TCBI 04: Interview With Gopal Krishnan From 4 Hour Facebook Funnel

Interview with Gopal Krishnan From 4-hour Facebook Funnel – First, I have to thank you a lot for taking time off from your busy schedule to be a part of our little interview. I really appreciate the opportunity you have given us here. So thank you so very much.

This is my fourth interview and I am quite excited about this particular one being a part of my ever-growing interview series that I am publishing here on my site.

Interview with Gopal Krishnan From 4 Hour Facebook Funnel

Last time we had an amazing Interview with Anil Aggarwal from Bloggerspassion. He was a charmer and a great entrepreneur and we had a great time with him. However, this time around we are interviewing a person who showed us how to launch a successful Facebook campaign in under for hours. He is Mr. Gopala Krishnan and he is the founder and CEO of the Digital agency firm Visual marketer. He is the creative genius behind the revolutionary web course “Four-hour Facebook funnel campaigning method”

By the help of the excellent coursing method that he created. He has helped more than 200 entrepreneurs until now to get the exposure that they needed and the success that they deserved. He was very gracious enough to give us a nice overlook about his awesome method in this interview and we love him for it.

For all you amazing readers out there who has some questions of your own. Please feel free and post them in the comments section below. Please read and enjoy this excellent interview.

#1. You are a successful online entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of customers and firms to find their true Calling; we would love to hear a bit about yourself?

I am Gopal, Founder and CEO of Visual Marketer & 4 Hour Facebook Funnel. I have been in the Internet Marketing Industry for more than 10 years now. I love learning marketing and teaching it.

#2. How did you really get into the world of blogging? or better yet, how did you become a visual marketer?

Before Visual Marketer, I founded MyPromoVidoes with 3 other Co-Founders where we created explainer videos. But, the videos we created didn’t became profitable for our clients. That’s how Visual Marketer was born.

#3. Can you please tell us about what facebook campaigning is, and how it helps a business to grow and reach its maximum potential?

Facebook campaigns is about communicating your brand in 5 seconds or less. That’s how much the attention span of a customer is nowadays. We teach how to do that with a Facebook ad.

#4. Do you believe that social media advertising is the future of online marketing?

Yes, it’s how you build a brand fast, get leads and sales on demand.

#5. Your course on how to launch a profitable Facebook campaign is truly amazing. Please give us an insight as to what the course is about?

The course helps any Entrepreneur to launch a profitable Facebook campaign in 4 hours or less. It trains people on how to write a winning ad that’s different from their competition.

#6. Some people are still skeptical to the idea that social media campaigning is a far better alternative to traditional marketing. What do you think about this?

As always, people resist change. But they will change when they see proof and the economies of social media.

#7. we can see from the overwhelming reception of your course that more and more people are now rooting for facebook campaigning, what is your opinion on the changing mindset of the people?

Results and Case Studies

#8. How do you keep up with the ever-changing trends in social media platforms?

Input from various experts.

#9. Please tell us about the effect the changing trends have on social media campaigning? How do you adapt to such trends?

The trends might change. But the principles never change. If you are sound on principles, trends won’t affect you

#10. What is the brand funnel process? Can you please tell us what the process is about?

It’s about creating Unique Concepts and Irresistible Offers like the big companies.

#11. The new age consumer has a great online presence, so can you please tell our readers as to how the brand funnel process applies to him?

Create a bigger/faster/simpler package in which your product is a small part. This will help you in building a brand.

#12. What do you think is better in terms of consumer outreach, blogging or social media marketing?

Blogging is long term. Social Media Marketing gives fast results and motivates people to get going.

#13. What do you usually do when you are not working your hats off? Any hobbies or something like that?

Watching Movies and Playing Cricket

#14. What is the single most proud moment in your career as a blogger and visual marketer?

Getting my clients results with their videos.

#15. How would you describe your work style, is there anything that you want to change?

I want to spend more time creating, but spend more time consuming.

#16. Can you please share some thoughts about the past, present, and future of blogging and visual marketing?

Videos are the future of marketing as attention span is dwindling nowadays. Videos has always been a better medium and as the world gets faster, it will become mandatory.

#17. Visual marketing and social media campaigning, aside from its obvious extra outreach,

what are the other benefit it offers?

It builds your brand which is long term.

#18. What, in your opinion, are the qualities needed for a visual marketer to be successful?

To be bold and make bigger promises in the market and keep them

#19. “Building a brand name is important” your opinion?

It’s how long term businesses are built.

#20. What is your one piece of single golden advice to start-ups and new bloggers?

Learn the principles of building a business and marketing, Not strategies and tactics.

#21. How can a relevant online presence help a business to grow?

If your brand is known to 500 new people every single day, you can’t help but grow yourself. That’s what will happen to you.

#22. Where do you see yourself in terms of your career in the next 5 to 10 years?

I want to make 1000 people make INR 1 lakh/month or more before 2021. That’s all I can see now.

#23. What are the changes you hope to see in the future when it comes to blogging and online campaigning?

I want more people to run campaigns that make an impact, not just money.

#24. What is your opinion about my blog Traffic Crow?

Great initiative and a much needed topic of discussion. Its my privilege to get featured in your blog


Thank you, Mr. Gopal Krishnan for this wonderful interview. We really learned a lot from it. We hope that you will taste success in everything that you do and scale greater and more wonderful career heights as the days go on. Again, thank you for everything.

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