Cloudways Cyber Monday Sale

Cloudways Cyber Monday Sale 2018 → 4 Live Coupons Left + Today Only

Take away the hosting complexities now. Yes, I’m bringing you the Cloudways Cyber Monday sale offers to you. Indeed, Cloudways is one of the best managed cloud hosting platform. You have the choice to choose between the 5 different cloud providers. Especially, the web or app developing agencies, and large enterprises would be waiting for such great offers. 

Cloudways Cyber Monday Sale Deals 2018

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Cloudways Cyber Monday Sale 2018

Make sure to bookmark this page or keep often visiting to get early access to the Cyber Monday deals on Cloudways hosting. You might have missed its Black Friday deals, but not this one. 

Why Should You Go With Cloudways Cyber Monday Deals 2018?

Cloudways Black Friday Cyber Monday Offers

Cloudways is one of the best managed cloud hosting platforms in the market. Host your sites and applications on renowned cloud servers with advanced infrastructure like auto-healing, SSD servers, built-in SSL, dedicated firewalls, PHP-ready servers, and more. 

For any sized business websites and applications, Cloudways has its flexible monthly and hourly pricing slabs. Depending on the cloud provider and the resources, simply pay for it—no more long-term contracts. 

Being a smart cloud platform provider, its AI-based Bot keeps you notifying the performance insights to optimize your servers for improved performance further. Make sure to check out its features below and avail Cloudways Cyber Monday offers.

Features & Highlights

  • Managed cloud hosting platform that lets you host on any servers from its 5 cloud providers
  • Maximized server and app performance with a dedicated environment
  • PHP ready 7 servers for the significantly high-speed performance and compatibility
  • Easy to integrate Cloudways CDN for better response times
  • Auto-healing servers to stay stable even when other sites crashed on the same server
  • Free exclusive cache for WordPress and Magento platforms
  • Built-in advanced caching mechanism with Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis
  • PHP-FPM speeds up the loading times of your PHP environment
  • HTTP/2 supported for effective client-server communications
  • OS-level dedicated firewalls to filter out malicious traffic and stop intruders
  • Partnering with Malcare, protect your WordPress site from DDoS, Brute force attacks, etc. 
  • Supports multiple PHP versions and all PHP apps
  • Choose from 60+ data centers that are closer to your target audience
  • Dedicated staging environment to test application changes without disturbing the live version


  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Free site migration
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • 60+ global data centers
  • 1-click backup & restore
  • SSH & SFTP access
  • Git integration
  • Supports latest versions of DBs


  • Premium support available at additional costs

Money-Back Guarantee

You can’t expect any money-back guarantee from Cloudways, but you have 3 days free trial to test its services. Indeed, no credit card required. Even upgrading to its premium plans, anytime, you can withdraw just paying for what you have used so far—no contracts or commitments. 

Pricing Plans

Cloudways hosting plans are very simple. Choose between any of the five cloud infrastructure providers and then select a suitable plan based on the server resources you require. You can install even multiple sites and unlimited applications on a single server. All you have to define is your requirement for RAM, storage, bandwidth, and processor. Based on the provider you choose and the volume of resources you use, your hosting charges will be applicable. However, you have a monthly and hourly charge basis for easy scalability. Pay for what you use. 

Customer Support

Quite different from other hosting providers, Cloudways allows you to choose between its three levels of support facility. By default, you will get its standard 24/7/365 live chat and online ticketing support as a Cloudways user. You can pay additional premium support along with your monthly billing and opt for premium and advanced support to receive proactive monitoring, in-depth troubleshooting, etc. 

FAQ – Cloudways Cyber Monday Offers

When it comes to Cloudways managed cloud hosting, you need some learning curve to understand how it actually works. Basically, Cloudways connects you and the IaaS providers like AWS, Google Cloud, etc. You will host your sites and applications on those cloud servers that will be completely managed by Cloudways. You don’t have to deal with the actual cloud infrastructure providers directly. Still, if you have any questions about Cloudways, check out below. Otherwise, simply skip and grab Cloudways Cyber Monday deals of this year. 

#1 What are its partnered cloud infrastructure providers?

Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services, and Google cloud platforms – 5 cloud providers. .

#2 Can I buy space on multiple cloud servers from different providers?

Yes, you can have one or two servers with DO and then also with AWS based on your needs.

#3 Should I pay for support?

Using cloudways managed cloud hosting service, you are entitled to get its 24/7/365 standard support via live chat and online ticketing system. Only for the mission-critical sites looking for quickest response times, dedicated account manager, proactive monitoring, etc. should pay for its premium or advanced customer support levels.

Cloudways Cyber Monday Discounts

Usually, Cloudways offer up to 40% discount on its 3-months hosting plans. I hope to receive the same or even more exciting deals for this November. Here are the simple steps to activate Cloudways Black Friday offers for your hosting needs. 

How To Activate Cloudways Cyber Monday Promo Codes?

So, if you are unclear about activating Cloudways Cyber Monday coupons and promo codes, here you go –

  • Step – 1: Click on this special link to activate special Cloudways Cyber Monday discount coupons.
  • Step – 2: Sign-up a Cloudways account. There, you can enter this exclusive promo code. 
  • Step – 3: Choose your desired cloud provider and a suitable plan. 
  • Step – 4: Feed the required details & promo code, make the payment, and check out. 

Congrats, you have made the best investment of this year 2018. 

Wrapping Up – Cloudways Cyber Monday Coupons

So, in this article about Cloudways Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, you have got information about Cloudways managed cloud hosting services, set of features, pros, cons, customer support, and more. I wish you not to miss these Cloudways Cyber Monday sale offers for this year. Help your friends and networks sharing the live deals to benefit out from it. 

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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