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5 Best Kinsta Alternatives In 2023 (#1 Is Just Amazing And Winner Always)

Kinsta doesn’t have a lot of bad things to complain about. They are good till day. It is not the only best WordPress managed-hosting. I can count many valid WordPress hosting providers as reliable, secure and well-supported. At the same time, I can say many reasons to seek for best Kinsta alternatives.

I have written the best GoDaddy alternatives lately. The post gets a lot of attention. Visitors are asking alternatives for their hosting providers. The most requested one is alternative for Kinsta and here I am.

Best Kinsta Alternatives – You Must Try in 2023

In this best Kinsta alternatives post, I am presenting you the real 5 competitors and dominants of Kinsta.  Also, I am justifying with the fact that why the alternatives are better than Kinsta. Hope you will be beneficial from this article by landing on your perfect hosting.

I had a client who hosted at Kinsta, he likes a lot of things about Kinsta initially but later wanted to move out of it, and he approached me to ask what the best Kinsta alternatives are. I wondered why he didn’t like it. He said that Kinsta is making him move out because of the following reasons.

  • Pricing is costly. He wants to go for a little less than Kinsta charges.
  • The monthly visits count are set to a certain limits in its various pricing plans
  • Kinsta limits no. of WordPress installation.

Kinsta Pricing Plans

Kinsta pricing starts from $30/month and goes upto a few hundred. Depending on your need and number of visits, you can choose or upgrade your plans. As it has limitations on the number of WordPress installations, go for its cheaper but also scalable alternatives.

Best Kinsta Alternatives 2023

Based on the above listed critical factors, I have here come with the best Kinsta alternatives. These alternatives outrank the Kinsta in any one or few elements.

Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
FastCometYesYes4.0/5Visit Website
WPX HostingYesYes4.8/5Visit Website
WPEngineYesYes4.7/5Visit Website
LiquidWebYesYes4.2/5Visit Website
FlywheelYesYes3.9/5Visit Website

Best Alternatives for Kinsta Hosting

In 2023, Kinsta has fierce competition in the WordPress managed hosting sphere. We will see some of the industry-best WordPress managed hosting companies get popular. We will see first one of the five best Kinsta alternatives which is just amazing and winner always. Thus WPX Hosting ranks top of the best Kinsta alternatives with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Alternative #1: FastComet (Free Domain For Life)


How WPEngine set the best standards for WordPress managed hosting, the same way FastComet sets the best criteria for Shared hosting space. FastComet scores 4th place in our list of best Kinsta alternatives with the score 3.0 out of 5.

With all the FastComet plans, your domain comes free for one year. It is a significant saving yearly.

While we can’t compare the FastComet with WPEngine in case of traffic spikes, at least we can have peace of mind instead of the hosting in any shared hosting.

Compared to the other shared hosts like Hostgator, Bluehost, Justhost, FastComet stands tall in many premium features they provide for free. Let us see one by one.

But one word of caution: If your site gets a sudden splurge of traffic, FastComet hosted sites still can go down. Other best Kinsta alternatives mentioned above having powerful servers and less number of sites per server to spread out the resources more per-site level.

Why is FastComet best Kinsta Alternative?

Reason 1: CDN included for free

Content Delivery Network is the fundamental solution to load your resources fast from many servers across the load. Usually, in CDN, images, files, videos are, java scripts, plugin scripts are stored across all CDN servers. When a visitor loads your site, a closest CDN server will give the resources for faster site loading.

Reason 2: cPanel control panel included

Many people used to the cPanel to access the files of their websites. Control Panel feature is standard on any shared hosts. But many WordPress hosting service providers offer their control panel which you may take some time to learn. FastComet hosting provides cPanel which you can go like blind and do the job.

Reason 3: 100% Network time & 100% Power time Guarantee

Can any host do that? Fast Comet does it. FastComet guarantees 100% Network time and Power time which is the bold and self-confident statement. You can expect your sites to also perform 100% uptime. Recovery data servers available in a different location, in case something goes wrong.

Reason 4: Customer support

When the issues arise, they go and correct. In case if no problems, but you want to add something to your codes or servers, they do that also, they don’t turn you off or don’t send the invoice as paid service. Hostgator was such customer-friendly earlier but not now. Their customer support sucks.

Features of FastComet

1. SSL is free.
2. CDN is free.
3. 100% network guarantee
4. 100% power guarantee
5. 30-minute hardware replace warranty
6. 30 minute initial response time

  • All three pricing plans are cheap and best.
  • SSL & CDN free at this affordable plans. No competitor does that.
  • Fantastic customer support.
  •  8 Servers worldwide to choose from.
  • Shared host not equivalent to other WP exclusive hosts.

What People say about: I am happy to see my rankings got to boost up because of the SSL and CDN which comes free with the hosting plans. Otherwise, I would n’t have gotten them.

Alternative #2: WPX Hosting


WPX Hosting founded by Terry Kyle with the aim to provide far superior & better WordPress managed hosting. And he does, I can claim. WPX Hosting as in its name itself specialises only hosting for blogs and websites powered by WordPress.

WPX Hosting pricing plans are very competitive and industry best in my opinion. But their features are as equally superb as any other competitor out there.

Why is WPX Hosting best Kinsta alternative?

Reason 1: Number of WordPress Installation allowed

WPX Hosting allows 5 WordPress installations in their basic plan while Kinsta allows only 1 WordPress installation. WPX Hosting has 15 site and 33 site plans. Note that WPX Hosting costs less than Kinsta! Thus Kinsta is an excellent deal for you.

Reason 2: 24 Seconds Average Live Chat Response

Can anyone beat that? Many top-notch hosting providers do not provide live chat option itself for support facility. WPX Hosting does provide not only Live chat response, but it also responds in an average of 24 seconds. I don’t see anyone does that in the whole hosting industry.

Reason 3: Top quality Technical Features

WPX Hosting uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for their hosting. WPX Hosting powers up to latest PHP 7.0 version. WPX Hosting Servers relies on Full SSD. WPX Hosting provides staging area where we can mirror the site, add changes and see whether it affects the site badly and if no issues you can go live with the changes.

Reason 4: Security is the top priority

WPX Hosting offers free SSL in all their plans. SSL is now even a part of Google search engine algorithm. WPX Hosting also provides DDOS attack protection and malware protection. WPX Hosting has 99.95% uptime. I haven’t felt a downtime in my experience ever for my websites.

Features of WPX Hosting:
  • Unlimited free SSL provided.
  • Hosted in Google Cloud Platform GCP.
  • Latest cloud, Nginx, PHP 7.0 technologies make sure my sites load blazing fast.
  • Staging area available.
  • Enterprise level DDOS/malware protection
  • 28 days backups available anytime.
  • 24/7/365 support. It is live chat support. 24 seconds average response time.
  • Site Migrations are free.
  • 30-day money back guarantee – It shows their confidence.
  • 1 click WordPress installation.
  • Free SSL.
  • Each sub-domain occupies one count of hosting slot.
  • One staging site holds one number of hosting slot.

What People say about: WPX Hosting changes the WordPress managed to host industry a lot. It provides free CDN and SSL. I can host 35 sites under a plan where competitors allow only 5. Different servers to choose. 24 sec response in Live chat and offers fantastic customer service. Thank Kyle for the work he does. It can get only better from now.

Alternative #3: WPEngine

WP Engine Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

I must say WP Engine set the standard at first for the WordPress managed hosting. The competitions started appearing too fast, seeking the demand for their service. Now every hosting company has WordPress managed- hosting in their kit.

WP Engine hosts some of the famous brands’ websites all over the world. Also, WP Engine hosts live events where even hundreds of thousand visitors watch at the same time. Check their case studies where how organizations able to get the most out of the WP Engine for not bringing the site even in their peak hours.

I like a case study I read from WP Engine website- how an Australian company website able to withstand while they went on to a final in a TV premiere show. Their site was online while the competitors’ website down. In fact, they had only moved on to the WPEngine on the morning of the day of finals. WP Engine scores 3.7 out of 5 ratings from us and ranks 2nd in the best Kinsta alternatives.

Why is WP Engine the best Kinsta Alternative?

Reason 1: Website shouldn’t go down during the traffic

While most hosting companies promise a lot of goodies, their servers go down when the sites get a sudden spike in traffic comes. We get an email that lets us know we went overboard and needed to upgrade to a higher plan. But would we get such spike again?? We shouldn’t miss out on the chance to gather leads and sales when the sudden splurge in visits. WPEngine does that.

Reason 2: SSL included for no additional cost

Despite how high the pricing of many hosting companies’ plans, they sell SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as a separate thing to buy that too for a lot of prices. WPEngine includes SSL for free in all of their plans. SSL is officially now a ranking factor in Google search algorithms. Don’t miss out a chance to rank high just because your current host has no SSL for free. Move on to WPEngine.

Reason 3: CDN included for no additional cost

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is equally important as any other features in a hosting company. Unfortunately, many hosting companies sell CDN as a separate thing, and sometimes they charge for CDN higher than even the original hosting cost. WPEngine cares for CDN because to load sites fast CDN is the must. With any of WPEngine’s hosting plans, CDN comes free. It is a great deal, isn’t it?

Reason 4: WPEngine is for SPEED

WPEngine hosted sites are infamous for page loading speed. Now for a long time, the page loading speed is an important Google search engine ranking factor. Your website speed is the primary factor in reducing bounce rates. There are case studies how fast loading sites stand out and make more leads/sales than low-speed page loading websites.

Features of WPEngine Hosting
  • No downtime in peak traffic times
  • Fastest page loading for your websites
  • Includes CDN at no additional cost
  • SSL at no additional cost
  • Immediate disaster recovery
  • Managed security
  • SFTP access which provides is a more secure way than the FTP access.
  • Both on-demand & daily backups are OFFSITE backups. It means the quick recovery.
  • WordPress experts on customer support. 250 WordPress experts, 4 WordPress core contributors & plug-in developers are in customer support. .
  • Staging Sites – A clone of your live sites available to test any changes before go live.
  • CopySites – If you like a place and want to get the same design for another location, just a click button. You can copy your sites right away.
  • Free Migration.
  • Depending on monthly visitors, they do have pricing slabs. Up to 4,00,000 visits per month, you are in reasonable price plans. Above that, you are charged very high than competitors.

What People say about: WPEngine is for one who wants top-notch security, speed & spike-sustainability. Whatever they do is for only to the benefit of WordPress sites. I love their auto WordPress updates, fast caching, staging sites and care for uptime.

Alternative #4: LiquidWeb

Liquid Web Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Liquidweb ranks third place in the list of best Kinsta alternatives with the score of only 2.8 out of 5. LiquidWeb is a favorite hosting company available here for over two decades, but not exclusive to WordPress like WP Engine or WPX Hosting. That means LiquidWeb is more than about just WordPress hosting; they do all kind of websites hosting.

But LiquidWeb offer Managed WordPress Hosting plans which are specialized-servers for WordPress sites.

Shawn Hesketh, the creator of, recommends the LiquidWeb and he says his site loads five times faster after migrating to LiquidWeb.

Liquidweb can be the best Kinsta alternative in all terms. Let us review LiquideWeb with all features, pros and of course cons.

Why is LiquidWeb best Kinsta Alternative?

Reason 1: No Restriction on Page Views

It is current style every exclusive WordPress managed hosting service providers go for a daily or monthly visitor or page view count restriction. When we go overage, they ask us to upgrade to a costlier hosting plan or charge for overage. LiquidWeb doesn’t do that.

Reason 2: All geared up for SPEED

LiquidWeb has all the technologies in place as same as independent WordPress managed-hosting companies. Whether it is PHP 7, Nginx, SSL, varnish caching – Everything you got in your servers which makes the LiquidWeb a perfect place to host your website for SPEED.

Reason 3: Automatic SSL

Regardless of how many sites you host with LiquidWeb, all are automatically getting the SSL without any additional cost. SSL is for the benefit of your visitors’ data transfer.

Reason 4: Around the clock support

Some hosts don’t offer live chat support. It is must in my opinion. When your site down, hoping your ticket would get a reply at earlier will be quiet annoying and frustrating. LiquidWeb Phone, Web, Live chat supports all around the clock 24/7/365.

Features of LiquidWeb

• No limits on page views or visitors count.
• Staging sites
• Automatic SSL
• Nginx, Php7, Varnish caching.
• 24/7/365 support

  • Full server access & database access.
  • Developer tools access – SSH, GIT, and WP-CLI.
  • Varnish caching.
  • More than WordPress – If you host along WordPress any other application, they would care about it and help you host.
  • Not an exclusive WordPress hosting company. But have over 20 years of experience in hosting industry.

What People say about: I never felt alone, thanks to the Phone, web, live chat support. Even the help desk has less than 30 minutes initial response time. Phone and live chats are always helped me to resolve my issues. For the customer support, I would give 5-star rating for them!

Alternative #5: Flywheel

FlyWheel got a lot of attention in the last couple of years after a lot of authority bloggers started using FlyWheel hosting. The reasons are server features are amazing for the price we need to pay. FlyWheel scores 3.6 out of 5 and gets 5th rank in our best Kinsta alternatives list.

FlyWheel says there is nothing unlimited as other guys hiding under words. But FlyWheel offers all the limits needed for running the site without any issues.

Why is FlyWheel best Kinsta Alternative?

Reason 1: Features are reasonable

FlyWheel provides SSL for free in all their plans regardless of how many sites you host. If you go for their 10 WordPress install plan and launch 10 WordPress sites, all would get free SSL. CDN comes with their entire plan at $10/per site. It is the very nominal cost in my opinion. Because some image-rich sites host 10000+ images in per site, these sites would take a lot of CDN storage & bandwidth.

Reason 2: No Overage Charges

FlyWheel offers its hosting plan at visitor count per month basis. But if you go over the limit, there won’t be any overage charges like WPEngine, Kinsta does. They will ask you to move next higher resources plan. This hosting saves around $200 on average my opinion. A lot of clients from other hosts, migrate their sites to FlyWheel after paying the overage fees.

Reason 3: All hosted in VPS (not shared hosting)

Fast Comet hosts sites in the shared hosting environment. But FlyWheel hosts in VPS. Each account gets its own VPS. This hosting service is entirely a great deal for you. Your VPS servers are safe. Your servers are safe from malware and DDOS attacks. Every night, it automatically backups your server data. Backups are secure on an OFFSITE server. In case of failover, you will be worry-free.

Reason 4: Free Migrations regardless of how many sites

Other WordPress managed hosts also offer free migrations, but if you have a lot of websites to move, they will ask you pay the price for that. But FlyWheel price is a steal if you have a lot of sites because they migrate all your sites for free regardless of how many sites, even if it is above 100+.

Features of FlyWheel in a nutshell

1. All accounts hosted on separate VPS servers, no shared environments.
2. SSL is free regardless of how many sites you have.
3. CDN is just $10 per site which is very low in my opinion.
4. One click staging site.
5. Every night backup. Your backup is safe in the Off-site server.
6. Exclusively hosts WordPress.

  • Free site migration.
  • No overage charges.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Free staging site.
  • Free Multisite.
  • CDN costs you lot if you have many sites. For example, 30 sites would cost you $300 per month.

What People say about: For a low price, my sites run on VPS. I had used to shared hosts before and server went down if my site got sudden traffic surge. Now with FlyWheel my sites can candle peak traffic without any downtimes. I host a Multisite network with FlyWheel for no additional cost. Thanks to the FlyWheel team for the support while I needed.


Kinsta is Ok if you like it. But if you are thinking of moving from Kinsta for some reason, I am sure you can pick anyone from the above mentioned best Kinsta Alternatives.

If you ask me to recommend the best one out of five best kinsta alternatives, I will go for WPX Hosting. I host all money making sites confidently there. If you are not worried about budget a lot, go with WPEngine, they are fantastic. If your sites don’t get a lot of traffic spikes ever, you can go with Fast Comet.

Hopefully, I pointed out all the features of best Kinsta alternatives here. You can replace the Kinsta hosting with any one of them. Let me know what your choice is.

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