TCBI 11: Interview with Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld

Today, I am glad to introduce a problogger to you. He is none other than Atish Ranjan. Let’s have an interesting interview with Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld. I am more excited about this, as he has accepted for an interview around his busy working schedule. He is a full-time blogger and Internet Marketer. TTW is a comprehensive tech blog deals anything about making money online, social media channels, blogging, tech stuffs, reviews on various products, and more.

Interview with Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld

In our series of interviews following Ravi Chahar, we are about to add another blogging legend. Let’s get into the interview session with Atish and we shall atmost gather tips and ideas from his insights as a successful blogger. Will see how he is monetizing, what makes his blog differ from others and so on.

#1. How did you get into blogging and what you would be if you were not into this?

Hey Sathish, Thanks for having me here on your blog offering an opportunity to speak something about me.

When I was pursuing BCA, one of my friends had created a forum based on tech. He asked me to do some activities, and moderate posts and all. I accepted that, and it did help me learn a lot of things. There, in the forum, I met Zainil Dedhia, and he told me about writing article kind of posts is better on blogs not on forums. Forums are good for giving solutions quickly to the users. So, I started a blog on BlogSpot, and Zainil did join me. This was how it was all started.

I can’t think of what I would have become if I am not a blogger. Maybe in the web development industry because I was studying BCA, and I was keen to learn more about web design and development.

But, I am happy to be a blogger and online marketer. It gives me the comfort of working from home on my own. I am my own boss. 😉

#2. What are the significant skills or abilities required to become a successful blogger?

Technically nothing but writing skills should be there because blogging is mostly about writing compelling content to share your ideas and views. However, to blog well, you should know the technicalities of your blogging software and a bit of HTML/CSS knowledge to help you much. You don’t need to rely on some experts when there is some problem happens

About the abilities, you must have the ability to work for more extended hours and work consistently. You need to be able to handle failures, and also, you need to be patient because mostly it takes a bit long time to get the sound results out of your blogging efforts.

#3. How could you establish or differentiate your blogs than other blogs?

To be honest, nowadays almost all the blogs are kind of same because we all keep writing the contents that are already written but yes, we do have our own ideas and thoughts into them. So, I can say TechTricksWorld is different because it has my style of writing and managing.

#4. How did you come to know about money making through blogging and how it works for you at the start?

When I started, I was not aware of the money earning potential of blogging. I started because I loved sharing which I was doing on the forum. But, later Zainil only told me that there is a program, Adsense that helps publishers make money. So after few months, I applied for it and got the approval.

Initial days were not good because I didn’t know what the CPC, CTR, and other fancy terms are. They looked foreign to me. So, I was getting only a few cents every day. But, later as I moved my blog to WordPress and got it on self-domain, it started to get more traffic. And, also I started optimizing the ads. Gradually, Adsense earning began to rise.

Meanwhile, I was getting some sponsored review offers as well which helped me start earning money online.

#5. What is your opinion about the importance of Content, Keyword Research,and Backlinks? Who wins the race?

Content, Keywords, and Backlinks all are essential in their own ways. They have their own importance. You cannot succeed with only one. You need all three of them to win the race.

#6. On what factors you will rate the content quality of the guest’s posts?

Different people have different specifications for quality posts. Some say it should be extended; some says it should be unique. I would say, it should be an excellent article that is written just like you write for your own blogs. A quality post is that which is unique, has correct facts, have good examples to explain various things, and most importantly it is written in simple language that is easily readable to everyone. Of course, it must have correct grammar and well-crafted sentences. Apart from these, your guest post should include a few right keywords in a better way.

#7. Which is your excellent blog or site to know about Google algorithm changes and updates?

I generally check out for these.

#8. Which Google update brings you great fall in your ranking or makes a high impact?

My site was hit by Fred update, and it took around 4-5 months to get all the traffic and ranking back. Traffic decreased to about 40% when it was impacted, but now it’s all good.

#9. How helpful is Email Marketing in your Blogging journey?

To be honest, I am not at all doing Email Marketing at the moment. However, when I was doing, it was pretty well. I never tried selling something through Email Marketing, so I may not give you an exact answer for this. I am planning to get back to email marketing soon. Moreover, nowadays, I use Push service for sending my blog posts to subscribers, and it is really great

#10. What strategy do you follow to choose a niche for affiliate marketing? What are all the factors to consider?

Finding the low competitive but good search volume keyword is the main thing I consider to choose a niche site for affiliate marketing or micro niche sites.

Have you ever tried using Google Adsense for making money and If yes, share your experience in that.

I have already mentioned above that I used Google Adsense as the first monetization method, and it is still doing quite well. Overall, my experience with Adsense has been good. However, in the very first year after getting the Adsense account, it took a lot of time to reach threshold amount because I was a novice in those days.

#11. What is your idea or views about Infographics and Guestographics?

Honestly speaking Guestographics is not as easy as it sounds because very few big site owners accept to publish your infographic with a backlink to your site. When there is a backlink concerned, no one wants to offer free of cost. Even though you offer content, most of them ask for some monetary compensation as well.

#12. Do you have any advice or notes to share with bloggers of any domain?

If anyone wants to be a blogger, he must be passionate, hardworking, patient, and consistent. Without these, it is tough to make a mark in the blogosphere and make money.

#13. What do you think that your next level of growth or target in blogging?

I have many projects in hand,but due to time constraint, I am able to focus on only a few of them. So my next target is to streamline all the work and get back on to those pending projects which have good potential.

#14. We would like to hear about our blog Traffic Crow from you.

Traffic Crow has been sharing good and valuable blog posts that every aspiring blogger should read. You are doing a great job out there.



Finally, great thanks from me and on behalf of my readers. Hope you find interesting spending time with us. Obviously, we are glad to have such an informative as well as engaging session with you. We wish you have all success for ever. Thanks for everything.

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