WPX Hosting Discount Coupon 2021 – 50% OFF For 1st Month

I am happy to announce the free promo codes for WPX and also some of the exclusive deals on WPX Hosting Discount Coupon to our readers. 

Reason To Choose WPX Hosting

  • Free SSL Registration for Every Website hosted with WPX
  • High-Class Hosting Solution with instant Live Chat
  • Recommended by Authority Websites including Thrive Themes
  • 30 Days Risk-Free Money Back Policy for every WPX Packages
  • Daily & Weekly Backup to safeguard your website Data
  • Free WordPress Migration by the Team in minutes
  • Fully Secured with monitoring modules and No Downtime
  • Protect your website and complete database from DDoS Attack
  • SSD Storage Unit makes your website retrieves data quickly



Voila! Your most Awaited WPX Discount Coupon Offer is Available now!!

Yep, your most awaited WPX Discount Special Offer is live now. You could grab your favorite WPX Hosting Discount Coupon now. To reach a greater position and gain fame via your website, get WPX Hosting blindly. You'll definitely enjoy hosting your website with WPX. Grab the limited discount coupons of WPX here.

WPX Hosting Discount Coupon - Surprise 50% Introductory Off for 1st Month

As a part of my online success in making decent money over the internet, I am glad to share my profit with my dear Blog visitors with this WPX Hosting discount coupon. I will roughly provide some of the limited time coupons for buy WPX Hosting and you could grab it fastly before it gets expired. Thus, you could easily purchase WPX Hosting with our Exclusive deal without making any delay and also save some bucks.

WPX Hosting is very specific when it comes to offers. WPX Hosting discount include 50% coupon for the first month which is most unique and offered by this company. So we suggest it is a golden opportunity which you need to encash at the right moment. i.e. Now only and never ever

WPX Hosting Famous People Recommendation
Trust Pilot being the most popular customer review publishing website, rates WPX hosting too. Based on the reviews from around 170 real users of WPX hosting, Trust Pilot recommends it for blazing speed website performance. Also, the team is very transparent with its users. You could see more reviews on WPX hosting on its Facebook page.
WPX Hosting Recommendation

 I believe you are a serious webmaster working towards improving your website speed and performance. So that, enhancing your business growth via website.  If so, then you must choose WPX hosting for your WordPress domain, closing your eyes. Even, I am using WPX hosting for years and hosted multiple blogs. I never mind about moving on from WPX hosting. I also recommend you to use WPX hosting for a excellent hosting experience and customer support. To favor you, herewith I am getting you the WPX hosting discount coupon to cut down your investment reasonably. 

Why Have I Moved From Hostgator To WPX Hosting?

The Traffic Planet Hosting is the Brand that rules the past decade with its excellent Hosting packages. This Company had Re-Branded itself as WPX Hosting to serve High-End Hosting Solution in an affordable way. So, if you’ve searched for “buy Traffic Planet Hosting” and then landed on “WPX Hosting,” don’t worry about that landing page because you are into the safe place.

I have seen TrafficPlanet.com serving an SEO based Forum on its website and the WPXHosting.com holds the Managed WordPress Hosting service on its official website. Thus, WPX Hosting Coupons from us would help you grab the lowest possible quote for your WordPress Managed Hosting needs for sure. To access the WPX User Panel, you don’t need to be a pro or a coder as well.

  • I have moved my Niche WordPress website and Money Making WP Sites to the WPX Hosting after undergoing serious drawbacks with my existing Hosting Provider repeatedly. The some of the major reasons that forced me to choose WPX Managed Hosting are as stated below.
  • The first reason for dropping my existing Hostgator Hosting is due to the damn slow speed. The website speed seems to be pretty for the first 3-4 months, but they fail to provide it after few months. This event caused severe damages to my WordPress website regarding money and potential traffic. So, I looked into grabbing WPX Hosting after several assessments and undergoing several reviews as well.
  • The repeated downtime makes me hit my head on the wall as it hurts me the most. The niche websites sometimes went blank and thus the headache starts for me. I planned to choose a wiser WordPress Hosting company after this major issue and that made me move to WPX Hosting.
  • There isn’t any significant measures or steps taken by the Hostgator Team when my website suffered from DDoS attack as stated by a WordPress Plugin in one of my Website. Thus I understood the security and safety of my existing Hostgator Hosting which brought an end title to my growth. I then started picking up some best reviews over the internet regarding choosing a productivity based World-Class WordPress Hosting.
  • The major issue that cleverly made me purchase WPX Hosting is due to the poor customer support with Hostgator. The Hostgator has cheap and quick start plan to host any weblog or online business, it doesn’t hold the High-Class customer support and that kills all my growth indeed.
  • The Hostgator Hosting team made no backup of my WP Data, and that created a major issue for all my existing contents and data. I need to manually setup the Daily Backup with the help a Plugin, and that sometimes misbehave to the core. This made me choose WPX Hosting as they provide daily backup assurance and clean protection for their customer.

My Personal Experience With WPX Hosting Team

I got an extra wing and super power after the purchasing of WPX Hosting for all my Niche blogs including Traffic Crow Hosting. This made me earn huge cash and also peace throughout my life. The few fantastic experiences that I felt are exposed below.

1. Faster Loading WP Sites

After the migration from Hostgator to the WPX Hosting platform, I felt very much happy as they loaded very quick and surprised me to the greater extent. The WPX Hosting doesn’t break the trust even after 3 months but the Hostgator degraded the speed after a while.

I am still enjoying the super-cached speed with their super fast SSD Hosting package. As people never come back to any slow loading weblog, it completely destroys the performance of the weblog. So, choosing wiser Managed Hosting network is preferred all the time regarding the Speed and caching criteria.

2. 24/7 Technical Support

Some of the hosting company assures us about 24/7 Customer support, but actually, they never care about the customer after a short conversation. This incident happens to me as I am novice Blogger and newbie in Online Business platform, I used to message the hosting provider about the issues. They often respond with an article that confuses me and kills the productive time as well. But the WPX Hosting network doesn’t get bored to help their customer those who are lagging in codings/programming. I loved the support and documentation provided by the team WPX in all the cases.

3. No Downtime Issues

As I have already mentioned about my repeated downtime of my Niche Websites while hosting it with Hostgator, it modified my mood. I preferred to read the reviews of popular and best WordPress Hosting for my Weblogs and Business Sites. I ended up landing on a review site that clearly mentions about the WPX Hosting Reviews and its benefits. So, I preferred WPX Hosting for my Niche Blogs as well as the Event Blogs. Finally, it worked with charming power and hadn’t seen any extreme downtime with the WPX Hosting.


4. Free SSL Certification

The beautiful feature that the WPX Hosting Package holds is that it comes with the Free SSL Certification for your WordPress websites. The trust with the visitors and the website is linked only by the SSL Enabled site that gives assurance of secure browsing and Private access to the contents. Nowadays, Google tends to show SSL-based websites on its first page. Trend setting is my policy, and I adopt SSL with ease of work after the purchase of WPX Hosting.


5. Reasonable Price and Reliable

The WPX Pricing looks reliable and affordable too while comparing with the most of the Hosting services. The three packages are set to have decent and acceptable pricing tag and so I accumulated it without any overthinking. The Hostgator WordPress looks cheaper than WPX Hosting but they doesn’t deserve the things and so I preferred WPX than Hostgator.

6. Daily Backups

I loosed one of my Niche Blog for misconfiguring the WordPress once due to lack of Technical mind and as a result, every data got erased. I haven’t made any backup of my site and when I seek my Hosting Provider for the Backup Data, they fail to respond my query. So, I thought of hosting my Websites and all Niche Blogs with the Hosting company that assures a daily backup wisely. Finally, I tied myself to the WPX Hosting as they started making the Backup of my WP site daily.

The Important features of WPX Hosting (WPX Hosting Coupon inside)

The features and possible facilities that WPX Hosting provides for their valuable users are stated below. Some of the best features are hidden and you will find it after buying it from us. (The Secret WPX Coupon available in this post)

  • Host Multiple Site effectively – The great feature that WPX Hosting holds is that it allows the user to host multiple sites without any issues in their Managed WordPress server whereas some hosting company doesn’t allow more than 1 weblog for hosting in their starting plan. Thus, WPX Hosting becomes affordable Managed Hosting network.
  • Easy Installation and Documentations – The One Click WordPress installation process is an another great feature that the WPX Hosting offers to their users with a proper documentation material. The way a non-coder or novice blogger would access the WPX Hosting dashboard seems to be fantastic. So, you don’t need to be a pro or expert on the technical side for running a website as well.
  • Security Experts and Virus Check – The people those who have hosted their website and blogs using the WPX Hosting network would lead a peaceful life for sure. It happens because the users don’t need to worry about the security issues and other virus attacks as the site is fully monitored by the Security Experts and the Bots of WPX Hosting. The security and safety are assured gift of WPX Hosting.
  • SSD Storage – The powerful Cloud Storage and SSD based storage units determine the quality of storing the data and the secure way of handling the enormous amount of data as well.
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Live Chat – The friendly Customer Support and timely response creates a happy relationship with the WPX Hosting network. The Live Chat support adds an extra guidance for the WPX users those who seeks an instant support as well.
  • 99.5 % Uptime Guaranteed – The proper website needs a proper activeness. Anything may happen during the downtime of a website and it is unpredictable. So, 99.5 % uptime assurance from WPX Hosting keeps the users stay with their Hosting Solution forever. It is one of the notable features of WPX Hosting.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed – The users could easily get back their hard invested money once if they feel WPX Hosting doesn’t satisfy the needs of them. This is the best option for the doubtful people and to those who needs to try it and buy it. The team would never threaten or forces the customer to stick to them by any means.
Money Back Guarantee

Pricing and Plans of WPX Hosting – (WPX Hosting Coupon included)

The Pricing and Plans of WPX Hosting are showcased in a minimalistic manner below for the user convenience to acquire the right Managed WordPress Package from the WPX hosting along with our exclusive WPX Hosting Discount Coupons.

Business WPX Package ($12.50/Mon)

Professional WPX Package ($25.50/Mon)

Elite WPX Package ($49.50/Mon)

How To Activate the WPX Hosting Promo Code?

Step 1Click Here to activate the WPX Hosting Deal and Reach the Offer Page to choose the best WPX Hosting Packages.


Step 2 - Now, Configure your Existing Domain Name or Get your Domain Name as shown in the below image.


Step 3 - Choose you Billing Option such as Monthly, Yearly and more. Use TRAFFICCROW in the "Use promotional code" text box & click Apply.

WPX-Hosting-Discount-Coupon (1)

Step 4 -You've now got the WPX Hosting Discounted offer now. Enjoy your 50% WPX Hosting Off Promo Code Deal.


WPX Hosting Testimonials - Real Credits By Its Users

Check out the reviews and testimonials of WPX hosting by its customers. Even, I got through these valid feedback before opting for WPX hosting. Since, I don't want to land up on some impotent hosting service like before. I made a clever choice. I strongly recommend to go with WPX hosting for your WordPress websites no matter what traffic it drives.

WPX Hosting Reviews

Conclusion – (Final Verdict for WPX Hosting Discount Coupons)

So, you have come across this WPX Hosting Discounts and Coupon Codes article. The main motto for writing this article is to make an awareness to the public about the best Managed WordPress Hosting platform that we are using. The WPX Hosting Promo codes are exclusively provided for the readers and blog visitors for achieving their goals in this online world. I have personally used this awesome WordPress Hosting for my several Websites and Niche Blogs that gave me the good results in many ways. I strongly recommend buying WPX Hosting for your stable and steady growth in this online sector. We have already reviewed about the WPX Hosting and you can check WPX HOSTING REVIEW here.

Finally, you could make things happen for sure with our recommended WordPress hosting for sure. All you have to do is read the whole review that we have posted and think wise in choosing the Package. I bet you would thank me later regarding the suggestion I provide for you over choosing the best WordPress Hosting.

Don’t waste time in choosing your Managed WordPress Hosting, We have already compared and compiled the things for over several weeks. Our analysis and case study for choosing a better WordPress Hosting would never cheat you in any cases. So, believe in us and start skyrocketing your business or career with this WPX Hosting Discount Coupon that we have brought to you exclusively.

Don’t Forget to Buy the WPX Hosting Package from this Secret WPX Hosting Discount link.

100% Money Back Guarantee 

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