GetResponse vs MailChimp: Which Is The Best Email Marketing Tool To Start Email Marketing?

Have you ever heard about branding and promotion of business on internet? If yes then you might have heard about MailChimp, one of the leaders of email marketing industry. But, new innovations in this industry had made the leaders to worry about the strong fight given by other tools. GetResponse is one of the magnificent email marketing tools that is competing with MailChimp and is giving it a tough fight in different aspects. So, let go through this dominance battle and find does actually GetResponse is taking over MailChimp?

GetResponse & MailChimp: What’s Common?

GetResponse & MailChimp Some of the services they have in common are:

  • You can easily import the mailing list and can easily capture data through the website sign up forms.
  • You can design the HTML newsletters that are responsive and can add graphics, text, photos, videos, links and other media stuff.
  • You can welcome the new subscribers through a welcome note which is generated by Auto-responder system.
  • The statistics and performance reports can be managed Each and every newsletter can be tracked well.

GetResponse vs MailChimp: Features & Comparison

Some of the features of MailChimp and GetResponse had been discussed below. A comparison has been brought forward to identify which one is the best. So go through it and find the best tool for yourself.


GetResponse & MailChimp both offer a variety of appealing templates to the users. It is really hard to pick who is the winner when it comes to template and their design. Both have nice templates to pick from in their template box. You are even free to use your own HTML code on templates from both these tools. It is an added customization feature provided by them.


The user interface offered by GetResponse & MailChimp is different from each other. GetResponse offers a user interface that is bit traditional with drop down menus while the user interface of MailChimp is designed using minimalistic approach having big fonts and lots on functionality in wizard. Both the interfaces are really easy to operate. But I will personally prefer GetResponse interface as you need not to navigate too much in order to find specific features. Most of the features are present in menus.

Email Customization

The email templates can be customized with ease. Both have got WYSIWYG editor that allows you to drag and drop items on email templates. You can customize the newsletter template in your own way. It is quite difficult to judge which one is the best when it comes to email customization.


The templates of both the tools work really well on mobile devices and are inter-browser compatible. GetResponse handles the email templates nicely on mobile devices as compared to MailChimp. GetResponse’s templates can be previewed on right-hand side whenever you make editing, while you can’t check the MailChimp’s templates after editing in real time.

Split Testing

Split Testing is one of the most versatile features provided by email marketing tools. Split Testing is beneficial when a user wishes to check different versions of a template and record viewers response. With GetResponse, you can check about 5 variants of the email, while with MailChimp checking of only 2 variants are possible. Here, GetResponse clearly registers a win over MailChimp.


Both GetResponse & MailChimp provides comprehensive reports to the users. You can check out the performance of every newsletter you send to your customers. You can analyze the number of clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces, and other relevant details related to newsletters. The location and IP address of the receivers can also be tracked easily. Both these tools have got fabulous reporting system.


GetResponse & MailChimp are integrated with several third-party services. Services like BigCommerce, Magento, PayPal, Facebook, and few others are common in both these tools. Social media and social networking sites can be integrated with your email newsletters for better promotion and in this way you can keep your customers in touch with your social media pages. There are several more third-party services that are integrated with both these tools. So, start ahead with these tools and get to know about these services.

Landing Page

Landing page creator is one of the strongest features of GetResponse that outreaches MailChimp as it is absent in MailChimp. A/B Testing is possible with these landing pages and up to 5 versions can be checked simultaneously.

GetResponse vs MailChimp Which Is The Best Email Marketing Tool To Start Email Marketing 1

Auto Responder System

Both MailChimp and GetResponse help you to welcome new subscribers with welcome note. This functionality is auto-responder system. There is hardly any point of difference when we talk about this feature.


If you are interested in buying GetResponse services then you have to pay a minimum of $55 each month for 2500 subscribers. If you wish to buy MailChimp’s services then you have to pay $30 each month for 2500 subscribers. Surely, GetResponse is leading MailChimp in this aspect too.

GetResponse vs MailChimp Which Is The Best Email Marketing Tool To Start Email Marketing 2

Reasons to Buy GetResponse Over MailChimp

There are numerous reasons to opt for services of GetResponse over MailChimp. Some of them have been listed below.

  • GetResponse will work at cheaper price as compared to MailChimp. The plans and packages are available at low price when compared to MailChimp.
  • The Split Testing functionality of GetResponse is better than that of GetResponse.
  • MailChimp lacks landing page creator which is heavily needed by your website.
  • GetResponse is comparatively more flexible when it comes to template design and choices.

So, above we have read about some of the quality of features of both these tools. We can clearly see that GetResponse has a major hold over MailChimp when it comes to most of the features like pricing, landing page creator, split testing and few others. I will definitely opt for GetResponse over MailChimp. Will you? Take a good decision considering your needs and requirements as email marketing will help your business in reaching the next level.

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  1. Both of them are best in their own ways. MailChimp is best for people having no budget or low budget while GetResposne is quite expensive. So, mostly people prefer to use MailChimp due to its extensive features and popularity.

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