Traffic Crow Completed 3 Years “Successfully”

Happy birthday TRAFFIC CROW! Excellent three years had flown, so now Traffic Crow is in its 3rd anniversary. I am really happy today because before three years on this same day I made my eternity of traffic crow and this gave me a way to a new unimaginable world. After the grand opening of traffic crow, I enjoyed some dozens and dozens of changes in my blogging career.

To enjoy this beautiful day, I would like to share some of my blogging journey and the things which I have learned from the 1st year of blogging. I hope this post might reveal some of the secrets of Traffic crow!!

Actually, I started this site on 12/12/2013. There are main two reasons for choosing this specific date.

Would you like to know it??

Here are the reasons,

1. My most favorite actor SUPERSTAR RAJNIKANTH’S Birthday.
2. This was the day when my sister got married. (12/12/13)

So I have chosen this date to make this day as a more special one!

My First Few Steps in Traffic Crow:

At the initial stage, I didn’t have a vast knowledge on blogging, so I just started the Traffic Crow with just a few ideas. This makes me to face various problems and issues in all cases like both internal and external ways of Traffic Crow. And tools like On Page, off page, Content Management and SEO were acts to be very tough things to handle. Then I found better balances on my blogging journey by learning various things and by concentrating on the main areas.

Spectacular 2nd & 3rd Year:

On this past two years, I have learned many new things by many activities which act to trial and error. And I had implemented many irresistible changes in the 3rd year. This help to attain great extent on the business. These last two years involves both pros and cons which gave me some beneficiaries and lessons too. On the 2nd year, I started to post some unique content on covering the topics of WordPress. I have chosen this type of blogging due to my passion and to convey my own experiences on each blog which might help all the newbie bloggers. And I found out that WHITE HAT SEO is the best tool to survive and to fascinate many people with the aid of quality blogs.

And on this third year, I achieved a lot in BLACK FRIDAY because it is the effort of last two years. I usually try a lot to see some bucks on this BLACK FRIDAY from last two years. But really it doesn’t work out well due to some factors. But on this year I grabbed some tricks like quality unique contents and social media networking helps me a lot to achieve success. And the great team is the perfect support to enjoy this grand success.

While enjoying this wonderful success, our Traffic Crow team is entering into its 3rd Anniversary!!

Thanks to Kulwant nagi, the founder of Blogging cage

At initial I had some knowledge on SEO by learning and it involves both success and failure due to the lack of knowledge on effective implementation process.

On that time I joined to Kulwant nagi’s affiliate marketing training. It gave me a wide knowledge on various factors and the each tactics are very helpful. So I just implemented such things and enjoyed big changes in this affiliate marketing field. Within 2-3 months I started to earn good money. This year I made a good success on affiliate marketing.

So indeed I have to give a big hats off and thanks to Kulwant Nagi.

My dreams of to achieve on this upcoming 4th year:

  • I started my some work on amazon so I have make success by using some strategies.
  • I would like to introduce more niche blogs with good rankings.
  • Going to start smart work by perfect team.
  • Want to attaining good traffic on trafficcrow blog.
  • Want to boost sales on affiliate marketing by learning various strategies.

Best and favorite articles of this year:

List of Guest post & Sponsor post of 2018

Following are the interview which I have published on this year

I hope to have a fantastic fourth year by succeeding many new achievements. And I believe that the blessings of my Grandpa will take me to the other successful, pleasant year!!

Now share me some of your feedbacks which help me to attain more success on Traffic Crow!!

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3 thoughts on “Traffic Crow Completed 3 Years “Successfully””

  1. Wow, Sathish your journey is fabulous and it motivates me a lot. I am definitely gonna try hand on Blogging but too much confused in choosing a perfect niche 🙁

    I wish if you help me or share some guidance on, how to choose niche!

    Thank you in advance and good luck for upcoming years.


  2. Hello Sathish,

    Firstly Congratulation for this journy & Best of luck for the future updates!
    Personally i am big fan of Superstar Rajnikant. There always motivate me. Already watched kaballi for 18Times.

    By the way its first time on your blog but i seen you somewhere but didnt remember you!

    Again congratulation for this journy!

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