GetResponse VS UnBounce Landing Page Builder Review: Detailed Comparison

This article is going to be the true review of two amazing Landing Page Builder tools. Landing Pages, which are considered as an important part of lead building may be created in several ways. The two most common ways are, self-coding and the next is using a tool. Nobody wants to get their hands dirty with code, that’s why a tool is preferred most of the time.

Let’s get started with the review of these two incredible tools, which are GetResponse Landing Page Builder and UnBounce Landing Page Builder.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder Overview:

GetResponse VS UnBounce Landing Page Builder Review Detailed Comparison

GetResponse is a name like a direction star in the sea of Email marketing. They have all the stuff which you may need to touch the heights of email marketing success. GetResponse Landing Page Builder is just a small part or tool of their all program. But still it is powerful than any other Landing Page Builder.

Here are features of GetResponse Landing Page Builder.

  • You do not required to do any kind of code at all. This is the Best thing of GetResponse Landing Page Builder for the beginners. Generally to create such amazing Landing pages coding is required. But GetResponse Landing Page Builder is giving you the same flexibility but with a new twist. You have to just move away the things here and there and has to tell it what type of Landing page you require.
  • Web forms are something that are truly a lot useful in the matter of capturing leads at faster rates. GetResponse Landing Page Builder provides you all necessary stuff to build amazing Web forms.
  • It offers Google Analytics Integration that lets you to check how your Landing pages are performing and you can immediately make changes if any of the thing is odd than your lead generation strategy.
  • They have ultimate Drag and Drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. You can create pretty much awesome Landing pages by including a lots of small and big elements to add. You’ll be experience like a hero building the landing Pages.
  • You can embed YouTube and include Facebook within your landing easily. Social Media Icons have always been proven more successful to generate leads.
  • They have subdomains to offer you for the Landing pages you built with them. You can also host the landing pages at no extra cost with the use of GetResponse Landing Page Builder. Many Landing Pages do not provide this kind of functionality.
  • Their package provides 100+ templates that lets you to edit themselves so that you can create beautiful landing page on the go without spending any extra time.
  • It is important that your Landing page should look awesomely beautiful. Images and visual graphics play a very important role in making the Landing page beautiful than ever. GetResponse Landing Page Builder has an inbuilt Image editor which lets you to edit the images in an incredible way. They also have more than 1000 images to add you in the Landing pages.
  • You get ultimate A/B testing features which again are very important to achieve long term goals in this regard. You can check with A/B testing from your previous experiments and can make the things better next time.

UnBounce Landing Page Builder Overview:

GetResponse VS UnBounce Landing Page Builder Review Detailed Comparison 1

UnBounce is an awesome platform to create beautiful and creative Landing Pages. It will make anyone to fall in love with it in first interaction. More than its features it’s amazing just because of the beautifulness of the Landing pages it created which directly attract the subscribers and is high convertible too.

Here are the features of UnBounce Landing Page Builder enlisted.

  • Drag and Drop feature makes everything in building the Landing page simple. All the elements can be inserted into the Landing Page by just simple Dragging and Dropping.
  • They offer features like parallax scrolling and full page background images to make the landing page highly convertible.
  • All the Landing pages created with it are Mobile responsive because more than 40% leads are probably now from portable devices.
  • They have all Lead Generation tools such as form building tools without any coding, direct email generation.
  • They provide ultimate and unique features like Dynamic text replacement and script manager using which you can improve the relevance of your page and add analytics tags automatically respectively.
  • It has the features of automatic SSL Encryption and Real time stats to give you complete security and all the necessary details to grow more.
  • It provides one click integrations with a lot of software and tools such as 1-click WordPress integration.
  • It provides you Multi-user and client Management tools. Also provides the A/B testing tools to lead in the sector of lead generation and improve with time.
  • They offer custom domains and Lead Notification Email features also.


Pricing for both of the plans are pretty much good for the level of features these tools offer. You can compare the plans and check whether which suits for you depending upon the number of leads you want to generate or several other factors. For it, you can visit the official Pricing Pages of both of the tools and here for illustration, we have given the screenshots also.

UnBounce Pricing Plans

GetResponse VS UnBounce Landing Page Builder Review Detailed Comparison 4

GetResponse Pricing Plans


We have to conclude and decide which the Best among both of these wonderful tools is. We consider two factors, the pricing and the features. If we talk about the features, without any doubt both of the tools have necessary elements that can make out landing pages really amazing. Though the features are quite similar, yet there is a difference in Pricing. Now what the difference is, GetResponse offers you complete email marketing solution tools at just one Pricing plans while on the other hand if we talk about UnBounce, it provides us the features to create only Landing Pages.Thus, we conclude GetResponse as the Best Landing Page Builder tool.

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  1. Hi Sathish,

    I have used GetResponse for quite some time and I have to admit that it is one of the best email marketing solutions for bloggers.

    I have no experience with UnBounce but after reading the comparison it also looks promising.

    Thanks for the great read.

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