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Best VPS Server Black Friday Deals 2020 → {Live} Upto 99% OFF

Best VPS Server Black Friday Deals 2020 – Today, we have got you the best deals for VPS server hosting on behalf of Black Friday celebrations. Let it be the best VPS server Black Friday deals 2020. And obviously, this is a limited period offer. Be the earliest to grab the best VPS server hosting discounts.

There are VPS hosts offering Linux hosting and few Windows hosting. Don’t panic that the Windows hosting will be costlier for Microsoft licensing. You can make use of these great Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount sale. Almost all the hosting service providers will be offering great discount offers for all hosting plans.

Best VPS Server Black Friday Deals 2020

Most of the VPS hosts offer Linux hosting and few offer Windows hosting too. If you find some Windows hosting plans costlier, then make use of this best VPS Black Friday deals. By which, you can cut down your cost but no compromise on the functionalities that you are looking for. Hence, I just wanted to compile a list here on the best VPS Black Friday deals 2020.

VPS Server Black Friday Deals 2020 For All

This is the perfect time to upgrade your shared web hosting to VPS cloud servers for the rowing business. Don’t limit the website performance with deficient server resources. Go limitless choosing the suitable VPS hosting servers. I’m sure you must be benefitting out of the VPS hosting service providers that I have shared in this best VPS server Black Friday deals 2020 post. Grab the deals and transform your site performance exponentially.

I am also including the set of features, customer support, pricing and more about each top VPS hosting provider along with its VPS server Black Friday deals and offers.

#0 Grammarly – Must-To-Have Tool

Grammarly Discount Code

Why I have included Grammarly in the best VPS server Black Friday deals post? Any hosting you go with, you will have contributed content to your web pages finally. Hence, I did so.

To make webmasters job easy, I am including Grammarly in this best VPS server Black Friday deals 2020 post here. Or, if you are not into content marketing, then ignore it and directly navigate through the VPS server Black Friday deals of your favorite hosting.

To improve your writing skills, go for a personal tutor like a proofreading tool, Grammarly. It helps you to assist and polish your writing wherever it is. Like other SEO and internet blogging products and services, there are seasonal discounts available for Grammarly. Make use of it and take your online marketing a step ahead.

Features & Highlights

  • Checks for simple to complex spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Word choice suggestions to improve the content quality
  • Comprehensive tool to make content error-free
  • Also check even minor punctuation errors
  • Wide suggestions to fix any writing mistakes
  • Helps you to correct your write ups anywhere you write


  • Free browser extensions
  • Native app for Mac Os
  • Keyboard for Smart phone users
  • Support on social posts, comments, etc
  • Free trial version available
  • Results are highly reliable


  • Plagiarism not available in the free version


For its quick and reliable results, over millions of online writers and publishers believe in Grammarly. Not only simple spelling or grammatical mistakes, but also Grammarly can help to fix complex writing mistakes checking 250+ grammar rules.

And, the tool is much flexible even for start-ups. You can either upload a document or copy-paste the text or even you can write directly to Grammarly editor. And, with a Grammarly account, you can get assistance anywhere you write online. There are add-ons available for popular browsers. Unlike other writing tools, you have Grammarly native app for Mac OS too.

Grammarly Black Friday Deals Banner

Customer Support

However, the tool has neat GUI and clear options to proofread any piece of English writing. Still, if you have got any clarifications in terms of tool usage, billing, or anything – you can find answers in its knowledge base articles. Otherwise, you can directly get assistance from the support team via email.

Pricing Plans

If you have a regular writing habit and you will have to use Grammarly throughout the year, then go for its annual plan. Otherwise, if you need Grammarly assistance only for a few months, then choosing its Quarterly or monthly plan can be strategic. To get hands-on, you can use its free version. Then, go for its premium with Grammarly Black Friday deals and use it forever.

Money-back Guarantee

Grammarly doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. Still, in case of purchasing any of its plans, you can discontinue the services any time (before the next renewal is due).


#1 LiquidWeb – Must-to-Use

LiquidWeb is operated since 1997. Within a few years, LiquidWeb recognizes itself as one of the well-reputed hosting solutions providers in the industry. Though, it is meant to be the cheap VPS hosting provider; you can avail its hosting services at lower prices. For which, this festival season is the perfect time to invest in a reliable hosting service. LiquidWeb has a wide variety of fully managed, managed VPS hosting, few more and other hosting related services. Hence, LiquidWeb is great for the entire business hosting needs where the business size is a matter of indifference.

LiquidWeb Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Summary

Managed VPS Hosting

  • Offer: 60% off 3 months AND Free 100GB Cloud Backup
  • Coupon Code: TBD
  • Offer Start Date: Friday, November 29, 2020
  • Offer End Date: Monday, December 2, 2020 @ 11:59 p.m. (CT)

Dedicated Hosting

  • Offer: 60% off 3 moths AND Double RAM
  • Coupon Code: TBD
  • Offer Start Date: Friday, November 29, 2020
  • Offer End Date: Monday, December 2, 2020 @ 11:59 p.m. (CT)

Limited Edition Plans

#1 Managed WordPress Hosting

  • 50% OFF on Managed WordPress Plan


  • LIFETIME licenses to Astra Pro (Save $708 Annually)
  • LIFETIME license to Starter Sites
  • LIFETIME license to Convert Pro (Save $1,188 Annually)

#2 Managed WooComerce Hosting

  • 50% OFF on Managed WooCommerce Plan


  • LIFETIME licenses to Abandoned Cart by Jilt Included – additional 200 engaged users (Save $348 Annually)
  • LIFETIME license to Reporting by (Save $2,388 Annually)

Features & Highlights

  •  cPanle/WHM or Plesk Onyx for easy access
  •  ServerSecure advanced security
  •  Multiple dedicated IP address
  •  Integrated firewall and protection against DDoS attacks
  •  Full root access to the servers
  •  Comes with CloudFlare CDN
  •  RAID-1 mirror storage


  •  Choice between desired management levels
  •  Free SSL and built-in local backups
  •  Quick and full resizes for easy scalability
  •  Unlimited sites hosting
  •  Both Linux and Windows hosting solutions


  •  Not the cheapest one, but it worth your money


LiquidWeb VPS servers get you the power of a dedicated server and flexibility of a cloud hosting. LiquidWeb VPS plans uncover every aspect that any business needs. It includes the server management level, security features, customer support, and resource allocations. LiquidWeb VPS server performance even outranks RackSpace, AWS, and Digital Ocean as enlisted by Cloud Spectator. Hence, LiquidWeb Cloud VPS would be perfect for businesses looking for 200% faster performance and don’t have a limit on budget.

Web Hosting Black Friday Banner

Customer Support

LiquidWeb refers to its support system as “heroic support.” It deserves to mean it. Other than this, the real support from the helpful humans in the hosting industry round the clock – 24/7 365 support via live chat, email, and phone. Moreover, you can choose the server management level like fully managed, or core managed, or self-managed.

Pricing Plans

LiquidWeb has four different Cloud VPS server hosting plans. Based on the resource allocation, the pricing will be corresponding. If you still want to scale your hosting plan, then LiquidWeb also provides you Cloud dedicated servers. If you are an individual more conscious about the website performance, security and support, don’t hesitate to grab LiquidWeb Black Friday deals.

Money-Back Guarantee

LiquidWeb does offer a 30-days money-back guarantee only on the shared hosting plans. It is not applicable to the Cloud VPS; Cloud dedicated, managed WordPress, domain registration. Etc.

User’s Opinion

The best VPS server hosting regarding faster performance, advanced features and the care the team takes on my servers. Even if you are a beginner, the team is patient enough to take you further.


#2 FastComet – Highly Preferable

FastComet would be the latest hosts in the industry. But, within a few years, the company gained its credibility among the webmasters. FastComet is defined for faster performance and reliability. FastComet’s fully managed SSD cloud VPS hosting solution empowers your business websites to take up the challenges. And its cloud hosting plans are optimized to support most popular open source CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dolphin, and OpenCart. Like every year, FastComet is offering great Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and discounts, this year too.

FastComet Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Summary

# On Monday, 25th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 65% OFFBMSALE65
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 10% OFFBMCLOUD10
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST20

# On Tuesday 26th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFFBMSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 15% OFFBMCLOUD15
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST20

# On Wednesday 27th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFFBMSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 20% OFFBMCLOUD20
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST20

# On Thursday 28th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 65% OFFTHANKS65
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 15% OFFTHANKS15
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST 20

# On Friday 29th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 75% OFFBFSALE75
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 30% OFFBFCLOUD30
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal Discount BOOST25

# On Saturday 30th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFFSBSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 25% OFFSBCLOUD25
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST20

# On Sunday 1st December

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFFCWSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 25% OFFCWCLOUD25
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST20

# On Monday 2nd December

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFFCMSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 30% OFFCMCLOUD30
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – Existing Plan Renewal DiscountBOOST20

Features & Highlights

  •  Choice between multiple data centers
  •  Fully managed Cloud VPS hosting
  •  No sneaky renewal prices
  • 300% faster with full SSD servers
  •  Full root access to the server
  •  Automated daily and weekly backups
  •  Free and quick application installation
  •  Hack-free protection
  •  Free application upgrades keeping your website up-to-date


  •  Rapid provisioning
  •  Highly scalable based on your increasing needs
  •  Free Domain name registration
  •  cPanel powered at free of cost
  •  24/7support for both infrastructure and apps


  •  There will be a setup fee if choosing the monthly payment plan


FastComet has its seven own datacenters. The great thing is its entire data centers are strategically placed in a way making sure that you can choose one between that is nearest to your target audience. Compared to non-SSD hosting, FastComet’s full SSD servers guarantee 300% faster read and write speed for files and databases.

Customer Support

The FastComet team not just offers support. It takes care of your entire server infrastructure and apps. Moreover, it offers free restoration offers backing up your files, databases, and email accounts. Ultimately, you can claim for 24/7/365 human monitoring and support.

Pricing Plans

Compared to LiquidWeb VPS server hosting, you could find FastComet pricing lower. But, either you have to go for its annual plan or make use of its Cyber Monday offers. However, the resource allocation will also be slightly better than other VPS hosts for the same cost.

Money-Back Guarantee

FastComet VPS server hosting plans are included with a seven-day money-back guarantee. You might think that this very minimum to run through its services. But, few other hosting providers not even provide any money-back guarantee for its Cloud VPS and dedicated server plans.

User’s Opinion

I felt more comfortable that for any technical issues I can rely on the FastComet support team. Moreover, my emails and websites are safe with you.


#3 HostGator – Makes Sense

WPX Hosting Review

Probably, HostGator does not require any introduction with its popularity among the webmasters. HostGator is one of the earliest VPS hosting providers in the industry. It also offers managed VPS and dedicated server hosting at even imaginable prices. With its reasonable and cheapest pricing, HostGator would be the best business partner for small and medium level brands. With that being said, it does mean that it has no solutions for big-league businesses. It uncovers the powerful hosting solutions for every business hosting needs.

HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Summary

  • Start Date: Wednesday 27th November at 12 PM CST
  • End Date: Tuesday, 3rd December at 11:59 PM CST
  • Discount: 70% OFF + Free Domain Registration
  • Coupon Code: CYBER2020

Features & Highlights

  •  Total control over server environment with complete root access
  •  Maximized server reliability
  •  Data protection with RAID 10 disk storage
  • Easy scalable resources with a click
  •  Unlimited websites hosting
  •  Unlimited email & FTP accounts


  •  Award winning support
  •  Comes with website development tools, script installers, etc
  •  Includes thousands of free website templates
  •  Regular weekly off-site data backups


  •  Does not offer free domains
  •  You can’t rely on its backups all the times


HostGator is partnered with most industrial leaders like Intel and AMD ensuring high-end VPS server infrastructure to maintain optimal performance. And its data centers are featured with redundant power and HVAC units. Hence, HostGator guarantees 99.9% network and power uptime to have your websites performing the best round the clock.

HostGator Black Friday Deals 2019

Customer Support

The HostGator customer support team ensures 24/7/365 award-winning support via phone and live chat. Moreover, HostGator has plenty of video tutorials, forum discussions, blog articles crunching about its various hosting solutions.

Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing, no other hosting VPS hosting providers can offer you much lower prices. For startups and beginners who have greater budget constraints can go for HostGator VPS server hosting. But, it compromises its quality for the cheapest pricing.

Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator not only favors its customers at low prices. It also ensures to run through its reliable service risk-free. HostGator offers 45 days money-back guarantee on its shared, reseller and VPS hosting plans. But, the refund is not applicable to dedicated server plans, administrative fees, and installation fees.

User’s Opinion

As a start up, I could not invest much on hosting alone. It doesn’t mean that I am not conscious of the performance. I could meet the both with HostGator. Anyways, it is highly scalable. Why should I think about looking for other VPS hosts?


#4 A2 Hosting – Widely Used

A2 Hosting is popular among website developers and designers for fast loading performance with its full SSD servers. A2 hosting has uncovered all the hosting solutions. Moreover, it also offers other business-related solutions like ERP, CRM, domains, and furthermore. A2 hosting would be a one-stop destination for a business that opts for fast performance and multiple business solutions in one place. Through this post best VPS server Black Friday deals, get settled on your desired hosting partner.

Features & Highlights

  •  Free SSL and SSD
  •  Full HostGuard management
  •  Entire Root access to your servers
  •  Optimized for web developers and designers
  •  20x faster performance with turbo servers
  •  Multiple server management levels
  •  Both Windows and Linux VPS server plans


  •  24/7/365 Guru Crew support
  •  Award winning performance
  •  Developer-friendly hosting
  •  Anytime money back guarantee
  •  Have custom solutions


  •  Costlier compared to its competitors

A2 Hosting Black Friday Banner


A2 hosting solutions are included with the choice of data centers across the world. Moreover, with full SSD drives and turbo servers, A2 hosting ensures 20 times faster performance. And, you don’t match the readily available hosting solutions to your specific needs. A2 hosting will offer you, customers, hosting solutions for your unique needs.

Customer Support

A2 hosting has strategically organized its support team separately for each purpose. It includes support, sales, billing, etc. Also, you may refer to its knowledge base and blogs to learn and educate yourself on typical hosting related issues. The team is readily available to assist you on the phone and live chat.

Pricing Plans

A2 seems bit costlier compared to its competitors. Still, if you are looking for a blazing fast speed performance with uptime guarantee, then don’t limit yourself on pricing. Anyways, we are here to help you with A2 hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. With that, you can cut down your cost and compensate. A2 hosting offers huge discounts on its VPS plans and hence, included here in this list of best VPs server Black Friday deals.

Money-Back Guarantee

One of the popular things that A2 hosting offers is a risk-free way to experience its hosting solutions. It provides anytime money-back guarantee. If it is within 30 days, you will get a 100% refund. If it elapses, you will get prorated money back for the unused services. But, it is not applicable for domain registration fees, set up fees and migration fees. For SSL certificates, there is seven days window to claim for refund.

User’s Opinion

Even, I have great customer support experience for my unmanaged VPS hosting setup. The team was so kind of and quickly responded within minutes.


Winner – LiquidWeb

Web Hosting Black Friday Banner

LiquidWeb is one of the leading hosting providers to many large and any size businesses across the globe. It has multiple server management levels, reasonable resource allocations for its cost, perpetual security features, 100% network and power uptime, both Linux and Windows along with heroic supports from humans in the hosting industry. Obviously, this would be the perfect choice for the best VPS server hosting that offers a huge discount also.

Best VPS Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Almost all the hosts I am mentioning here offers maximum discounts on behalf of Thanks Giving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrations. But, make sure to grab the offers before that ends. Though, there will be offer sale since from the November start; this long weekend would be the perfect time to make your purchases. The best VPS Cyber Monday deals are especially for the people who missed the best VPS server Black Friday deals and discounts.

Best VPS Thanks Giving Day Deals 2020

Some popular brands would announce their offers and discounts at the November start itself. To turn out more potential customers, the entire hosting industry will blast discount sale. But, comparing and picking your best is crucial. Don’t simply purchase any hosting service that it offers maximum Black Friday offer /Cyber Monday VPS discounts. With enough research on the hosting solutions and with my experience, I am putting in front a cluster of best VPS deals for Thanks Giving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Best Black Friday Deals For VPS Server 2020

Though I have shared best Black Friday deals for hosting services generally, here I have specially compiled a list of best VPS server Black Friday deals. If you are particularly looking for best VPS servers and best VPS server Black Friday deals, then this post would be more helpful.

Final Words on Best Black Friday Discounts for VPS Servers

I have accumulated here the best in market discount sale offered by the predominant hosting services. I wish you to upgrade your hosting and experience the improved website performance and serve your users much better. If you are confident about any of the above hosting partner, then go for its annual plans. Because you won’t get these offer sales every month. Buying the annual plans, you can save reasonable money. It is something like, make hay while the Sun shines. Grab your desired best VPS server Black Friday deals.

And also, most of the hosting service providers announce big discounts on annual plans. Higher the months you go with, higher the reduction will be. Anyways, don’t wait for these valuable discounts and wait for another year.

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