Blog Commenting Guide 2023: Learn How To Drive Organic Traffic

Do you remember your recent blog comment? Where and when did you comment? Is it approved? What was your purpose behind blog commenting? If you haven’t researched more about it, still commenting, then this blog commenting guide is for you. You will get to know every edge of blog commenting.

Blog commenting might seem like a simple strategy, but only if you do it rightly. Likewise, there are more interesting things to have a close look at when we talk about blog commenting.

Blog Commenting is for what?

Over the years, blog comments are getting more abusive. The majority of the comments these days are spam over the web. Anyways, the Akismet plug-in can prevent such spam comments. Still, contributing spun comments is meaningless.

Though blog comments can get you backlinks, link building is not the sole intention. Blog commenting is legitimate to build relationships. Blog comments can help you in branding, bringing traffic, and even more. It’s a gateway to interact with other bloggers. Blog commenting lets you speak to the public on a topic. Take it as an opportunity to share your insights on a subject to your target audience.

Indeed, it is nothing but commenting on other blogs or sites to be interactive among the blogging community.

Significant Benefits of Blog Commenting

People have got into misconceptions that blog commenting is to get backlinks. Hence, the strategy is misused. And, the volume of irrelevant and spam comments are increasing every day. Even, 70% of the comments I receive are spammy. Otherwise, a single line comment for the sake of commenting. With no hesitation, I will mark it as spam or trash it.

But, keep insisting yourself that blog commenting is not indeed a link building technique. It offers you even more valuable remunerations. To inspire you, below are those.


It is hard to get in touch with top influencers in your niche, even through emails. Rarely, you will receive a response. Sometimes, you won’t. Thankfully, the blog commenting section can provide you chances to interact with experts.

You could see some conversational type of blog comments. If you find it interesting or informative, you can throw your ideas joining the conversation.

As much as your comment is valuable, your contribution will get noticed. This forms a baseline to develop your relationship with those specific top influencers further. Then, you will get introduced to more bloggers in your niche.

You are also getting popular as a person. It’s nothing but personal branding.

#Organic Traffic

Even if your blog receives some good traffic, it must be converting. Else, you must optimize your promotional strategies. Hence, thriving organic traffic is a strategic one. Only then, the conversion will be high.

However, it is always advisable to comment only on niche relevant blogs. In that case, the target blog readers are obviously your target audience. The real people those who might be curious about your brand products and services. If your comment can trigger and drive them to your page (with a link), then it is highly organic.

#Learning platform

Indeed, you will have to read the blog post article before commenting. While reading a variety of articles in your niche, you will get exposed to great ideas. You will get to learn many new things that are most relevant to your niche.

Moreover, while reading other comments by other commenters, you can understand what your target audience intent. You can notice any issue or appeal by them over there. If you could offer them a solution, then you may publish an article on your blog about it.

Blog comments can help you improve your knowledge. Also, assist you in understanding your target audience’s mindset.

#Blog exposure

Your blog can gain exposure among vast online users. Some people treat blog commenting as a strategy and sincerely contribute comments. Being a regular blog commenter or even the earliest blog commenters on other popular blogs, you will get noticed. The people can start trusting you that you are active in the industry.

You may set alerts or notifications using some blog commenting tools if new blog posts come to live. Against which, you can visit the blog and mark your valuable comments. If you are contributing as a first commenter, then your comment will be read by latter commenters as well.

Above all, there are some dofollow blog commenting sites. They allow you to leave a dofollow link to your page. By which, you can even get backlinks from authority sites (if approved).

Blog commenting & SEO

How can blog comments boost your SEO? As we see above, the benefits of blog commenting, it can drive organic traffic to your blog. Also, it can help you predict what sort of topic or content attracts more backlinks, shares, and comments.

If you are the blog owner, consider your particular blog post attracts more comments. For now, consider 20 blog comments with each blog comment about 50 words. It comes to 1,000 words content added to your article. Ultimately, your content is getting lengthier, that too, user-generated content. Google weighs user-generated content with a high value than the blog post content.

Lengthy Blog Comment

Also, while approving or replying to those blog comments, you can add your related keywords in the comment. By this, you are optimizing your page with more keywords.

Likewise, the practice of blog commenting can boost SEO of both blogs. I mean to say your blog (being a commenter) and also the target blog.

Blog Commenting Guide – Getting Started with

Though blog commenting seems like shooting fish in a barrel. But, even that claims proper groundwork and requires a strategic approach. Let me explain it in detail with a step by step guide below.

Step – 1: Find Blogs for blog commenting

Like guest posting sites, finding the perfect blogs for commenting is also crucial. Only then you can reap the whole benefits. Let me share a few different ways to find the right blogs to comment on.

#1 Google searches

Google forms the primary source of resources, anything you search for. You may search for top blogs in your niche using some relevant Google search queries. Here are the few –

“keyword” + top blogs
“List of high DA blogs to comment on”
“Travel” + Add new comments
“Blog commenting sites list 2021”


You will get a massive volume of blogs that has splendid articles to read and comment on. For natural blog commenting, search for a topic about which you want to know something. Then, comment on the blog post about your insights reading it. For example, ‘how to insert emojis in the meta description.’ You will get some blogs that have relevant content. Read one or two and comment once you find a solution to your problems.

#2 Spy on your competitors

You may also use some SEO tools to audit your competitor’s link profile. Using Ahrefs can help you with this cleverly. From the backlinks results, filter to the most for getting appropriate results. I am taking Bloggers Passion, for now, just to explain. Refer to the below image. You may also go with SEO PowerSuite’s SEO SpyGlass to audit your competitor’s backlink profile.


Even you are getting a nofollow link via blog commenting; it’s worth still from authoritative sites.

#3 Get blogs using Tools

There are free resources available to serve you with blogs for specific needs. It includes guest posting, link roundups, forum backlinks, blog commenting, etc. Let’s take it for blog commenting. DropMyLink does it for you more precisely. Refer to the below screenshot.


How to find blogs for dofollow blog commenting? DropMyLink provides you dofollow blogs for blog commenting specifically.

#4 Searches by the prolific commenter

You might find this interesting. Even I do follow this method to find blogs to comment on. While reading other blog posts, I often find a few people contributing blog comments on most of the blogs I visit regularly. Emenike Emmanuel from Entrepreneur Business Blog is one of those.

I used to dig his backlinks profile to check wherever he gets links via blog commenting. I will have the curated list of blogs he comments on.

Step – 2: Sort-out the List, First-hand

Among the massive list, how do you choose the appropriate bunch of blogs that are worth it? Here are the few clues or characteristics to check before commenting on.

  • Must be active in publishing blog posts often
  • Should be authoritative and reputed one
  • Must be appealing to more top influencers in your niche
  • Allows Do follow links? Even Nofollow links are valuable
  • Blogs having good domain authority and page rank
  • How often are comments checked and approved?
  • Comment LUV enabled?
  • Blogs that have a good readership and social followers

If you are sorting out your list based on these criteria, your blog commenting campaigns will be worth it. Obviously, your comment will get approved, and you can claim the benefits.

Step – 3: Find the Right Post to Comment on

Once you got your list of perfect blogs to comment on, head over to one of the high DA blog commenting sites. Most of the blogs will have sidebar widgets showcasing the popular blog posts, recent publications, etc. That’s a great place to pick your right post for blog commenting.

If you want to place your link while commenting, then choose a post with topic relevancy. Check whether the post has received a decent number of comments. If it has more than a hundred comments, then your contribution will go flooded in the crowd.

Check whether the expert bloggers contribute comments. Also, make sure the blog owner approves the comments regularly. The most important thing is, select a post that talks about the trending topics in your niche. Hence, it will gain enough audience attention.

Step – 4: It’s Time to Comment on

Having the appropriate blog post, then it’s the moment to drop a comment that gets approved. This is the critical area where you need to consider a few things for a successful blog commenting.

#1 Pre-requisite

Firstly, attach your professional email id to a Gravatar account. And, make sure your Gravatar account has your recent picture to display. If you are looking for branding, you may have your logo as a profile picture. Still, it is recommended to have your personal photo to look more authentic.

#2 Blog comment template

If your blog comment comprises of the below elements in order, then it is likely to get approval. Comments like ‘Nice post, ‘Thanks for your article,’ etc. won’t work. Your contribution must add value to the blog post and its readers. How to write a blog comment that gets approval? Here you go!

Opening – Start with a greeting like ‘How are you, Friend?’, ‘Hope you are doing well,’ etc.

Complimenting – Appreciate the efforts of the blog owner in creating such an awesome post. How cool the post content is impressive with necessary images, infographics, etc.? Basically, you will have to value their good works.

Point – How the post provides a solution to your problems? What have you learned from the article? Mentioning these points will encourage publishers further to similar posts often.

If you have some unique clues to share about the topic (not mentioned in the article), then throw it here. The blog owner will love to have such added information to make their post more valuable to their readership.

Closing – Finally, thank the webmaster for publishing a particular post that offers a solution to you. Also, you can raise questions, if you have anything on the topic.

Obviously, your blog comment length will be reasonable following the above template. Next will see what all the other things to keep in mind while blog commenting are.

Things to Consider for Better Blog Commenting

In this section, let me tell you different ideas you can do better blog commenting. Blog commenting isn’t tricky; still, it claims your attention on certain aspects. I am glad that I can help you with this simple link building technique.

#1 Comment only on the appropriate blogs

Make sure you are commenting on your niche relevant blogs. It’s the key to get your comment approved. Also, it makes sense. Only then, it can drive organic traffic to your blog considering the link as natural. Commenting on irrelevant blogs make webmasters identify that it is just to gain a backlink clearly. Hence, it will be trashed.

Only if you do so, you can interact with influencers in your niche. And, you cannot grow your network with blog commenting.

#2 Use real credentials

Registering a Gravatar account is not that difficult. You can use the same Gravatar email id on Quora, forums and other discussion platforms. The online webmasters can consider you as an authentic contributor. This can improve the chance of approval.

Also, don’t have your business name, or target keywords as your Gravatar profile name. Create a Gravatar account with your full name, professional profile photo, and an official business email address.

Gravatar Account

#3 Comment only after reading

You must read the article or at least scan through the post before commenting. Don’t contribute generic comments. You must be unique and real. Your blog comment must tell the blog owner that you have read the post and commented naturally.

As I said before, write blog comments with the necessary elements to impress webmasters adding value to the article, and trigger other commenters and audiences. Write as much as long but also inspiring blog comments.

Ask questions, join discussions, reply to other contributors, or suggest your ideas to make your comment valuable.

And, place links only if it relevant to the topic and provides some additional information to the readers. Don’t hit any commercial or money-making links in blog comments.

#4 Be the regular contributor

Subscribe to the popular niche relevant blogs. You can also set Google alerts to receive notifications once a new post comes live on specific topics. Keep tracking and comment as soon as the articles published. Being the earliest contributor, you can gain more visibility. Moreover, the upcoming commenters noticing your comment might make it conversational.

If you are possibly commenting at the earliest on most of the blogs, influencers can notice your activeness. You are likely to build your personal network or blogging community easily.

And then, don’t forget your blog comment contributions once done. Maintain a sheet to list them and check it often. Keep noticing if it gets approved and any responses received on that regards. Make it conversational and fruitful.

Blog Commenting Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the expert webmasters even hire freelancers to manage the blog commenting system. And to write useful comments on recent blog posts. But, while outsourcing, you will have to be more cautious that everything is going in the right way. Or even, you are commenting on your own – make sure you are not attempting any of the following blog commenting mistakes.

Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes in your blog commenting content. This will disappoint blog owners and make them trash your comment.

Don’t over optimize your blog commenting with keywords. Or not using full name while commenting. Refer to the below image.


Expert bloggers understand that these kinds of blog comments are to share their business information. Even the comment content is relevant to your article; the blog owners won’t like to approve it.

You are using fake or inactive email addresses for blog commenting. Don’t use random email addresses that are not connected to a Gravatar account.

You are commenting on irrelevant or non-industry blogs. And then, writing content that is irrelevant to the blog post topic.

And most importantly, dropping spammy contents and over-optimizing with more links.

spam blog commenting

There are no hard rules for blog commenting. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can write spam comment. Make your blog comment to stand out from the crowd avoiding these regular blog commenting mistakes.

Blog Commenting Tips for Blog Owners to Get More Comments

Everybody likes comments to receive from different perspectives. Being a blog owner, you must write such an outstanding article on trending topics to attract more blog comments. There are different ideas to get more blog comments on your blog post content.

  • To your information, list type of posts can engage readers and compel them to drop comments.
  • Mentioning some prolific experts name in the article can trigger the audience to comment about it.
  • Use blog commenting plug-ins like CommentLuv displaying contributor’s recent blog posts.
  • Respond to the commenters regularly. So, readers believe that you are valuing their contribution.
  • Include open-ended questions in your article and ask readers to answer it in the comment section.
  • While concluding the article, throw some interesting questions or request readers to share their experiences in the comment section.

By all these, you can engage readers and make them comment naturally on your blog posts.

Encourage Commenters to Keep Blog Commenting

It’s very simple. Check comments often, approve and respond to all the comments. Your comment reply must be interesting.

To make it more admiring, have a practice of consolidating all the blog commenters once in a month. Send them email newsletters thanking for their contribution. Share some interesting analytics about the specific blog post on which they commented. Make them remembering your blog to visit often and comment on.

Thanking Blog Commenters

Don’t forget to use blog commenting system plug-ins like Akismet to prevent spam blog comments ruining your blog reputation.

Final Verdict on Blog Commenting Guide

If you are looking for a long-term presence in the blogging arsenal, then you must practice blog commenting as smart you are. Through effective blog commenting, you can drive a reasonable volume of organic traffic to your pages. It’s the simplest off-page technique to gain a backlink, though nofollow.

It’s up to you how genuine your comments are. Depending on that, it can pay you back. Don’t spam anywhere to improve your blog. It’s no more appreciable. Be authentic, and add valuable content to other blogs proving your personal value.

Few words to the blog owners – be cautious in preventing spam comments. On the other hand, respect the efforts that the real commenters put in to comment on your content. Approve it to bring their ideas among your readers. Thank those genuine bloggers for contributing comments even they are busy.

What is your opinion about blog commenting? Do you have your own list of blogs for blog commenting? Have you ever think about the ratio of approval to the total comments you contributed? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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