Best Black Friday Deals For WordPress Themes, Hosting & Plugins 2018 → {Live} Upto 99% OFF

The time of the year again, where we share the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to our loyal readers on your favorite WordPress products. This is one of the best times to buy any SEO tools, hosting, WordPress themes & Plugins because all these products have significant discounts of the year. To get more benefits, we have listed some of the Best Black Friday deals for WordPress hosting, themes, and plug-ins 2018.

These offers are limited time only; please bookmark this page for further reference, and we will be updating it this week as we find any new deals.

Best Black Friday Deals For WordPress Themes, Hosting, and Plug-ins

Here is a new compilation with the best Black Friday deals for WordPress hosting, WordPress themes and plug-ins. Probably, these are the three preliminary things you have to pay more interest, deciding your success of the WordPress websites.

WordPress is one of the popular platforms among web designers and online marketers. I understand you are one among them awaiting the most excited Black Friday deals for WordPress related tools and services. Revamp your website designs with awesome themes; enhance the functionalities with plug-ins or anything. Buy your favorite themes, plug-ins, and WordPress hosting services at an affordable cost.

#0 Grammarly – Worth Investing

Grammarly Discount Code

Grammarly is a bonus but incredible tool that can assist you to come up with SEO-friendly and user-appealing content wherever you write. It can either be pop-ups, opt-in forms, blog posts, web pages, social posts, email newsletters, or anything, Grammarly will do.

Grammarly Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • Enjoy Up To 60% OFF All Plans
  • Limited Period Offer | Deal Ends Soon!

Features & Highlights

  • Leading proofreading tool for professional writers
  • User-friendly for beginners too
  • Either copy-paste, upload document options
  • Use it on MS office hassle-free
  • Corrects your write-ups on social networks also
  • Built-in algorithm for vocabulary enhancement, etc


  • Use it on Mac where few other tools do not support
  • Supports both Andriod & iOS smartphones
  • You can see your writing style improved greatly
  • All-in-one English proofreading tool
  • Checks for comma splices, apostrophe mistakes and corrects
  • Identifies errors based on 250 grammar rules


  • You can only use it if you are online


Experts say that Grammarly is the only writing tool that comes much closer to human proofreading. After all it is a machine, still, with its AI-powered algorithm, Grammarly ensures fast and reliable results. Not only can you eliminate simple spelling and punctuation mistakes, but also complex grammatical mistakes. Make sure your content is duplication-free with its plagiarism checker features.

Grammarly Black Friday Deals Banner

Customer Support

You will find answers for all your questions about the tool in its Grammarly support center page. Anything about Grammarly, its billing, issues (if any), tips and tutorials; you can self-learn. Beyond which, you can also contact the support team via email.

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Nothing can offer you such simple pricing slabs. You have plain options – only the plan mode varies between monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Other than that, you will have a similar set of features in the Grammarly Premium plan.

You will have limitations only in its free version. Still, Grammarly free is great for start-up writers to get rid of typical writing mistakes. For advanced proofreading and plagiarism and a few other features, you will have to go Grammarly Premium.

Money-back Guarantee

Grammarly doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. But, before your next renewal, you can cancel your subscription and downgrade your plan to Grammarly free. There won’t be data loss.

User’s Opinion

Even expert writers would say that Grammarly is like their third eye to make sure their content is completely error-free. Before hitting publish or post, Grammarly skims through the entire content and tick the flags.

#1 WP Engine – Strongly Preferable

WP Engine is a predominant managed WordPress hosting solution provider. It helps you to bring your imagination and creativity that transforms into WordPress digital experience. There are nearly around 1 million customers over 140 countries, and million WordPress websites are hosted.

WP Engine states that the team is blocking more than 2 million attacks, every day to protect the hosted sites. WP Engine deserves to be in the list of best WordPress hosting Black Friday deals 2018. WP Engine deals and discounts are unimaginable.

WP Engine Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • WP Engine Offer: 5 months FREE on any annual shared plan at WP Engine
  • Coupon Code: CYBERWPE30

Features & Highlights

  •  Migration plug-in helps you to easily shift your WordPress sites from any host to WP Engine
  •  Staging site to test your website with any themes, plug-ins and design before launching
  •  WP Engine’s Copy Site tool to duplicate the websites instead of building it from the scratch
  •  Team of WordPress experts to resolve any technical issues
  •  Automatic WordPress version updates
  •  Managed security system to secure your WordPress sites
  •  Immediate disaster recovery and daily backups


  •  Optimized for WordPress platforms
  •  More security concerned
  •  Managed WordPress hosting
  •  Free global CDN and free SSL
  •  Custom solutions for your unique needs
  •  Support from WordPress experts


  •  Not applicable for other CMS platforms
  •  Exceeding your plan’s resource allocation, then the charges will be extra.


In general, WordPress is great as it is lean and has loads of lightweight themes and plug-ins. For a fast loading website performance, your WordPress website must be text-based with fewer images and videos. In that case, you may choose your hosting randomly. But, for a professional website that supports more media formats and drives high traffic, WP Engine would be your choice.

WP Engine Black Friday Banner

Customer Support

Even there are plenty of (Best Black Friday deals for WordPress) WordPress hosting solution providers over there; the support offering may vary. WP Engine has a team of WordPress trained experts, and they dedicated to extending their support anytime. The disaster recovery is nothing but, the team keeps monitoring the hosted websites and offers instant recovery over any disaster or emergency. For sales related queries, you may use live chat. For support and assistance, you may submit a ticket request from your WP Engine account.

Pricing Plans

WP Engine has very precise pricing slabs. The team defined it for startups, growing business and scalable businesses. Other than that, you may go for its custom solutions with your specific hosting needs. WP Engine prices seem bit costlier, but it pays you off multiple times regarding your website performance.

Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine offers 60-days money back guarantee which is really a great thing for serious hosting service seekers. Probably, other hosts provide only 30 days or 45 days which may be enough to experience or trial. Considering that, WP Engine pays your money back against your termination. But, it is not applicable for domain registration fees and any other add-on services charge.

User’s Opinion

Being a WordPress designer, I would always prefer the products and services that are tailored for WordPress platforms. With that being said, WP Engine wins the battle with its unique security features and performance guarantee.

#2 Liquid Web – Must-to-Use

Liquid Web offers a wide range of web and cloud hosting solutions. Among which, it is more curated about its managed hosting that empowers your content, website, online commerce and more. Other than web hosting solutions, Liquid Web also provides email hosting, managed Woo commerce hosting and application hosting solutions.

Liquid Web Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • Limited-Time Savings
  • Cloud VPS 2 GB RAM – Free 100 GB Backup + $30/month for a 12-month prepaid plan + $1,056 in total savings
  • Dedicated Server Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 – Free Double RAM + $140.00/month for a 12-month prepaid plan + $1,680 in total savings
  • Dedicated Server – Intel Xeon 4108 – $119.00/month for a 24-month prepaid plan + $2,640 in total savings
  • VPS Monthly Plans60% OFF three months monthly plan  + Free 100GB Cloud Backup
  • Dedicated Monthly Plans60% OFF three months monthly plan

Features & Highlights

  •  More than 5 million sites under management
  •  Team with hundreds of onsite hosting professionals
  •  5 global data centers
  •  Has hosting solutions for every business hosting needs
  •  Built-in local backups
  •  DDoS protection and ServerSecure feature


  •  Instant provisioning
  •  Daily billing option to pay what you use every day
  •  Easy scalability for upgrades
  •  SSD Raid-1 prime drives
  •  CloudFlare CDN
  •  PCI and HIPAA complaint
  •  Excellent 24/7 support


  •  Slightly expensive


The great thing is the LiquidWeb offices and data centers are powered by wind power energy and hence, guaranteed for 100% power and server uptime. Moreover, it protects your website with 24/7 monitoring against DDoS attacks. LiquidWeb plan includes free CloudFlare CDN that ensures the fast loading of your hosted websites.

Web Hosting Black Friday Banner

Customer Support

LiquidWeb refers to its support as 24/7 heroic support. But, it means the fact. LiquidWeb has got technicians round the clock to help you out when you are experiencing any issues. LiquidWeb promises 30 minute initial response time guarantee and 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee.

Pricing Plans

LiquidWeb as a master in the hosting industry offers multiple hosting and related services. It includes dedicated servers, cloud VPS, cloud dedicated, cloud sites, managed WordPress, and managed WooCommerce, customer solutions, business email hosting, and more. You may feel that prices are a bit costlier. Don’t worry; you can claim LiquidWeb discount offers to save your money.

Money-Back Guarantee

LiquidWeb offers a 30-days money-back guarantee on shared hosting plans. It does not include the setup fees and domain registration fees. At the same time, there is no such refund policy for dedicated or VPS server purchases.

User’s Opinion

While having the best, then we shall forget the rest. I go with LiquidWeb for its 100% power and network uptime guarantee. It means a lot to me.

#3 FastComet – Simple-To-Use

FastComet – They say there is no great hosting without great technical support, and they do provide it. Their support system is impressively dedicated and they are ready to solve your problems anytime, no matter the time or situation.

FastComet Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

# On Thursday 26th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 65% OFF – THANKS65
  • New Cloud VPS – 25% OFF – THANKS25
  • New Dedicated CPU Servers – 20% OFF – THANKS20
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – 25% OFF – BOOST25
  • Renewal Of Existing Shared Hosting – 25% OFF – EXTEND25
  • Renewal of Existing Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Hosting plan – 10% OFF – EXTEND10

# On Friday 27th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 75% OFF – BFSALE75
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 45% OFF – BFCLOUD45
  • Dedicated CPU Servers – 35% OFF – BFCLOUD35
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – 25% OFF – BOOST25
  • Renewal Of Existing Shared Hosting – 30% OFF – EXTEND30
  • Renewal of Existing Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Hosting plan – 10% OFF – EXTEND10

# On Saturday, 28th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFF – SBSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS – 30% OFF – SBFAST30
  • New Dedicated CPU Servers – 25% OFF – SBFAST25
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – 25% OFF – BOOST25
  • Renewal Of Existing Shared Hosting – 25% OFF – EXTEND25
  • Renewal of Existing Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Hosting plan – 10% OFF – EXTEND10

# On Sunday, 29th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFF – CWSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers – 25% OFF – CWCLOUD25
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – 25% OFF – BOOST25
  • Renewal Of Existing Shared Hosting – 25% OFF – EXTEND25
  • Renewal of Existing Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Hosting plan – 10% OFF – EXTEND10

# On Monday, 30th November

  • New Shared Hosting – 70% OFF – CMSALE70
  • New Cloud VPS – 40% OFF – CMFAST40
  • New Dedicated CPU Servers – 30% OFF – CMFAST30
  • Upgrade To Higher Plan – 25% OFF – BOOST25
  • Renewal Of Existing Shared Hosting – 25% OFF – EXTEND25
  • Renewal of Existing Cloud VPS/Dedicated CPU Hosting plan – 10% OFF – EXTEND10

Features & Highlights

  •  SSD servers guarantees 300% faster performance
  •  Free domain name forever
  •  Daily and weekly backups for free
  •  1 click WordPress installer
  •  Built-in firewall protection
  • Zero cost site migration and SSL


  •  Fast, cheap and simple hosting solutions
  •  99.99% server uptime guarantee
  •  Colossal tutorial base
  •  No hidden prices on renewal
  •  24/7 premium support


  •  Only exclusive plans comes with rocket booster speed and security like Turbo plan
  •  If paying monthly, setup fees will be extra


FastComet SpeedUp plan would be the best of all shared hosting plans by other providers. It gets you three times faster with the inbuilt caching system, Memcached and PHP7 handling huge visitors simultaneously. FastComet servers are full SSD to increase your website performance to 300%. Probably, you don’t require additional cache plugins to boost the website loading speed.

Customer Support

FastComet has a dedicated support team to assist in anything like site migration, loading speed optimization, website setup, and configuration and furthermore. The 24/7 support by experienced staff can assist you instantly in case you are experiencing issues or restoring your websites.

Pricing Plans

FastComet is transparent in its pricing terms. There are no hidden charges during renewal. You will be paying the same sign-up the cost for renewal too forever. No sneaky pricings. Few other hosts will have cheaper sign-up costs to grab customers and higher renewal prices. FastComet has hosting solutions for every hosting needs of any business size.

Money-Back Guarantee

FastComet does provide 45 days money-back guarantee which would be leisure time to judge whether it suits your need or not. However, FastComet is confident about its services, and they don’t want you to go away.

User’s Opinion

I love to host my sites on FastComet for its support response. I have never seen my support request that gets delayed more than 10 minutes to get a response from the FastComet support team.

#4 WPX Hosting – Highly Preferable

WPX Hosting – Sites like HostGator and BlueHost don’t offer backups as an option to their plan. But WPX offers you daily backup to all of your sites. Daily backups are a necessary feature which WPX hosting offers with their plans. This would technically mean that you could lose all your website data on your PC but still rely on WPX to get it all back at no cost at all.

WPX hosting is a potential and exclusive hosting solution provider for any sort of WordPress websites. WPX hosting is designed to deliver fast loading WordPress websites. For professional WordPress websites that are more conscious about SEO and search engine ranking, WPX hosting would be the top. If you are fed up with other hosts lethargic support and poor performance or uptime, then it’s time to move on to blazing speed hosting solutions. WP Engine is for you then. Grab its (Best Black Friday Deals For WordPress Hosting) Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to own it within your budget.

WPX Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • WPX Hosting Discount: $2 For The First 2 Months Trial (For New Users)
  • 6 Months Free On 2 Year Plans (For Both New & Existing Users)

Features & Highlights

  •  Daily backups to easy restoration
  •  99.95% server uptime for reliable website performance
  •  Free SSL and site migration from any other existing hosts
  •  DDoS protection to prevent data loss
  •  PHPMyAdmin access
  •  SSD servers and comes with free domain privacy


  •  3rd party CDN support
  •  No limitations on the list of plug-ins to use
  •  Multisite support
  •  Regular malware scan and protection
  •  1-click WordPress installation
  •  Free email setup and unlimited email addresses


  •  Bit Expensive if you choose dedicated hosting with backups

WPX Hosting Black Friday 2019


Performance and security are not its features, its WPX hosting’s motto. WPX hosting CEO states that with the bad hosting experience he had, he was urged to start a hosting service. So, there will be no lapse in its reliable service and the security features. Moreover, the infrastructure is exclusively optimized for WordPress platforms ensuring better performance.

Customer Support

You might not have experienced a 30-second support response forever. WPX hosting has such a responsive team to assist you anytime. The team helps you with site migration, fixing technical issues and save your site from malware attacks. Indeed, 95% of its customer problems are resolved with the articles in its knowledge base.

Pricing Plans

All its pricing plans include free staging area, unlimited SSL’s, free DDoS protection and furthermore essential features. If choosing the annual mode, you can save some reasonable penny. But, you will experience the ever fastest performance.

Money-Back Guarantee

WPX hosting gets you 30 days money-back guarantee. But, please make a note that it is not applicable for domain registration fees.

User’s Opinion

WPX hosting is ranked as #1 trusted host by TrustPilot out of 140 hosting companies. I trust WPX hosting for its blazing speed and reliable service that takes my WordPress websites to newer heights.

#5 HostGator – Worth Paying

WPX Hosting Review

HostGator is a well-known brand in the hosting arsenal. And, it recently launched its WordPress cloud hosting solutions. Whatever hosting companies list you find, it will have HostGator for sure. The Houston based host partnering with tech giants like Cisco and Linux can offer reliable hosting service to its customers. It is acquired by Endurance International Group that also own few other popular hosts like Bluehost, FatCow, iPage, etc.

HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • Start Date: Wednesday, November 25th at 1:00 PM CST
  • End Date: Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 PM CST
  • HostGator Discount: Enjoy Up To 75% OFF

Features & Highlights

  •  WordPress cloud hosting plan includes daily automatic backups
  •  Unlimited databases, unlimited files
  •  Daily malware scan and automatic blocking of bot attacks
  •  Domain privacy to protect from spam emails, identity theft
  •  Managed WordPress hosting


  •  99.98% network uptime
  •  Hosting solutions for multiple CMS platforms
  •  Free migration service
  •  2.5 times higher speed
  •  Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard


  •  Compared to HostGator WordPress Cloud, its old shared hosting is slow
  •  Extra fees for real backups. Manual backups are provided for free.
  •  No free domain with hosting plans


The most crucial performance deciding factor is speed. Only the fast loading website can rank better in the search engines and appeals visitors to click through. Even during peak traffic times, HostGator keeps up its promises with proper uptime. With a high-end infrastructure and innovative hardware technology, HostGator can always give fierce competitions to other leading hosts in the industry.

HostGator Black Friday Deals 2019

Customer Support

HostGator has excellent video tutorials to serve its customers on various subjects. Moreover, you can get instant support from the team via live chat or phone. If you are prompting for support ticket system, you will get a detailed as well as a clear solution to your inquiries from the team of experts.

Pricing Plans

HostGator would be the best choice for startups and moderate websites and blogs. Few other hosts have starter plans itself much costlier with reasonable resource allocation. But, even that won’t require for most of the startups. In such cases, people would love to go with HostGator WordPress hosting or any other plans voluntarily.

Money Back Guarantee

HostGator provides 45 days money back guarantee. The 45 days is generous time to come up with a clear decision that to continue or move on to other hosting services.

User’s Opinion

I have been with HostGator for years, and I don’t find any reason to switch over to other hosting providers. The support team with their extensive assistance saved my site much time during an emergency.

#6 A2 Hosting – Makes Sense

It is very necessary to satisfy your users in order to maintain perfect business. A2 Hosting hosts your site on their SwiftServer platform and it has been in the game for a very long time now. They have an experience of 10 years and are quite good at what they do.

A2 hosting offers high powered web hosting solutions to your specific hosting needs. Your website may be either fresh or driving some reasonable traffic or rocking with colossal visitors; you have to host plans with A2 Hosting. A2 hosting team commitment towards the performance of your website will make you love using A2 hosting solutions forever. I could see major A2 hosting users recommend it for their friends and other webmasters.

A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • A2 Hosting Discount: Enjoy Up To 78% OFF
  • Anytime Money-back Guarantee

Features & Highlights

  •  Reliable and guaranteed uptime of 99.92%
  •  Fastest shared hosting service
  •  Best ever excellent customer support
  •  Free HackScan to protect your site from attacks
  •  Supports most of the open source CMS


  •  Free site migration and CDN
  •  Instant provision and activation
  •  Solid State Drive servers
  •  Choice between multiple global datacenters
  •  Reseller hosting plans for website designers and hosting experts
  •  Carbon neutral and green hosting


  • Expensive than standard prices
  • Cheapest plans will have more restrictions

A2 Hosting Black Friday Banner


A2 Hosting is reputable for its higher speed performance. Full SSD servers at no extra costs ensure ultimate fast loading of your websites. Moreover, A2 hosting plan includes CloudFlare CDN services that still boost up your server response rate. It has Turbo servers to experience 20 times faster-hosting experience. Altogether, A2 hosting can be the best in providing you the best hosting performance and keeps your website up for all the time.

Customer Support

A2 hosting offers 24/7/365 guru crew support via live chat phone, email, and ticket support system. Also, the team helps you choose your right hosting plan based on your website needs. The customer support team of A2 Hosting I more friendly and really knowledgeable. It has a well-organized knowledge base and blog pages to assist you on common issues or clarifications.

Pricing Plans

A2 hosting offers somehow affordable pricing. As it is guaranteed for reliable and fast performance, the cost is not high though. Once you start experiencing its features and see your website rocking, then you will realize that A2 hosting worth your money. Still, you can grab seasonal discounts on A2 hosting to cut-down your costs.

Money Back Guarantee

The unique thing about A2 Hosting is it’s anytime money-back guarantee. You can wind up its service and claim for a refund anytime. The only rule is if it is within 30 days, you will get a 100% refund. After that, you will be anyways getting prorated cost for your unused services. You can enjoy a risk-free hosting experience.

User’s Opinion

If a host can offer me an option to undergo a risk-free service with a reliable performance guarantee, then why should I think about quitting.

#7 Admania – Best WordPress AdSense Theme

Admania Black Friday Deals 2019

Everyone wants to improve their blog income. Indeed, even any small element on your blog or site must be focussed. Likewise, if you are searching for suitable WordPress themes for your AdSense-enabled site, then Admania from ThemeForest would be the one.

The 100% Gutenberg ready WordPress theme supports AMP features to make your site the most mobile-friendly. With around 16 layouts, it lets you design the site of your wish and place ads at the most critical places for more clicks. You can also boost your affiliate sales with the theme features like ad-optimized layouts and neat-look that offer great user experience.

It also comes with more exciting features like Ad-rotation to dynamically change the ad displays, magazine-style layouts, WooCommerce-compatible, sticky header for single post ad placement, schema mark-up and even more. On top of all, the Admania is one of the fastest loading premium WordPress themes scored high in the speed tests.

Admania Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Summary

  • 50% OFF on Admania WordPress AdSense Theme
  • Offer Sale is Live NOW
  • Coupon Code: No code required

Features & Highlights

  • Front-end ad live editor for editing chores
  • With boxed layouts, it lets you display more ads
  • Ad-block detection feature alerting readers to turn off the ad-block add-ons in their browser
  • Flexible options to fix your ads at logical places
  • 20 home page layouts and 7 single post layouts


  • Single click theme update
  • Unlimited color options
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Schema integrated
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Gutenberg-ready


  • The theme can be further improved with more features for multi-purpose

#8 StudioPress – Proven Solution

Genesis Framework is a popular WordPress theme, and many niche sites are using StudioPress child themes. Genesis child themes are very famous in this framework because it has inbuilt SEO, HTML5, Schema Support, and Fast Responsive.

StudioPress is among the most popular WordPress themes providers. StudioPress helps you to have your WordPress sites more amazing and fast loading. Themes have a greater contribution in offering user experience and better performance of any website. You can blindly go with StudioPress themes that offer everything that a WordPress site requires. StudioPress have more than 60 professional SEO and mobile friendly themes. Every StudioPress theme is built on the Genesis framework. Here I am going to share a set of features that StudioPress/Genesis can offer for your websites.

Genesis StudioPress Themes BFCM Deals

  • Genesis Discount: 30% OFF of the Genesis Pro annual fee for your first year
  • Coupon Code: SP3FREE

Features & Highlights

  •  Incredible layout options
  •  Robust and reliable framework
  •  Developer friendly
  •  Built-in security features
  •  SEO and mobile-responsive
  •  Gutenberg ready


  •  Themes for any business needs
  •  Impressive designs and drag-drop options
  •  Translation ready themes
  •  Lightweight and clean coded
  •  Affordable cost
  •  Unlimited updates and support
  •  Google AdSense support


  •  Can’t use Genesis framework alone for a full-fledged output
  •  Needs some technical skills to customize


You can use the Genesis framework on unlimited projects. Mostly developer and web designers would love to buy Genesis framework, to create multiple impressive themes with that. Entire StudioPress themes are fast, lightweight, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly at an affordable cost. With the few names in the WordPress themes arsenal, I would consider StudioPress in the top. Genesis framework is its masterpiece. StudioPress themes seamlessly work with the latest WordPress site builder, Gutenberg.

StudioPress Black Friday Banner

Customer Support

Being a lifetime member, you can premium support and lifetime updates for free. Moreover, StudioPress themes have well-informed documentation that itself let you get started with StudioPress themes of your own. Moreover, you can get extensive support from the team for issues anything related to your plan, themes, WordPress site setup, etc.

Pricing Plans

You don’t require paying annual fees like membership renewal. Thinking about the returns you get from StudioPress/Genesis, you will never get wrong investing in it. As recently, WP Engine acquired StudioPress, buying a WP Engine hosting plan enables you to access StudioPress themes and Genesis framework.

Money Back Guarantee

StudioPress offers 30 days money back guarantee on any theme purchase, Pro-Plus all themes pack or StudioPress site.

User’s Opinion

StudioPress helps me to transfer my blogging expertise to an extreme level. I bought StudioPress/Genesis a few years back and still; I am getting free updates without paying nothing extra.

#9 OptinMonster – Worth Spending 

OptinMonster Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

OptinMonster is such a must-to-have tools for WordPress users for a potential lead generation. Especially, when it comes to email list building, OptinMonster rocks for WordPress sites. Adding typical opt-in forms doesn’t work to grow your email subscribers list. Your opt-in form must appeal visitors to urge them to join your mailing list. OptinMonster tool helps you with its unique features to optimize your email list and simplifies your lead generation process.

OptinMonster Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • OptinMonster Discount: Grab Up To 60% OFF All Plans
  • 100% No-risk Money-back Guarantee For 14 days

Features & Highlights

  •  Exit-Intent technology to display opt-in forms when your visitors is about to leave your page
  •  Scroll based triggers that show pop-ups when the user scrolls down
  •  Option to have different opt-ins for different pages
  •  Easy A/B testing to check which works well
  •  Time-based triggers
  •  Built-in analytics
  •  Geolocation targeting
  •  Inactivity sensor to trigger the idle users to signup
  •  Full-screen welcome gates


  •  Well designed and impressive opt-in templates
  •  Easy to use editor for customizations
  •  Hassle-free integration with email marketing tools
  •  Good user interface
  •  Quick responsive support team


  •  You have to pay monthly for your forms and data maintenance
  •  It can be further optimized with more customization features


OptinMonster offers mobile-friendly pop-ups and drag-drop ability to build your forms more impressive and hassle-free. It has MonsterEffects, MonsterLinks, Exit-Intent and furthermore to improve your user experience and engagement level. Especially, OptinMonster works well for eCommerce stores online with higher conversions.

Also, it does not occupy much disk space slowing down your system performance. This tool does not slow down your website as it won’t occupy much server space. Optimal including OptinMonster in the list of best WordPress Plugins Black Friday deals 2018 or best WooCommerce Plugins Black Friday deals 2018.

OptinMonster Black Friday Banner

Customer Support

You can get assistance on basic inquiries or technical support via live chat or ticket support system. Probably, OptinMonster will get back to you instantly as to how fast its pop-ups are.

Pricing Plans

The money you are spending on OptinMonster would be your least investment to achieve higher conversions. This lead generation tool would be the best partner to monetize your blog and get the returns in multiples. It has four plans: basic, plus, pro and growth with extensive features.

Money-Back Guarantee

OptinMonster’s plan is included with a 100% risk-free double guarantee. As you don’t like to continue with OptinMonster, you can get your money back claiming within the 14 days of your purchase.

User’s Opinion

Ever since I started using OptinMonster, I could see a 200% increases in newsletter signups. Not only, but the email list; the pop-ups also are easy to create which appeals to my visitors to engage furthermore.

Winner – LiquidWeb

Every product or service which I have shared above is a must-to-have for the success of any WordPress sites. I have been using these with various combinations for different niche blogs, and it performs well. Among all, I would vote for LiquidWeb hosting service for any business website that needs resource scaling.

Best WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deals & Discounts 2018

Even though there are cheaper shared hosting solutions available with challenging features, few hosts specifically best Black Friday deals for WordPress custom-made hosting solutions. For serious WordPress users, whom website performance and traffic flow are highly concerned, WordPress hosting is the best choice. Though it seems costlier than shared hosting, it is worth investing.

Best WordPress Themes Black Friday Deals & Coupons 2018

Earlier, there were only very few theme marketplaces where you can buy your desired premium WordPress themes. With the increased popularity, there are thousands of WordPress themes available from plenty of trusted theme shops online. Among all, I have shared one of the most popular WordPress themes and framework that serves with more responsive and SEO-friendly themes for your WordPress websites.

Best WordPress Plugins Black Friday Deals & Offers 2018

The WordPress CMS is popular among the webmasters as you can easily customize your WordPress websites as you wish. It has plenty of built-in features and themes that are mobile-ready. In addition to all these, it has thousands of plug-ins to customize and optimize your website in all aspects. There are free plug-ins though. For more advanced functionalities, you can go with premium plug-ins with Best Black Friday deals for WordPress.

Best Woocommerce Plugins & Best Black Friday WordPress Deals 2018

The plug-in OptinMonster I have shared above is most favorite and used by experts for WooCommerce websites. The opt-in forms, pop-ups, welcome screen pop-ups, are highly crucial for e-commerce websites. To optimize your WordPress E-Commerce for higher engagement that resulting in higher conversions, OptinMonster has advanced features.

Best Black Friday Sale For WordPress Designers

I have been running multiple niche WordPress blogs. With that, I have got enough experience with various WordPress hosting, themes, and plug-ins. But, the great thing is; I do buy those tools only during Best Black Friday deals for WordPress/Cyber Monday seasons. So that, I can save huge money that I can invest in something else for the whole year. I wish you to make use of this to save your hard-earned money.

Conclusion on Best Black Friday Discounts for WordPress 2018

If you are a WordPress user or about to build WordPress websites, then you must check out this post on the best Black Friday deals for WordPress hosting, themes, and plug-ins. I am aware that I have shared only very few products and services. But, those are highly organized and filtered for WordPress platforms. If you are serious about optimizing your website for fast loading, responsive, SEO-friendly and engaging; you can buy the above-discussed tools.

If you have budget constraints, then you can prioritize based on your business needs and make use of the discount offers and try your maximum to own these products. But, don’t ever regret it at any cost.

Support Us: All product links provided here are all affiliate links and for every sale, through these links, I would be paid an affiliate commission from the service owners. I don’t get paid for product promotions from them. And I don’t charge anything from my users.

Help: Odd to find these deals and discounts elsewhere. So kindly share it with fellow marketers.

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