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Best High DA Dofollow Directory Submission Sites List 2021 {Top Authority}

Just for the sake, owning a business website is of no use. You can come up with amazing websites with LiquidWeb hosting and Genesis Themes at a low cost. You can get great deals for LiquidWeb during Black Friday Season Sale. But then, to prove your online presence, you will have to spread it among social media networks and other directories. The directory submission has major significance in terms of SEO and local citation. However, you must be aware of spammy or low-quality directories to avoid submitting your websites. Here is the directory submission sites list to use it to optimize your directory submission process and link building strategy.

Understanding What Directory Submission is?

Directory submission is one of the popular link building techniques and hence it is a part of SEO. Simply relying on a single link building never helps you significant in boosting SEO or website ranking.

Directories are the kind of sites that stores business information. Directory submission is the process of submitting websites to the web directory. Doing this on a regular basis, your domain authority will get improved, and you could gain traffic from Google.

I don’t guarantee that it brings tonnes of SEO benefits and traffic to your website. But it is worth doing as one of the powerful link building techniques. Anyways, you might be already using premium SEO tools at discounted prices handle your SEO tasks. Along with that, you may include free directory submissions practice for getting backlinks to improve your link profile.

You can find plenty of dofollow directory submission sites list over the web. You will have to choose the best directories for submitting your website details like name, URL, and description of your business.

Basic Types of Directory Submission Sites

Before getting started with directory submission, knowing its types and performing is well and good. For building backlinks, directory submission is a great way. Here are three types of directory submission sites, basically: free, paid and reciprocal. However, there are other few nested types of directory submission sites.

#1 Free directory submission sites

It refers to submitting your website to the web directory that does not claim for money. Hence, there is no surety that your submission will get reviewed and approved by the administrator. Free directory submission slightly takes more time and efforts than any other.

#2 Paid directory submission sites

It is obviously getting paid for submitting your websites to the paid directory submission sites. It is assured for the fast approval and getting backlinks within 24 hours. These types of paid directory submission sites are efficient to generate backlinks quickly.

#3 Reciprocal directory submission sites

In this case, you have to create the reciprocal link back to your site while submitting your URL. Upon which only, the administrator will approve the submission and provide you with the backlink.

To be more in-depth, there are other few nested types are automatic, manual, dofollow, nofollow, niche related directory submission sites. Indeed, these types are the attributes of the three basic categories.

Significance of Directory Submissions

To achieve the ultimate goal of driving organic website traffic, you have to improve your search engine rankings significantly. For which, a noteworthy number of authority backlinks pointing your blog or website is required. It can be achieved by generating do follow backlinks using updated dofollow directory submission sites.

To diversify the sources of link building, you are supposed to employ various techniques. Obviously, directory submission is the one you cannot miss while thinking about such link building opportunities. To reduce your workload, this article carries a free directory submission list high page rank directories for better results.

Here are a few benefits of directory submission strategy;

  • High-quality backlinks from other sites
  • Optimized anchor text for linking
  • Increased domain and page authority
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Gain referral traffic to your website
  • Get more exposure and popularity

Dofollow Directory Submission Sites List for SEO

For more SEO benefits, you will have to do a significant number of directory submissions. Link building has its greater effect on the SEO of a website. To save your time and efforts, you will have to work more smartly and deliberately. For which, here I am presenting a few tips or guidelines for effective directory submissions campaigns.

Steps to Benefit from Top Dofollow Business Directories List

  • Read guidelines of each directory sites as every site might or not have unique conventions.
  • Select the main category that fits best to your website or blog.
  • Then it is more appropriate to narrow down the category by rightly choosing the sub-category.
  • Don’t leave the sub-category to be blank.
  • Fill out the entire submission form against the particular directory site guidelines.
  • Submit and save the submission URL if received notification that it is awaiting approval.
  • Keeping the records of the sites you submitted, submission URL and its status will be useful for your reference for both monitoring and analytics.

You can regularly build backlinks using the below shared free directory submission list 2021.

High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2021

Though direct directory submission is a traditional link building technique, but also one of the effective ones. Particularly, there are instant approval directory submission sites too. You must leverage it to generate as much as backlinks your domain needed. Directory submission sites not only help you to improve your search engine rankings but also can improve your domain authority.

Consider submitting your domain to any high DA PA dofollow directory submission sites, it payoffs greatly. Hence, herewith I am sharing the best high DA directory submission sites list also you can say it as free dofollow directory submission sites list. Top directory submissions are the good sign to achieve top ranking in the search engines. The website directory submission sites list you can find here is worth your time and efforts.

List of Best Free Directory Submission Sites List

There are no doubts that directory submission sites will be more helpful to you in building backlinks. You have to be more cautious about the quality of the backlinks. Indeed, search engines will give weight to such authoritative backlinks. Particularly, dofollow business directories list or dofollow directory submission sites list with high Alexa rank and page rank.

You can find such free directory submission list here saving your time and efforts. Meanwhile, high authority sites and free URL submission directories list for quality link building.

Recent List of Dofollow Directory Submission Sites

NoWebsite LinkPADASample

Updated List of Nofollow Directory Submission Sites

NoWebsite LinkPADASample

It’s Your Turn: Use Free Directory Submission Sites List

I could see some SEO expert still don’t consider free directory submission practices as more significant. I would suggest that this would be powerful for new websites or blog to get more exposure.

But not necessarily you will have to submit to all the sites as mentioned in the free directory submission sites list. It will kill your time. However, keep doing it consistently.

Share your thoughts about this article and your views after using the directory submission sites share in this post.

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