Top 15 Google Chrome Addons For Bloggers & Webmasters

Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Webmasters

Google chrome has now achieved the tag of the most popular browser. This browser is straightforward. It’s a simple and easy interface makes it eligible for the number one choice. This browser is good for bloggers as well as normal browsing. To get more of this browser you need to add extensions. Here is the list of top 15 extensions which will help you to make your job easy.

#1 Grammarly

This is one of the best extensions for Google chrome. It takes care of all the grammar rules and typographical errors of your content. It checks spellings and grammatical errors. If you are not good at English and its grammar rules, this plugin will help you. This extension is compatible with all the online writing platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and all others.

#2 MozBar

It is the best tool for all the bloggers. This app is concerned about SEO. This app was designed at Moz by creative minds. This extension gives immediate access to information such as domain authority, page authority and links of any website. This app helps you to get the information in more convenient way.

#3 Pocket

Pocket will work as your private pocket. You can save your online content for later use. This little app will help you to save your content. This extension won the award of Webby ‘’Best Productivity app’’ in the year of 2015. Once you save all the content using pocket app, you can then see saved content without any internet connection.

#4 Alexa Traffic Rank

This app is similar to MozBar app. This extension can show you the popularity of your website. In addition to this, Alexa Traffic Rank can show you the past view of your website.

#5 Google Docs to WordPress

Google Docs has no built in function which is the reason of dislike by most users. You can’t transfer content from Google docs to your wordpress profile. To get a solution about this problem, you have to add Google docs to WordPress extension. It makes it easy to transfer everything with a single click.

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#6 Gmail Offline

Most of the task of our blogging needs to be done with a strong internet connection. Such an important task of blogging is reading and answering your mails of Google account. Gmail offline extension can help you about it. After installing Gmail offline extension, you can read and reply to your emails that too without any internet connection. The mails will be updated whenever you will connect to internet. You have to synchronize your email inbox for this purpose.

#7 Google Dictionary

You may come across an unknown word while writing content. Google dictionary help you to find meaning of such words. If you are not good at vocabulary this app will help you to write good content with powerful words. Google dictionary can give you meaning of any word with just two clicks. After installing this extension, whenever you will double click on any word its definition will appear automatically.

#8 Open SEO Stats

Open SEO stats takes all the features of MozBar, Alexa Traffic Rank and all other tools and combine all of them. It is the most promising extension for Google chrome. This app gives you indexed pages, backlinks and page speeds etc.

#9 Block Site

While working you may come across websites which waste your time. You can block such sites with Block site extension. You have to enter URL of such website in Block Site extension and you are done. As a blogger your time is very valuable. You must use Block Site extension to save such waste of time.

#10 Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar makes it easy to view your published content. You can take a look of Google AdSense, Ad Exchange, DoubleClick and many more. It uses a single interface to view all these information. It shows the information in effective way. The app is too convenient to use and view information.

#11 Google Keep

As the app name implies, Google keep can keep track of you’re save your notes. It will keep all the lists, posts, photos etc. this extension is going to keep track of your thoughts. There are number of tools available to organize your thoughts. Google keep is compatible with all devices like other Google apps.

#12 Readability

Many website has informative contents but their designing make it too complex to read the informative data. This app makes the websites more readable. It cuts down extra designing parts of the website which make them tedious to read. It will split the content in more readable format.

#13 LastPass

this app remembers all your past passwords. It encrypts your passwords and save them in it. Whenever you will try to login in some website, this app will fill the password box with already saved password. This makes your task easy by remembering all your passwords.

#14 Writer

As a blogger you must want to increase productivity of your website. The extension ‘writer’ helps you to do so with its simple writing platform. You can enhance your content quality by using writer app as an extension in your Google chrome browser.

#15 Bitly

You can share links online through Bitly extension. This tool makes it easy to share the links between different platforms. This app is incredibly useful for all the bloggers. This app shortens the URLs to few characters. This makes it easy to share the links. Twitter users and users of similar websites know the importance of length of the links. You need to complete your content within their word limit. In such conditions, this app is going to help you. ‘Bitly’ will short down the link to fit it within your word limits. You must use it to share links properly.

If you are a blogger and love to blog with ease, add these extensions and get the blog going. With this post you got the list of best extensions you need to add as a blogger. These extensions will improve your blogging experience.

This guest post was written by Preet Sandhu who is the founder of Beforebuyreviews

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26 thoughts on “Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Webmasters”

  1. Hey Preet,

    You have listed some useful extensions here. Most of the people are using Google Chrome. And the extensions make it so easy to handle all the things.

    Grammarly is the best tool to improve the writing. For the writer, bloggers, it’s important to provide the error free content.

    Great list indeed.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for reading the article and contributing your reviews. As you said, Grammarly is compatible with most popular browsers as well as it would be a great assistance wherever you write. Any webmasters love to use Google Chrome for its advanced features and extensions.

  2. Hi Preet,
    Great list indeed. I have also my own list of google chrome extensions. But here I found some new names like Google Keep, Readability and Block site. I will definitely going to try all these. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I apologize for that I couldn’t help you in time. However, if you are yet looking for a solution, it is similar to that of other chrome extensions installation. Unfortunately, I have not published any post on guide to install Google Chrome extensions. you may refer YouTube videos for clear guide. Feel free to connect with me, I will assist you then.

  3. Love all these plugins but seems like you missed one. I’d say adsblock,it makes life easier and help to enjoy a lot of great content on the internet.

    1. Hi Louis,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I admit that I have missed to include a great add-on. Adblock enables us to have great reading experience, not getting bothered by annoying ads.

  4. Hi Sathish,

    These are some nice apps for bloggers to be more productive.

    I particularly love LastPass… couldn’t image life without it 🙂

    I tried Pocket but can’t seem to locate it. I’ll hunt around my Chrome apps collection.


  5. Hi Preet,

    A great list of productivity tools.

    Here is one more from my end. Awesome screenshots is another great tool to capture a web pages. I use the almost every day.

    You can add it as well in the list if you want.

    – Tauseef Alam

  6. Grammarly is way too strict regarding English grammar. Unpleasantly so. And Alexa has not been relevant for half a decade now. Rest are decent choices.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve been using Grammarly for quite some time now and it is amazing.

    But I think I should also try Mozrank too, it is a nice small trick to easily get all the information without doing it manually.

    1. Hello,
      Grammarly is providing its service in a very professional and satisfying way.
      And I am using Mozrank now; it is very user-friendly and a perfect authority rank checker!!
      Thanks for your views 🙂

  8. An excellent list of tools which can make blogging easier and less time consuming. My favorite is Grammarly as it helps me correct all the typos I do (still helping me).

    Thanks for the share.

  9. Hello Preet,

    I had to quickly click this post when I landed your blog. Why? Because Google Chrome is my favourite browser hence the need to know some extensions which are likely to be of benefit to me and I haven’t been disappointed at all.

  10. I suggest Flip board, heart it extensions to this list. These tools lets you submit your posts instantly to those sites.

    Like your suggestions. Have a wonderful time ahead.

    Take care,

  11. Hello
    You have listed very important extension list which are very important to those who are in SEO field.
    I also need to check some from the above list. Thank you so much for this important and informative list.

    Ranjan KC

  12. Rohit Khetrapal

    Amazing article preet.. You are doing good job.. I am loving these chrome extensions….. Will share this article with my blogger friends

  13. Google Docs to WordPress looks fantastic! Thanks for the cool post. I started using Grammarly recently and it’s become a part of my on-page checking strategy when creating SEO optimized pages. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it freezes my browser a bit when checking pages of content of 3000+ words.

  14. Well, It is really nice post for people like me. But I have a question about Extension; Lastpass. Is it safe for working, because giving password to others mean selling it.

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