Best Online Grammar Checker Tools

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools 2021 (Software #1 Stays on TOP)

Still struggling to make an error-free content working around your schedule? Oh NO. With this page, stop your chaotic search process to find the best online grammar checker tools to get rid of your mistakes. Do you know why? In this post, I am going to share the most popular online checker tools that you can use to proofread your text to come up with content free from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. I am damp sure that, you will possibly pick your best tool to go with further after reading this.

Top Online Grammar Checker Software in 2021

The grammar checker software’s features list does not end up with just as a grammar checker; there are loads of added benefits that some online grammar checker tools offer. As if you are willing to go for grammar checker software assistance then it is better to choose your best software that serves you in handling multiple tasks.

I know the difficulties of a one having English as a second language because I am the one among those non-native. Still, I am performing best (You don’t agree?) joining hands with such famous and best grammar checker software. In the later section of this blog post, I would reveal the software what I am using and be cool for making error-free content. Moreover, it helps me a lot in bringing up my writing skills and styles too.

Does it worth using these Online Grammar Checker Tools?

So, you are baffled? You are not sure how this grammar checker tool works? And how this can help you make your content perfect? After all, this is all software programs. Yes, still, these grammar checker tools can help you out. It may not be a substitute for human proofreading. But, these tools are smart enough to find, highlight the mistakes, and suggest ideas to fix it and polish your content.

If you are a digital marketer, I’m sure you will know the significance of valuable content over the web. How competitive is the digital world? The only control you have in hand is your content. Content delivers your personality, your brand values, and everything. What if your content is a flaw with enough grammatical errors? Your target users will lose their hope on your brand as you couldn’t deliver the value that you are supposed to do.

By the way, you can hire professional writers or freelancers to help you. How affordable is it? Is it hassle-free to manage a team? And, keep in mind that writing is not the only task you have. You have a lot to do.

So, relying on a reliable English proofreading tool can make your hours efficient. It can make your content flawless, eliminating the silly to complex writing mistakes that you commit. Polish your writing and spread your brand values as it deserves. It is just a little money you are investing in while the returns are immeasurable.

Now let’s dive into the pool of trending top online grammar checker tools.

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing

Even there is plenty of online grammar and punctuation checker software available for free; here I am glad to present the best among those best online grammar checker tools in 2021. Now it becomes easy for you to choose your BEST among seven online grammar checker tools than picking your ONE among countless.

Product NameChrome AddonsTypeRatingAction
GrammarlyAdd To ChromeFree/Premium4.5/5Free Download
WhiteSmokeAvailableFree/Premium3.9/5Free Download
Ginger SoftwareAvailableFree/Premium4.0/5Free Download
ProWritingAidAvailableFree/Premium3.8/5Free Download
PaperRaterUnavailableFree/Premium3.4/5Check Online
SlickWriteUnavailableFree3.0/5Check Online
OnlineCorrectionUnavailableFree3.2/5Check Online

#1. Grammarly – Best Online Grammar Checker Software

Best Proofreading Sites-Grammarly Proofreading Checker OnlineGrammarly wins millions of writer’s minds for making error-free content that winning billions of the reader’s hearts. By the way, it’s inspiring that 10 million people using Grammarly Chrome add-on to polish their every piece of writing every day. It’s not only because Grammarly is for FREE; it makes sense and worth using.

Grammarly has its multiple faces as a Windows app for MS Office users, the Web app for online writers like email and social media writers, the native app for MAC OS, Mobile app, and add-ons for popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and so on. It is no way failed to miss out on any individual writing anywhere and everywhere.

You may upload your document to Grammarly web platform to proofread your handy text where Grammarly is smart enough to check hundreds of different types of grammatical mistakes instantly along with spelling, punctuation, etc.,

Moreover, Grammarly is not only well-known for grammar and punctuation checker; it comes with a bundle of features including vocabulary enhancement, contextual spelling corrections, word suggestions, sentence rephrase, professional proofreading, plagiarism check, writing style enrichment and more. Use translator, alternate word suggestions, add to dictionary options to make your content more personalized and pleasing to the readers.

As a writer, what else we might need to have perfect error-free content? Grammarly as a superior grammar checker tool suits all your needs. Think of all the places you write in English anywhere over the web like social media networks, emails, or anything, Grammarly will keep assisting you.

With its sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm, Grammarly results and suggestions are always highly reliable and more accurate. If you would love to take your writing to the next level, Grammarly is the best choice among many other online grammar checker tools for English writers.

Grammarly insights and reports show your writing level and the areas or significant topics where you are making mistakes. You can also know the readability score of your text as this is the factor keeps your reader happy and stay tuned.

Grammarly Features

  • As a predominant grammar checker, this software looks for more in-depth grammatical rules and spots 250 types of grammatical issues.
  • Multi-platform supportive of MS Word, Outlook, Social Media, few popular Email platforms and so on.
  • Virtual keyboard to support mobile users – both Andriod and iOS.
  • Easy-to-use, either write or type your text on the web, or copy-paste the piece of content, or you may even upload the document to check.
  • Native app for Mac OS and Windows, Extensions for popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.,
  • Built-in options for Vocabulary enhancement, Sentence rephrase, Add to Dictionary, writing style, sentence structure and more.
  • Contextual spell checker, punctuation checkers like an apostrophe, word spacing, comma checker, and more.
  • Professional proofreading tool and its plagiarism checker tool checks your content with more than billions of web pages to know the originality.


  • Simple to use and user-friendly interface
  • Assists you wherever you write online
  • More reliable and accurate results
  • Multi-faceted tool to satisfy any writers
  • Excellent software to improve your writing style
  • Insights and reports to know your level of writing performance
  • Award-winning customer support


  • Does not support Quora website

Any bloggers or webmaster would prefer using Grammarly as the content is their major SEO factor determining its traffic flow.

If you are now impressed with Grammarly and to know in-depth about it, I have written an article with its review; check it out to build confidence that your choice is so perfect. Further, if you wish to enjoy its premium version, then be the early bird to grab the discount.

#2. WhiteSmoke – English Grammar Checker Software

Free Online Proofreading Services-White Smoke Grammar Checker ReviewsWhitesmoke is another superlative grammar checker tool that has its features and benefits closest to Grammarly. Most trustable grammar and punctuation checker software by the educational sectors for its functions on grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing style, translator, and more.

WhiteSmoke employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for text analysis offering precise results. WhiteSmoke is tailored to support academic writers and available in various means say Desktop app for Windows, extensions supporting most popular browsers, WhiteSmoke Web, and Mobile app for both Android and iOS.

WhiteSmoke Features

  • Focussing more on academic writers supporting students, teachers, and authors.
  • Spell checker, sentence rephrase, punctuation checker, dictionary and translator tool to translate text over 40 languages.
  • Style checker tool notifies your writing style including sentence length, word or paragraph counts and so on.
  • Compatible with Windows, and most popular browsers.
  • Supports both Andriod and iOS mobile versions.


  •  Great tool to improve both English writing and speaking skills
  •  Checks for common to more complex grammar mistakes
  •  Preferable proofreading tool for students and academic professionals
  •  Employs NLP technology and comes with more writing templates


  • No native apps for Mac OS
  • Little expensive than its alternatives
  • Feels like more complex sometimes

If you are looking for online grammar checker tools feature for Mac OS, then you will have to wait. WhiteSmoke Mac version will be coming soon. Here, Grammarly proves its excellence as it offers a native app for Mac OS supporting Mac users.

WhiteSmoke would be best preferable grammar checker software for students and teachers to proofread academic documents, or any educational writers and authors. But, I don’t neglect WhiteSmoke as an optimal one for any professional writers. The very next we are going to see would be the best alternative to WhiteSmoke.

#3. Ginger Software – English Writing Assistant Tool

Free Online Proofreading Tool-Ginger Online Proofreading ReviewGinger Software is an admirable tool among other grammar and spell check software available for free. As a typical tool Ginger software comes with extensive features like correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, and sentence rephrase, translator, dictionary, and more.

Ginger supports your writing in different places like email, Ms-office, social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Google Chrome add-on is available for the easy go. Moreover, Ginger launches its mobile app supporting Android OS recently. Again a twist here for the Mac users as it has no app for Mac OS.

Besides to that, Ginger software is famous among the writers for its trainer feature. Ginger’s Personal trainer comes with personalized practice sessions allowing you to write and learn from your mistakes in improving your writing skills.

Another unique feature of the Ginger software is its text reader. Ginger’s text-to-speech ability reads your text back to you in native speaker accent. This feature prompts you to perfect your spoken English level and fluency in speaking.

Ginger Software Features

  • Has Unique features like the personal trainer, text reader to improve your spoke English as well.
  • Recommendable grammar checker tool for beginner level writers
  • Saves your vast time and helps to boost your productivity as it is something beyond basic grammar and spell check software.
  • It supports multiple platforms like Android and iOS smartphones, Social Media, Email platforms, Windows, and a few common browsers.


  • Suitable for both native and non-native English speakers
  • User-friendly and helps to improve vocabulary
  • Has massive database and mistaking syntax errors to come out with accurate results


  • Does not support Mac OS
  • Sometimes, you may not have the justifications for the errors
  • In the free version, there are limitations on word counts to check

Ginger Software would be a best one for beginners or English learners. It is a better alternative to Grammarly. To know in-depth features and various aspects of such favorite online grammar checker tools, you may read this comparison between Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger.

#4. ProWriting Aid – English Editing Tool & Style Checker

ProwritingaidProWriting Aid is an exceptional tool as a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor. With a strong belief that perfect content is not only correcting grammar; includes a lot and resulting in excellent readability level. It is the best manuscript editing software to improve your writing style.

For any level of writers, ProWriting Aid takes you to the next level or new heights. To serve better plug-ins are available to integrate with MS Word and Google docs directly. For other formats like OpenOffice, .html, the Desktop App is there. Mac users can download the desktop app for editing in MS documents. Don’t worry. Google Chrome extension is available as ready-to-go.

ProWriting Aid helps you with around 20 reports where no other tool is providing many reports. Please note that varying sentence length and words using with short syllable are major deciding factors to improve the readability of your text. This software creates a visualization showing the length of your every sentence so that you can make the necessary changes as you write to hone your text’s readability.

ProWritingaid Features

  • Contextual Thesaurus reports highlighting alternate word choice with the same meaning to improve sentence structure.
  • Contains Thesaurus, clichĂ© dictionary, urban dictionary, alliterations for writing more eye-catchy and mind-blowing content.
  • In-depth explanations or justifications for each error or mistakes in the piece of content.
  • Visualize insights into sentence structure to show sentence length, word strength and so on.
  • Report generation tools to create around 20 reports on various issues.
  • The best tool for any level of English writers, it takes your writing to the newer heights.


  • Extension available for Google Chrome
  • Supports MS Word, Google Docs, have Desktop app supporting Mac and Windows OS
  • Quicker and available for free


  • Currently, no add-on available for Mac OS
  • Does not saves your projects and could not restore it for later use

In short, ProWriting Aid is popular editing software focussing on bringing your writing skills. You can write great and pleasing content as most of the familiar e-book authors prefer ProWriting Aid for proofreading the content before publishing.

#5. PaperRater – Best Free Online Grammar Checker

Best Proofreading Software For Mac-PaperraterPaperRater is an excellent grammar checker, proofreading and plagiarism checker tool. This tool is popular among people from over 140+ countries. It comes free and no need to download any software. Besides, you don’t even to sign-up to use its features.

PaperRater is an exclusive grammar and spell checker tool for students. Its automated proofreading module analyses student’s text and compares it with other student’s writing to show your writing rank among other students at your education level.

Automated essay scoring feature gives you insights on your writing like what reviews you will get from your real-time teacher for your essay writings. Now you got the point, why PaperRater is exclusive grammar checker and proofreading tool for students or any academic professionals?

PaperRater plagiarism checker compares your piece of content with billions of online pages to check whether it is a copy content or not. Either other spinners may copy your content, have a check. Just copy and paste your content into the PaperRater site and see the originality.

PaperRater is best in offering such plagiarism checker feature for FREE as other popular online plagiarism checker software charges you. For lengthy content and demanding great speed and accuracy in results, then you may opt-in for its premium plans for checking plagiarism. Else, PaperRater freemium will works better for correcting your grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, dictionary suggesting alternate words and definition and more.

PaperRater Features

  • No need to download any software or plug-in, allows you to work on its site simply.
  • Automatic essay scoring feature supports students and teachers who have regular writing and proofreading tasks.
  • Compares your piece of writing with plenty of articles to let you know the writing level.
  • Free plagiarism checker tool whereas other tools offer plagiarism in its premium versions.


  • Best free tool and more user-friendly
  • Even no sign-ups or registration required
  • Ready-to-go tool provided internet connection


  •  No desktop app available
  •  Does not support Mobile users
  •  For accurate results on plagiarism, you have to go for paid plans

#6. Slick Write – Simple English Grammar Check Software

Slick-WriteSlick Write is a simpler as well as easy-to-use grammar checker tool amongst other familiar grammar and punctuation checker tools. Similar to PaperRater, it is a free online tool, and you don’t need to download any software. You can merely type or copy-paste your text in the Slick Write text box on its site. Check the results and correct the mistakes to fine-tune your content. You have options to save, copy, redo, undo and open as you see in the MS office word document.

In its Associator module, enter a word or phrase and hit enter. It gives you a list of associated words, for making your content more readable.

Quick Lookup option gets you the results of the particular word or phrases from various sources like a dictionary, Thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, Google, Wikipedia and so on. Slick Write majorly analyses your text on three categories namely stylistic features, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

Besides, your content will get more value once it passes through these significant mistakes. Statistics show pictographic representations on the percentage of your writing on various aspects. Here you can come to know your weak areas among passive voice index, readability index, prepositional phrase, adverbs, function words usage, sentence types and lengths and further.

SlickWrite Features

  • Gives you interactive demo option as if you open Slick Write website to explains its feature availability.
  • Customizable feedback or reports according to your writing style.
  • Do not share your content document anywhere; don’t need to worry about content leakage.
  • Lightning fast grammar checker tool assists to improve your writing grades.


  • Extensions available for Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Easy to check grammar errors, stylistic mistakes, and contextual spelling mistakes
  • Don’t require any software download


  • Not a suitable one for expert writers
  • Does not have bundle features that every writer need
  • Checking and editing is possible only on its site
  • Does not support social media, mobile, and Windows platforms

#7. OnlineCorrection – Multi-Language Style Corrector

Free Best Proofreading Software Online-Correction-OrgOnline correction is the simplest tool for other grammar and spell checker tools. You simply enter your text in the text box on online correction site, the tools analyze your text and indicates the errors or mistakes. Spelling errors in Red color while grammar and other diction errors in Green color. You can also tick the checkbox to correct the mistakes in the text automatically, and the results page will have the list of corrected errors.

The specialty of Online Correction tool is that it supports eight different languages, not only for English writing.

Online Correction Tool Features

  • Basic grammar checker software for less frequent writers.
  • Option to enable corrections automatically as you enter the context.
  • Colour code highlights for spelling and grammatical mistakes.


  • Preferable and simpler tool if you are only looking for basic grammar, spell and punctuation checks
  • You may check multiple languages other than English


  • Not suitable for special write-ups like word, emails or social media networks.
  • Don’t check for complex or typical errors

Online Correction is the best choice for rare writers or beginners. In case you don’t bother bout more complex grammar mistakes or not keen on improving your writing style, then go with Online Correction. Because you may not require advanced features, then go with more straightforward and free software.

Conclusion on Best Online Grammar Checker Tools

Among loads of free online grammar and punctuation checker tools, these seven are the best picks. Each tool has its own set of features. On demand of the level of accuracy and features need, I recommend you to choose your suitable tool for error-free writing.

However, these tools would assist any bloggers, freelance writers, students, e-book authors as they do have regular writing practice. To help you out, I have written this blog post explaining the features and benefits of the best online grammar checker tools. Analyse your actual requirement and pick your best online grammar checker software.

As a professional blogger, I prefer using Grammarly for the reason that it performs multiple tasks covering what a writer needs including proofreading, plagiarism check and so on. I don’t have to go for individual tools for each purpose. It corrects more in-depth and uncommon grammatical mistakes and helps to improve writing style. Moreover, you can use Grammarly on any online platforms you write. Likewise, the reasons are endless.

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  1. Would Grammarly allow an ESL student to enter their essay into it and come out with perfect English? If so, I’d be interested in using it. Otherwise, if there is the risk of error it would be better to get a human to do it.

  2. Hey Sathish Arumugam ,

    Excellent post with helpful grammar checking tools. Content with proper spellings, punctuation and without any grammatical mistakes are truly crucial in blogging field. It is really important to focus on grammatical mistakes & spellings while writing blog posts.

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