Complete On Page SEO Factors Guide 2021 – Build Your SEO Empire

The On-Page SEO is very much important to build your Online Presence. The Off Page and On Page SEO both have the same worth in triggering your website exposure over online organically. The organic way of reaching huge target audience will cost you less than the paid method of promotion. The complete On Page SEO factors will be promoted in this section.

Complete On Page SEO Factors – Build Your SEO Empire

The On-Page Search Engine Optimization will help you do the proper SEO on the go. You optimize the things within your web content and within your website structure dynamically.

The essentials and important On-Page SEO factors and the method of implementing On-Page SEO will be discussed perfectly in this article.

Benefits of On Page Search Engine Optimization

The On Page SEO has several features and benefits. The below benefits would be helpful in finding the On Page SEO factor's power.

  • Rank your Website higher in the SERP
  • Helps the search engine's crawler analyze the content perfectly
  • Huge Organic Traffic to your site
  • Great Click Through Rate & Conversion
  • Increased accessing of your website organically
  • Reduces the cost of marketing your website
  • Increases the revenue or lead drastically.

The below topics would be discussed in depth and you’ll sure love our On-Page SEO strategy as well.

The illustrated On-page SEO tactics and all other essential factors influencing the whole online strategy would be demonstrated in a very pretty way via this On-page seo guide.

#1. Fundamental On-Page SEO Factors

The On-Page SEO factors that are usually implemented are listed below. You should optimize the content very well by properly doing the basic tweaks and fundamental things.

Some of the On-Page factors are Post Title, Meta Description, Keywords Selection & Placement, Alternate Text, Site Speed and more things (shown below).

#Post Title

The post title optimization is one of the important On-Page SEO factors. You should take care of the Post Title before hitting the publish button.

The post title shouldn’t be too lengthy or too short in any case. Your focus keyword should be placed on your Post Title initially. I recommend you write the eye-catchy headlines to grab huge visitors over the Search Engine Platform.


#Title Tag

The title tag is the backend module that helps the Search Engine Robot to crawl the topic headlines. It is recommended to write the Title Tag with no duplicate or any existing title. Kindly, search online whether your title already exists or not before publishing.

The modifiers also play a vital role in driving traffic via On-Page technique. You are most recommended to add the trigger words inside the content body as well as on the blog title. Some of the best modifiers are Best, Top 10, Cheap, List, 2021, Today and more that attracts the visitors.


This would help your CTR – Click Through Rate via SERP. So, make your headings with trigger modifiers and enhance your On-Page Strategy to the next level.

#Meta Description

The meta description is the phrase that helps the visitors look into the short summary of your content on the SERP – Search Engine Result Page.

You should be creative in compiling your meta description and never forget to add your Focus Keyword naturally into it. There are too many SEO plugins for your WordPress site and it will be helpful in writing your Meta Description perfectly.


#Image Optimization

You could also drive traffic by optimizing your images and visuals by providing proper ALT Text content. The image alternate tag could be placed by right clicking the images and editing their complete settings on the go.

I recommend you write the appropriate keywords that reflect the image. Because the raw file keyword will be assessed by the online robots. It helps you optimize your image content better than before.


#Website Speed

The website speed should be also considered as one of the On-Page SEO factors. You should have a look at your weblog/site speed frequently and work according to it.

The Search Engines love the speedy website and it is a major game changer for your SERP. I suggest you check the website speed and response time as soon as possible. Finally, you should fix it to load your website faster than you guess.

Optimizing the HTML heavy codings, Compressing the images, Combining the CSS & HTML as a whole and GZIP compression could definitely make your website load quicker as well.

It is very important to choose the wise hosting network as it is the only responsible factor for your website speed variations. I recommend you try WPX Hosting Platform for a better hosting experience as well.

#Responsive Design

The design is the major criterion that keeps your web visitor stay with you longer surfing your site. The good design always wins the heart online. So, make your website more appealing and attractive to the maximum level.

The responsive design also acts as a must-have On-Page SEO factor. Your website should have a responsive web design and shouldn’t mess up with the mobile browser as well. So, make sure your website could be accessible on different platforms.

#Fix Webmaster Problem

Fixing your webmaster issue could help you achieve more On-Page SEO power without any doubt. There are several webmaster tools available online and you could link your website and fix every issue that arises on your website.

This could drastically improve the website performance and boosts your On-Page Strategy.

#Bold & Italic

Make your content more readable and also compile them in a pleasant way that should bring the attention of the readers to continue reading the content.

Formatting your content with paragraphs, bullets, numberings, and italicizing the content would help your reader stay on your content for sure.

#2. On-Page SEO For Links

The On-Page SEO for links and other related things will be showcased below. The link optimization is the must-have On-Page SEO factor and it also alters the performance of our website over Search Engine.

Some of the factors that influence the On-Page SEO for links are listed below.

#Proper External Links

Providing the proper external link to any authority or trusted source could help the Search Engine Bots analyze your content vigorously. Mix your external link with do-follow and no-follow relation naturally to boost the On-page SEO strategy.


#Natural Internal Links

Linking your own existing content within the content could help the link juice pass very naturally. It helps your website crawl very quick and index the various page as the link juice gets passed.

Linking your existing content could help you reduce the bounce rate and keep the visitors surfing your website for sure.


#Remove Stop Words

The stop words affect your potential space for the keywords as the stop word occupies the valuable spot in your post URL link. So, the common stop words such as “above, about, on, at, behind and etc”.

Kindly, avoid adding the stop words in your post Slug URL link. It will make your URL looks short and reserves the potential focus keywords for sure.

#Social Sharing Plugin

The social sharing plugin is one if the unavoidable Best On-Page SEO technique in these days. The booming of Social Media Platform and the keen interest on Social Media makes them more active internet place than any other online hub.

So, you should use the power of Social Media presence by implementing the Social Sharing Plugin on your blog. It will allow the users to share the content without any hassle.

Also, Social Signals are considered as one of the ranking factors on the search engine.

#SEO Friendly URL

You should apply adding your focus keyword inside your Blog Post URL. It will increase the chance of appearing more times on the SERP. It helps your blog post optimize very well due to the short SEO-Friendly URL.

You may also inject the related keyword that describes your content and avoid stop words in your URL structure.


#Freshness of Site, Page & Links

We include content, links in our page. We should update the content and built the links so that our site will be visible in search engine. If not the site will not be followed by the search engine.

#Broken Links

It is the links which does not work or exist. The broken links make your site not to indexed by the search engine. For example, directing the user to 404 error page while clicking a link in your site.

It makes your visitors with bad experience eventually. To overcome this, we have numerous tools in Google to find the broken links in your site.

#3. On-Page SEO For Keywords

The keyword optimization, keyword placement, keyword density, LSI keyword, etc play a major role in On-Page SEO strategy. The main fundamental concepts will be discussed below.

#Optimizing Heading Tags

The heading tags should be well structured by formatting them with the H2, H3, & more. The heading tag plays a crucial role in identifying your content type on the search engine.

So, add your focus keywords on your heading area as well.

#Drop Keyword within first 100 words

The important keyword that you are about to target should be naturally placed within the first 100 words of your content. This will help your content optimize perfectly for the SEO.

Also, provide the relevant keywords if possible within the first 100 words of your content. It is considered as the major On-Page implementation.

#Apply LSI keywords

The LSI keywords are the one that helps your content discover on the SERP. LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are the relevant keywords that the people search online.

For Example, if your content is all about Steve Job’s Apple product, then your content will be displayed only for the Search Query related to the Apple Gadget product and not the Fruit Apple. This happens due to the LSI keywords.

#Naturally Placed Keywords

You should concentrate on placing or including the focus keywords naturally inside your content rather than stuffing them. The stuffing concept could fall under the Black Hat SEO strategy and it will hurt your website the most.

So, never ever stuff your keywords madly inside your body of the content. Keep everything natural.

Make your keyword looks natural. It is one of the essential On-Page SEO factors that one must follow effectively.

#Long Tail Keywords

The long tail keyword helps you gain the traffic very quickly and rank well then the short keyword. The long tail keyword performs well for the budding websites.



Short Tail Keyword – buy iPhone
Medium Tail Keyword – buy iPhone Red
Long Tail Keyword – buy iPhone 7 Red in Texas

I hope you’ve got the idea about Long Tail Keywords from the above reference.

#Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is nothing but often using same keywords are phrases in the content. It never makes your site to visible at the top of the search engine. An example is shown below where keyword is used enourmously.

#4. On-Page SEO for Content Writing

The content writing is the key success for your SEO. The On-Page SEO could be improved a lot via your content. So, concentrating on your content writing is a good practice for SEO purpose dynamically.

Some of the fundamental techniques for optimizing the content for the Search Engine will be showcased below.


The content length is considered as one of the major ranking factors in these days.

As per the recent survey, the longer content ranks well and performs better on the SERP than the shorter content.

If you need to beat your competitor, you need to provide the content that has more word counts than the competitor. Also, you should focus on the quality and readability of the content as well.

It is a noticeable On-Page SEO factor as it guarantees the ranking possibilities on the SERP platforms.

#In-depth Content

The in-depth content is the one which is most loved by the Search Engines. The well-researched content that helps the users satisfy their needs performs very well. So, you’re suggested to write the blog post content in-depth.

The case study and compilation content work better than the usual generic content type. It is also considered as one of the major On-Page SEO factors.

#High-Quality Content

The high-quality content deserves the first page on any Search Engine Result Page. The quality content will be analyzed and picked by the Search Engine Robots with their encrypted algorithm.

Your content should be flawlessly written and shouldn’t have any grammatical errors. The error free content brings huge exposure over SERP.

I recommend you write the perfect article without any flaws.

#Proof Read your Content

Proofreading your content is the majestic On-Page SEO factor that one should take care the most. The proofread content helps you debug the errors before hitting the publish button.

There are too many online tools and software available online for proofreading the content. This helps you find the errors and spelling mistakes as well.

I strongly suggest you try Grammarly tool for enhancing your web content in a better way.

#Don’t Use Duplicate Contents or Rewrite Content

If you copy the content and edit it for your blog, it is just like reproducing the same content. It will not be SEO friendly and doesn’t make your post/page to visible at the top. The main thing to be considered here is, write unique content for your site. We can refer few sites, but the content should be unique. This makes your site to visible at the top.

Another important note here is, make sure you that the content is not copied or duplicated in any other area of your site.

For example, if the content of About Us page is copied in the other page of your site. It is not good. Because the search engine will catch the content and find it as duplicated content. For using the copy, make the content as “no index”.

#Pro OnPage Tip - My Experiment

Some of the pro tips that I have learned and implemented are shown below. Carefully carry out every process and get benefited as soon as possible.

  • Try to analyze the Low Competitive Keywords and Long Tail Keyword first. Target the keyword that has up to 100 searches and then target the higher search volume keyword later.
  • Write the main focus keyword inside the title tag and don’t forget to add the trigger words that helps the people click the title on the Search Engine Result Page.
  • Post title shouldn’t exceed 60 characters and you should write your focus keyword initially to boost your ranking possibilities.
  • Add the focus keyword inside your Meta Description and also optimize the meta description with your related keywords.
  • You must add the Focus Keyword within the first 100 words of your content and also add 2 to 3 buyer keywords such as Promo, Discounts, Offers and more to generate more lead for your money making the blog post.
  • Try to keep your website post URL short and should be SEO friendly.
  • The heading tag should be properly optimized and try to add H2 Heading tag within 200 words of your web content. Keep your heading structure in a sequential order (Say H2, H3 & H4) alone. Also, add the related keywords in your heading tags to optimize the content for more relevancy.
  • Internal linking to your existing post should be done without fail. Don’t link your existing content by giving the hyper link on the generic word such as Read More, Click Here, Get this and other crappy words. Try to hyperlink to the keyword that has natural texts and should be relevant as well.
  • The external linking is also very important and you shouldn’t ignore that. Try to link to the external trusted source and don’t try to link to the spammy or low-quality content website in any case.
  • The ALT text and ALT images are the most under rated On Page SEO factor. These on page seo best practices should be implemented as it worked for me very well.
  • Related keywords such as LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing keywords should be naturally placed inside your content and add up to 8 keywords for every 1000 words to maintain the good keyword density.
  • If you’re preparing for any Money Making Blog Post, try to write few relevant blog post first and then write the Money Making Blog Post. Finally, link your existing relevant content pointing to your major Money Making Blog Post. This will give your Money Making Blog Post a great headstart.


The On Page SEO techniques and factors are well explained via this blog post. Also, the secret strategy and the professional tips are also discussed in the above section. Here, you must implement the proper On Page SEO as mentioned in this article to boost your website presence online.

It is mandatory to optimize your website with the On Page SEO factors as it helps the Search Engine Bot deeply analyze your web content in a pretty awesome way. Higher the organic traffic, higher the conversion would be.

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