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When we think about backlinks, blog commenting would be an effective way. But, it is not precisely for link building as what you believe. In this article, let me elaborate on its real benefits, ideas to get blog comments approved, and an updated dofollow blog commenting sites list 2019.

The blog comments are the most significant way by which your readers can interact with you or any bloggers. As long as you are presenting good blog content that grabs more users’ attention, probably more the blog comments will be. You can estimate or analyze the performance of any blog posts depending on the user-generated content as in the form of comments.

Why does Blog commenting?

Since many years, blog commenting strategy persists and has never lost its significance. Why? Blog commenting does have benefits for both who publishes the blog post content as well as the readers who generate comments. Let’s see how it is?

Benefits of Blog Commenting to the Bloggers

Blog comment matters a lot for a blog post. Without blog comments, your page is incomplete. Number of valuable readers communicating and sharing thoughts adds great value to the content.

Blog comments are the practical way through which readers can interact with the publishers. Like analytics, blog comments are (1) best to read and understand audience needs.


It helps you to come up with more ideas about what your target audience wants. You can decide what your next blog posts should be about. Check the image above. You may notice that a reader is looking ‘comparison between WPX and VPS hosting.’ Your upcoming article can be about this similar targeting audience.

Also, you can reply to the commenter about its review and if you have any deals and discounts on WPX hosting or HostGator.

The second thing is; your (2) blog post content will get lengthier. We all know that content length is crucial along with the quality of the content. Notably, Google loves user-generated content and adds more value to your page.

Every comment on your blog posts makes your page fresh and denotes Google about your page activeness.

You may notice this in top influencer’s blogs like The word count in the comments section would be 10x times higher than the post content. Below is the comment on one of my blog posts (by Anil, Bloggers Passion). Consider the similar lengthy comment by 10 readers. The blog page content length will boost automatically.


Next is most beneficial to you regarding SEO. (3) Improve keyword density by including related keywords in your comment reply. While replying to the comments, you can try adding your target or LSI keywords in your return text wherever necessary. Make sure to make it naturally.


I would recommend going with Long Tail Pro – the powerful tool for thorough keyword research and analysis. You may avail Long Tail Pro Black Friday deals to access its entire features and benefits.

Finally under the benefits of blog commenting to the bloggers or publishers is (4) well-informed content. The suggestions by various experts in the comments section would be additional information to your other readers. For an instant, considering that your post is discussing 5 best online plagiarism software. In the comments section, you could see one or two tools will be suggested by the blog commenters (which you have not included in the list) from their experience. Then, it’s added information to your readers on the topic.

Benefits of Blog Comments to the Blog Commenters

The uncovered benefits out of blog commenting are to (1) get connected with top influencers. Through blog commenting, you can get connect with top influencers in your niche. You can see blog comments on a few blog posts; the comments will go conversationally. Finding sporadic or you wish to add your ideas to any comments reply, you can do. Through which you can interact with blog publisher as well as another commenter on the page.

Be the earliest commenter on any of your niche related blog posts to get noticed. By the way, you will (2) get better exposure among vast people. Dropping valuable comments on your niche related top influential blog commenting sites would get you more audience.

You may use tools like IFTTT, to get alerts or notifications on new posts published on your niche relevant blogs.

Commenting on the sites on your niche will be (3) driving more organic target traffic. If you get more clicks on the links in the comments, Google gives more weight to it (even if it is nofollow). Most of the blog commenting sites in SEO blog commenting sites list will provide nofollow links. But, don’t bother about it. It is still worth.

Few of the blog commenting websites will result in dofollow links. It’s a great thing. Getting (4) dofollow links on authority sites enables link juice passing to your blog or website. It will result in boosting your ranking.

Blog comments help you to interact with the publishers, and other bloggers to (5) get clarified on things you are unclear. You can treat it is a learning platform like forums. You can leverage the expertise of others participating in the comments section.

Tips for Writing Qualified Blog Comments to get Approved

I would suggest you to keep considering the below ideas while commenting on other blogs. Not only if you are picking blogs or websites for commenting, from the below free blog commenting sites list. Also, you can access free web 2.0 sites list to supplement SEO benefits and link profile improvements.

By blog commenting on the list of active blog commenting websites, you can probably increase possibilities to get approved and get utmost benefits.

#1 Niche relevancy matters a lot

Blog relevancy is a significant leading factor. Try to comment on your niche relevant blogs to get more targeted referral traffic. It also improves your link profile considering it as a natural organic backlink.

I am going to share a list of top blog commenting sites for SEO benefits. Among which you find blog commenting blogs on your specific niche. Either way, you can use Google search to find niche relevant blogs furthermore. You may use search queries like “Leave a comment” + “niche keyword” or “your niche keyword” + “Add a comment.”

#2 Show your real values

Register on Gravatar with your full (real) name, official email id, and high-quality personal photo or professional business logo. Use it for blog commenting. Creating a Gravatar account is not too hard. Indeed, commenting with Gravatar profile builds trust and webmasters will consider you as not-spam. Hence, approval becomes easier.

Blog comments with funny names or images or profile name appearing as a keyword will be in no way acceptable.

#3 Read the post thoroughly

Before commenting, read the blog post content. At least skim through the content once. Without understanding and dropping generic comments like “Great article, it is very useful” or “Thanks for your nice article and efforts” is meaningless.

No publishers would appreciate it and wish to approve. It denotes that you have not read the article and you are commenting with the intention of getting backlinks. Instead, have a clear understanding of the topic discussed and then mark your comments.

I would suggest you read the earlier blog comments by other readers. It will give you more insights to make your comment more valuable.

#4 Add genuine blog comments

Mark your genuine comments from the heart. Moreover, drop lengthy remarks at least with minimum 100 words. You may mention how helpful article is, why you are supposed to visit that page and happen to read the article, and so on. Similarly, you may highlight any unique points discussed in the post content.

Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes in your blog comments proving your value. Registering comments which are irrelevant to the topic is an utter waste, even it is lengthier. You may denote if any mistakes you find in the blog article. It will attract the publisher’s attention as you are helping to improvise content quality.

You may ask questions if you have anything once reading the article. Or still, you want more information on something specific related to the topic.

#5 Be the earliest contributor

Be the first commenter to gain more visibility and get noticed by more bloggers or influencers. My great advice is to follow your specific niche relevant blogs on a regular basis. Read the blogs and mark your comments at the earliest.

Here is a kicker. Try to comment as early as the blog post comes live (even before Google indexes the particular post). While indexing, Google will also consider indexing your link which you are placing in the comments. Don’t you think it is pretty exciting? Try this strategy to make your blog commenting fruitful.

I could see Ryan’s (Blogging From Paradise) comments appearing at the top of most of the blog posts.


Moreover, every latter participant might go through your comment. By the way, your comment will become conversational if anybody finds your comments exciting.

#6 Keep following regularly

Just dropping a comment and forgetting it, is no meaning. Visit the blog posts regularly. Subscribe to get notifications on new blog posts or if someone involves in the commenting. Through which, you can grab chances to have conversational comments and to be as a first contributor. With this, you can get more visibility and improve your referral traffic.

Moreover, maintain the reports of your blog commenting in a Microsoft Excel sheet. Do visit the blogs regularly and be a regular contributor. You can be the regular contributors on the below-mentioned blog commenting site list and enjoy its profit.

Mistakes to Avoid while Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is easy to do with plenty of free blogs commenting sites list. Indeed, mistakes are also typical to happen, if you are careless. Leaving a spam comment and expecting good results is worthless.


You might be familiar with Askimet. A tool that identifies spam comments and sometimes even blacklists your email address and domain. Hence, your blog comments must be natural (not doing for the sake of backlinks) to stay away from Askimet and other comment system penalties.

You could see a few blogs having Disqus comment system. Bloggers use it to avoid spam comments. In Disqus, you cannot either get a backlink or get more referral traffic.

Below are the few common mistakes to avoid while blog commenting on any high PR dofollow blog commenting sites. By ignoring these mistakes, your blog comments will look more natural (spam-free) and grab higher possibilities to get approval.

Things not-to-do while Blog Commenting

  • Commenting on out of your niche sites or non-industry blogs
  • Using Email Id which is not having Gravatar account
  • Using keywords or niche clues instead of your full name
  • Writing comments without reading or understanding what the article is about
  • Dropping generic comments or duplicating other’s comment
  • One line or comments only with few words to get backlinks
  • Irrelevant comments with links pointing to your commercial pages
  • Being abusive (even if you find anything sporadic in the article)
  • Putting comments and forgetting, not being involved in the conversation
  • Marking a spammy comment using robots or outsourcing

Note: There is no hard rule that your DA must be 30+, but publishers will find it better to approve your comments. Moreover, few bloggers don’t love comments with links. They may ignore your comments. But, it depends on the individual. Indeed, you can place links to your homepage or even links to your landing page or any internal pages.

List of Top Free High DA Top Blog Commenting Sites List

With the above things in mind, now you may start doing blog commenting. You may make use of the below free blog commenting sites list. Make sure to choose the best high DA websites or blogs from the below blog commenting sites list or top blog comment websites. By working on SEO blog commenting sites list ensures quick approval in your niche for better results. There is blog commenting on websites that accept and approve dofollow blog comments backlinks. It’s a great thing for blog commenters.

List of Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites

NoWebsite LinkPADATypeNicheSample
#09davidmerrill101.com4029Normal & LUVOnlineView

List of Nofollow Blog Commenting Sites

NoWebsite LinkPADANiche
#11shoutmeloud.com6963Blogging 3944Money

How to Use this Blog Commenting Sites List for SEO?

Though the blog commenting websites or blogs shared above offer you nofollow backlinks, it is still worth in terms of SEO. To have your link profile more natural, you will have to have the right proportions of dofollow and no follow links. Then, think about the social followers and the audience base of your target blog. Through blog commenting, you are raising your voice in such a big crowd, especially your target audience.

To turn more eyeballs around you, mark remarkable comments and link to appropriate informative article. The list of blog commenting sites in this post is mostly good in its authority, traffic, and social influences. Hence, there is no doubt that these blog commenting sites list can help you in terms of SEO.

Over to You on Best Blog Commenting Sites List 2019

I have shared blog commenting benefits, strategies, and things to avoid while blog commenting. Mark comments with the intention of building integrity instead of building backlinks. Backlinks must be your least priority. Doing blog commenting, stay connected with the influencers and reap the benefits.

I would like to remind you to be natural, don’t stuff keywords; don’t mark irrelevant comments. Do pick blog commenting sites on your niche from the above-shared blog commenting websites on various niches.

Please let me know if any quality website I have missed and if you wish to add it to the list. I will consider and make it included in the free blog commenting sites list. Hope this article uncovers all the facts about Blog Commenting. Do share if any valuable tip to make it more useful.

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  5. To turn more eyeballs around you, mark remarkable comments and link to appropriate informative article. The list of blog commenting sites in this post is mostly good in its authority, traffic, and social influences. Hence, there is no doubt that these blog commenting sites list can help you in terms of SEO

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