What Are The Disadvantages of Using WordPress

Written by Sathish Arumugam

What Are The Disadvantages of Using WordPress. WordPress is an effective and efficient CMS tool to create the dynamic website. Still it has few disadvantages which are listed here.

1.WordPress Uses a Lot of Resources

WordPress – While you are planning to work using word press you will need plenty of plugins to be installed. Then only it becomes effective, basically installing the WordPress will not give you the best result it requires a theme and plugins to work more effectively. Because more WordPress plugins you install will make your website slow. Unfortunately, these plugins influence the script’s efficiency and not in a good way. Comparing to Plain HTML website or a PHP template site, word press uses a lot of resources so it gives the quality of hosting solution. A lot of visitors use on shared hosting, choosing a right plugin for any functional from several plugins by different authors may also become quite an issue sometimes.

2. Slug

In WordPress Permalinks and Slug is very important in any of the blogs. Permalink comes after the domain name and it provides flexibility to change permalinks and slug. On the web page, it used for URL of posts, Pages, Tags, Categories etc. It is very easy to modify. Simply saying, Slug is a simple ID of posts and pages.

3.Multisite Configuration Process

The WordPress Multisite have the powerful feature that can be used in all types of websites like small, medium and large. By installing one WordPress you can create multiple websites, it turn your website into a network of websites. It can also share plugins and themes. Multisites gives you access to all network websites directly through WordPress admin bar. Anyway, it should be in one domain name or sub domain in your main domain, you can’t use different domain names for network sites, which has to be located at one domain.

4. WordPress Tutorials Are Often Inconsistent And Inadequate

Using WordPress Tutorial you can learn, how to create a Websites using WordPress? Nowadays tutorials become very familiar for all who are trying to learn some new things. They often search it. Even though you cannot say it is a complete package for learning and teaching. It also has a possibility that can forget one small step so it is not a proper way.

5. You Have To Constantly Update Your Website

You have to maintain your website by updating. In WordPress it is an issue on its own, the main problem in using of WordPress is that you have to constantly update it. You have to be ready to make changes to your template or plugins when you update. With every update, you have a risk factor with your website template. It gets costs, a designer or a programmer or the resources to manage these updates.

However, WordPress is the best layout for creating a website.

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