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Best WhiteSmoke Alternatives 2023 – (Experts Choice: Alternative #1)

Are you not happy using WhiteSmoke and in seeking the best WhiteSmoke alternatives? Then you are in an apt place. Have a glance over here. Also, don’t limit yourself going for a worthy tool that even costs higher. Since most of the products will announce great discounts on behalf of Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivals.

Now, queries may arise. WhiteSmoke has its best in class features say, grammar checker, spell checker, style checker, punctuation checker, translator and more. While this may be true, even it is not up to scratch.

“Why” WhiteSmoke Alternatives?

  • No Plugin or browser extension is available
  • No desktop app
  • No option to upload documents
  • No sentence rephrase feature
  • Over and above, No free trial

All these “No” may lead you to look for Best WhiteSmoke alternatives.

No headache! There are much better proofreading tools available on the web.

If you use WhiteSmoke without being examined the other grammar checker tools, then take a while to do so. Considering WhiteSmoke alternatives, spare some time to have a clear idea of other services, and know their vital functions. Once done, you will have better alternatives to WhiteSmoke in case of service, features, and cost too.

We are presenting here the best alternatives, not in order of priority. But, more trustworthy review platforms like Finances Online states that 56% of WhiteSmoke users prefer Grammarly as the #1 WhiteSmoke alternative.

So, it’s your turn to review some of the WhiteSmoke alternatives. By the way, these tools are here to server multi-purpose. There are some free and paid tools too. What’s your high priority – simple spelling & grammar check, plagiarism checks, or advanced checks for writing improvement or anything?

Based on which, choose your suitable alternative to WhiteSmoke. These tools may be far better than WhiteSmoke in few aspects and may good in others. But, you will surely find it good to use than your experience with WhiteSmoke.

In particular, let’s confer here about a few best alternatives to WhiteSmoke.

5 Best WhiteSmoke Alternatives To Choose

Product NameChrome AddonsTypeRatingAction
Grammarly(Add to chrome)Free/Premium4.6/5Try Grammarly
Ginger SoftwareAvailableFree/Premium3.7/5Try WhiteSmoke
ProwritingAidAvailableFree/Premium2.8/5Free Download
SpellCheckPlusUnavailableFree3.0/5Free Download
Grammar BaseAvailableFree3.6/5Free Download

Grammarly (#1 Alternative to WhiteSmoke)

Best Proofreading Sites-Grammarly Proofreading Checker Online

Here is a first and foremost and also the best among WhiteSmoke alternatives say Grammarly. With its state-of-art features, it stands first in the track as the unique alternative to WhiteSmoke. On top of it, its faster correction makes it fit in the top position.

Grammarly also caters a detailed explanation of the mistakes you have done in the text and comes up with suggestions to correct it.

Here you go for the primary reasons why it determines as best WhiteSmoke alternatives. Grammarly review by experts gives pinpoint information and it gives every nook and corner about Grammarly.

Reason 1: Fast and accurate, Insights

With its efficient patent-pending algorithms, it takes only a few seconds to review your text, and to comes up with broad feedback and suggestions. Its sophisticated algorithm combined with cloud-based computers allow us to check a significant amount of write-up, quickly and accurately.

The readability score and insights bring confidence as it includes details say Vocabulary enhancement, writing style, contextual spelling, punctuations, readability score of your content. This justifies how Grammarly satisfies its user as a one among other best WhiteSmoke alternatives.

Reason 2: Make error-free content instantly, Plagiarism check

Scans most common and complex errors including repetitive words, misspelled, word choice, subject-verb agreement, passive usage, adjectives, and this lists keep growing. Plagiarism tool verifies your content with the endless number of web pages and gives you the exact percentage of unoriginal text.

Reason 3: Multiple platforms support

It allows us to use Grammarly anywhere we write online. Even it supports various Email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc., you can check your emails directly with Grammarly. As far as pricing is concerned, Grammarly offers a huge discount on its pricing plans to surprise its users.

Reason 4: Social Media support

You may have pitching text for your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Thus, helps you in bringing more interesting social followers. As the digital marketing field grows faster, the people engaging in social media also increases. Grammarly proves its ability in helping us on the social media sites and thus illustrates Grammarly as the best WhiteSmoke alternatives comparatively.

Reason 5: Extensions supporting most familiar browsers

Grammarly makes its users happy by offering its add-ons for Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Also, it comes with a native app for macOS to encourage Mac users. Thus, it also picks the position always – Best WhiteSmoke alternative for mac.

  • Cloud system enhancing multiple devices access
  • Double-clicking on a word gives appropriate definitions and synonyms of the word
  • Catching contextual spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Grammar rules explanation
  • Adding words to the personal directory
  • Copy-paste your lengthy text on Grammarly online editor for review and correction
  • Use it with Microsoft Office documents (Windows)
  • Checks Genre-specific writing style
  • Plagiarism tools check more than 8 billion web pages and notify the exact copy text in your content
  • 24/7 support
  • Insights report helps us to improve our writing skills
  • Available for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Word Translator
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Internet connectivity is mandatory. Does not support offline access
  • No phone support available

What people talk about #1 alternative to WhiteSmoke

Grammarly is the only tool that helps you to develop your writing skills and gives the confidence that you do have a third eye to monitor everything that you write. 

Ginger Software (#2 Alternative to WhiteSmoke)Free Online Proofreading Tool-Ginger Online Proofreading Review

Ginger software fights to the extent of the race to keep up its position as second WhiteSmoke free alternatives. Its fully integrated and comprehensive English writing tools grab writers attention to taste it and to enjoy the flavors.

It is most appealing to agree that Ginger software is powerful and easy to use grammar check tool and to know the readability of your content. Moreover, let’s see what all the reasons make it stay outstanding and being the best WhiteSmoke alternatives.

Reason 1: Correct variant types of mistakes

Its world-class features ensure correcting all sorts of subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, contextual word suggestions, irregular verb conjugations, phonetic mistakes, misused words and so on.

Reason 2: Sentence Rephraser

Ginger software offers a better choice to proofread your content with no waste of time manually. It identifies and corrects the whole text and even suggests alternative sentence structures rather than trying out with other words one-by-one to make your content catchy.

Reason 3: English Personal Trainer Tool

This tool analysis our writing nature and identifies our common mistakes and errors and especially detects our weak areas to provide with explanations to improve yourself. This tool makes it shine as a specific and best WhiteSmoke alternative.

Reason 4: Translator Tool

It allows for translation of your text among 40 languages naturally. Easy to download and use free translator is its greater privilege. Hence, there are no limitations on the geographical visitors/audience for your content pages.

Reason 5: User- friendly

It is a preferred tool for beginners. It helps in improving your vocabulary by its text to pronunciation mechanism. The Ginger software is fully compatible with MS Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and so on. Its Text Reader tool allows you to improve your spoken English skills as it reads the text back to you with a proper accent.

  • Advanced tools and features like Personal Trainer, Text Reader, Sentence Rephraser, Translator, Emoji’s
  • Mobile support (both iOS and Android)
  • Cloud access
  • Browser extensions available for Chrome, Safari
  • Not compatible with Mac OS
  • Sometimes does not show the reason behind the errors
  • Limitations on the number of words to analyze in the free version
  • No live chat and phone support

What people talk about #2 alternative to WhiteSmoke

The Ginger Software, all-in-service including features such as synonym checker, translator tool and it offers anything you need to write better English.

Take a break here and relax having a look at a detailed comparison between Grammarly Vs Ginger Vs WhiteSmoke. This may offer a broaden idea related to this spell and grammar check tools.

ProwritingAid (#3 Alternative to WhiteSmoke)


ProwritingAid comes as the third tight competitor in the competition as a refreshing alternative to WhiteSmoke. This software offers advanced editorial tools first to examine the text entirely and then producing the reports. The feedback of your content relies on your spelling, grammar, word choice, style of writing, length of the sentence, repetitive words, phrases.

However, I am glad to point out the reasons (comparing WhiteSmoke vs ProWritingAid), by which it survives in the race as a keen participant.

Reason 1: Readability Analysis

It applies some of the most familiar readability scoring systems to rate your text. So that you will come to know about the readability score of your writing as it depends on the sentence length, the number of sentences in a paragraph, the syllable of the word, unique word usage. You can even check the readability score in paragraph wise and improve score instantly.

Reason 2: Report Generation

Overall report generation for the whole text may take time and may struggle to load due distractions. In such case, latest option in ProwritingAid prompts you to select specific text area and generate the report. The report highlights the area where your sentences are around the same length. This report lets you know about your typical style issues such as passive voice, adverb usage likewise.

Reason 3: Word Explorer Feature

Word Explorer feature allows you to choose any text in your content and go to word explorer to find alliterations, synonyms, phrases, collocations and so on.

Reason 4: Easy to navigate and use

ProwritingAid is a user-friendly tool which is easy to navigate between the summary pane and the highlights in the text. Quick access to accept the suggestions to boost the fast editing process.

Reason 5: Contextual Thesaurus

The Thesaurus feature allows you to double-click on any word to find multiple equivalent lists of synonyms. With this, you may choose any of the alternate words if it helps you to improve keyword density.

  • Better ways to improve your writing style
  • Synonyms, Dictionary, Reverse dictionary, Alliterations helps you to pick the perfect word to make your text- a perfect one
  • Easy API integration so that editing now becomes simple wherever you write
  • More than 20 detailed reports to enhance your writing
  • Available for free
  • Fast Editing
  • Plagiarism report
  • Browser extension for chrome
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Microsoft Word, Google Docs support
  • No Add-in available for Mac OS and Open/Libre office documents
  • Recommended to disable the antivirus software and then try installing ProwritingAid installation software
  • Not possible to retain the work as it does stores in its server.

What people talk about #3 alternative to WhiteSmoke

If you are looking for an excellent editing tool, ProwritingAid is a mind-blowing choice and changes your writing style completely.

SpellCheckPlus (#4 Alternative to WhiteSmoke)


Here comes, the very next in the list of alternatives to WhiteSmoke with its highly competitive features. SpellCheckPlus is especially for Students or second language learners. It is a tremendous pleasure to note that this would be the cheapest. Comparatively, it is not indeed offering offer high-end features for the expert writers.

However, below are the reasons to understand how it lies on the list as the best WhiteSmoke alternatives.

Reason 1: Easy and Fast Check

Batchwise text check will happen if the content length is too high. Hence, the time for loading will go down and no chance to miss any data from your content.

Reason 2: Keeping on update

As a bottom line competitor, it finds ways to serve better by improving its features on a daily basis. New errors and if any flaws, it is more keen on finding solutions to solve issues every day.

Reason 3: Adjustable Editor Tool

Resizable editors offer much more room space for editing your text. Moreover, you can maximize the editor to full screen of your browser window. Text archiving is possible for later reference.

Reason 4: Academics supportive

Academic or institutional licenses are available by volume discounts. Any educational institutions can go for the bulk license for their students as it is very user-friendly.

Reason 5: 24/7 availability is available 24/7 over the web. You may just visit the page and start using. It is immaterial, from where you are using the tool. Still, this also works contrary as it does not have any standalone version.

  • Spellcheck comes free, but with limited features
  • Error summary of the whole text appears at the bottom of the page. This review helps the writer to know which aspects are most problematic in writing
  • Option to add words to add to the dictionary so that it does not flag the error further
  • Less expensive unless other tools
  • Interactive grammar exercises
  • Synergy with Microsoft Word
  • Suggestions to improve your writing
  • You can only copy-paste the text into a text box on its site
  • Not possible to access it on social media platforms
  • Not having many advanced features like sentence rephrase, plagiarism, report generation, and more
  • Whenever you are adding content to the existing text, you have to run the whole document to check again which may be highly ridiculous

What people talk about #4 alternative to WhiteSmoke

SpellCheckPlus, free of cost tool and felts more comfortable in screening the text online. However, takes time to check lengthy documents.

GrammarBase (#5 Alternative to WhiteSmoke)

Online Proofreading Software Reviews-Grammar-Base

GrammarBase is an obscure tool for Spell check and Grammar check online. No need for software downloading as you can enter or upload the content into their text box on the site.

GrammarBase not only corrects the basic Spell and grammar check, but it also points out improper usage of prepositions, punctuations, modifiers and more.

Let’s have a look here what are all the reasons makes this tool a big player as far as we concern about the best WhiteSmoke alternatives.

Reason 1: User-friendly

It’s simple design and layout helps you to check your text in one-step, and its user-friendly manner supports beginners in a better way. GrammarBase free grammar checking tool would be ideal for those whose are trying to get expertise in writings.

Reason 2: Complex Grammar check

GrammarBase detects all sorts of mistakes. Moreover, it automatically fixes your errors and formats your document. It checks through complicated grammar check like punctuation checks including complex and redundant expressions, prepositions, passive voice usage and so on.

Reason 3: Experienced Editors and Manual Proof Reading

GrammarBase does have the experienced and qualified team of editors and following particular policy to check the text. Thus results in error-free content at last. Finally, your documents pass through the manual proofreading to eliminate the flaws in total.

Reason 4: Fast and Affordable

As stated above, its user-friendliness makes processing easy and fast. The proofreader tool is available at affordable cost than automated proofreading services.

Reason 5: Ensures document security

All your documents will be more confidential and do have such a system and team to always stick on the best industry leading confidentiality tactics. No worries about losing your content.

  • In-depth and thorough checks
  • Fast and accurate
  • Manual proofreading
  • Free and no need to download any software
  • Works with all styles guides and citations guides for a better genre style check
  • You cannot use it with other 3rd party platforms
  • Not compatible with Mobile devices
  • Browser extensions are not available
  • No specific app or add-on for Mac OS
  • You cannot use it in social media pages directly

What people talk about #5 alternative to WhiteSmoke

GrammarBase wins thousands of hearts as it serves its best for free. It is like having a teacher right next to you and well known for Students, Professors, and English learners.

Final Verdict on Best WhiteSmoke Alternatives

I am more delightful to share precise mysteries behind the five best WhiteSmoke alternatives compete over the web. However, there are plenty of such Grammar, spell check, proofreading software available. Don’t mess up! Try these above-discussed tools and pick out your best as depending on your needs.

I am sure that by using it, you could confidently have better improvement. If you are a Mac user, or you frequently use mobile devices, or you are social media bee, running email threads, choose and go with the appropriate as you would be more beneficial.

At last, hope you to have engaging and error-free content to get more attention and for successful business promotions.

Grammarly – Recommended Alternative to WhiteSmoke

Grammarly Coupon Code

I firmly prefer Grammarly as I am experiencing its features and benefits for my blogging content. Grammarly helps me in an efficient way for successful content making and promotion.

I am contented to be a Grammarly user and recommending you to enjoy its flavors.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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If any clarifications or suggestions, you are most welcome to put it in the comments box below this post.

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