Top Indian Bloggers List

31+ Top Indian Bloggers List – Popular Blogs To Follow In 2023

Have you found your blogging inspiration? Are you looking for the inspirational Indian bloggers who blogs worldwide? Then, this best Indian bloggers list is the compilation for you. Of course, today, I am gathering top bloggers in blogging, technology, digital marketing, online branding, and online money making niches.

How Can Best Indian Bloggers List Help You?

Being a blogging enthusiast, I am glad to present or introduce my blogging friends and co-bloggers from the community to you. We love blogging. Indeed, we breathe it. Hence, we wish more bloggers and online marketers to evolve and spread digitalism.

Inspirations are the trigger force that can hook up the individuals to start a blog or any digital marketing career successfully.

Also, blogging is never being a successful one, if you are not consistent in upgrading yourself. By the way, you are not a machine or robot. You cannot read the millions of web pages over the web. Hence, I am putting together the resources (of blogging legends) that form the repository of information.

Reading and executing are the two big things you will have to keep focusing round the clock.

And, execution is not something identical. Digital marketing has different faces and strategies. Hence, the success keys won’t be similar in everyone’s case. Learn, understand, strategize, and implement wisely to be a victorious blogger.

For which, I suggest you follow these top blogs by popular bloggers in India. They have got good name and fame among the online audience with their tireless blogging efforts. Also, blogging transforms every blogger’s standard of living that no other white collar job could offer them.

The Indian bloggers I mention here have one or more blogs, publishing valuable information in its niche to the users. Trail those winning bloggers; shape your career in digital marketing, especially blogging.

How Blogging differs from other IT Career?

There will be a few common thoughts among these bloggers. Every blogger in this list might be the haters of 9 to 5 desk jobs. They wanted to be a self-Boss, independent. They all like to work when they desire. Nobody should control. Love to do what they want to.

Fortunately, they made it what they believe in. Blogging made them independent financially, too. There are more interesting success stories of these bloggers to inspire you. Blogging helps them to own their passions, travel across the world, build relationships, earn for betterments and so on.

Hence, blogging is not something like shooting a leave request email to your project manager and waiting for approval. You are the Boss; you are responsible.

Benefits of Blogs/Blogging for any Business

If you think blogging is just to earn money online, then you are wrong. Blogging is to fulfill your dreams in helping others to learn what you know. Blogging is nothing but interacting with other bloggers or online users building rapport. You are not alone; you will be part of a community. Blogging can be the best medium for your personal branding or networking.

Likewise, blogging can get you splendid benefits even for your business. Here are the benefits of blogging for business.

  • Helps to improve your online visibility in search engines
  • Keeps you interact with your customers and prospects
  • Makes you popular and authoritative in your niche
  • Brings a new potential audience to your business
  • Drives more social engagements to go viral

Why don’t you be a remarkable blogger following these reputed blogger’s blogs? Let us get into the list of top Indian Bloggers in blogging, technology, and online marketing topics.

List of Best Indian Bloggers to Follow

Let’s start with a blogging shouter.

#1 Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agarwal - ShoutMeLoudAbout Harsh Agrawal – Harsh Agrawal, the man of success through the power of the internet and blogging. He must be a quick learner. Since, he started with BlogSpot and soon (within two months) moved on to a WordPress self-hosted domain, ShoutMe Loud. Within a short period, he could bring it up.

He is a good speaker too delivering no-distract speech even in front of hundreds of audience at events, WordCamp, seminars, etc.

Surprisingly, he loves skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, mediation, travel and especially reading other than blogging. To the bottom line, the simple and cool guy who loves to simplify the complications.

About ShoutMeLoud – SML is the online place to learn online marketing, how to blog, WordPress, social media marketing and ultimately, SEO. You will find ever seen digital marketing tips to uplift your website traffic and sales, obviously. Not only for bloggers or online marketers, but it is also a learning platform for any business owners, freelancers, etc.
As a supplementary, you will also get some cool discounts on most-wanted digital marketing and blogging tools. Make use of it.

Blog Started Year: 2008 | Visit Website

#2 Kulwant Nagi

About Kulwant Nagi – The pro-blogger not only guides you through starting a blog; but also motivates you to make money from it. But that’s not ultimate. Building a network through blogging is the hidden potential. His blogging experience and tips can motivate you on this. He is an excellent writer, affiliate marketer, and serious world traveler. He has visited around 20+ countries so far. Blogging helps him to fulfill his passion with good earnings.

About Blogging Cage – Blogging Cage is a well-known blog worldwide. The blog that discusses solutions to the blogging related problems. This blog uncovers blogging strategies, making money online, affiliate marketing, SEO hacks and much more. Blogging Cage is one of the resource mines to learn internet marketing.

Blog Started Year: 2012 | Visit Website

#3 Pradeep Kumar

About Pradeep Kumar – Pradeep Kumar - HellBoundBloggersWhen Pradeep was 17, he started ‘HellBound Bloggers.’ But during his school days itself, he has been blogging on Pathetically, he doesn’t even know what a blog is, is it a money making source, does it meant for sharing information to others or anything. Still, he realizes the importance of blogging and gets started with HBB.

He is an enthusiastic learner and young entrepreneur. Hence, he could blog successfully and also manages another web consulting media SlashSquare. He also runs a hosting related blog, HostLater.

About HellBound Bloggers

HBB is a part of Pradeep’s web consulting channel SlashSquare. HealBound Bloggers deals with broader niches, like SEO, blogging, business tips, WordPress, social media, e-commerce and much more. I heard many bloggers have the practice of reading HBB articles regularly. Since it not only covers blogging or digital marketing. But also, how to start a blog with a perfect hosting partner, how to promote it across social platforms, tips to empower your business, build an e-commerce empire and so on.

HBB forum is one of the precious information repositories where experts participate in discussions offering solutions to your problems.

Started Year: 2009 | Visit Website

#4 Anil Agarwal

About Anil Agarwal – Anil Agarwal - BloggersPassionThe man who strongly believes in making a living as a blogger. He was inspired by a few leading blogs like Problogger, ShoeMoney, etc. With his irresistible interest and efforts, now he becomes an inspirational blogger. He is also an expert in making money online via affiliate marketing. With his excellence of blogging potential, he also owns multiple niche blogs.

About BloggersPassion – As its name suggests, this is a learning platform for those who are passionate about blogging and making money online. His blog articles can enlist entire modules of blogging, SEO and online earnings. You will find his blog posts are lengthy and well informative. Simply, the free resource to help you earn what you desire.
Moreover, Anil runs multiple niche blogs like Deals N Gadgets, Hosting Monks, etc.

Blog Started Year: 2010 | Visit Website

#5 Nirmala Santhakumar

About Nirmala Santhakumar – Nirmala Santhakumar - WP GlossyShe is one of the popular female bloggers in India who is creative in bringing her blogging space. Blogging becomes her profession, hobby, and everything. She is also an excellent content writer. Though his various blogs like My Magic Fundas, Infobuzzy, etc. she helps others to learn to blog, best tools to use, promote it strategically.

About WPGlossy

If you are more specific about WordPress, then WPGlossy must be your knowledge source. Like WPBeginner and WPKube, WPGlossy is a complete suite of WordPress basics, tutorials, hosting, themes, plug-ins, reviews and so on. WPGlossy is a collaborative blog by Nirmala Santhakumar and a meticulous WordPress theme designer, Sakthi Kumaran.

Blog Started Year: 2010 | Visit Website

#6 Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla - MasterBloggingAbout Ankit Singla – Ankit Singla, the full-time professional blogger, and a good trainer. Ankit is passionate about helping others to blog, and earn enough money from it. I must say, he is a strategic online marketer. Recently, he has moved on to Master Blogging from Blogger Tips Tricks proving that he is a real master in blogging. Other than this, he owns multiple niche blogs and well-populated social media groups (Facebook).

About Master Blogging – Master Blogging is the place to learn blogging hacks, growing email subscribers, and also to create online courses and make money out of it. As a whole, it’s kind of mine where you can keep digging for more tricks to boost your blog performance and earn more. Especially, his blog articles will be simple and clear for easy understanding.

Blog Started Year: 2018 | Visit Website

#7 Jane Sheeba

About Jane Sheeba – Jane Sheeba - SBTShe describes herself as an independent, positive, optimistic and highly confident woman loves to enjoy her life. Blogging is her passion, and she learned stuff with interest to become a successful entrepreneur. She is very active and responsive to her email followers and blog readers. Jane can help you start your blogging career or promote your business and driving it towards success.

About Savvy Blogging Tips – SBT is a popular blog that has got good readers base. Through which, you will get to hone your skills to run a successful business and make a life with it. Jane also helps you with hosting guides via Best Hosting and Design blog. With her blogging and email marketing strategy, she helps others to learn online marketing and untold tricks.

Started Year: 2016 | Visit Website

#8 Shradha Sharma

About Shradha Sharma – shradha-sharma - YourStoryThe successful female entrepreneur, founder and chief editor of YourStory. Through this online portal, she helps start-ups to success in their business. She was awarded as one of the ‘500 LinkedIn Influencers in the world’ in 2015 and few other awards. She also manages another blog or online portal that is exclusively for women, HerStory that talks about the women entrepreneurs and start-ups stories.

About YourStory – YourStory is the platform for entrepreneurs and business start-ups to share their journey, achievements, failures, success strategies, and vision to the public. YourStory uncovers more than 15K entrepreneur stories, and it has got 5 million+ readers.

Blog Started Year: 2008 | Visit Website

#9 Deepak Kanakaraju

About Deepak Kanakaraju – Deepak Kanakaraju - Digital DeepakDeepak is known for digital marketing training and consulting. Also, he is a good speaker, author, blogger, passionate digital marketer, and a biker too. He has been blogging since 2008. He has written several books on digital marketing and conducted workshops to transfer his knowledge. Deepak has also launched a free digital marketing course to help others to learn digital marketing.

About Digital Deepak – Digital Deepak has now become a well-known brand in the digital marketing industry. This blog focuses on digital marketing basics to making money to branding to tips to become a digital marketing expert.

Blog Started Year: 2013 | Visit Website

#10 Akshay Hallur

About Akshay Hallur – Akshay Hallur - GoBloggingTipsAkshay is a young blogging expert in India. He is excellent in presenting helpful articles through his blog to educate people on blogging, SEO, online marketing and branding. He has been previously running a blog Go Blogging Tips and now it is rebranded in the name of BloggingX.

About BloggingX – If you are hunting for proven and practical blogging or SEO tips, then BloggingX is a perfect choice. As its name denotes that your blogging excellence redefined, following this blog articles can excel your blogging skills. You will find its content unique from other blogging niche blogs.

Blog Started Year: 2018 | Visit Website

#11 Jyoti Chauhan

About Jyoti Chauhan – Jyoti Chauhan - UpdatelandA passionate blogger who keeps on learning new strategies from her competitions, market, and sharing with others. She is also an affiliate marketer who promotes popular SEO and online marketing tools.

About Updateland – Updateland is a booming blog that deals with SEO tips link building sites lists, making money online, and traffic driving ideas, etc. Ideally, a good place for beginners or new bloggers to get started with their learning on SEO and blogging.

Blog Started Year: 2013 | Visit Website

#12 Sorav Jain

About Sorav Jain – Sorav JainSorav is a multi-faceted personality in the digital marketing arsenal. He is an entrepreneur, trainer, author, speaker, social media expert, and digital marketing consultant. He started his career at the age of 17 as an SEO executive. Now, he is the fountainhead of echoVME, the award-winning social media agency. Through which, he is offering website designing, blogging, social media, and digital marketing services to businesses.

About Sorav Jain Blog – Being a digital marketing enthusiast, he aims to teach digital marketing to others and offers free training courses. He also publishes the book on social media for business and so on. ‘Digital talks with Sorav’ is a series he publishes interviewing top experts in the industry like Neil Patel, etc.

Blog Started Year: 2009 | Visit Website

#13 Iftekhar Ahmed

About Iftekhar Ahmed – Iftekhar Ahmed - IftiseoHe is the man behind the successful blog ifitSEO. Iftekhar is well known for his practical tips and tactics in blogging, SEO and online earnings. Moreover, he is a good speaker too who delivers speech or sessions in blogging events too. Also, he has participated in many events and well-connected with other bloggers and online publishers.

About iftiSEO – iftiSEO is the blog that deals with guides, reviews, and tutorial articles on SEO, Blogging, making money online, and so on. The blog won’t be dumped with articles though. You will find a limited number of articles, but that is incredible. Almost, there will be only around 20 articles publishing, per year. Though the blog pays no much attention to growing its email subscribers, it has massive email followers.

Blog Started Year: 2013 | Visit Website

#14 Swadhin Agarwal

Swadhin Agrawal - DigitalGydAbout Swadhin Agarwal – He is the man behind the multiple times’ award-winning blog, DigitalGYD. Being a former freelance writer & content strategist to some of the top blogs, he now helps newbies start their own blogs and grow them into profitable online businesses. To tell about him in a few words, he is a multi-talented blogging expert.

About DigitalGYD – From newbie friendly guides to advanced blogging strategies DigitalGYD is the blog for people who want to grow their blogs exponentially. Apart from that, it regularly publishes WordPress related topics helping WordPress bloggers blog easily.

Blog Started Year: 2013 | Visit Website

#15 Jitendra Vaswani

About Jitendra Vaswani – Jitendra VaswaniHe is the man of brilliance in digital marketing. Since, the founder of multiple blogs and online ventures like Bloggers Ideas, Digiexe, TechNoven (sold out), and Schema Ninja plug-in. His areas of expertise include inbound marketing, content curing, social media mentor, competitor analysis, and much more. He is a speaker too, participated in several online marketing and blogging events as a speaker and panelists.

About Bloggers Ideas – The content on Bloggers Ideas can help you blog better, drive more traffic to your blog, learn SEO in-depth, know WordPress plug-ins and discover more WordPress tutorials, and so on. Also, he reviews the most useful tools and services for blogging, interviews more experts in the industry and recommends you the best always.

Started Year: 2012 | Visit Website

#16 Lasya K Elizabeth

About Lasya K Elizabeth – The most successful female blogger and called as “AdSense Goddess” and the founder of AllTop9 blog. As a breaking accomplishment in her blogging journey, she gets approval for more than 46 AdSense accounts. Learning from the Google AdSense disapprovals, she cracked the key to getting approval and helping others to make money online.

About AllTop9 – AllTop9 blog is not only about Google AdSense or money-making, but also deals with technology, blogging, and how-to guides. If you are struggling to monetize your blog with AdSense, then the detailed articles on AllTop9 can help you. The blog also publishes an informative article on iOS, Android technologies, and blogging.

Blog Started Year: 2014 | Visit Website

#17 Abhishek Jain

About Abhishek Jain – Abhishek Jain - Rusty BloggerThe digital marketing consultant, who blogs on Rusty Blogger about SEO and blogging. He also runs other niche blogs that is a multi-niche domain. He has also delivered speeches in events about the basics of blogging and its scope. Abhiskek is a catered professional blogger learned from his failures and now blogging successfully.

About Rusty Blogger – Soon, the blog attracts more visitors as a huge accomplishment. With its content quality and authority, it has been featured on top blogs like Huffington Post, etc. Last of all, this blog can help you grow your blog bigger, structuring your online strategy and learn SEO.

Blog Started Year: 2015 | Visit Website

#18 Gurunath Nakka

About Gurunath Nakka – Gurunath Nakka- Best Of GuruHe is the creator of several blogs like BestOfGuru, Magnet2Money, GadgetFirst and so on. He is also expertise in web designing, WordPress installations, and theme management. And, he offers extended services on WordPress setup to the newbies. Other than this, he is kind-hearted in helping others with tips and ideas and will be a good friend of almost the popular bloggers in India.

About Best Of Guru – The great resource to learn blogging, SEO, WordPress and hosting set-ups. It is a multi-niche blog that also talks about product reviews, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. The blog frequently presents experts interviews, round up articles, expert chats, etc.

Blog Started Year: 2015 | Visit Website

#19 Santanu Debnath

About Santanu Debnath – Santanu debnath - BloggingJOYSantanu is an inspirational blogger who blogs for his passion and joy. He is a full-time software professional and part-time blogger. Santanu is passionate about sharing life hacks, finance tips, online earnings, WordPress and blogging. Indeed, he discovers BloggingJOY to motivate others to start blogging and live for their passion.

About BloggingJOY – BloggingJOY can help you start blogging; make your living with it earning a passive income. It has articles that are all well-crafted for beginners for simple understanding. Santanu’s Facebook group has good followers, and you will find more strategic ideas on blogging being a part of it.

Blog Started Year: 2017 | Visit Website

#20 Manidipa Bhaumik

About Manidipa Bhaumik – Manidipa Bhaumik - WP Blogging 360The passionate female blogger partnering with Santanu Debnath (husband – founder of BloggingJOY) runs multiple blogs like WP Blogging 360, My Daily Life Tips, ManidipasKitchen, etc. She loves to present articles on WordPress, blogging tips, hosting, WordPress themes and so on. This is to help beginners kick start with their successful blogging journey.

About WP Blogging 360 – The great resource to learn in-depth on WordPress themes, hosting and plug-ins. You will find more detailed guides and tutorials on WordPress to assist your WordPress set up and management. Also, it deals with blogging, SEO, social media and blogging hacks.

Blog Started Year: 2015 | Visit Website

#21 Mohanraj

About Mohanraj – Mohan Raj - BloggingioAmong a very few online marketers who discover and promote new products that will be trending shortly, Mohanraj is one of those. He is not a person who drives his blog towards money. He is excellent in offering worthy articles reviewing any blogging or SEO tools with real case studies and attestation.

About BloggingIO – BloggingIO is a rebranded blog of My Cyber Income which was started by Mohan in 2013. To have a wider audience coverage, his BloggingIO uncovers topics that are related to blogging, WordPress, hosting and SEO. And, there are more enthusiastic writers now contributing articles that are worth reading for its readers.

Blog Started Year: 2016 | Visit Website

#22 Nisha Pandey

About Nisha Pandey – Nisha Pandey - SEO Techy WorldThe ardent female netizen and blogger from India who blogs on SEOTechyWorld. By the way, it is a multi-niche blog. It talks about SEO, blogging, technology, social media, business, and WordPress.

About SEOTechyWorld – You will find its articles informative and unique. The blog has a decent volume of avid readers and email subscribers. Nisha also runs multiple blogs like How To Make In, Apple iOS News, etc. Especially, all these blogs are great resources for SEO and tech savvies.

Blog Started Year: 2013 | Visit Website

#23 Rahul Kuntala

About Rahul Kuntala – Rahul Kuntala - Learn Blog TipsThe full-time bloggers who nurture the blog Learn Blog Tips. His ultimate goal is to motivate and bring more full-time bloggers through his blogging space. He has been interviewed by Zac Johnson and a few other popular bloggers. Despite all, he has been also contributing valuable content for other blogs too like Blogging Tips, etc.

About Learn Blog Tips

The blog covers everything from blogging tips to content writing strategies. In the first place, the tips and ideas shared in this blog are experienced and proven. LBT is a leading Indian blog in blogging niche with great Alexa rank too.

Blog Started Year: 2012 | Visit Website

#24 Sumit Sao

About Sumit Sao – Sumit Sao - Blogging LiftAlthough, Sumit Sao is the man behind the blog Blogging Lift. After his unsuccessful three blogs, he learned from the mistakes and uplifts this blog. Hence, he loves to educate others who are struggling to blog successfully. Especially, he spent hours every day in helping beginners to succeed in their first blogging attempt.

About Blogging Lift – Blogging Lift is the blog space for beginners or those who are really feeling hard to take their blogs. You will find actionable ideas and tricks, especially what-not-to-do, etc. you can also join Blogging Lift VIP group (the Facebook group that has 14K+ members) where you will find worth SEO and blogging tips.

Blog Started Year: 2017 | Visit Website

#25 Sathish Kumar Ithemsetty

About Sathish Kumar Ithemsetty – Sathish Kumar Ithemsetty - BloggingDenHe is not only a blogging pro but also an expert in biology and a few other niches. Hence, he manages multiple niches blogs; Blogging Den is one among all. He aims to clarify the clarifications that stop blogging enthusiasts to grow.

About Blogging Den – Blogging Den comprises of articles on latest blogging tips, tool reviews, tutorials, and much more. On buying some of his specific affiliate products or services, he offers free WordPress installation and set-up and blog optimization services. Make use of it.

Blog Started Year: 2012 | Visit Website

#26 Sunny Kumar

About Sunny Kumar – Sunny Kumar -TheGuideXThe young Indian blogger who aims to help students, new bloggers and business entrepreneurs to grow their business online. Especially, the blogging hacks, hosting recommendations and sometimes best deals on hosting services. Also, he offers online money making tips through his blog posts.

About The GuideX – The blog that has a neat and simple GUI and gets popular within a short time. Majorly the blog deals with more hosting deals. If you are a business entrepreneur, dying to start a new blog, then check out this blog. You will find better discounts on hosting as well as detailed guides on how to set up and bring it.

Blog Started Year: 2016 | Visit Website

#27 Sandeep Mallaya

About Sandeep Mallaya – Sandeep-Mallya-99signalsWe must say Sandeep Mallaya, the digital marketing expert and a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of a digital marketing service agency, StartUp Cafe Digital and a blog 99 signals. To illustrate, his agency was credited as Top 10 marketing agencies in India, 2016.  Certainly, this highlights his brilliance in handling online business promotions.

About 99Signals – The blogging resource has hundreds of articles, podcasts, ebooks, etc. All about digital marketing and blogging. The blog is monetized well. Since it makes a few thousands of dollars every month. Also, it has been featured on Entrepreneur, AppSumo, SERPstat and much more.

Blog Started Year: 2016 | Visit Website

#28 Gaurav Kumar

About Gaurav Kumar – Gaurav Kumar - eAskmeGaurav is the founder of eAskme blog. The blog that covers all about blogging, technology, online money making and even more. Being a professional blogger he also manages 100+ blogs, services and websites partnering Sona Mathews. He also organizes seminars, workshops and training programs to educate newbies to make money online.

About eAskme – If you are serious about making money online being at home, then you must follow this blog. Though it talks about blogging, business, social media, WordPress; it focuses more on blogging and making money out of it. And, eAskme has been featured on 150+ popular sites. It is a community blog that has more than a million followers.

Blog Started Year: 2014 | Visit Website

#29 Sanu Siddharth

Sanu SiddharthAbout Sanu Siddharth – Not only into blogging niche but also the young tech blogger too. He strongly believes in innovative approach on things that make difference. He blogs on multiple niches like technology, science, Android, blogging and even more. Partnering with Atinder Singh Gill, he is incredibly uplifting his blog OnlyLoudest.

About OnlyLoudest – OnlyLoudest is one such a blog that has appealing content covering wider topics. The loudest voice to educate others on money making online, blogging, and SEO tools reviews. If you are tech savvy too then, you will find this blog interesting to admire.

Blog Started Year: 2013 | Visit Website

#30 Umer Qureshi

The 16-year-old blogging whiz-kid and the founder of guide blogging, Umer Qureshi routinely shares a lot of great knowledge about blogging, affiliate marketing, and online entrepreneurship on his blogs to help aspiring individuals reach their online goals.

He is both an inspiration and guide to those starting up in the SEO business.  Beginner-friendly, his blogs feature a lot of critical info on blog building (from the basics) and succeeding. Thanks to his work & SEO expertise, he has been featured in a number of popular

places like times of India, the Indian express, SEMrush, Tribune India, etc…

Blog Started Year:2019 | Visit Website

#31 Navin RaoNavin Rao

Mr. Navin Rao is the founding brain behind – a popular site that offers valuable information, tips and strategies to help with WordPress, SEO, and social media and how to use them to succeed in online marketing.

An IT professional specializing in GPS, VR and E-learning, Blogging, SEO, and WordPress are his passion and he is glad to share his immense knowledge about them freely. In fact, he has recently launched a new website called which is

dedicated to do just that. Whether you are an online professional or a newbie, please check him out.

Blog Started Year:2017 | Visit Website

Final Take Away – Best Indian Bloggers List

If you are a blogger of any expert level, you must be familiar with these bloggers and blogs. Then, what? Subscribe to their email newsletters, YouTube channels, follow them on social networks, and be a friend. Let me put it simply; blogging is nothing but, networking.

On the other hand, if you are new to this digital world interested in making money online, helping others with your business offerings, sharing your insights and stuff on something, then blogging is the powerful tool.
Make use of the above list of top Indian bloggers, read their blogs regularly and learn how to be a motivational blogger to your next generations.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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