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Best Comma Corrector & Checker Tools Online 2023 – Fix Apostrophe & Semicolon Mistakes Too

Recently I have published a post on best punctuation checker tools sharing the best software for correcting punctuation mistakes in English writing. To dig into deep, now I am about to share a few best comma corrector tools and checker tools to particularly identify and clear these two major punctuation mistakes which we frequently do while fast writing. Fortunately, I use Grammarly to polish my content before hitting publish. And, I used to buy/renew Grammarly during Cyber Monday availing discount offers.

Does a comma and apostrophe error have a greater impact on your writing?

Any writer like students, e-book authors, online publishers, bloggers or any web content writers, will have writing as an everyday task. Whatever their writing expertise maybe, they would make mistakes in placing or missing or misplacing commas and apostrophe in their write-ups. It may be unintentional and might not know about the serious and drastic impact of such minor mistakes on content sense.

For an instant, consider sentences as below:

  •  I love cooking my dear friend.
    I love cooking, my dear friend.
  •  Lets eat kids.
    Let’s eat, kids.

I guess no explanations are required. Missing comma completely changes the meaning of a sentence. Similarly, you may be making apostrophe mistakes as below:

  •  Cant – Can’t
  •  Members – Member’s

In the latter one, “Members” is not a wrong word (refers to plural) but it has different meanings rather than “Member’s” (refers to possession).

I hope now you have a got clear understanding of how crucial is a comma and apostrophe in creating your flawless and meaningful content.

Correcting Comma Splices & Apostrophe Mistakes

If you are a native English writer and speaker, then you could manually correct comma splices and apostrophe errors on your own. You may be familiar with the grammar rules in using proper punctuation. But, it would be time-taking.

For non-native writers having English as a second language, manual proofreading and correcting punctuation mistakes is a headache.

For both categories, there are plenty of punctuation checker tools available to fix punctuation errors and correct comma, apostrophe, semicolon mistakes, etc., You can choose your suitable tool based on your writing style and what mistake you often make.

There are tools unique as a comma detector, comma splice finder, free comma separating tool, semicolon use checker, and more. Even these tools help to auto punctuate your text like automatic comma inserter, semicolon corrector, automatic comma inserter and furthermore. Obviously, you can have flawless content in line with writing rules saving your time.

What a Best Punctuation Checker Tool can do?

Useful proofreading tools are performing multiple tasks as spell and grammar check, punctuation check, plagiarism check, writing style and more. A perfect punctuation checker should be the best comma corrector, colon or semicolon checker, comma splice corrector, semicolon use checker, apostrophe checker helping writers to make full-fledged error-free content.

These kinds of punctuation errors like comma splices, run-on sentences, and apostrophe misplace may be tiniest and unnoticed manually. But proofreading tools can spot such mistakes, highlights and enables you to fix the errors. It is wiser to choose a significant checker tool checks for any errors resulting in flawless content free from mistakes.

Comma Detector Tool Can Make Your Content Flawless?

Though comma detector tool falls under punctuation checker tools, it might have its own limitations. The tool can detect if any comma related errors in the text and highlights you. It may come up with suggestions too. You can manually go with the choices. Otherwise, best comma corrector or comma inserter tool can do this job for you and even spots any kind of comma related issues.

How A Comma Inserter Tool Can Perfect Your Content?

The comma inserter tool is a step ahead to that of comma detector, comma corrector, or semicolon corrector tools. Especially, consider about automatic comma placer or automatic comma inserter. Are you not sure about the usage of comma whether it is required or not? Then leave it to the hands of auto comma placer tool.

Consider, ‘we are going to learn about cut and paste children’. Alternatively, ‘we are going to learn about cut and paste, children’. The auto comma corrector online tool or auto comma inserter can fix this error as you write, automatically. To astonish you, there are comma splice corrector tools that are capable to check your semicolon mistakes or any other punctuation errors.

When you don’t use punctuation properly, it can totally change the meaning of the sentence. Still, most of the bloggers and writers don’t care about punctuation mistakes. But to give real life to your sentences and beautify your content, using proper punctuations is a key. And, the punctuation checker tool you choose must be multi-purpose. There are smart comma corrector and checker tools that can even proofread your entire content for any writing mistakes.

So, How to choose your best Punctuation Checker Tool?

From the below list of comma corrector and checker tools, how you will opt for the perfect one? Consider some of the factors before making a purchase.


Every tool listed here will have its own set of features, benefits, and drawbacks. You cannot ignore anything just for its price. Any tool can help you fixing your typical punctuation errors. But, how it analyzes your entire content and enables you to maintain the writing style with strategic punctuation suggestions.

Must be comprehensive

The punctuation checker tool you are choosing must be capable of proofreading your content for any other writing mistakes. It includes plagiarism check, vocabulary enhancements, style check, grammar and spelling mistake checks, etc. So, you don’t have to opt for individual tools for each purpose.


The tool must be flexible to use. There should not be any limitations on word count. The tool should get you multiple options to feed your content to its editor. It should give you the liberty to make changes with proper suggestions.

Sure, the list of punctuation checker tools below would help you.

Best Free Comma And Apostrophe Checker Tools

In this section, the tools which I am going to discuss are not only for comma and apostrophe checks; to have thorough checks on your English writing in various aspects. By using such tools, you will apparently learn more about the correct use of an apostrophe, fix comma splices, proper use of colons and more grammar rules. With this practice, then you will get expertise in English writing knowing the rules and improving credibility.

Product NameChrome AddonsTypeRatingAction
GrammarlyAdd To ChromeFree/Premium4.5/5Free Download
WhiteSmokeAvailableFree/Premium3.9/5Free Download
Ginger SoftwareAvailableFree/Premium4.0/5Free Download
Language ToolAvailableFree/Premium3.9/5Check Online
SpellCheckPlusUnavailableFree3.5/5Check Online
Online CorrectionUnavailableFree3.8/5Free Download

#1. Grammarly – Best All-In-One Punctuation Checker Tool

Best Proofreading Sites-Grammarly Proofreading Checker Online

So far, we all know that Grammarly is the best spell and grammar checker software online. It is also a favorite tool to check and correct your punctuation mistakes as the best comma corrector. You might have frequently come across this Grammarly tool as it is well-known for multiple features including proofreading, editing, plagiarism check, vocabulary enhancement and more.

Over four million people use Grammarly, and you become the one among them by knowing its contribution to fixing punctuation mistakes. Completely throw off your punctuation errors with Grammarly’s sophisticated punctuation checker feature.

Misplaced punctuation marks or periods can change the meaning of your sentence. Hence, miscommunication exists. To avoid such embarrassments, I suggest you rely on a perfect punctuation checker tool especially best comma checker tool. Since comma splicing is the standard and frequently occurring mistakes. It will dig your time if you want to fix comma splices and apostrophe mistakes in your lengthy content. If you have not had Grammarly premium version yet, save big money buying Grammarly during Black Friday seasons.

If you are a serious writer struggling with how to find comma splices, semicolon checks while writing faster, then have Grammarly with you. I use Grammarly to proofread and make all my articles error-free before publishing it online.

Why Grammarly?

  •  Instantly checks for hundreds of grammatical mistakes against 250 types of grammar rules
  •  Compatible with MS word, extensions available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and most popular browsers, and email platforms
  •  Supports iOS and Android smartphones with its interactive keyboard compatible with your mobile applications and browsers
  •  Social Media presence to assist you on any social media networks either you comment, publish, tweet or writing reviews and recommendations
  •  Identifies contextual spelling mistakes, misused words, repetitive words usage, etc., and suggests correcting those errors
  •  Employs context-specific AI-based algorithm to check most common to no-obvious mistakes and giving accurate corrections
  •  Best-in-class English proofreading and editing software closest to manual proofreading
  •  Professional Plagiarism checker software which checks against billions of web pages and comes out with the results of unoriginal text

Why Not Grammarly

  • Grammarly does not assist you on Quora website

#2. WhiteSmoke – Top SemiColon Sentence Checker

Free Online Proofreading Services-White Smoke Grammar Checker ReviewsWhiteSmoke is one of the dominant comma splice checker tools among other popular punctuation checker software online to correct your semicolon and other punctuation mistakes. It is is a fierce competitor of Grammarly, and we can say it as a fierce competitor to Grammarly. The big deal with WhiteSmoke is it fails to detect context base spelling and grammar mistakes sometimes. Have a look at an article about comparison among Grammarly, Whitesmoke and Ginger software to know how one beats another with its features.

As a complete proofreading tool, WhiteSmoke has all its necessary features like supporting multi-platform, spell & grammar check, style checker, plagiarism checker, translator and more. Recently, WhiteSmoke software packages come with dozens of feature and content updates. The tool detects up to hundreds of more complex and uncommon errors and provides a more additional explanation of each error.

Why WhiteSmoke?

  •  It is not just a spelling mistakes checker, fixes all sorts of grammar, style mistakes, word choice giving out quality proofreading abilities
  •  Reviewed by largest educational firms and rated as the number one English grammar and punctuation checker software for academics
  •  Built-on National Language Processing technology and its innovative AI algorithms for text analysis
  •  One to one word or full-text translation supporting around 55 languages and provides usage examples for every translation word
  •  Offering a wide range of features as a perfect punctuation checker like missing period or quotation mark, comma splices and more uncommon mistakes like misplacing punctuations
  •  Brings your writing style to the whole new level
  •  Desktop app for Windows, Mac OS, the web application for popular browsers, mobile apps for Andriod and iOS

Why Not WhiteSmoke?

  •  No add-ons or plug-ins available for browsers
  •  It does not offer a free trial

#3. Ginger Software – Best Full Stop Checker Online

Free Online Proofreading Tool-Ginger Online Proofreading Review

The Ginger Software is one of the best free comma checker tools you check online among few other familiar punctuation checkers and proofreading tools. If you are looking for free online punctuation checker software to write an error-free content faster, then give your writing with Ginger software. You can write anywhere with more confidence and correct your mistakes as you write.

It spots all type of grammatical mistakes like punctuation, sentence structure, writing style other than as an ordinary spell and grammar check software. With its advanced punctuation checking feature, promptly fix apostrophe mistakes; full stop errors, fix comma splice, and more. In addition to the typical features as an ideal free online proofreading tool, the Ginger software has personal trainer and text reader ability to improve your both writing and spoken English skills. With these advanced features, Ginger software is one amongst most favorite grammar and punctuation checker software for students.

Why Ginger Software?

  •  Enhance your sentence structure and readability with its sentence rephrases ability and use synonyms tools to place more appropriate and exciting words
  •  You can use Ginger’s grammar rules to know the accuracy of your writing and spelling book to get rid of most obvious spelling typos while fast writing
  •  Has Essay checker tool as a proof that Ginger software is tailored for academics related writings and most preferable for students
  •  Translator supporting over 40 languages, dictionary to know contextual meanings of the words you are using in your text
  •  Ginger page supporting desktops or tablets with Windows OS, iOS smartphones, keyboards for Android; and extensions for Google Chrome and Safari browsers

Why Not Ginger Software? 

  •  No native app for Mac OS, Mac users can verify their write-ups using Ginger page online
  •  Sometimes, you won’t get the reason or explanation behind errors
  •  For unlimited word counts to check, you have to choose any pricing plans as free version has limitations on words count

#4. Language Tool – Best Comma Splice Detector

Proofreading Software For Writers-Language-Tool

If you are looking for a punctuation checker or grammar checker tool for multiple languages, Language tool is the best free online comma checker and proofreading tool. As open source software, it has an indefinite set of features, and it doesn’t even compel you to sign up for using it.

There is no need to download any software or no need for installation. You can only enter or copy-paste your text on its web page and check for the quality and readability of your content. The tool comes up with color indications to highlight your mistakes everything including spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation mistakes and more. By clicking on the word highlights, you will get the error justification helping you to fix the errors.

Why Language Tool?

  •  More number of additional mistakes can get spot especially in languages English and German
  •  Available as a Web version, add-ons for Google Chrome, and Google Docs, and so on
  •  Good to prefer tool for Libre Office users as both add-on and the desktop application is available
  •  Supports around 32 languages detecting more no-obvious mistakes too including complex stylistic issues

Why Not Language Tool?

  •  Not compatible with Mac OS and no mobile support
  •  No plagiarism check feature available
  •  Does not store your materials, hence you can’t retrieve from it for later reference

#5. SpellCheckPlus – Best Apostrophe Checker Online

SpellcheckplusSpellCheckPlus is an efficient free online spell and grammar checker tool. You can simply copy and paste your material from a word document or type in the text box on its website to check for the results. The tool highlights related spelling mistakes in a red color text and grammatical errors in the yellow box. On placing your cursor on the highlights, you can have suggestions to fix those errors.

You may use SpellcheckPlus to fix apostrophe mistakes, but it is not much exclusive in spotting all your punctuation mistakes like comma splices, missing semicolon, etc. However, in its free version, you can check the only limited number of words. For unlimited words, you have to pay for its premium plans. You can resize your text editor, maximizing the editor to full screen (not in Safari), retrieving old entries, a summary of errors and more.

Why SpellCheckPlus?

  •  A better choice for a simple spell and grammar check of your text
  •  Alternate words suggestions to fix the mistakes in your piece of writing
  •  Grammar exercises to practice grammar rules
  •  Checks for apostrophe errors to make your sentence more meaningful
  •  As a premium member can get a bonus subscription to its French text editor
  •  Volume discounts are available for educational institutions

Why Not SpellCheckPlus?

  •  Not a superior one to locate all punctuation errors
  •  The page is filled up with more ads (if you are trying for free version)
  • Not a complete English proofreading tool and no plagiarism detection feature

#6. OnlineCorrection – Efficient Auto Punctuate Software

Free Best Proofreading Software Online-Correction-OrgIt is one of the popular as well as user-friendly free online punctuation checker tools. You can simply enter or paste the text in editor box in its site. The tool checks for spelling and basic grammatical and stylistic mistakes in English texts.

You can enable it to auto correct the errors and see the summary of the mistakes in the results page. Hence, most people often use it as an auto comma placer, comma inserter, comma splice checker and corrector, semicolon corrector, etc.,

There are various text editing pages available for different languages like German, French, Spanish, Russian, and so on.

Why OnlineCorrection?

  •  Color indications to highlights spell, grammar, stylistic and punctuation mistakes
  •  Placing a cursor on each error, you will get a cause of error and suggestions to correct those mistakes
  •  Option to enable error corrections automatically
  •  No download or installations required

Why Not OnlineCorrection?

  • Not a guaranteed one to discover all the errors in your text. Have to opt for any other professional proofreading software
  • No advanced features available what a writer needs on a full scale like plagiarism detector

FAQ On Best Comma Checker & Corrector Tools

Hope you have some clarity about the best comma checker tools in the market and which one to use. Still, if you have any questions, here are some of the common questions answered.

Is a free comma checker enough to fix my punctuation mistakes?

Most of the punctuation checkers reviewed here like Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, etc. comes free. I mean, the free editions itself help you with spelling, grammar and punctuation checking abilities. That’s good enough.

Can I use any comma or punctuation checker offline?

Unfortunately, the tools featured here have the punctuation checking option but doesn’t help when you’re offline. There are other writing assistant tools like After The Deadline (you can use it offline but doesn’t help you with punctuation checking feature). So, the only solution – you must get connected to the internet and scan the articles for punctuation mistakes.

My Final Verdict on Best Comma Corrector Tools Online

I have shared almost simple online English proofreading programs to check and fix all your mistakes in writing. You may be an expert writer or a typical having English as a second language, hit a try with any of these tools and pick your choice depending on your writing strategy.

Any punctuation checker software has its unique features in assisting you with error-free content writing. If you are serious writers frequently makes comma spices or apostrophe mistakes, and then choose a program that offers professional solutions to make your content with proofreading. If you are moderate writers in making more punctuation mistakes, then any tool can assist you to fix your errors and polish your writing.

I strongly recommend using a perfect grammar, punctuation checker and proofreading tool performing multiple analyses on your text and improve the readability. Our ultimate goal is to engage our readers with quality content. It is obvious to go for a trustable one like Grammarly to have complete error-free content.

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    As we know that spellings, proper grammar usage, commas and punctuation really matters a lot for creating high quality contents.Using these helpful tools will also improve the writing skills and will absolutely makes the contents stand-out. Your all the suggested tools are effective and loaded with helpful features but i
    truly like an idea of using Grammarly, Language tool, Spell-check plus and Ginger software.

    As this post will help several bloggers, people and readers for choosing the best comma-corrector tool.

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