Basilis Kanonidis Interview

Interview with Basilis Kanonidis From Ninja Outreach

In our today’s interview series, we have Basilis Kanonidis from Ninja Outreach. He is popular for his excellence in WordPress development and designing. As a co-founder of, he started with WordPress. He is also a freelance UI/UX designer who can get you an amazing front end design while working with WordPress. This interview with Basilis Kanonidis can help you explore more about WordPress, website speed optimization, recommended plug-ins and much more.

Interview with Basilis Kanonidis of Ninja Outreach

Basilis Kanonidis, the WordPress geek who works as a Front End designer at Ninja Outreach. If you have experienced Ninja Outreach tool, then you must understand his brilliance in designing and development. Through this exciting interview session, he is about to share his journey with WordPress, key ideas for successful outreaching, guest blogging and link building on authority sites. Let’s get into it.

Before all, a huge THANKS to Basilis for accepting our interview request and sharing his insights with us. Hope this will be useful for Traffic Crow readers in a way or either.

#1. Let’s get started with your experience and journey with WordPress. What makes you to stick to WordPress than any other CMS platforms?

When I started working with WordPress, it was only covered 5% of the web, not the 30% that it has grown today. I stuck with it because of the simplicity it offers to go from zero to hero. Simplicity is what users search for and I figured that if it is simple for me to develop or design a website, it should be easy for my clients to also use it for themselves.

#2. Could you brief about your online presence, the services you offer, blogs you run and your role with NinjaOutreach?

I am the Product Manager & Front End Designer at NinjaOutreach. I work closely with the team to get the operations running and I also lead the marketing efforts we do. Daily work requires me to also take care of our website for updates and speed Issues. There are a lot of different sectors, but I do love working in a SAAS environment like this one.

#3. Please suggest few best blogs to learn WordPress for beginners and few even WordPress experts can follow.

The top dogs in the WordPress world for me are Pipin and Ionut. They both understand the value of Open Source, Community Building and they focus on providing tools that are of top quality for their users. As for blogs, I would suggest Code in WP and WPBeginner.

#4. How strong the WordPress and Ninja Outreach is correlated? What are all the WordPress plug-ins you highly prefer and recommend to use it for sure?

NinjaOutreach is not bound to any plugins after our latest re-design to Elementor. We are using Elementor only and Easy Digital Downloads for any digital sales we are doing. Everything else is either from WordPress core or simple plugins that we develop ourselves to meet our needs.

#5. What are your recommendations to optimize WordPress websites for speed and security?

Personally, I just love Swift Cache. It’s a great system for WordPress cache and it can help bring any WordPress site speed to a good optimization level. Speed is a key factor right now on SEO Performance, so taking care of a web site speed should be essential.

#6. Share little information and your idea about Gutenberg WordPress Editor. Name some blogs or experts to follow to learn more about it.

Ah the Buzz that some words bring 😉

I believe that the direction is correct, but the way it got implemented is not perfect, at least in my opinion. While it helps open the doors to WordPress on a bigger amount of users, I think that from the Design, the UX and the Accessibility point of view, the integration was not so good. There are builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder that had created way better integrations.

#7. How do you foresee WordPress in the upcoming years?

I think that there is a feature on any project that has so big community as WordPress has. As long as there are users supporting it, investing in it, then we will see it grow fast. That is also something that every blog or company should take into consideration. Your users are the people who help you grow.

#8. How do you see Ninja Outreach from other influencer marketing tools? What difference does it make to the core?

The Data.

NinjaOutreach right now has the most updated Database of Instagram Influencers, featuring millions of emails. That is not available on any other platform right now.

#9. In recent days, guest blogging becomes unaffordable. There are no free guest posting opportunities available almost for any niche for individuals. What is your opinion about it?

I think that this is not true. It is unaffordable because the good quality content is not available. If you have a content writer who can provide quality content, the results you can get will be amazing. Paying for a post only comes if you really want to advertise your product exclusively. In hindsight, it also helps if you’re hiring someone who’s already known in the community to become your resident writer.

#10. Tips for moderate blogs to get featured on high authority sites. How Ninja Outreach can help on this?

We do segment Blogs based on their DA, Traffic and other different ranking factors. From there, you can take over. You need a good template for pitching and maybe even do some analysis (A/B test etc) in order to produce amazing results. We have seen companies pitching their content and getting featured to top quality sites w/o having to spend a lot.

#11. What are the factors to consider sticking to an influencer who can promote our brand?

You should never stick to just one. On marketing, it is all about testing and giving different directions on how to get results. I think that the best results are from micro influencers. As long as you contact them, you can be sure that the results u will get will be the best based on the amount of money paying them.

#12. What do you say as the advanced as well as safe link building techniques to follow in 2019 & beyond?

Content is still the king, but I believe that as time comes, link building will be removed as a technique of growing SEO. Google looks for a lot more other things nowadays and you can see some websites with quality content, good on-site SEO, correct targeting on meta and titles to score better than other websites with a lot of backlinks. There are a lot of different factors coming and as google keeps caring for the content quality, link building might not be the No1 factor anymore.

#13. Your pro-ideas to generate natural backlinks via Ninja Outreach tool and how to use the tool for the utmost benefits?

We are using SERanking the most to check our competitors, the value of the blogs and generally all of our SEO Strategy is bound with them. I really love this software for its interface and the value they have built into it.

#14. Share your feedback about our blog

You guys are scaling and growing to something really big. Keep up the hard work and the hustle and the results will be with you soon.


While running through this interview with Basilis Kanonidids, we could grab something like SwiftCache, Pipin, Elementor and much more information. We must try tools like SERanking, Ninja Outreach to excel our blogging performance. The suggestion from the experienced and real users must be highly valuable and true. Rather investing in something else and trial & error, let’s go with the proven tactics.

At last, thanks for your valuable time and patience in responding to our questions pleasantly. We wish you to further accomplish more milestones in your career.

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  1. Hi Sathish & Basilis

    Very interesting interview.

    I was particularly interested to hear the discussion about guest posting.

    And it’s really good point… to use well known people with credibility and following to really improve the quality of your blog or business site… vs. paid contributors, even if they write great stuff.


    1. Donna,

      Thanks for visiting and dropping your valuable comment. We bloggers always believe in building networks not money always. Guest blogging is one of the effective strategies to help us in this regard.

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