Interview with Sorav Jain From echoVME {You Must Read This!}

Stay ahead! Yes, you should stay up-to-date and ahead of your competitions in this digital world. You will realize it reading out this interview with Sorav Jain.

Indeed, the fastest evolving industry would be digital marketing these days. Every business needs modern marketing tactics for its promotions and SEO for its online growth. With the evolution in the mobile industry and internet facilities, one cannot ignore digital marketing.

In such a case, we felt Sorav Jain deserves to share his insights about this rapid change in the digital marketing industry.

Interview with Sorav Jain from echoVME

The famous digital marketing professional & blogger featured on TOI, Indian Express, The Hindu, and even more. Besides that, he was awarded as the Most Talented Social Media Professional by Deccan Chronicle in 2014.

As a social media expert, he launched his book on “Social Media for Business,” and that brings great success. Following that, he wrote books on “Become A Brand” and “101 Content Marketing Tips on Social Media”.

All these accomplishments aren’t possible with no hardship or expertise. Let’s have a chat with Sorav, how he prepares himself for those and about his digital marketing insights.

Let’s roll-out!

Exciting Interview with Sorav Jain

#1 Give us a brief intro about how you were introduced to the digital marketing field.

I have always been drawn to the field of digital marketing right from the onset of my career. Initially, I worked as an SEO analyst and content specialist, and that proved to be a great launchpad for me to learn the ropes of digital marketing.

Seen great potential in the field from a business and promotional perspective and began putting content out there under my personal brand. This eventually led to the launch of my own agency echoVME, and as they say, the rest is history!

#2 What is the ratio of businesses that still practice traditional marketing tactics? In what way, conventional marketing always leads to digital marketing?

When it comes to the business realm, while some rely predominantly on digital marketing to drive sales, there are a significant number of businesses that are in a cat-on-the-wall situation. They experiment with digital marketing, but their sales are mostly driven by traditional marketing.

As a ballpark estimate, the ratio is around 60-40 in favor of digital marketing, as most companies have at least a basic digital marketing strategy at play, usually on social media. The shift is prevalent, though.

Conventional marketing techniques are leading to digital marketing because entrepreneurs are wisening up to the increased ROI that digital marketing can bring, along with the immense reach and engagement it can generate.

#3 What are your biggest achievements and falls in your digital marketing journey?

The journey has been a long one, and there are still miles to go before I sleep! There have been significant laurels along the way, such as the title of “Demigod of Digital Marketing,” and my agency’s awards.

As far as falls go, I don’t really see them as falls; instead, I consider them to be challenges that help me hone my game as a digital marketer. Digital marketing is a field of ups and downs.

It’s important to take the lessons from pitfalls and adapt our strategies to become better. We can’t let it affect us beyond a certain point; we must maintain a rock-solid resolve.

#4 Share your awesome experience in launching books that sell like hotcakes.

Launching a book begins with the seed of an idea. And that is to be fuelled by a comprehensive understanding of your audience, and who the book is for.

When I sat down to write each of my books, I made it a point to deliver something that is of tremendous value to the reader and gives them an insightful perspective based on my knowledge and experiences. If your content is solid, the books will perform well.

I have had a lot of people tell me that my books have changed their perspective on marketing approaches, and that has been a great payoff as well. It’s gratifying to know that my books are educating people on the benefits of digital marketing.

#5 How do you see email marketing compared to other digital marketing strategies?

Email marketing is a cornerstone of digital marketing, in the sense that it does a great deal in terms of establishing personal contact with potential clients. Once you know your audience, you can connect with them on an individual level through emailers.

It’s also a convenient source for lead generations since you can accumulate all the positive responses seamlessly in a single place. Email marketing adds a professional spin to your digital strategies.

#6 How is blogging essential for personal branding or business promotions?

If you’re going the personal branding route, I would say that blogging is very much essential for your business. One, because it greatly helps your brand in terms of SEO rankings, and two, because regular, good-quality blogs create demand amongst your audience and contribute to your brand image as an expert in your field.

Aside from being informative for your audience, they guarantee good engagement if done right.

#7 Name some of the resources that you often visit to stay updated in the digital marketing arsenal.

As a digital marketer, it is crucial to stay in the loop for new developments in the field. Nowadays, a simple Google search will give you the latest trends in the field. Still, it’s important to go a step beyond that and regularly browse digital marketing journals on social media.

This helps to stay updated on a real-time basis on the latest developments. Even apps like Inshorts’ tech section can help you stay updated!

#8 How do you see SEO compared to paid marketing? Do businesses really appreciate it than social media or Google Ads?

SEO is a key pillar of any digital marketing strategy. It works wonders in keeping your brand and company relevant and in the public eye for a long time. Granted, it doesn’t have an immediate payoff like paid ads on Google.

But you reap the rewards of quality SEO over a long period, as it keeps your page at the top of search results, thereby netting you more business deals. Every big company fully comprehends the value of SEO and invests time and effort into it, parallel to their social media marketing.

#9 How do you suggest building an effective content marketing strategy for any online business?

Crafting a content marketing strategy for online business requires a core understanding of what kind of image and brand values the company wants to establish to its audience. Therefore, you start by defining your target group, their mindset, and the demands.

Next, you ideate on what your brand can bring to the table to fill that niche. The more unique the niche, the better. In terms of content marketing, it’s always important to think of the big picture of your brand while coming up with content.

#10 How is digital marketing knowledge transferred to newcomers? Do you worry about any mistakes by organizations in doing so?

Digital marketing is one of those fields where it is best to learn by practice. Newcomers in the field pick up digital marketing knowledge quickly when they get actively involved in the process and ask doubts and questions. If they have a passion for digital marketing, learning by example shouldn’t be an issue at all.

So I don’t worry about organizations making mistakes in this regard, because all it takes are some talented individuals and some consistent mentorship from its employees.

#11 How to weed out the ignorance of digital marketing from a few companies, even now?

In my opinion, the business world is embracing digital marketing for its benefits and efficiency. Digital marketing has become the proverbial elephant in the room of the commercial business. To ignore it is to slow down your own progress.

Many companies hesitate to deviate from tried-and-tested conventional marketing strategies that have worked for them in the past. The ones who are unwilling to innovate are the ones that shy away from digital marketing.

#12 We would love to hear your detailed insights on ‘lead generation’ or ‘lead nurturing.’

Lead generation is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Every aspect of your strategy in digital marketing should be geared towards actively pursuing more leads and effectively converting them into business opportunities. This requires a concise knowledge of your target audience and knowledge of which method would be the most effective.

If you’re targeting business from a younger crowd, Instagram might be the ideal platform for you. In the case of agencies, emailer marketing would be apt. Know your audience and know how to reach them.

#13 Your piece of advice for digital marketing start-ups, as a digital marketing expert in Chennai.

If you are launching a start-up in digital marketing, make sure you are strong in the basics, and you have clear-cut goals in terms of an agency plan of action.

You need a shrewd understanding of how to engage audiences and market to them effectively, and how to adapt to the new things in digital that regularly crop up. It’s a highly competitive field, so you have to commit to it, day in and day out, if you want your brand to soar high!

#14 What’s the scope of digital marketing & career opportunities for digital marketing learners?

There is plenty of scope for people looking to make a career in digital marketing. My training agency, Digital Scholar, trains its students in different job avenues in the field and gives them perspective on how to launch their careers effectively.

A digital marketing agency requires a lot of specialists to function smoothly, from content writers to social media marketers and web developers. So pick what interests you and dive right in!

#15 What’s your opinion about the work we do at Traffic Crow & SGS Mediasoft?

There is a great demand for quality digital marketing training courses in the country at the moment, especially in Tier-2 cities like Coimbatore. You guys at Traffic Crow and SGS Mediasoft are doing a terrific job of increasing awareness about the potential of digital marketing for businesses.

I wish you guys success in your endeavors and hope you continue to raise the bar in terms of the services you provide!

Let’s Conclude!

I hope my fellow readers, you could explore more things about Sorav Jain and his digital marketing practices. And, of course, those are success strategies. Let this interview helps you in a way or either to transform your business or digital marketing career.

Thanks for your time and valuable response to our interview, Sorav Jain. We wish you to have all the success in life!

Readers, if you have any questions for him, comment below. We will make sure Sorav to respond.

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