6 Free Online Proofreading Tool for Avoiding Blogger Writing Mistakes

In this article, we are going to see the 6 Free Online Proofreading tool for Avoiding Blogger Writing Mistakes.

A quality of content is very important in all blog. Because each blogger or a freelance writer should have a good content writing skill to earn the profit. Many of them often make mistakes in grammar or do some common spelling mistakes. To avoid those mistakes, we have to spend much time on Proofreading. The Proofreading is the main part of any article since it helps you to improve the quality of an article. Each content should attract readers. Hence, once you finished writing an article it is better to Proofread. Spend some time to it and go for Proofread after few hours or at next day when you proofread your article your mind should feel fresh because you can get some new ideas while proofreading your article. Hence, there are so many online tools which are available for your article. It automatically proofreads and it shows the error in your content. So you can correct your mistakes by using the tools which I listed in this article.

Here I am going to explain Six Online Proofreading Tool that are


Grammarly is the popular Online Proofreading tool. A Grammarly is an online proofreader free and multipurpose tool that helps to both bloggers and writers. Here you can write or paste your content to check the spelling & most common grammar mistakes. This guides you to make the corrections. You can use this anywhere, in any device, for that just sign up to Grammarly and then start writing your article or upload document directly. It saves your document automatically on their server. The features they include works anywhere. Grammar Check Microsoft word, Check for website Plagiarism and Vocabulary Enhancement. Hence, you can also try their Premium membership for advanced features.

Note: We have written a complete review about the Grammarly. Please do check the link and get the Grammarly account.

I suggest you to use the Grammarly since I am using this tool for long days. It provides the great help for every bloggers. Sign up with Grammarly


SpellerChecker.net is the tool that check the spelling and grammar of your articles, so your content become “High Quality”. Here you can find synonyms for words in your article, for that just go to SpellChecker.net and past your article. Click on the ” Spell Check”. With their free spell checker and grammar checker, you can avoid simple and complex errors and create error-free text with confidence. To write an article or important business documents, their free spell check tool help you to avoid common mistakes, detect unnoticed errors and become a better writer. They offer free 30-days trial and it is a full version of the software. It is available in two versions like Hosted and Licensed.

Check this link for signing up with SpellChecker.net


Another famous Online Proofreading Tool is Ginger. Ginger Online spell checker tool corrects the spelling mistakes with unmatched accuracy, it helps to correct your typos, phonetic mistakes, severe spelling mistakes, and misused words based on the context of the sentence. Multiple mistakes are corrected within a single click in Ginger and it uses a breakthrough, patent-pending technology to correct any type of mistake. The features included in Ginger are Grammar Checker, Sentence Rephraser, Translation, Dictionary, Text reader, and Personal trainer. Ginger for Windows, Browsers, Android, iOS, School, business and Mac.

Check this link for signing up with Ginger

Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is free Proofreading tool, it automatically show grammatical and spelling errors in your article. Simply paste your article or an Essay in the text box on Polish My Writing and click “Check Writing” then it highlights the mistakes you were done. Now you can correct it with their suggestions, apart from showing spelling and grammar mistakes it provides active and passive voice suggestions. To increase the number of active voice sentences convert the reader into a subscriber or a buyer. You can do this easily by using this tool and you can check whether your blog post has more passive voice sentences rather than active voice sentences.

Check this link for signing up with Polish My Writing

Paper rater

The paper is another online free tool for Proofreading, this tool helps to check grammar, spelling and Word voice. It allows you to find Pesky mistakes and correct them before turning in your paper. Also, it detects plagiarism in your content. It gives you suggestions to improve your writing. PaperRater will show an overall writing score based on your writing skills. It provides in-depth analysis to help the student improve grammar and writing. The features included are Plagiarism detection, Auto Grader, Spelling & Grammar Check, Style & Word Choice Analysis, Readability Statistics, Title Validation, and Vocabulary builder tool. They also offered premium packages, you can also use it for more feature benefits.

Check this link for signing up with Paper rater

Slick Write

The last tool which I am going to tell in this 6 Free Online Proofreading tool for Avoiding Blogger Writing Mistakes is “Slick Write”. Whether you are a blogger, student or an article writer “Slick Write” helps you point out the mistakes in your writing. It gives you a correct suggestion by right-clicking on the wrong text. Also, it has a feature like checking the passive voice index, Automated Readability Index, Estimated reading time and Average paragraph length. To check your article quality and readability score go with SlickWrite.com, and one thing is, it will not find all your writing mistakes, but it improve the readability score of your blog. This tool analyzes remove useless adverbs, verb and prepositions, passive voice usage and more. All these features help to improve your writing skills.

Check this link for starting up with Slick Write

Final Words:

To become a ‘Quality Content Writer’ try the above-listed Online Proofreading Tool. This will surely help you to improve your writing skills. I hope this article, “6 Free Online Proofreading tool for Avoiding Blogger Writing Mistakes” will help you a lot. If you are using any of the mentioned tools then share you working experience with us and post your comment about this article in a comment box. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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