Complete Guide On How To Start Blogging

Traffic Crow has provided various information regarding the WordPress, Blog, hosting, Content and lot more. However, the beginner or the starter in this field feel tough in starting the blog. Few of our site visitors has asked for this too. Hence, now we posted a brief article on how to start a blog. This article will be useful for the beginner in the best way. I am sure, once you complete reading this article, you will be cleared about the blog, hosting, platform, content, SEO and everything. This will be useful for people who want to start a new blog or for the bloggers who want to reinvent their blog.

Let’s Start With The Complete Guide For Blogging

First of all, many of us would think what is a Blog and why we need to know about it?
This is a common question which arise in people’s mind when they hear the word “Blog”. The “first point” I need to tell about Blog is, it is the best part to improve the level of online business.
However, at the beginning of the blog, no one could gain more money. Of course, this may be a reason for some of you to read this article. The “second point” is, blogging is a slow process first and then become a money making business.
The blogging should be done in a proper way for making it a success. Hence, we provided here a complete guide for you to improve your blogging.

So here are the few benefits of How To Start Blogging

Blogging provides great benefits for its user. Some of the main reasons are

  • Work less and earn more. It saves time and earn more.
  • Building your own identity and trust.
  • Building Strong relationship with your customers in the best way.
  • Educating people in online.
  • Become World popular by writing in your blog.

These are the few best benefits of Blogging. I hope this is enough for you to start with the blog.

Here is the step by step complete guide for you to start a blog. Go through with each and every process to start the blog and make it a success.

If you are a beginning blogger, please go through with these article. These provide you some ideas regarding why they fail. The main reason will be Content choosing ad writing.

Many of the newcomers fail in blogging due to no proper guidance. Some of the other factors are listed in the post

Choosing Your Interest And Platform

We cannot start a blog which includes everything in it that is Games, politics, entertainment, social, etc,. Because each topic is unique and we mostly would not be familiar with all. If it is about a particular category or field based on your interest, then it would be easy to reach the people. Our blog will be well recognized by the people and get an identity like “This blog is best for knowing the nook and corner of this particular field”. This is great right! So start your blog with the particular field which you are really interested in talking about it. So that you can express and shoot out every point on that field.

Domain Name Registration

Now we got a field and ready to write a blog. Now the next step is choosing a Domain name.
Domain name is the name of our website. To be clear, are the most popular domain names. Now we have chosen the field, so get the domain name related to that. It will be useful for making the blog site popular and also making it brand earlier. We have many sites to buy the domain names. I have posted the reviews for each and every domain providing sites. Please go through the reviews and get a good domain name for your blogging site.

Choosing Your Website Hosting

After getting the Domain name, the next step is to get hosting. Hosting is important for every site. It is nothing but saving your data online. Data includes images, text, videos. We have to save those data on the internet that it the server. Here comes the role of hosting.

See Also: 8 Ways To Choose The Web Host For Your Website

Domain name is the name of the website and the data will be stored in the server(i.e., hosting). We have to select the host for our company with some concerns. Like the hosting security, price, plans, support and the features. Here are the top best hosting company reviews for your website. Please go through with the reviews and get the best hosting for your site

Must Read: Best Web Hosting Provider – Top Hosting Review

 After evaluating these reviews, find the best hosting for your site and choose the plan it in.

Bluehost – Due to the various advantages and features, Bluehost stands first for its services and quality. $7.99 $3.95/Mon
ASmallOrange – It is the great unique web hosting provider meant to provide a best hosting services. 20% Coupon – ASO20
Bluehost India – Is meant for India hosting provider. It has various plans and features. Save 20% Offer (Indian Hosting)

 Content Management System – WordPress

Now we got the domain name as well as the server(hosting). Now we need a platform for your blog to write and post our content. There are a lot of sources for creating CMS website. Like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,etc., Our site Traffic Crow is done with WordPress. So I feel WordPress is great among all.

Security is the important factor we need to know about the tool or application we use. Hence, WordPress is very easy for securing it. Here I posted the easy ways to secure the WordPress site – How To Secure WordPress Site In Easy Ways

There is almost one negative factor in anything we choose. Here are the disadvantages of using WP which I have been posted in my site. However, these disadvantages are minor and can be overcome easily. Though I choose WordPress for my site.

Ultimate Guide To Build A WordPress Website

WordPress Installation

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall
How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways
Top 5 Best Free FTP Client Software For WordPress
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How To Use WordPress

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Choosing Theme For Your Site

Once you developed your website, the next thing is designing. You would write a great post in your blog with the great heading and it may be a niche topic for people. If they come to your site with the link, the first thing which makes the visitors stay in your site will be the theme or the appearance of your site. So make your site neat and pleasant with the use of themes. We can buy free or paid themes in online. Also, we have posted the best responsive themes for your site.

Click the link and get the unique theme for your website

Buy Genesis Theme

Get the theme for your site and make the site with good appearance. You may get doubt on installing the theme in your site. Here is the post for you – How To Install WordPress Theme
Thus, theme can be installed.

Install Plugin For Your Site

The Theme is installed in your site which will be a default appearance in your site. To make the site more live, you can install some plugins in your site. Here we listed the most wanted plugins in your site – 11 Best Essentials WordPress Plugins

Some of the plugins are very useful. For example, calendar, clock, viewing the recently posted article or comments in the sidebar. Even we have some plugins to secure the content and site. Here are the some essential plugins for our site.

Best WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Best Free WordPress ECommerce Plugins
Top Five WordPress Comment Box Plugins
5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website
5 Best Content Protection & Right Click Disable Plugins

WordPress Essentials Plugins

Top 5 Best Free Contact Form WordPress Plugins
11 Best Essentials WordPress Plugins
Top 5 Best Free SEO Plugin In WordPress
Top 5 Best Content Locking Plugins In WordPress

Buy Premium Plugins: Optinmonster 

Thus, plugins can be managed.

Choose A Best Find Keywords For Your Blog Post

Now we are ready with the topic, domain name, hosting, website. Now we can start with the blog content. Before that, we have to know one thing. Our content may be niche one and it may be searchable by many of the viewers. At the same time, the same content may be written and posted by many of the bloggers like you. So our content should be unique in the sense, viewers visit our site at very first. It can be done with the proper use of keywords.

Keywords are nothing but the maximum popularity of the words that users search in the search engine. The keywords must be related to the content and it must be in the correct level. Here is the complete guide to finding the keywords is shown in the post below.

 Tutorial: Complete Guide To Find A Best Keywords For Blog Post (Must Read)

There are tools and many sites which provide the way to use the keywords in a correct way. Here are the reviews for these tools and site. Gain knowledge from the reviews to use the tools and get the keywords for your content.

Must Read This Traffic Generation Tools

LongTail Pro – Grab 10 Days Free Trial – Signup

Thus, the keyword can be analyzed. Our content will be successful only if we have correct keywords.
If you use WordPress as the platform and Yoast SEO plugin, we can get help from this plugin regarding the level of our content. There will be 12-15 criterias which are should be satisfied to make the “content SEO Friendly”. To satisfy these, there are some steps which are posted in the article – Content Page Analysis With WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin Thus keyword is the important factor in the content marketing

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OFF Page Optimization Guide

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How To Write A Quality Article – Content Writing Guide

In the Previous heading, we have seen the keywords benefits. I also mentioned “SEO Friendly content”. It means the weight of the content that in turns the visitors when searching for the post related to your blog, then search engine should index your blog for the visitors engage. For this, our content or blog should be SEO-Friendly. Since Content is the king of the Marketing, we need to write the content in our blog very effectively. Here are some of the post which will be useful for writing the content in our blog.

How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post
5 Tips To Write A Seo Friendly Quality Content
5 Effective Ways To Write a Quality Content To Your Blog

Thus, you can make post a niche content in your content

Best Grammar Spelling Checker OnlineGrammarly Free Checker

Promotion and Improve Visitors

Submit Url

Once the content is ready and published we can see the content in our site in next minute itself. But it cannot happen in the search engine. For that, we need to submit the post URL in Google. This is explained in this post – How To Index WordPress Site In Google (In 5mins)

Social Media Optimization

It is sharing our post in social medias. It is very helpful to get more traffic and visitors – Steps To Create a Perfect Facebook Page
Also, check the Hootsuite review for social media sharing.

Social Media Management Platform – Hootsuite  Free Signup


This is sharing the link in the bookmarking site.
Here are the few websites where we must need to share the post.
Thus, we get more viewers come customers to our site.

Blog Commenting

It is important in order to improve your site traffic and popularity.Here is the post for you to improve the blog comments – How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site


It will be useful to improve the traffic in an effective way. Here is the post which provides the simple ways to create the backlinks – How to Create Backlinks for Blog in 6 Easy Ways

Thus, we promote our post and site in an effective way and make the visitors into audience and customers.

Guest Post

Guest post is to earn more traffic to our site. It is writing the post in others blog. Here are the few reasons for guest post to be done are mentioned in this post – 5 Important Reasons Why Guest Posting Is Advantage To Every Business

Email marketing

Email marketing is the other source to improve the site traffic. We get only a few subscribers at the beginning, later we get more subscribers. Check this post to make the Emai marketing success – 5 Simple Steps For Successful Email Marketing

The above steps will make you get the visitors and traffic enormously. Still here are the few tips to improve the visitors specifically – Tips To Increase The Visitors To Your Website Check this post and get more visitors.

Making Money Guide

Once you get more traffic, start earning money. It should be the next target. Making money includes some process which are mentioned below. We can also earn money in different ways.

Affiliate Marketing – Many of us would know what is affiliate. We can gain money in this affiliate. Here we provided the various hosting affiliates review which help you to gain the money in the correct way.

Earn Money With ShareASale Affiliate Program: ShareASale – Free Signup

Infolinks – It is the other way to earn money in an effective way. Infolinks are the alternatives to the Google Adsense. Here the complete review about the Infolinks. Check the review and check the products too.

Google Adsense – Google Adsense is another way to gain money. Here are the few steps mentioned in this post to make you earn money in the correct way.

Micro Jobs & Fiverr – If you are done with the all above things, it means you are completely ready to market or sell these for others. Hence, Fiverr provides a layout for gaining the money in a most simple way. If you are interested in selling something for others, start with the Fiverr. Here is the post which guides you to start with the

Bonus Link – How I Earned $960 In 70 Days On Fiverr (Income Report Attached) (Must Read)

Must Read This Make Money Online Guide

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

Download My First Make Money Online EBook
Five Efficient Ways To Make Your Blog Famous
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How Do I Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Fiverr & Google Adsense

Simple Ways To Create Fiverr Account Perfectly
How To Improve Your Order In Fiverr Gigs
How To Get Your Successful Google Adsense Account
4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Google Adsense Earnings

Here is the end of the post. You are now ready to start the blog on your own. Finally, collect more information regarding your blog topics and write the best content for your customers in a more understandable form.

Download My First eBook On Blogging & Digital Marketing For Starters (Must Read)

Thanks for visiting our site. I hope this article includes everything that you expect. If you like this post or any of your friends who need a guide in starting the blog means please share this post to help them. If you have any clarifications, share it in the comment section. Follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter get connected.

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