Best CopyScape Alternatives

Best CopyScape Alternatives 2023: Free & Paid Tools To Check Content Duplication

Not sure your content is unique in the universe? Looking for the best plagiarism checker tool to ensure your content has no duplication? Obviously, CopyScape is out there. Saying no to CopyScape rather need something even smarter. Then, this post is for you: Best CopyScape Alternatives.

Do you suspect that the content stealers are nabbing your original content for their growth? I understand your pain. I’m sure you will be searching for the best tool to spot down those content scrapers.

We all know that CopyScape is a perfect choice out there. But, it may not be affordable for all. If you are looking for a free or low budget plagiarism checker, then you must try any best CopyScape alternatives.

However, you cannot stick to money while looking for reliable results. Content is king always. So, spending money on tools or services that can shape your content marketing is worth it. So, skim through this best CopyScape alternatives article and pick yours. Produce original content that adds value to this webspace.

Most importantly, the tool you choose must be a multi-purpose one. You can’t invest money in buying multiple tools for different purposes like content supplication check, proofreading, etc. Make sure to give out a clear choice.

What Does Content Plagiarism Mean?

Generally, plagiarism refers to the act of copying someone else’s work or ideas without proper authentication. Similarly, content plagiarism is nothing but copying other’s content and using it as your own. Plagiarism is not just copying the exact content. But also the act of closely imitating the words and ideas using alternative words or synonyms.

To put it simply, here is an example (refer to the image) for easy understanding.

Content Plagiarism

However, there are a plethora of online plagiarism checker tools like CopyScape available to have your content plague-free.

But Then, Why Best CopyScape Alternatives?

CopyScape is an online plagiarism checking program to find out if there is any content duplication. Simply feed the URL and check out the results to know similar content. And, CopyScape plagiarism checker service is available for free with limited options.

You cannot copy & paste your offline text to check the originality. There are page imitations too.

For advanced plagiarism search, you have to be its premium user. If you are a budget blogger, then this may not be the right choice.

Hence, I am just sharing a curated list of best free CopyScape alternatives. Also, the premium plagiarism checker tools that are worth spending.

Best CopyScape Alternatives You Must Try

Let us take a tour on some of the dominating plagiarism checking tools for the English language. Of course, it includes both free as well as paid duplicate content checkers.

#1 Grammarly – Ever Best CopyScape Alternative

Grammarly is one of the influential English proofreading tools that millions of users prefer to make their content perfect. Eliminate the evil spelling, grammatical, punctuation and style mistakes ruining your content quality. Starting with Grammarly by installing its free chrome add-on is easy.

By the way, there are no limitations on the number of checks or words. You can either copy-paste the text or upload a document or even write directly into its online editor. Grammarly is so flexible to use. Only if its results are reliable, it remains as a leading writing tool.

Further, it’s premium version has furthermore advanced features like plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement, and even more. Grammarly plagiarism checking feature compares your piece of content with billions of web pages. And hence, it is smarter offering the optimal results.

Grammarly is a specifically designed online plagiarism checker for students. Fortunately, other writers like bloggers can also make use of it to generate fresh content.

CopyScape is just a plagiarism checker tool. But Grammarly is more than that as a comprehensive writing assistant program. Plagiarism checking is one of its amazing features. In addition to that, Grammarly makes your content error-free and polish your writing.


  • Checks plagiarism from ProQuest’s academic databases as well
  • Highlights the plagiarism content in the text with the percentage of copy
  • Also, lets you know the resource page where it detects content duplication
  • Available for Mac users too
  • Multiple choices to feed the content for plagiarism checking


  • No option to feed URL to check the page content for plagiarism

#2 Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is one of the free online plagiarism checker and the closest alternative to CopyScape. Probably, the preferable tool for academic users like students and teachers. Plagiarisma, the content originality checker lessens teacher’s burden to make sure their students content are unique.

The tool is clever in tracking down similar sentences and generating the report with the percentage of duplication. Not only blog articles or typical web pages but also detects plagiarism in essays, research papers, course works, etc.

Don’t worry. The program never saves your document or shares it to others. Your content is safe with you. Like Grammarly, you can paste text in its editor, feed specific URL to run checks, or upload the document in formats like .txt, .html, word doc, etc.


  • Downloadable Free plagiarism software for Windows
  • Supports 190+ languages
  • Works on Andriod, BlackBerry, Web, etc
  • 3-days money back guarantee


  • Free version has restrictions like character limit for each query, three checks per day

#3 Plagium

The simple-to-use online free cum premium plagiarism detector tool as well as the choice of the best alternative to CopyScape. The great thing is the tool lets you run either a quick search or deep search for in-depth checks.

With its free version, you can check only up to 1,000 words. And, you can write or copy paste the text to its editor to perform plagiarism checks. If you want to upload a document or enter any URL to find content plagiarism, then you must pay for it. The team is very flexible in its pricing letting you pay per page or choosing any plan.


  • Regular refining towards speed, and accuracy
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ten days refund of your latest search credits
  • Report on possible content duplication


  • You can run only two searches for free
  • To enable deep search, you must be a premium user

#4 Dupli Checker

Dupli checker is the web-based plagiarism checker tool available for free. It is one of the best free CopyScape alternatives with basic essential features. The tool is excellent though. Despite, letting you know the percentage of plagiarism, fresh content, it also shows you % of related-meaning content.

Unfortunately, you can only check 1,000 per search. If you have a long-form of content with a few thousands of words, then you have to initiate multiple checks. Literally, this is a no-good solution for regular users like professional writers.


  • Let’s you know the word count too
  • Multiple options to input your data
  • Follows the copyright standards


  • You will have to run repetitive checks if having words more than 1,000 words

#5 PlagiarismChecker X

I must say the Plagiarism Checker X would be the best CopyScape alternative but also a fierce competitor to Grammarly plagiarism tool. The exclusive tool to detect plagiarism in research papers, blogs, assignments, etc.

The tool is highly compatible with essential file formats like doc, docx, .rtf, PDF and plain text. The powerful plagiarism tool that worth your investment. Hence, most of the leading educational institutes prefer Plagiarism Checker X.

Unlike its competitors, it enables you with more incredible features that suits any writers need like students, teachers, journalists, digital marketers, freelance writers, etc.


  • Available in 7 languages
  • Writers from 60+ countries use Plagiarism checker X
  • Side-by-side comparison between two documents
  • Bulk search in just a click
  • Intuitive and color-rich reports


  • Free version allows only 30 searches per day with word limits

#6 PlagScan

The powerful online plagiarism checking service for academic purposes. Whether you are an individual or an institution with a team, you may use PlagScan as it has different solutions.

The tool does not allow third-party users to access your data. Then, you upload a document from desktop, OneDrop, DropBox, etc. The tool has extraordinary reporting features. It indicates the level of plagiarism as well as the exact sources of plagiarism.

The limitations are up to the number of pages or words you do. The downside is, either you check multiple documents or even the same document for multiple times, you have to count the sum of the words to select your package. So, you have to conscious in checking plagiarism and getting reports. Because running check on the same document will bring down your account’s words limit.


  • Flexible to use & free trial available
  • High data security
  • Specific pricing plans for any writing professionals
  • Supports a few other languages like French, Spanish, German
  • Exportable reports


  • No free tool available
  • Not for students & teachers if having more documents to check plagiarism

#7 Dustball

The effective online plagiarism detector tool free available for teachers and students to check the content originality of homework, and assignments. You can simply copy-paste the text and click ‘check the paper’. However, the freebies will always have restrictions. You can check up to 1,000 words per day.

If you wish to experience the entire features of Dustball, then have a try with its free trial for five days. Its premium version is much accurate than free. Anyways, this would be the cheap proofreading tool that costs you only $8 per month. Ensure your content is well informed but not the duplicate one.


  • Premium tool is 3x times accurate than its free tool
  • Option to upload word document for check plagiarism
  • Tailored for students and teachers


  • Charges you around $8 for 50 uses per month, if exceeds, additional charges applicable

#8 Quetext

Quetext offers professional plagiarism checking features that every online publisher need. Hence, more than two million users like teachers, students, and professional writers trust Quetext. Depending on the user’s needs, it has two variations of running plagiarism checks: basic and deep search.

Unlike other best CopyScape alternatives here, you can upload up to 5 documents at a time performing plagiarism checks. You can also unlimited checks in its premium version that costs you only around $9. But, every query must be within 25,000 words.

The free version allows you to check for 500 words per search. But it fails to let you upload documents, export PDF reports, and a few other features.


  • Multiple document upload options
  • Choice to feed URL’s to exclude search
  • Unlimited checks with limited words per search
  • Exportable reports
  • Deep search for advanced users


  • Most of the features are available only in its premium plan

#9 Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

If you are an SEO professional, then you might be familiar with SmallSEOTools. It has a cluster of tools for different SEO and online marketing needs. Like word counter, broken link checker, article rewriter, and even more. When it comes to plagiarism, SST develops a WordPress plagiarism checker plug-in for the ease-of-use.

Rest of the things like 1,000 words limit per search, options to upload document or feed URL or paste your text to perform plagiarism checks are similar to that of other CopyScape alternatives. By the way, you can also enter URL’s to exclude from the check.

So, checking the plagiarism of a website excluding specific pages is simple now. Its premium plans enable deep plagiarism checker, multiple user login and comprehensive reports.


  • WordPress plug-in to run up to 20 searches
  • Checks for billions of documents and fetch results
  • Simple anti-plagiarism software
  • Option to exclude specific URL’s from checks


  • You might not be comfortable with free basic check

Few Other Best CopyScape Alternatives To Be Aware

Hope the above list can help you to choose your suitable plagiarism checker tool as you need. Still, here are the few more tools for your reference. Indeed, most of the features that every writer or online publishers or academic professionals might be seeking for is available in the above tools.

  • PlagTracker
  • CopyGator
  • Doc Cop
  • Custom Writings
  • Ephorus
  • Viper
  • Turnitin
  • Article Checker

FAQ On Best Alternatives To CopyScape

I hope, now you feel more confident about creating original content or making sure your content is plagiarism-free to publish. If you still have any questions about it, walk through the below FAQ’s.

Which is a good tool to find plagiarism?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of good plagiarism checker tools available other than CopyScape.

I use Grammarly – it may not be an exclusive plagiarism checker tool. But, it also helps me to scan my articles for other writing mistakes too.

Grammarly plagiarism checker also shows the plagiarism source and level of plagiarism like any other plagiarism checking tool. So, it is good to go for all your writing needs.

How can I properly avoid unintentional plagiarism in my writings?

With proper planning and researching on particular topics you write about – you can avoid such plagiarisms. Indeed, when you have good knowledge and ideas about the topic, you will start writing like anything. You don’t even refer to other similar articles. This way, you can avoid or reduce the level of content duplications.

Finally, put your writing on any of these plagiarism checkers to make sure your writing piece is original.

Final Take Away: Best Alternatives To CopyScape

Though you are happy with using CopyScape; you may combine or compare the results with any of the free tools from the above list of its alternatives.

I am a great fan of Grammarly as I am using its premium version for years. If you are specific about plagiarism checking feature, then you may use any of the tools above. But how about proofreading your piece of content to the core? Grammarly is a multi-purpose tool to polish your content in all writing aspects.

If you are not serious about content duplication, then your content creation efforts go useless. Of course, the copy scrapers don’t get better rankings. But, you breakdown your mind and creates breathtaking content but it makes nothing. Isn’t it pitiful?

Using any of the above tools, once you spot such content thieves, take immediate actions. File a complaint (under DCMA) and notify Google that you are the original creator.

Let me know if you had any experience before like somebody steals your content. What was your action plan towards it?

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  1. Hey Sathish Arumugam ,

    Excellent post with best copyscape alternatives. I truly like the list of several copyscape alternatives that you have included.

    Copyscape is a great and helpful tool for detecting the duplicate content. Your each of the suggested alternatives are helpful and offers helpful features. I truly like an idea of using Grammarly, Plagiarism checker X, Plag-scan and Dustball. Grammarly is a great tool for finding several grammatical errors, correcting the punctuation, spelling and also to improve
    writing skills. Using grammarly tool will be helpful and will absolutely makes the content error-free. Again thanks for making us aware about these alternatives.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sathish,
    Your list is great, and I see some tools I’m currently using on the list. I’ve used Grammarly and similar tools for grammar and spelling errors, for which Grammarly stood-out o me. However, when you use Grammarly for plagiarism check, try using another software app to gauge the content to ensure you eradicate all duplications.

  3. Sathish,
    I have used CopyScape already but years back. Once I started using Grammarly premium and its plagiarism checking feature, I found Grammarly flexible and reliable.
    The major difference is that, we can’t directly input any URL into the Grammarly editor to check for content plagiarism whereas we can copy-paste the text and analyze. Using CopyScape, we can directly feed the URL of any web page and check content plagiarism.
    Other than that, I love using Grammarly since I am not paying exclusively for this plagiarism checking feature. It helps me as a comprehensive editing and proofreading tool.

    1. You said it right, Jelina. Grammarly is a comprehensive writing assistant tool rather than an exclusive plagiarism checker. Glad to hear that you have been using Grammarly and loving it. Thanks for sharing your ideas about various best plagiarism checking tools here.

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