WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting Review – Tripled My Blog Traffic After Switching {2021}

WPX Hosting Review – Refresh your Blogging Career

I am glad to expose the complete power of WPX with this WPX Hosting Review post. The WordPress platform being a leading CMS, it requires a world-class Hosting to maximize the efficiency of the Blog. My weblog Traffic Crow is hosted with the WPX hosting which brings a greater peace for my growth career. I strongly recommend this WPX Hosting to flourish your Online Blogging to the next level.

Planning To Skyrocket Your WordPress Startup or Existing Blog?

If YES, then your right choice would be WPX Hosting. Buy the smart plan to survive the competition and steadily win the race with its 99.99% uptime promised from the team.

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What is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting which is formerly known as Traffic Planet Hosting is a Best High End Hosting solution for the ambitious online business people and bloggers. It is a great WordPress Managed Hosting that connects the non-coders and non-technical people to the world with its simple yet powerful hosting platform. The WPX Hosting is well known for its more excellent Support and Technical guidance than any other hosting platform. The private free SSL and free manual migrations of your existing WordPress are some of the unique features that the WPX Hosting holds.

Reasons For Choosing WPX Hosting

I have moved my existing money making WordPress site to the WPX Hosting platform due to the excellent benefits that I attain for my real growth. Some of the best reason and stories behind this move are listed below.

1. Famous People Recommendations

The person those who is seen as an icon in the blogging and entrepreneurship field truly recommends this fantastic Hosting platform (earlier as Traffic Planet Hosting). They also provide accurate reviews which helped me choose this skyrocketing WordPress Hosting platform for enhancing my blogging strategy. I felt happy after moving my Traffic Crow WordPress Site to the WPX WordPress Hosting without any worries. This ultimate WordPress Hosting provides all the essential things for my strategic growth in the Blogging industry without any doubts. Some of the top companies and personalities like Matthew Woodward, Enstine Muki, Thrive Themes, Online Dimes, so forth. recommends this Best Class WordPress Hosting Solution for the real achievement in Blogging and Entrepreneurship industry exclusively.

2.Top Brands and Blogs Uses WPX Hosting

The most notable and aspiring websites/Brands uses this fast WPX WordPress Hosting for their website. This moment made me shift my slowly loaded Traffic Crow weblog to this fast WordPress Managed Server hosting. I actually loved this fast WordPress Hosting as every people starts talking and reviewing about this WPX Hosting day by day. I looked at all the reviews and bought WPX Hosting; it gives me a magical power in my blogging career. Some of the excellent websites that host their site using WPX Hosting were wpsuperstars.net, bloggingwizard.com, bloggertipstricks.com, bloggerspassion.com and so on.


One of the famous Blogger and Entrepreneur named “Adam Connell” recommends this best WP Hosting in his weblog. He suggests his followers and blog visitors use this hosting which will never hurt you in any cases. The in-depth review ideally structured in his weblog and he also added a statement “Buy WPX Hosting” after trying it.


3.Free SSL Service Integration

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is a trustable module that every website needs to integrate with their branding. I chose this WPX server majorly for their Free Clean SSL integration. The SSL protective service brings credibility and trust with the followers and to those who lands on my website. So, I chose this awesome WordPress Managed Hosting and avoided extra buck expenses with the SSL add-ons. Now my website followers’ data are encrypted securely without any threat or fraudulent loss.


4.Cheap and Best Managed WordPress Hosting

My mind-blowing growth strategy valued with the appropriate accumulation of the best deals over the internet. I obtained WPX Business Plan at an affordable price which looks cheap yet quality as well. 200% increased in the productivity level of my business than the previous month of my WPX Business plan purchase. I got special wings for flying with colors due to this excellent cheap and best Managed WordPress Hosting accumulation. I hope you too could get the things and goals done with this Cheap WordPress Managed server that handles 5 WordPress Site installation on their Business Package server.


5.Free Domain Privacy and Free Migration

I lost the hope when I was at 22 age because I got serious threatening calls and spam messages after indulging in the blogging career. This event made worry and stress in my life when I came to know that the threatening messages and spam calls were initiated after mining my data using the WHOIS DATABASE. I used to hide my personal information while registering my Domain and Hosting part afterward. However, this privacy add-on costs me little high while purchasing the packages. Now I am delighted to purchase my packages without any extra charge with the WPX Hosting Services and stay peace forever. Also, migration of your existing WordPress site would be done in a very short period without losing any Search Engine Rankings or Website data. The team with experts handles the manual migration process securely and fastly in the mean time.

Why Have I Purchased WPX Hosting Services?

The few primary reasons for choosing this WPX Hosting Services (formerly Traffic Planet Hosting) for my major WordPress Sites are listed below with my personal experience that I have undergone. I’ve been testing several hosting company for several years during my journey. You should look into the WPX comparison with the top hosting providers before choosing the hosting platform.

  • Being an Online Entrepreneur and a Blogger, I need my business and blogs to be active for the whole day without any downtime. However, my previous hosting fails to meet my goals. At first, they provided excellent uptime, and later they disappoint me with the series of downtime. So, I tried implementing my Business and Blogs with the WPX Hosting server. I got nearly 99.99% uptime and that meets my criteria abruptly.
  • The server which I used previously was changed periodically without my knowledge and that brought severe damages to my business online. I queried the hosting company regarding their frequent server modification but haven’t got any valid reason about that. So, I shifted my complete WordPress Sites to this WPX hosting and found safe on their static server.
  • Due to my busy life as an Entrepreneur and as an Instructor in the Blogging Industry, I found less time analyzing and maintaining the technical side of WordPress. So, I shifted my all Blogs and Business Brand to the WPX WordPress Managed Hosting for a peaceful mind. The rest of the technical things are handled by the technicians and WPX team safely.
  • I am amazed by the Thrive Theme Blog Content that initiates their users to try WPX Hosting for their WordPress site to enjoy the full benefits of Thrive Themes and WordPress combo to the greater extent. As I am a Thrive Theme fan, I went through that review post in the Thrive Themes Blog to take necessary action for my dream business.
  • The loading speed is considered as one of the Ranking Factors in the SEO field. This factor greatly influences our blog performance. I am worried about the previous downtime and slow loading of my weblog with the existing Hosting. So, I turned my sorrow into arrow by purchasing the WPX Business Plan for my WordPress site. Finally, I have seen a drastic change in my website speed factors and that does not hurt me anymore.


My Personal Experience With The WPX Hosting (Traffic Planet Hosting)

#1. Stable 99.99% Uptime

The website Traffic Crow faced several downtimes and even not reachable to the people when I was tied up with the existing hosting. I lost thousands of blog visits and also some potential customers for my business website due to the non-reachable status. This forced me to seek for the best alternate in the hosting part and that changed the game totally. After the severe downtime report from the WordPress Jetpack and Google Analytics dashboard, I preferred reading some of the reviews on google and found that WPX Hosting performs well in every case.

Ultimately, I chose this hosting and this helped me convert my visitors into potential customers during my sleep hours. I am happy with the stable 99.99% uptime status as well.


#2. Loading Speed

As website’s Loading Speed is considered as one of the ranking signals in the Search Engine Optimization, I added this as a major task in my online career list. I could not tolerate the loading time of my Weblog that made me lose the temper. Then I realize that the blog visitors would undergo the same feeling and hit the back button very hard. I was trying to connect to the previous hosting provider genuinely, but they replied that I was using messy codings in my WordPress Themes as well as in the Weblog.

I laughed at the reply that they broke out to the customer with their silly reason without debugging it with their technicians. After a hard laughing time with my co-workers, I got a serious mind of shifting my WordPress Hosting to attain the best future. I purchased the WPX Hosting because they could handle the technical problem in a technical way and not by providing the silly jokes to the customer (as seen in a forum comment). The blazing Loading Speed was attained and it is still working as well with their powerful Free SSD Hosting module.

#3. Free Migrations and Daily Backups

I bought the hosting from WPX Hosting company and started searching the whole internet regarding the migration process. After analyzing with the WPX Resource Center, I got a clear idea about the migration process and I found free migration service from the team. I initiated a live chat with them and seriously within 30 minutes of time they completely migrated my whole website data to their new Hosting Server.

I smiled confidently and phoned my co-workers to convey the successful migration process as well. The WPX team also assured a Daily Backup service would be handled by them as a part of their Business Plan Purchase. I felt surprised with their customer-friendly support and they saved tons of time in the migration/backup process perfectly.

#4. Simple User-Interface

Some bloggers and entrepreneurs acquire only a necessary technical skills (including me), but they are stronger in some other part. This ability lets them fail to access the C-Panel or even the Hosting Dashboard that brings a messed up mood. However, the WPX Hosting Dashboard and the C-Panel looks simple, clean and user-friendly in nature. I played with the dashboard all around and found a better experience with the hosting account that satisfies my need as a coder-less person indeed.

#5. Customer Friendly Support and Live Chat Functions

I could remember the prolonged waiting time for connecting with my previous Hosting Team over the phone connection and with the live chat box. Now things have been changed after purchasing the Best-End WordPress Hosting package from WPX Hosting Solutions. They care their customer more than any other hosting company and I wish this could be maintained in the future also. The Small Chat Box Client (We are Here!) gives the best solution for all your queries that are solved by the Technical Support from the Hosting Provider end. I used to interact with the team to learn the mysterious things and that helped me grow in every instance. I could now have a user-friendly support as well as get an instant solution for all my tickets in mean time.


WPX Features and Benefits (Unique Features of WPX Hosting)

The WPX Hosting which is earlier known as Traffic Planet Hosting holds some of the unique features are stated below.

1. The unique thunderstorm speed can be attained with this WPX hosting solution as you could check my website speed criteria below.


2. The Free SSL is also a notable feature that the company offers it for free and the installation roughly takes 10 seconds to supercharge your website for sure.


3. The Free Existing WordPress Migration helps the user take a deep breath and relax for a while during the whole Technical Migration process by the team. It is a most desirable feature that the people need madly during their migration process where some company charges few bucks for this.


4. Anti-DDoS Attack is assured and it is assumed to be one of the safest Hosting company in the world.

5. The secured FTP access and the user-friendly CPanel are essential features that the beginners need for a stress-free blogging or business with the WordPress platform. This hosting company never blacklist any WP plugin for the access.


6. The free E-Mail services are the one that adds more courage to the purchase of WPX Hosting. Also, 30 days risk-free Money Back Guarantee keeps the people try them all at once without panic.


Out of all, promised 24/7 Customer Support with the team and Experts for sure. I have experienced their best guiding character in all the cases.

WPX Hosting Installation and Set Up Process

The setting process roughly takes 10 minutes or less for the whole WPX Hosting implementation. If you have an existing WordPress Blog/Site and needs safely migration to the WPX hosting area, kindly initiate a Ticket.

Consider Buying the WPX Hosting First from here – Click here for Discounted WPX Hosting Plans.

The Complete Video Tutorial on How to Setup WPX Hosting for WordPress would be very much helpful in integrating the settings quickly.

After the successful purchase of WPX Hosting Plan, just practice the below steps to supercharge your career for sure.

Step 1 – Access your Client Section and ensure that Active Status appear on the WPX Dashboard first.


Step 2 – Now, head to Install WordPress area to successfully start the installation process with WPX Hosting. Hit the “Install WP” Button and then provide the WordPress site details such as E-Mail address, Site Title, Username and Password for your WordPress Admin area.


Step 3 – Voila! your New WordPress setup has been completed within few minutes. Now, you can add or skip the Sub-Domain for your WordPress website.


Step 4 – After the completion of the WordPress site erection, the new E-Mail Box set up should be done for making a professional Business oriented Mail-id for your brand.


Step 5 – The complete setup process for WPX Hosting has come to an end. I enjoyed customizing the website and the following guidance, invoice mail, support ticket and the response mail can be visualized below. This shows the real love of WPX towards their Customer perfectly.


Pricing Plans of WPX Hosting

The 3 Pricing Tag that convinces the user to choose for their career growth can be visualized below.


WPX Business Plan – The business plan of WPX Hosting the lowest price based package that suits the beginner to start with. This package supports up to 5 WordPress Site installation and also provides 10 GB of SSD Storage. The 50 GB of Bandwidth is enough for a month to run the weblogs without any issues. The packages cost only $24.99 per month and you can buy from here.

WPX Professional Plan – The Professional Plan is the best and most selling package which is capable of holding 15 WordPress site. The storage limit is 20 GB and the monthly Bandwidth of 100 GB brings a healthy package as well. It costs around $49.99 per month which is slightly costlier than the other Hosting company. But it is worth trying as it provides the perfect solution for your money spent.

WPX Elite Plan – The Elite Plan from WPX Hosting is the highly-priced and the ultimate package for the people those who are seeking for multiple website hosting. It holds around 35 WordPress website without any flaws and records for 40 GB of storage. There is no bandwidth limit for this Elite package as expected. The cost of Elite WPX Package is $99 per month which will be a helpful package for the Large-Sized Company & Agencies.


  • Free Domain Privacy, SSL & Migration Service.
  • High-Class Hosting Solution.
  • Recommended by Authority Websites including Thrive Themes
  • 30 Days Risk-Free Money Back Policy
  • Friendly and Quick Customer Support


  • Expensive Hosting Packages
  • No Frequent Surprise Offers

Conclusion – WPX Hosting Review (Traffic Planet)

Finally, you have come through this in-depth article about the WPX Hosting Review and the related guide. As the Traffic Planet Hosting change up with the Brand WPX Hosting, we can trust the name for its great service for a long term. I have got many success and stress-free life after investing my money with this Hosting Solution company. I have several Niche Blogs and Money Making WordPress website and those things are perfectly handled by the WPX Hosting Team. I am now able to concentrate on my Blogging and Content Writing work after transferred my Hosting Platform to this awesome WPX Team. A great thank to the team WPX Hosting and the fellow Experts for making my blogs running in a healthy condition. As you know that the Traffic Crow reviews only the best product, we have showcased the real unbiased WPX Hosting Review (Traffic Planet Hosting Review) to the world with this brief article to make use of this features.

I hope you’re now able to choose the best WPX Hosting package for your career success as well after going through this helpful article stating the real faces of some of the Hosting Company at this instance. WPX Hosting doesn’t lack in any way but the price is slightly high for the beginners to start up. It is worth trying for all your Managed WordPress weblogs without any hassle with this amazing Managed WordPress Hosting platform.

Don’t Forget to Purchase the packages from this link – Click here for Discounted WPX Hosting Packages.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee 

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