Top 15 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Software For Any Writers

On this page, let us have a quick and elaborate view of Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools and even paid tools.

There are millions of blogs publishing every day. Other than that, there are many articles, essays, websites, forums, social media posts coming alive over the web on a daily basis.

Among all these, it is another major role to look for the best spell check tools online to make our content error-free. Finally, proofreading comes into the picture. However, there are enough numbers of online proofreading software available over the web.

Also, we have to keep in mind always to make our content an excellent no-copy material. Here the term comes “Plagiarism.”

What is Plagiarism all around?

Plagiarism is an act of duplicating the content or ideas or expressions of others and publishing it as your own. It is nowhere appreciable. Instead, penalize.

It is immaterial; you may be a blogger, a freelance writer, or academic teacher or even a student.

Types of Plagiarism

For your update, there are two varieties of plagiarism.

I am aware that scenarios like you may not doing it intentionally. If someone’s writing styles exactly match yours, then the chances of duplication will be high. This way of duplicating falls under unintentional plagiarism.

However, check your content at least to know yourself that the content is fresh and unique. Before publishing, you can prove that you are genuine.

Still, there are enough people may be students or freelance writers, article spinners trying to steal or misuse someone else’s ideas or content to save time. Thus, completing their task with fewer efforts. This tactic of copying and misusing refers to intentional plagiarism.

Moreover, they may think that this will not be affecting them in any way. But it’s wrong. You will have to verify the content for originality using efficient best free online plagiarism checker tools or plagiarism detection tool and make your content free from copy or duplication.

Myths Behind Content Duplication

There are misconceptions that the domain that has duplicate content is subjected to Google penalty. Even, reading this line, you will be murmuring ‘yes, of course’. Perhaps, content duplication might impact your ranking, but Google has no such ‘content duplication penalty’.

Google never hunt for duplicate content and penalize. On behalf of online users, Google just needs content diversity to serve them. Not, the similar content or ideas over and over.

The search engine algorithms are built in a way to group different versions of content to form a cluster. Considering other few factors like the links from the page, originality, domain age, authority, etc. search engines consolidate the ‘BEST’ and rank that one.

Hope, you are now clear about ‘how Google or any other search engine handles duplicate content’?

Then, Why Demanding Plagiarism Check?

Then, why it is imperative to check for content plagiarism? Why should I invest my money in plagiarism checker tools?

Google has no such penalties for plagiarism though. Still, if content plagiarism can spoil your credibility among users and impact SE ranking, then what’s the need to do so?

Moreover, there is certain other regulations act that has rights to warn and penalize such fraudulent activities. If somebody duplicates your copyrighted content, then you deserve all the rights to file a request (under DMCA) to remove duplicate content.

So, if you are likely to withstand in the market with credibility and better search engine visibility, then your content must be unique.

Also, there are chances to produce duplicate content not even knowing that it is a plague (unintentional plagiarism).

In such cases, you must rely on these smart duplicate checkers. You can also keep yourself out of trouble from the webmasters. Make sure your content is original before publishing it online.

How to Check Plagiarism?

I could see more queries raised in forums and other discussion platforms by Professors and researchers about ‘how to check plagiarism?’

One of the significant problems they face is checking the content duplication in scientific documents, student’s academic essays, etc.

Whenever they get a document submission from their team or students or junior professional, they are worried about its originality.

To overcome all these, how do they check Plagiarism? Which is the best way to check content duplication?

How reliable are these best free online plagiarism checker tools?

By the way, manually verifying the documents is nearly impossible. How to check the Plagiarism in the research papers, Ph.D. thesis, journals, etc.?

Obviously, you have to rely on such a reliable plagiarism checker software programs.

These free online Plagiarism Checker Tools can make my content original?

Keep in mind that no plagiarism checker tool can substitute human proofreading. After all, it is a software program. But, all humans are not good enough in English or even writing. If you think that you are the BEST writer, and then just forget about using these proofreading tools. Believe in your own writing that it is original.

But, when it comes to checking content duplication of others – do you think you can manually do it? How many pages can you check online? It’s absolutely impossible. There come these top plagiarism checkers.

You are forced to make use of these best plagiarism checker tools. Again, choosing any incapable content duplication checker, you will end up with nothing.

It’s highly crucial to choose a reliable tool that compares any piece of writing with maximum pages online and gets you unfailing results. You can see plagiarism checkers like Grammarly compares your content with billions of web pages, online publications, documents, etc. So, you can make sure the content is original.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker for Students

I am more contented to assist students especially. As a student, if you are browsing for “what is the best Best Plagiarism Checker For College Students?” to make your essays and assignments pure.

If you don’t have a base to get rid of such plagiarism, I am glad to help you with tools or software for checking plagiarism.

Or in another way searching “what program website do teachers use to check for plagiarism?” or “what site do teachers use to check for plagiarism?”. So, you can try duplicating to play hide and seek with your teachers. But, I am sorry. You will get caught somehow.

Thankfully, we are having plenty of best free online plagiarism checker tools available to help us in such cases. These plagiarism checker tools check an infinite number of web pages and come out with results showing your content uniqueness.

After reading this post, even college students can pick the best free online plagiarism checker as per their requirements.

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools – Tables

If you are already aware of Plagiarism and software to check for plagiarism, then have a quick comparison here to pick your best choice.

Product NameChrome AddonsTypeRatingAction
Grammarly(Add to chrome)Free/Premium4.5/5Try Grammarly
CopyscapeUnavailableFree/Premium4.0/5Check Online
SmallSEOToolsUnavailableFree3.9/5Check Online
WhiteSmokeAvailableFree/Premium3.8/5Try WhiteSmoke
PlagiarismCheckerXUnavailableFree/Premium3.6/5Free Download
Plagiarism CheckUnavailablePremium3.2/5Read More
Plag ScanUnavailableFree Trial3.2/5Check Online

Before getting into the detailed outlook on each best free online plagiarism checker tools, here is a glance at the review for plagiarism.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker Reviews 2021

In last year, statistics are showing that the daily blog posts count was more than 2 million. Now we are in 2021; ultimately, it still keeps growing.

Apparently, the need to go for finding the best sites to check for plagiarism goes high. Therefore, the best free online plagiarism checker tools have to offer its essential benefits to meet its user’s needs.

With this, a tight competition lies among such reliable plagiarism detecting tools. There may be an enormous count of best online plagiarism checker with the percentage of accuracy and speed.

Experts and users may be throwing their experience in using any of those best sites to check for plagiarism or best plagiarism software reviews.

Primarily, it is mandatory to work with any of the best plagiarism checker and proofreader and have our content or pages original. In most of the pages discussing best plagiarism checker software, you may notice these six tools come in front.

Now, let’s take a breathe and get into the core about best sites to check for plagiarism.

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

#1 Grammarly – Plagiarism Checker Tool + Other Features

Best Proofreading Sites-Grammarly Proofreading Checker Online

Grammarly is well known for its multiple features like Spell and Grammar Check, vocabulary enhancements, professional proofreading, and plagiarism.

Even great users of Grammarly will do have an illusion that does Grammarly check plagiarism? Of course. Grammarly will do.

We were discussing all its features and benefits in our earlier posts. You may read the Grammarly review to know its in-depth specialties.

Presently, we shall look into its best free online Plagiarism checker tool. Grammarly plagiarism checker tool scans over 8 billion web pages and databases. It detects the percentage of copy content and the exact source where it duplicates.

Over 4+ million people use Grammarly’s Plagiarism checker tool and enjoying its benefits. It is a sample to note that people from any sector may prefer Grammarly by its all-in-one cluster of attributes available.

Other Features

  • Professional Proof Reading tool
  • Spot errors based on 250 types of grammar rules
  • Compatible with MS Word, Outlook. Hence, easy to check plagiarism of your text.
  • Browser extensions are available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox.
  • To serve Mac users, it comes with the native app for Mac OS.
  • Supports Social Media and a few familiar Email Platforms
  • Writing issues checks like the writing style, sentence structure and more.

You can use Grammarly as a spell and grammar check software for free. You can improve your writing style too. Grammarly plagiarism checker free is not available. To make use of its Plagiarism detection tool, you have to go for its premium version.

How accurate is Grammarly plagiarism? Is Grammarly good for plagiarism? How good is Grammarly for plagiarism? Don’t panic. Grammarly plagiarism checker reviews are always at the compromise level. No doubt. Its worth its money.

Grammarly does have a fleckless support team to assist you in answering all your questions like how to check plagiarism in Grammarly? Is Grammarly plagiarism checker accurate?

It is a recommended tool for the complete error-free, charming style, unique and extraordinary content as it comes with a bundle of tools and features. Don’t have to go for different packages for each purpose.

Grammarly offers excellent deals and discounts for its users in serving them.

#2 Copyscape

As its name refers, it is primarily for plagiarism check purpose.

Copyscape offers the gallery of banners saying “Protected By Copyscape” which you may use it in your page to warn plagiarists not to steal content that belongs to you.

You could notice this banner in many sites. Copyscape is the best software that detects plagiarism free with exclusive benefits. It is precisely for Plagiarism, and hence, it comes with great plagiarism traits as a best free online plagiarism checker tools.

Copyscape premium version can check up to 10,000 pages, check for duplication within your content itself, you can use the filter to exclude sites that you don’t want to scan or compare. Its Copysentry protection detects the copy content even plagiarists steals and make changes from the original.

Copyscape premium API offers seamless integration with your workflow for instant checks. This tools also allows you to create “private index” and add text to it. So that, if any new content enters into the system, you may have plagiarism check against it.

Using Plagiarism comparison tool, you may enter URL or copy-paste the text of any two pages to compare and check the unoriginal content between those two sites.

To illustrate, Copyscape has its wide range of tools like plagiarism prevention, responding to plagiarism – as it comes as explicit as a Plagiarism detection tool. For any academic papers or essay related documents for students, teachers and e-book writers, this would be a preferable one.

Instead, you cannot use it for others goals like spell or grammar check or proofreading. If you are only looking for plagiarism check, then you may choose Copyscape as a free tool to check for plagiarism.

However, to make use of its all benefits, you have to pay for premium.

#3 Smallseotools

Smallseotools plagiarism checker tool is best in helping students, teachers, scholars, and writers. With enough research, it builds with features to support its users for free. The best free plagiarism checker and very easy-to-use.

No need to download any software or add-on. You may just visit the Smallseotools site and check for plagiarism. However, you can check only 1000 words per search.

You may just copy and paste your content into the text box, or you may also upload a document or open it from Dropbox or pick it from GDrive.

The uploading document can either in .docx or .txt format. Moreover, you can enter any URL to scan the website pages. “Exclude a Specific URL” option enables you to filter out any URL if you don’t want to include in the scan.

Over and above, this tool does not save your content or text in its server database. This option may be an advantage and disadvantage as well as you cannot retrieve it for later use. Hence, if you are a blogger or any digital player, you have to go for any other alternative.

Smallseotools plagiarism checker tool would be a number one best plagiarism checker online free for students, teachers or any academic writers.

#4 WhiteSmoke

Free Online Proofreading Services-White Smoke Grammar Checker Reviews

WhiteSmoke is a web application ensures flawless content making with its spell and grammar check, Style checker, punctuation checker, plagiarism checker, translator and so on. Thus, it gives substantial competition to Grammarly.

Many experts were discussing the comparison among these best online spell check software by its features, pros, and cons. This overview will give you a bright idea to go with the appropriate.

While talking about its best free online plagiarism checker tool, it checks your text against billions of web pages offering best results. WhiteSmoke gives options to have the fast, perfect and authentic plagiarism check.

Other Features

  • Natural-Language Processing (NLP) technology, it helps improving your writing style
  • Compatible with Windows and most familiar browsers
  • Detects more common to complex errors to make your content fleckless
  • Translator available to translate your full text for over 50 languages
  • Proofreading tool notifies the mistakes also makes guides you to improve your writing
  • Save your precise time and value; there are plenty of writing templates available

The WhiteSmoke Essential is available at very minimum pricing at $4.16/month. Here you can have the Grammar checker, plagiarism and Translator feature compatible with all browsers.

But for the Mac OS and Windows compatibility, you have to go for premium where pricing will be little higher. In such case you may go for Best WhiteSmoke alternatives.

For bloggers or professional writers, Grammarly or WhiteSmoke would be the best choice as it comes with a bunch of features for the complete content making task.

Still, you have oscillation then go through the comparison between Grammarly Vs. Ginger Vs. WhiteSmoke.

#5 PlagiarismcheckerX

PlagiarismX is an easy-to-use tool as it offers valid plagiarism check. The text you are entering will go to check with typical search engine web pages.

PlagiarismX is inherently preferable by students, teachers, web content writers and online publishers. It allows you either copy-paste your text or paragraph or adding a blog or website URLs.

The tool checks every sentence and presents your analysis report in HTML format in a short time. You can save this HTML report for later reference.

Any business owner can make use of this tool as the best website for plagiarism check by using its “check your web pages” option. This choice enables you to scan all your site pages and addresses whether it has any copy content or if your content is duplicating somewhere else.

The output report comes color notifications like Blue, Yellow, and Red. Each color refers to the level of copy percentage. The red color is denoting that it is purely unoriginal content and a warning to remove it. It’s pretty impressive to see the colorful reports. Am I right?

It is attractive to see that PlagiarismX ensures accurate and fast results. You could see many pages comparing best Online plagiarism tools, showing that PlagiarismX is three times quicker than its competitors.

Auto-flipping feature comes with latest PlagiarismX checks your content with all leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. It is a prominent tool for plagiarism checker yahoo.

Its pricing is to the more significant extent as you can buy once and enjoy its benefits for the lifetime.

#6 PlagiarismCheck

PlagiarismCheck promises its quality on gifting best-in-class hassle-free check with its superior algorithm built-in.

Majorly, it concentrates on targetting students and journalists offering specific tools for institutions, educators, and students.

You don’t require to download any software and extension. Anywhere through online, you enter your text for analysis. Also it allows you to attach files in various formats like .docx, .txt, .odt, .trf, .pdf. Hence, mostly it proves its ability in academic insights.

With its five years of excellence in the field, it is keen in its search algorithm proceeds to give results.

You can spot any complicate plagiarism like checking word orders, sentence structure, and more. Moreover, it detects other manipulations say copying and substituting with other synonyms, rearranging the usage of the words.

PlagiarismCheck would be one of the best free online plagiarism checker tools for teachers. You may have a query, why? Here is a justification.

Anti-cheating feature identifies the gaming tricks what students will try to hide their plagiarism. It detects the hidden symbols and Latin word substitution with equivalent Cyrillic.

Bloggers or any content writer would be more exciting to include experts views or quotes to enhance their impression of their page.

But, best free online plagiarism checker tool algorithm detects it as copy content. There a hesitation comes in adding such quotations and reviews. Thankfully, PlagiarismCheck highlights such type of unoriginality, but it does not add it to the plagiarism count.

Now, this tool proves its ability for impressive content making. Fortunately, this becomes the best free online plagiarism checker for College Students.

Its simple API integrations ensure checking plagiarism in your workflow applications. With all its extensions, PlagiarismCheck hits the peak as best website to check plagiarism.

#7 PlagScan

PlagScan is a reliable plagiarism checker tool. By its innovations, it is decently having solutions explicitly serving each category. It extends a series of explications including ONE for all, for education, and for business.

Under education category, it offers unique solutions separately for various levels of students. Focussing on K-12, higher education and other facilities – it tries to assist better for all. Probably this comes first in the list of websites teachers use to check for plagiarism.

You can upload multiple documents for plagiarism check instead of copy-pasting the content one-by-one. It saves your time a lot.

Flexible to use enabling you to whitelist the sites you want to exclude from the scan and settings to use it with your workflow. You may have your reports exporting in word or pdf format for later use.

You may upload your documents to the document manager. It allows you to check plagiarism of your latest upload with your old records.

PlagScan has its database of Plagiarism Prevention Tool. It stores the endless number of documents from various sources. The sources may be the other institutions, your students, or your competitors. Once you go for plagiarism check of your material, it also verifies with its historical records in its internal database.

Its solutions for business sectors also does its exceptional job for small or medium level businesses and even large enterprises. The pricing slabs are also open in such a way to choose the best as what you need.

#Other Few Best Sites To Check For Plagiarism

The list does not end here. It keeps building. Still, there are loads of free program to check for plagiarism tools available online. Let me bring a few websites to find plagiarism for your quick reference.

  • Plagiarisma
  • PaperRater
  • Plagium
  • PlagTracker
  • Quetext
  • Viper
  • Dupli checker
  • Copyleaks and more

Each tool has its unique features and benefits depending on its area of serving. On this page, I was referring only seven plagiarism tools in detail for teachers, students or any stream of content writers. You could have safe and legit plagiarism checker.

You may not even go and search for top 10 plagiarism checker or top 10 plagiarism checker reviews. As these seven tools have all its emerging features and highlights to aid you.

However, if you would like to improve your content writing skills and styles, for perfect proofreading and plagiarism check altogether, then you may prefer Grammarly. For any Bloggers or web content writers, I would recommend preferring Grammarly.

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker For Teachers

If you are a teacher, you may preferably go with any free tool to check for plagiarism like Copyscape or PlagiarismCheck or PlagScan. These plagiarism checking sites are individually best in assisting educational sectors.

Grammarly Coupon Code

You may not need to check for premium versions. Moreover, if you would like to perform an overall analysis of your student’s essay or any academic write-ups then, have a try with successful Grammarly.

Final Verdict – Best Online Free Punctuation Checkers

Every software has its radiance. Instead of blindly picking anyone and just traveling along with the limited features, you may analyze and choose which suits you. Hold for a try with top plagiarism checker programs and come up with your significant benefits offering software.

This workout may help you for a long go. Plagiarism is universal for all kind of people. You may be a student looking for best plagiarism checker for students or professional writer searching best free online plagiarism checker tools to make your content genuine and decent.

Anyways, attempt a try with these most popular best free online plagiarism checker tools and grab its benefits for your progress.

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  1. I am using only Grammarly, These tools really helpful to non native English speakers like me.
    Thanks for such a good list.

  2. Hello satish,

    I too write content for my website blog, where it is necessary to check content Plagiarism. Thanks for giving a good list of Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools For Any Writers.

    1. Hi Vijayashri,

      Glad to know that this list of plagiarism checker tools would be more helpful to you. Content plagiarism is considered as one of the crucial SEO mistakes. Try out these tools, stick to your best and make your content unique and plagiarism-free.

  3. My all time favourite Plagiarism checker tool is small seo tools. Its very easy to access all i need to do is just paste my content and click check button. Also your other list looks good i have heard a lot about Grammarly, the paid version of grammarly has more interesting features.

    1. Kesav,

      Thanks for checking out here and contributing your comments. I have also use Small SEO Tools for other purposes, but not for proofreading or plagiarism checks. For years, I am using Grammarly Premium to proofread my text before publishing it. It helps me saving my time as well as making my content more valuable. If you get a chance, have a try with Grammarly.

    1. Yes, Of course. Most of the English proofreading tools have individual versions for Educational or academic purposes. To make sure student’s essay writing are unique and no-copy, teachers use such plagiarism tools. You can see popular names like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke have separate modules for Edu.

  4. A Great list, Grammarly seems the best among it, As their UI is also very stunning and Apart form Plagiarism it checks vocabulary, grammar and more,

    I have been using other tools, But subscribing to Grammarly premium is worth..
    White smoke is also another good one..

    1. Hi Mutaza,

      Thanks for your time and interest shown in reading this list of plagiarism checker tools post and contributing your insights. Yes, Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, Ginger software are leading with its own ups and downs. I prefer using Grammarly as has more insights about your writing expertise and improvement in your writing. Any non-native English speaker can improve writing skills with these tools.

  5. Hi Sathish,

    i want to say Thank you for your effort and information. i am using this tool “Grammarly” it’s really very good Plagiarism Checker tools for content writer.

    Thanks Again!

  6. Can we use 2 or 3 plagiarism tools at the same time to be sure that our content is fully unique?
    Thanks to mentioned these powerful plagiarism tools.

    1. Sumit,

      Why not, you may use multiple plagiarism checker tools to check same content to be unique. Still, if you are using a highly reliable tool, then why to invest in multiple tools. Grammarly compares your piece of content with billions of web pages and comes out with the percentage of content duplication. It also highlights the URL where the content is copied. You can easily spot it, request webmaster to remove the duplicate content if yours is original. Otherwise, you rewrite your content to be unique.

  7. Hey there Sathish,

    I never knew that a lot of proofreading tools are out there.

    I used to use Copyscape mostly when I publish article on my niche sites, and I always have Grammarly on my browser (it really helps a lot, especially when we are in a hurry)



    1. Melos,

      Yes, there are a plethora of English proofreading tools available. I have shred very few but curated list of plagiarism checkers here. And yes, Grammarly comes for free to help any writers write anywhere online. If you have got a chance, give a try to its premium version. You would love to use it forever.

  8. Hi Sathish!

    Thanks ever so much for your list of tools for helping to combat plagiarism. 🙂 I’ve been using Grammarly (the free version) for a while and had no idea it monitored duplicate content. So I’ll definitely have to upgrade.

    Over the last few weeks or so, just on the off-chance, I’ve caught out 5 websites that had duplicated a large chunk of one of my reviews. But luckily, I got Google to remove all 5 reviews.

    It just so turns out that someone on Fiverr had created the content-thin sites with the use of Black Hat link building strategies. All 5 reviews had actually outranked my original review lol.

    All Fiverr offered to do about it was “monitor” the seller who is no doubt still up to his/her old tricks.

    I have no idea if the person has other duplicate content from my site, but using a tool will definitely help.

    The annoying part is having to report the sites to various platforms like Google, Fiverr, domain registrars and also hosting companies for abuse. It’s so time-consuming, and valuable time taken away from my Biz.

    The thing I want to know is why Google allows these duplicate content-filled sites with shady link building tactics to rank on page 1 for so long? I thought Google is meant to take swift action against those individuals?


  9. I stand with you Neil. Those webmasters who are attempting content duplication must face the consequences. They might rank well but that would not be retaining for ling time. Google is more serious about identifying the plagiarism and taking actions. You may use tools like Grammarly, CopyScape to make sure your content is not stolen by anybody.

  10. A specialized paper requires plenty of skills and knowledge. And if you are not interested in writing it by yourself, then you will really get bored and irritated by such a difficult task. Therefore, in order to evade pressure and wastage of time, you can take help from one of most skilled dissertation writers.

    I have taken the services of assignment friend and must say they provide high-quality writing service, particularly in the area of the dissertation, and deliver professional assistance the students whenever they needed. They have employed the best dissertation writers who have acquired positive feedback from the clients.

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