5 Tips To Write A Seo Friendly Quality Content

Every writer or blogger wants to build a successful, high- traffic blog. The aspects of blogging are important, it includes writing or content development and marketing which take your blogging to the next level. Sometimes you can’t reach the level, so we have to make our content as search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. In this article, we are going to see 5 Tips To Write A Seo Friendly Quality Content

Write a content with quality and desirability such that readers engage in our site. To make this clear, we like to convey 5 easy ways to write an SEO-friendly content.

1.Content-Length of your Article

While posting an article first decide that in which way you are forming it and what are all the contents you are going to include in the post, to make clear the visitors. Make a simple and short sentence which explains your point, so that only your visitors and search engines make use of your content. Search engines consider the content as low-quality content which contain less than 300 words. So, always try to write more than 300 words in each of your blog posts.

2.Keep the URL Length Short

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a reference to a resource on the Internet. It can be short in Length. Since the Search Engine Journal and many other SEO firms feel hurt if the URL visibility is long.

3.Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions is like a guide in the way of conveying the summary of your content, so that search engines utilize and made a like to your page in a search bar. The meta description should employ with the keywords intelligently, but also create a convincing description that a searcher will want to click. Keywords within meta descriptions allow the readers to understand the content’s based on which topics.

4.Don’t forget to Link to Your Previous Articles

The next thing we going to see in this article “5 Tips To Write A Seo Friendly Quality Content” is about links. While creating a new blog post, don’t forget to link to your previous articles but make sure that linking must be appropriate. The linking is most important factors for writing the SEO friendly content. It makes the page views higher bouncing rate. Also, people will spend more time on your site which automatically improve your search engine rank.

5. Use Headings

While writing an article, Headings and Subheadings are very important
because it shows the way and make the readers find their way, the subheadings give you a structure of your articles. The heading tag is used to represent different sections of web page content. It has an impact on both the SEO and usability of your site.

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  1. Really A Great Share!

    Your focus keyword must be embedded in your quality content otherwise your efforts will go in vain and potential visitors will not be able to find you.

  2. Hey Sathish,
    Thanks for sharing some tips for SEO friendly content actually I Am recently start a new blog but I am confused how to Write my blog post content then it look like attractive and SEO friendly thanks for giving a suggestion.

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