article about types of blog post. The list of your blog post types will be very useful for new bloggers. For me, news blog post and review blog post are the best method. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hi Sathish, thanks for the tips. I think that review blog post and list Blog Post are currently the best way to increase blog traffic.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful guide for the bloggers, great job!


  14. Hello Sathish,

    All are useful blog content methods but I particularly like the infographic method as the visual content is preferred more nowadays. I also believe that evergreen content created using any of the above methods will help to drive the massive traffic to the site.

  15. Hey,
    Only informative, high-quality articles with images and video can bring thousand of traffics every day for you. However, awesome just awesome article. I think this article may help my friend also that’s why I just share this article with my twitter. I am a regular reader of this blog. I learn a lot from your writing. Thank you

  16. Hello Sathish!

    Thank you so much for sharing this tips. You have really done a great job.

    I really like the way you explained things to us,

    I learned alot just by reading your blogs!

    thanks for sharing this and looking forward to seeing more from you.

  17. Hi! Sathish, Good content, Mainly blog grow fastly when a blogger has good knowledge also when he remembers the targeted people. You have quality or skill to make topic better also explained very deeply. That’s the Great thing I found in you.
    Good content, keep it up.

  18. Hey Sathish,
    Great Post with informative tips on the kind of niche one needs to follow while posting. New bloggers really need to go through the article to boost traffic for ones website.
    Thanks a lot brother.

  19. Hi! Sathish, it was really a well-said post about which explaining the types of blog post content methods to follow up in the blogging industry.

  20. Hello Satish!
    I learned very much after reading this post.
    I am amazed to know these things. Keep doing what you are doing right now>
    I am an avid reader of Traffic Crow and I love to read new ideas articles as well as How To articles.

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