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In this article, I am writing about web 2.0 submissions for SEO benefits and compiling authority dofollow web 2.0 sites list for generating quality backlinks and to improve your website or blog traffic.

What is Web 2.0?

The 2nd generation of the internet or evolution in the history of web services refers to web 2.0. Earlier, there were internet pages which are static and only you can read from the web pages. There won’t be many webmasters contributing to the web.

Now in web 2.0, the pages soon became dynamic. Any internet user with web 2.0 can create their own pages, participate in commenting, and put pictures, articles to communicate or interact with any other user. Such Web 2.0 sites list include blogs, social networking sites, video sharing platforms, etc.

Web 2.0 sites submission for SEO

Web 2.0 sites are the web pages or domains enabling internet users to be more interactive through user-generating content. For an instant, Youtube is not only to watch videos. You can also contribute videos to the library sharing your thoughts on the web. Similarly, few another popular web 2.0 sites are Facebook, Twitter,, and web 2.0 sites list go endless.

How would this sort of Web 2.0 sites be helpful in SEO?

You cannot contradict that backlinks have no value for SEO. When we think about off-page, link building has its equal importance. For contextual link building, web 2.0 submission is a powerful way. Since it enables users to create an own blog to publish content relevant to their business or niche. is a well-known example allows you to have a page or sub-domain publishing your content and placing links to your official website or money-making landing pages. Moreover, you can have links for anchor texts that may be your targeted potential keywords. If you are not using Long Tail Pro premium tool, make use of its Black Friday deals. Buy it at discounted rates and make your keyword research, a profitable one. It is worth paying. does have DA of 97. Few other favorite sites are Tumblr (DA-98), Blogger (DA-97).

Getting a backlink from authority sites now becomes simpler with user-generated content. Hence, web 2.0 is efficient for generating unique authority backlinks to boost your link profile. Obviously, it will be resulting in best SEO and high SERP ranking.

Make it free

Web 2.0 encourages you to share your content through a blog or subdomain at free of cost. Most of the web 2.0 sites would be offering easy sign-up or blog creation feature. It might not take much time to have a web page to publish your content.

Control over links

Unlike other link building strategies, in web 2.0 you are creating content and generating backlinks to your website. By which, you can have complete control over the anchor text, link type, number of backlinks, etc.

Whenever you want to remove or modify the link placements, you can do it at any time. You don’t require another person to involve in this to place, edit or remove links.

No limit on the number of links

You can publish a limitless number of posts with any content length. Hence, you can have no limit on the number of backlinks. You can get backlinks from every authority web 2.0 sites to your commercial page or website. Every quality backlinks will have a greater effect in gaining your domain authority and finally, ranking improvement.

Do Web 2.0 falls under Gray-Hat SEO Technique?

Yes. Web 2.0 comes under gray-hat SEO techniques. Any user can generate, edit and manipulate content in the web 2.0 websites. For your clear understanding, think of Wikipedia. You can edit Wikipedia pages if you find something contradictory or misleading if you are definite about. It means you can tweak the content.

To be precise, in web 2.0 you can generate, and tweak the web page for the sake of link building. Now, it refers to gray hat technique obviously. A high recommendation is to be active in such web 2.0 sites and use it to improve your user engagement instead of merely promoting your blog posts.

Things to remember to build Web 2.0 backlinks

Here are the key points to consider while using the best web 2.0 sites for backlinks.

#1.Have realistic web 2.0 blogs

I would suggest treating it as your primary website and working accordingly. Make sure that the blogs you create must be look-like real one. The blog page you have should not trigger Google or other search engines to understand that you are doing it with the intention of building backlinks.

#2. Pick a suitable domain name

The next primary thing is to choose your appropriate blog site address or domain name. The smart idea is to have a niche relevant name. Considering your niche as an automotive, then have domain names including crazybikes, automotiveadventures, roadbikesfantastic, etc.

#3. Use standard blog themes

It is recommendable to apply blog style themes on your web 2.0 pages. It must includes about us, contact page with decent contact forms, privacy policy page and furthermore. You may choose Elegant Themes to fulfill all your blogging theme needs. You can also avail some big discounts on Elegant Themes during Black Friday Seasons. You have to make your users as well as search engines to trust that your blog or web 2.0 page is more authentic and active.

#4. Present well-informed content

The frequency and the quality of content publishing might give a clue to search engines that it is a real blog or persisting to generate backlinks. To escape wisely from the eyes of search engines, do publish well-informed, plagiarism free in-depth content frequently.

#5. Embed multimedia formats

To make your page more interactive and to grab more visitors, you have to use relevant and informative multimedia visual content in the form of videos, screenshots, images, FAQ’s, table of contents, etc.

#6. Do proper on-page optimization

Similar to your business websites take more care about web 2.0 blogs as well. Make sure that all on-page factors are set well. You may use the recommendations from Yoast plug-in to have perfect on-page settings.

#7. Link to other informative pages

Don’t be keener in placing backlinks to your commercial or primary website pages. Place other external links of more relevant and informative to keep your engaged and to stick to your page provides in-depth information on a specific topic.

#8. Place links naturally

Backlinks pointing to your money making site or page should happen naturally. Irrelevant link placements will get you caught, and it will ruin your content quality. You can generate more content relevant to your primary site so that link placements will be simpler.

#9. Create separate email id for Web 2.0

Creating web 2.0 blogs or having a web 2.0 submission is a lengthier process. But it is worthy of doing. However, have proper planning, pick your best suitable web 2.0 sites, content creation, and schedule posts to make it more effective. Another critical factor is to have separate email id for your entire web 2.0 related tasks.

#9. Don’t have anything fake

To combine all the above points, you have to be real. At any cost, don’t represent anything fake. Building trust among internet users and search engines is a crucial factor.

Top Web 2.0 Sites List for Backlinks and SEO Benefits

Having entire details about web 2.0 sites in hand, make use of the below high authoritative web 2.0 sites list for building a decent number of quality backlinks. Firstly, you can choose top 10 web 2.0 sites and take it further. Once all set, you can extend the numbers. So that, you can manage wisely.

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Over to you on Web 2.0 Sites List

Everyone would go searching for authority web 2.0 sites list to generate more quality backlinks. Indeed, anything you do; it is recommended to pay more attention to the quality of the links than quantity. It will be immensely improving your link profile.

For which, you can employ web 2.0 sites for authority backlinks. Here I have shared such popular and quality web 2.0 sites list. Using these sites, you can create content, tweak as you desire and make your link building more powerful. Do it smartly by the way that you don’t get penalized by Google algorithms and get better SERP rankings for the long run.

However, I am aware that still there are loads of quality sites which I have not included in this list. But, I will put my efforts further to keep updating and including more number of web 2.0 sites. Further, I am glad to know your experience in using web 2.0 sites for SEO. Feel free to put it in the comments section below.

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  6. Hi Sathish. Thanks for this resourceful article. It’s important from a business perspective that we need to leverage all possible opportunities that adds vale to the business entity. Platform like medium comes with a certain authority. Publishing article on these platform not only gives us a backlink also an opportunity to drive referral traffic to our website.

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