Best Internet Marketing Tools Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Best SEO Tools Black Friday Deals 2020 → {Live} Upto 99% OFF

Best SEO Tools Black Friday Deals 2020 – There won’t be a much better time to buy anything online that Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During this celebration season, most of the online products offer you maximum discounts. The same applies to SEO and Internet marketing tools. Buying SEO tools with Black Friday discount offers can save you huge money.

Best SEO Tools Black Friday Deals 2020

LongTailPro Black Friday Deals 2019

The best SEO tools which I am going to list down below are the most popular and must-to-have tools that every SEO expert would love to use. You don’t require surfing for your favorite tools and devastating your time. This post that carries a curated list of precious SEO tools with its maximum Black Friday Deals can help to save your time and efforts.

This is the perfect time to test some of the tools that you doubt, whether it meets your expectations or not. Try and test and see if any SEO tool is the best in the market, at no cost. Spend a small money buying it using best SEO tools black Friday deals, use it for a few days say 7 or 15 or 30 days. And, if you don’t like – cancel the subscription and get you money back. Almost all the SEO tools offer a money-back guarantee. Make use of it.

However, you don’t like signing off from the SEO tools and services that I have mentioned here. Still, to bring confidence in you, can try and test the features. The only thing is each tool will have a unique money-back guarantee policy.

#0 Grammarly – Worth Spending

Grammarly Discount Code

As content is the king in the online kingdom, Grammarly becomes mandatory, and it deserves to include it in the SEO tools list. In short, you can come up with awesome content that appeals to users and gets your goals achieved. Make your content unique, not to get penalized by search engines for content duplication.

Features & Highlights

  • Trustworthy English proofreading tool
  • Suggestions to fix the errors instantly
  • Stores your document for later reference
  • Compares your text with billions of pages and notifies if any duplication
  • Best tool to correct your punctuation mistakes too
  • You can get Grammarly assistance wherever you write


  • Detailed report on your write-ups
  • Checks for sentence structure, word usage
  • Option to enhance your vocabulary
  • Supports email and social media platforms
  • Free add-on for browser to use it over the web
  • Accompany you like a physical tutor


  • Does not support popular website – Quora
  • You cannot experience the entire features in free version


Grammarly must be the ultimate English proofreading tool that comes close to human proofreading. With the AI-based algorithm, it ensures prompt and reliable results. The plagiarism checker of Grammarly compares your piece of text with billions of web pages, e-books, and online publications. So, Grammarly is top-notch in its performance eliminating complex spelling, grammatical, punctuation errors and highlights content duplication too.

Grammarly Black Friday Deals Banner

Customer Support

You will find answers for any questions related to Grammarly tools, features, billing or anything in its knowledge base. For further assistance, you can contact Grammarly support via email and get help.

Pricing Plans

Grammarly has got simplified pricing slabs – free or Grammarly premium. The free version is limited to some advanced features. And, Grammarly premium is available in three different pricing modes – monthly, Quarterly and yearly. In the Grammarly premium, the set of features remains the same.

Money-back Guarantee

Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. So, you can run through its free version and see how it can improve your writing. So, you can buy Grammarly premium during Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer sale.



#1 LongTailPro – Easy-To-Use

LongTail Pro Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

The desktop-based, most powerful keyword research tool that runs on Adobe Air is Long Tail Pro. You don’t need to be an SEO master to access this keyword tool. Considering other typical keyword tools, you will be getting the same keywords that others are using. Even if it is a low competition keyword, you will have to compete in the race. In such cases, LTP comes into rescue with unique features to find your potential keywords with low competition. Obviously, which means achieving a better ranking for those keywords gets simple now. You must own this tool availing the best SEO tools Black Friday deals.

LongTailPro Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Summary

  • Start Date: Monday, November 25 at 7 am ET
  • End Date: Monday, December 2 (Cyber Monday) at midnight ET
  • LTP Discount: 50% OFF all annual plans; 30% OFF all monthly plans
  • All plans come with a 10-day money-back guarantee

Features & Highlights

  •  Hundreds of keywords suggestions for each seed keyword
  •  Unmatched competition analysis with its keyword competitiveness metrics
  •  In-built rank tracking option
  •  Authority based keyword results
  •  Filter, sort and export results
  •  Predict your ranking for target keywords


  •  Real-time filtering options
  •  LongTailPro Cloud is much faster
  •  Rank value to estimate profitability
  •  More intuitive platform to work
  •  Search multiple keywords at a time
  •  Fast and reliable results


  •  Requires software downloading
  •  Bit expensive for beginners or startups
  •  Yet to fix some bugs as shifting to LTP cloud


With the extended features of LongTailPro Cloud, you can even judge how profitable the specific keywords for the kind of business website you build. The keyword competitiveness metric is not like getting common results based only on the seed keywords. The results are based on your domain and page authority. So, these keywords results are unique for your specific needs.

Customer Support

Being an LTP user for a year, I am very must impress with its customer support. The team helped me on spotting even database corruption on my system that impacts using LTP. LongTailPro customer support team is dedicated and glad to extend its hands to assist you during festival celebrations. You may head over to its support page to submit a support request or to refer to its FAQ or guides.

LongTailPro Black Friday Deals Banner 2019

Pricing Plans

LongTailPro provides three pricing slabs that are specifically for startups, pros and agencies. The great thing is there is no notable difference in features and functionalities between these plans. Only the resource allocations and numbers vary. You can save some reasonable penny choosing annual billing mode. Else, grab its Cyber Monday discount offers to cut off your expenses.

Money-Back Guarantee

LongTailPro offers you ten days money-back guarantee which would be really enough time to run through this comprehensive keyword research tool.

User’s Opinion

I have been using LTP for more than a year. The potential keywords from LTP reduce my efforts on building backlinks. LTP has excellent video tutorials and detailed guides assisting you to use it promptly.


#2 SEO PowerSuite – Expert’s Choice

SEO Powersuite Black Friday Deals 2016, SEO Powersuite Cyber Monday Sale 2016

SEO PowerSuite is your all-in-one SEO tool that is preferred by more than five millions of SEO experts. It has the unique features that every business needs as well as what your business missing so far. With four great individual tools like Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor, and Link Assistant; it can serve entire SEO needs. SEO PowerSuite is a product of Link-Assistant that also holds the powerful social media tool, BuzzBundle.

Features & Highlights

  •  Boosts your website SEO 10 times greater
  •  Analytic insights helping you to pick your best SEO strategy
  •  Outrank competitions with top rankings
  •  Professional reports dealing with big data
  •  On-page, links, ranks and social – all included
  •  Have 19 keyword research tools
  •  Spots even duplicate content issues
  •  Supports Windows, Linux and Mac systems


  •  Simple and easy-to-use
  •  Detailed justifications and suggestions on each fix
  •  Task scheduling feature
  •  Does not require sound SEO knowledge
  •  Most trusted all-in-one SEO tool
  •  Free version available


  •  There is no cumulative dashboard that covers the entire report
  •  Four different programs on your system like four different tools


SEO PowerSuite has extensive features in every aspect. It works with 329 search engines, which might not even know the names of all. You can check geo-specific rankings, compare ten competitors at once, schedule rank checks and furthermore. Without sound performance, it is not possible that millions of experts trust as their primary SEO tools. If you want to be a one among those satisfied users, make use of its Cyber Monday deals.

Customer Support

The SEO PowerSuite team is reachable via the ticket support system. Moreover, it has a well-informed knowledge base that can cover huge topics on which you may get issues.

SEO Powersuite Black Friday Discount 2016

Pricing Plans

Link-assistant gets you three options: Free with limited features, professional with some extensive and enterprise with extra-ordinary features. For individual website owners, any webmasters who work for multiple clients’ SEO or big-league SEO agencies; SEO PowerSuite has solutions for every SEO’s needs.

Money Back Guarantee

Your SEO PowerSuite license is covered with 30 days money back guarantees to enable its users to experience its experience risk-free.

User’s O#pinion

I have tried many SEO tools, but no other tool can come closer to SEO PowerSuite all-in-one SEO tool. Especially for SEO agencies, with a single link, we can get to know our client’s exact online presence at that instant. From where it is well set to get started with the client’s projects.


#3 LinksManagement – Best Pick 

LinksManagement is a trustworthy SEO that provides organic link building services. You can simply rely on the team for your link building campaigns that impacts on your SEO and SERP ranking. The unique thing about their services is, you can achieve in the top results in the Google search engine with their appropriate link building services. As they do it manually, your link will be placed naturally around the content of a page. Also, you can see the page where they will be placing your link. Still, there are plenty of features and highlights that holds.

LinksManagement Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Summary

  • Plus 60% BONUS against PayPal Subscription
  • Coupon Code: No code required
  • Offer Start Date: Monday, November 25, 2020
  • Offer End Date: Sunday, December 1, 2020

LinksManagement Order Page

Features & Highlights

  •  Free SEO calculator
  •  Links within the content of the page
  •  Manual link placement
  •  Link purchase with plenty of filtering options
  •  Huge inventory of websites for linking
  •  Know the page in prior where your links will be placed
  •  Relevant backlinks


  •  No spam sites or any other low-quality sites
  •  Great improvement in your link profile
  •  Better ranking on search engines
  •  Links will be more natural
  •  You may filter .edu, .gov, ,com, , domains


  •  Needs some basic knowledge to filter out your desired place for link placement


As the entire process is manual, there is no possibility for placing your links so random. Your link is placed within the content that is much relevant, and hence, the link will be natural. With the huge database, LinksManagement can ensure your order execution very simple. The team states that there are thousands of website owners are willing to join them each month. And, those website owners wish to hide the inventory to achieve links through LinksManagement quality service.

LinksManagement Black Friday Banner

Customer Support

As far as the quality of the service is their primary motto, the team is dedicated to assisting you. The support staff can even help you choose your desired destination for link placements. To be precise, you can experience top-notch customer support.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is nothing constant. Based on your order and specific needs, the pricing will be varying. Generally, the pricing seems standard and lower in the market. The pricing varies depending on the domain authority, domain extension, SB rank, etc. Its SEO calculator can help you to choose the right destination. Also, it has plenty of filtering options based on various metrics.

Money Back Guarantee

Your money will be 100% refunded in case your link is not placed within five days, or you wanted to remove the link within five days. And LinksManagement will offer a partial refund in such case the website owner removed your link and not recovered within 12 days.

User’s Opinion

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO since it has both good and adverse effect on your SEO. Depending on how you build backlinks, it matters. LinksManagement is a trustworthy service provider that I can completely rely on for my links generation.


Winner – SEO PowerSuite (All in One Tool)

From all the above SEO tools we have seen above, SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO tool. If you are having budget limitations and planning to buy only one or two precise tools, then go with SEO PowerSuite. With that, you can handle your entire SEO tasks hassle-free.

Best SEO Tools Cyber Monday Deals 2020

I just wanted to bring this to your knowledge that few companies offer these huge discounts just for a day or two to three days. In case of missing these great opportunities, then you will have to spend multiple times higher the cost when you actually need those SEO tools. Hence, avail the real discounts from the trustworthy places. To make your job simple, I am about to present this article getting you the true and best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for SEO tools.

Best SEO Tools Thanks Giving Day Deals 2020

Despite few SEO tools that have limited period offers, some brands announce its festival bonanza offers right from the November start itself. This article will be bringing you the best SEO tools. Thanks Giving Day deals in addition to best SEO tools Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals. This celebration season would be the best time to try and test new things that literally improve your online business.

Best Black Friday Deals For SEO Tools 2020

Every SEO’s will be waiting for this harvesting festival, to grab the best Black Friday deals on SEO tools. If you are an SEO expert, you might be familiar with most of the SEO tools. In that case, buy your favorite products, tools or services for years; because few companies offer Black Friday SEO tools discounts only on the first billing. For renewal or subscription for further years, it will be sucking.

On the other hand, if you want to try some new tools that you have heard of and feels better, then go for a few months or one year. If you find that SEO tools really works well for you, then go for multiple years. Ultimately, I wish you to invest your money on the right tools at the right time. Don’t buy any tools that won’t help you much, just for the sake it offers maximum Black Friday deals.


Hope this post would be more helpful for you to understand the significance of each SEO tools and why most of the experts are relying on such products. If you want to be the one among to boost your client’s websites, then grab this Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. And, own the software boost your SEO, ranking and ultimately conversion.

I don’t want you to miss these great offer sales that will pay off for the entire year. If you have missed, then you will have to wait for another year, or you have to spend multiple time higher the cost when it really needs.

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Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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Rank Tracker Deals

Overall Rating - 4.7/5
Unlimited Tracking
19+ Tools Integration

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Website Auditor

Overall Rating - 4.6/5
Unlimited Site Audit
Money-Back Guarantee

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LinkAssistant Deals

Overall Rating - 4.5/5
Discover Link Prospects
Easy Outreaching

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