Does Black Friday Deals Are Really Worth It?

Hurray! Black Friday & Cyber Monday – such amazing days for trillion deals with many good and some bad things.

‘Lowest Price Ever’, ‘Biggest Deals’, ‘Only today’, blah, blah,… Those magical words!

You might be wondering, are these Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals are really worth it?

Quite bewildering! Yes, it’s up to you obviously to make it worth it or not.

Let’s get into something to realize it. Indeed, I would also help you to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping worth.

Anything to everything! Buying hosting server for your growing business or shared servers your start-up business or coloring apps for your kids or even internet marketing tools to grow your stagnant business or gadgets to make your travel comfort and luxury.

And, we all know that the exciting deals are almost live since November start or at least from 25th.

Being a professional blogger and a digital marketer, I will take you through some online tools and services that are live and what you might be also interested in. I will also make you sure whether those are just marketing gigs or real deals.

Let’s get started.

BFCM Deals are worthless!

You read it right! I mean it.

Black Friday Cyber Monday deals aren’t worth it if you are doing it wrong. Here are some of the ways you are doing wrong BFCM shopping to make it worthless.

Ways you are doing wrong BFCM shopping & make it Worthless

#1 Hesitate To Grab Black Friday Deals

As you are here, I’m sure you must be in a dilemma that these Black Friday Cyber Monday offers are real or mystery. Make yourself clear that there are real deals too. And, that’s legitimate. Even you will find decent discounts on Apple products that rarely get into the discount sale.

Throughout the year, there are exclusive offer sales happen. Still, we can assure that Black Friday shopping and sales are valuable.

You can see A2 Hosting that gives out 67% OFF of its shared hosting plan. I agree the FastComet freebies like free site migration, free SSL, etc are its regular deals. Irrespective of the Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, you will get it. Still, let’s take it this way. 67% of 100$ is not an ignorable deal.

Let’s consider LiquidWeb hosting. You will excite to look at its deals. Buying its managed WordPress hosting, you will get 50% OFF. On top of it, you will get lifetime licenses to the Astra Pro theme. You can save $708 a year. Isn’t it a worth deal? And, lifetime license to Convert Pro allowing you to save $1,188 annually.

Hence, I strongly insist Black Friday deals are worth it if you find your perfect choice of deals and products.

So, don’t stop yourself shopping the right products with real deals on Black Friday missing out on the treasure.

#2 Shopping only on Black Friday

Though we call these shopping seasons in general as “Black Friday shopping” or “Black Friday deals”, do remember Cyber Monday too.

Most of the brands especially the online business providers and retailers announce the biggest deal for Cyber Monday than Black Friday or Thanks Giving.

You don’t believe in that. Here is a sample.

WP Engine, buying any of its hosting plans; you will get instant and free access to 35+ StudioPress themes and Genesis framework. Then, 5 months of free hosting on its shared hosting plan. Surprisingly, the WP Engine team calls it Cyber Weekend deals.

So, don’t just purchase your favorites only on Black Friday. Keep in mind, Cyber Monday is meant for online shopping.

#3 Not Planning in Advance

It’s a global fact that you need proper planning to make most out of anything. Without which, anything would go of no value.

The majority of the deals are out already. If anything you planned to buy out this November, you must-have set alerts to receive notifications So that you can hit the maximum.

If you are not ready with the shopping list or less attention towards those in recent days would lead you to make wrong decisions.

So, plan in advance, research, set alerts and make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

You know, FastComet offers 75% on November 29th but, 5% or 10% less on other days. Setting alerts or keep following blogs that seriously promote FastComet would save you at least 5%.

#4 Assuming Every Deal is a Good One

Not all the Black Friday Cyber Monday deals are worth it. Before making a purchase or adding a product to your cart, do price checks. Compare pricing and set of features to its alternatives and go with the best possible.

Don’t just go with the products or services that offer a maximum discount. Even non-reliable one can get you a 99% offer. Don’t get lost with the marketing gigs or the signs of sale.

Do a little research to invest your hard-earned money in the real proficient tools for the best possible price.

#6 Not Making Use of the Deals to the Core

You can see most of the online products and services would get you good discounts if you go for its superior plans. Especially, when it comes to hosting, buying a shared hosting plan for 36 months will get you a great discount than buying it for 1 or 12 months.

Similarly, StudioPress allows you to save $100 buying its Pro Plus Package where you will get considerably minimum discount purchasing a single theme.

So, go for the extreme plans to get the most out of the Black Friday shopping deals.

#5 Only Shopping in Stores Nearby

As many doorbuster deals are available only in stores, most of you prefer it. Even with no doorbuster deals, you will find more interesting offers on online services that you really need.

Anyways, if you would love to shop your favorites from your nearby retail stores, that’s ok.

Compare the prices online and in stores, check the benefits and make a purchase.

In case of purchasing any software services like web designing tools, or house plan designing accessories, you will have a shop online.

Further, a business website forms the core of any business in this digital arsenal. So, you will have to opt for online shopping for most of the tools and services.

Even for electronic gadgets, groceries, or anything, you will get more combo, supplementary offerings along with the deals while shopping online. Don’t miss it.

#6 Running Out of your Budget

Unless or until you have your proper shopping list, you will lose all your money in a single day.

Most of the services will blast the ever in the history deals. But, that may be the right product for you. If you baffle between the discount and choice of product, there is a high possibility to go with a maximum discount on the inappropriate product.

So, prepare a shopping list with the aptest products and services that you will use for years. Especially, for the SEO, and the digital marketing agencies, there are tools and services available for zero cost to thousands of dollars. What you are supposed to purchase or what matches your pricing matters.

Just for the sake of greatest deals, you cannot dissipate your money buying it emptying your wallet. One thing, you are settling on a high-budget product. Then, you are failing to buy other products that actually you need.

So, How Do I Get the Best Deals?

Despite all these blunders, how to get the best deals of this holiday season? Here are some of the tried and proven techniques to save your money as well as making your Black Friday online shopping worthwhile.

# Shop Around Online

Look for the best deals online. There are even plenty of online services to compare products and services. And also, it helps you to compare the prices between the years. So, you can make it worth.

# Sort out the Best

Keep watching the deals all the way to opt the suitable products at the right time with the maximum discount. Let it be matching your budget.

# Prioritize

Don’t tempt to buy all the services that are non-essential for your business. Indeed, you will find the Black Friday deals on almost all. But, if you just need a basic shared hosting for your start-up business, its a waste of money purchasing a VPS server.

At the same time, if your traffic peaks it is obvious you must purchase a VPS server for your growing business. Not doing so, it’s useless.

Sort out an appropriate solution that you need and one that matches your pricing.

Final Take Away – Black Friday Deals Worth It!

It always a good idea to set a budget for your holiday shopping. Don’t go overboard with surplus options in front of you. Don’t get lost with the impulsive deals.

Maybe, in the end, it’s not much different than shopping on another day. Still, with proper planning, research and spent some time, you can make your Black Friday Cyber Monday deals worth forever.

And, it is obvious that you will have to wait for a year to get such amazing deals. Most probably, the agencies will purchase the packages for a lifetime to save huge bucks on something they really want.

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