Top Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers

In this article, we are going to see the best Top Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers.

Ok, you may be here to know what to do if Google Adsense doesn’t satisfy you.

So, here is the way. There are many best alternatives to Google Adsense which we are going to see here. I was searching for an alternative to Google Adsense for the following reason.

  • The first thing which makes me search for Google Adsense is, I feel that the Adsense’s banner ads or text format ads in my blog may distract my visitors.
  • Another reason is, the bounce rate may increase if ads are more than the content in the site.
  • Ads may reduce the site speed.

Hence, I made a move with Google Adsense.

However, there are many positive sides in Google Adsense like we can use one account for many websites or blogs, Fast pay, etc.,

But, why do you search for Google Adsense Alternative? There might be a reason, right?

Maybe the reason like while you getting approval you might have failed or rejected for any reason. Or, you also feel for the same reasons which I mentioned above. Whatever may be, I will be happy if you share the reason in the comment box.

Eager to know the Google Adsense alternatives? Here is the list. Bookmark this post. Because once you wish to switch over to any other alternatives in future, this post will help you. Also, I am going to update this post as the reach of upcoming new blog monetization programs.

Revenue Hits

Adsense Alternatives

We know many people do blogging and earn more money than in a corporate job. What may be the reason to gain more money in blogging? The weapon is “Ads”. It is the real reason for bloggers to gain more money. So, as the name depicts Revenue Hits, it helps many bloggers to earn money. Actually Revenue hits is a performance-based advertising network. That is, CPA. Still, it pays for every CPM. I made it first in the list of Adsense alternative because it provides ads based on the traffic generated by the contents which are published. It will not provide for advertising need. Hence, it is also considered as Contextual and Geo Targeted Ad Network.

I recommend you to use Revenue Hits as it initiates the traffic ads. Also, it is very easy to register for “Revenue hits” which is free.

Adsense Alternatives

Last but not least, is the best alternative which many of the bloggers used to go with. It is the contextual ad network which is powered by Yahoo and Bing. We can earn money from advertising revenue. It also offers customized ad units which fit with your site look. It is customized to visible in mobile phone and tablet. Anyone can sign up with the invitation.


Adsense Alternatives

It is the popular Adsense alternative. It is an in-text link ad network which has been a profitable blog monetization network for many of the publishers. Infolinks offers various kinds of advertisements which you can place on your blog or website to earn money. Still the most popular one is an in-text ads unit. Another is in-frame ads unit. Sign Up with Infolinks and it has a less payment threshold.

Propeller Ads Media

Adsense Alternatives

The propeller Ads are nothing but advertising pop-up ads, video ads, mobile ads, Onclick ads. It is best for publisher and advertiser friendly. The Onclick ads are best which makes the user or visitor directly move on to the ads. The video ads wi be obtained for 10 to 30 seconds. The publisher can post ads relevant to the content of the website. Thus, Propeller Ads Media is the best alternative for Google Adsense.


Adsense Alternatives

Of course, many of us would come across this Adsense alternative.
We know direct advertisement is more valuable than Adsense and any ads. Actually Buysellads is an advertisement marketplace. Here we can accept or reject the ads once the ad is sold. If the ads are the niche to your content, you can accept it without any doubt. Once you accept it, you can see the ads in your website. It is simple to sign up with Buysellads. Just provide your website with correct details. You get the response in a maximum of 4 to 5 days.


Adsense Alternatives

It is the perfect alternative for a blog. This is, linking to a business or e-commerce site. We can earn money by making an affiliate sale. In case if you don’t have any outbound links, still you have niche money-related terms, then it will automatically add links to those terms. This is the best SEO friendly related ad program.


Adsense Alternatives

It is the another well-known Adsense alternative. It is a CPC product oriented program. We can earn money by adding the relevant ads which it usually does. Since it is the best idea to get more clicks. We can modify the color, URL, border, etc. We can also choose the referral program to earn more money. I suggest you to try this to earn money in the best way.


Adsense Alternatives

It is a pay per click advertising site. It works little different from the Adsense. It creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your blog. At the beginning process, we can’t earn money like alternatives. We can earn more money if we cope up with this for long. It offers Text ads, Banner ads, Mobile ads, Slider ads, etc., The minimum payment amount is $10 for PayPal and $50 for the check.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known concept for many of the bloggers. To be more accurate, it is a legitimate way to earn money. The process is very simple, we need to advertise the product or service of any advertisers in our blog. If any visitor buys the product through our website, we get a commission from the advertiser. This is one of the best professional Adsense alternatives.

Here are the best Affiliate Programs which I suggest – Shareasale, Commission Junction, JVZoo, Hosting Companies & IM Products

Direct Advertising

The another best alternative is Direct Advertising. It is using the direct ads in our blog or website. It helps to earn more money in an effective way. If you have enough traffic and readers to your site, then you can target the ads to them.

Do you have enough traffic to you site? If you want to improve your site traffic, please check this post.

The publisher or you will have a direct contact to add ads in your site. However, direct ads are similar to Adsense. But you earn for every single regard. To be simple, the difference is you get very low income in Adsense compared to Direct ads. You can start with direct ads by creating the advertising page. It includes selling text ads, banner ads, etc.,

Final Words

These are the best Google Adsense alternative. Hope you got the best alternative. In case if you don’t satisfy with anyone, then jump to any other in this list. If you know any of the Adsense Alternatives and still having doubt to use that? Share it with us in the comment box, we let you know.

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  1. Your website is great and unique, I am also trying to improve my traffic to my blog. Liked the article Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers.

  2. Hi Sathish!
    This post is quite useful for the online money making guys.
    My AdSense account got disabled due to invalid click. I need to switch myself to affiliate section.
    The article is worth checking indeed.

    Thanks for the Blog.!

    Sathish S

  3. These are some great alternatives to Google Adsense. My favorite alternative would be affiliate marketing. I promote products that are relevant to my niche and make a good income from it. The worst mistake anyone can do is trying to use all of them at once. It’s better to start off with one and keep on experimenting.

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